june was so badass

I’m not saying that I designed an entirely new oc specifically for genderqueer pride day but wait yes that is exactly what I’m saying

idk who this cool cat is but they’re cool and I love them

(and they need a name)

lunathebadwolf  asked:

you have prinbloss in a AU would Jack and Brick be a couple to and if so what would their relation ship be like. And if they had a kid what would he or she look like i'm thinking the kid would be bad ass.

I think I mentioned in one of the Primrose asks I got that Clayjack’s kid would be her friend (in that AU it would be my fav in show ships so no x overs). So here’s Juniper or June. She’s a silent but badass type. I haven’t thought through how I want Jack and Clay’s relationship to be like yet so no info on that

Beauty and the Beef: June Deckard x Sturges

I once again had the pleasure of working with @basementfestival​, who is always lovely to work with, sends the most entertaining reference emails, and has really inspiring ideas for her characters! 

So here is June Deckard, her sole survivor and nerdy little badass and her hunky grunge handyman, Sturges.  <3

suicide squad review

So this is my first attempt to make a review about something. okay first of all, don’t let any negative reviews out there to sway you to not watch this grade a awesome movie!!!! Here’s my review:

- Love the opening sequence! (kudos to Batman: Assault on Arkahm). The movie begins with the introduction and backstory of the character in such a cool and rad way.

- Deadshot, I love that he has some redeemable qualities. Sure like Viola Davis said in some interview, Will Smith is the only actor that can bring this role. He has a soft spot for his daughter. And he’s a grade-a badass motherfucker.

- Harley and Joker (I’ll make this into one point). Harley is such a sweet, bubbly, yet so psychopath. She’s an amazing one-liner. She’s so agile and very acrobatic (kudos for Margot Robbie). I really love the details for her costume (and a little nod to her jester costume in Batman animated series). Joker really own the room.His voice and laugh really giving me Mark Hamill vibe. Btw I really love the Harley-Joker thing is giving me a Bonnie-Clyde vibe twisted version. What I really love about their relationship in this movie is that, Joker doesn’t overpower Harley. Neither Harley to Joker. They are very balanced, and I think they really love each other (not the abusive ones like in comic or movie). But I don’t know there is actually a hidden abusive element in the future, but I really like this Harley-Joker.

- Amanda Waller and Rick Flagg. Really badass. That’s all I can say that can sum up about Amanda Waller in this film. What I like about her is that she’s morally grey and she go toe-to-toe with Batman. Rick Flag in the other hand, not morally grey like Amanda. He’s really all about justice, but that doesn’t make him a boring character. He’s really cool too.

- Enchantress. First, let’s give a round of applause for Suicide Squad for finally giving us a first powerful female antagonist in superhero-centric movie. I really love the balance between June and Enchantress. She’s so scary, powerful, beautiful, and badass. I really like that she’s can go through everyone’s skin.

- El Diablo. One of the MVP in this movie. Like Deadshot, he really have a redeemable quality. His pyrokinesis power in this movie really do the justice. I really like his backstory, and how he doesn’t want to use his power right now because he hurt people he loved the most.

- Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang. They both really bring comedic presence in this movie (plus Harley) with their amazing one-liner. Killer Croc skin’s is look so amazing up close. He’s so scary yet so funny. Boomerang, in the other hand, such a loveable asshole. He’s so crazy and the running gag about his fetish on pink unicorn is really funny.

-Katana. I mean, finally an Asian heroine is played by Asian actress. I really like Katana and the fact that she speaks Japanese whole the movie. Well, she’s Japanese you know. Her backstory is very interesting and mysterious. And when she’s fight, damn, she’s really can cut you into half.

-I really like the plot, the animation and CGI is so sick good, the characterization for every character is very well done.

- The music is such a big part of this movie and I really like it, from Bohemian Rhapsody to Purple Lamborghini.

- Well diverse cast (3 african-american, 2 whit ce female, 3 white male, latino, asian-american, native american). I mean  this movie itself is way more diverse than all mcu movies combined,

Overall I give this movie a 9.5/10 because as a DC hardcore fan this movie is really good and kudos for David Aver and all of the Suicide Squad cast for doing the justice.