june 1st

Netflix can kiss my entire Black ass. 

How dare they renew 13 Reasons Why, with it’s mediocre ass cast full of mediocre ass white people, after all 13 Reasons have already been explained

and cancel both The Get Down and Sense8 (and cancelled Sense8 on the first day of Pride!!!)

Netflix: “We value diversity!”

Netflix: Cancels all of its fucking diversity.

Happy 22nd Birthday to the most adorable, inspiring and a known meme, Thomas Stanley Holland!!

[June 1st, 1996]

June 1st

Chloe: *starts banging pots and pans in the Bellas house at 2 am*

Beca: what the fuck Chloe??

Fat Amy: Chloe no offence but you’re going to hell

Jessica and Ashley: what’s going on?!?!

Chloe: what? It’s pride month, the gays get loud

Emily: oh em acagee!!! I’m so excited for pride march!!!!

Aubrey: what’s this racket all about???

Bellas: uhmm…why is Aubrey here? *all looks at Stacie*

Stacie: what?? can’t a girl invite her girlfriend over without informing her housemates slash best friends??

Beca: *starts banging pots and pans*

Bellas: oww not you too!



a small collection of It’s Pride In Gravity Falls. this town goes all out. mabel goes all out specifically