[ 30 Days of Judy ]

Day three ::: The Little Girl With The Big Voice

At the beginning of her career, Judy was known as ‘the little girl with the big voice’.

Even though her speaking voice was the most adorable thing ever, whenever she opened her mounth to sing, she sounded like a grown woman, even at 13, as we can hear in this recording.

It was her unbelievable voice that opened many doors for her at beginning, and what got her a contract at MGM (even though they didn’t know what to do with a 13 year old who sounded like a 30 year old).

The older she got, the more insecure she got about her looks, she always knew she could rely on her voice. And it was through her voice, that led her to concerts and adoring audiences, that she finally realized she was much more than what MGM made of her.

What makes her voice so identifiable? Nobody sounds like Judy Garland.

She was an emotive singer, and that has much more to do with her heart than her voice.

Joseph L. Mankiewicz hit the nail on the head when he said about Judy: “They sing the same keys. They sing the same notes. The melody is the same. Except it’s different.”