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I’m not surprised, with the amount of shit I post about Joker…My followers were bound to hate him, even if Slipknot was pretty close.

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Clinton currently has 1,807 pledged delegates who are pledged and an assumed 548 superdelegates. If the superdelegates stay with her, she would be at 2,313. Sanders has 1,517 pledged delegates and 46 assumed superdelegates, for a total of 1,563. The media has been saying that they will deem the democratic nominee after NJ’s votes are in Tuesday. This is not accurate of the facts.

The majority of the media is forgetting to mention that Clinton and Sanders are 290 delegates separating them because superdelegates are assumed, not fact.

Pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today’s California Presidential Primary. Your vote determines the pledged delegates.

Tuesday, June 7th, is a huge primary day.


California – 475 pledge delegates, 73 superdelegates.
Montana – 21 pledge delegates, 6 superdelegates
North Dakota – 18 pledge delegates, 5 superdelegates
New Jersey – 126 pledge delegates, 12 superdelegates.
New Mexico – 34 pledge delegates, 9 superdelegates
South Dakota – 20 pledge delegates, 5 superdelegates

Your vote matters and your voice matters. 


The beauitful cover for Superman/Wonder Woman #28. On sale 27th April, 2016. Remember, everyone, to support this book and #Superman/Wonder Woman #29 in May because come Rebirth in June we are voting with our wallets. So far Rebirth has done away with our Superman and replaced him. Wonder Woman, who knows what will happen with her origin as well. Basically DC is not doing anything SMWW friendly after Super League. All we know for sure is we will support our couples’ title until the end. Preorder your copy now. 


Here is the information about the next 3 fashion weeks!

1. Canada First Nations Fashion Week (34 votes) - June 20 - 26, 2016

2. Circassian Fashion Week (33 votes) - July 11-17, 2016

3. Ethiopia Fashion Week (30 votes) - August 1 - 7, 2016

Make sure to submit and mention us in your posts! We welcome any personal traditional or folk fashion looks OR anything you have found through research both on and offline!

Berlin: Danny Boyle Says a Second Brexit Referendum Would Overturn U.K. Leave

Danny Boyle says a second European Union referendum in the U.K. would see that country vote to remain in Europe.

“I think if you took the [Brexit] referendum now, people would vote to remain,” the Steve Jobs and Slumdog Millionaire director said while promoting his latest movie, T2 Trainspotting, at the Berlin Film Festival on Friday.

Boyle recalled hearing the results of the U.K.’s EU referendum vote in June 2016, which saw the Leave side win with 52 percent of the vote, while in Edinburgh shooting the Trainspotting sequel. “We were filming when Brexit happened, and we were as shocked as everyone, particularly in Scotland where people voted overwhelmingly to remain in Europe,” he told the Berlin presser.

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Boyle said he sees the U.K.’s decision to exit the EU mostly through the eyes of his children. “It’s their lives that it affects mostly, and they were in shock because they’ve grown up in Europe. Understandably, they felt let down that people were allowed to register what turned out to be a protest vote,” he added.

When asked if he felt Irvine Welsh’s original Trainspotting novel and Boyle’s two movie adaptations inspired in any way the recent Brexit vote in the U.K. and the election of U.S. President Donald Trump, Boyle said it was not intentional. “I don’t think either of them are political movies. I think people do read into that as they do, with political interpretations. They’re not intended as that,” Boyle said.

T2 features Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle and Jonny Lee Miller among an ensemble cast reteaming with Boyle for the sequel to 1996 British hit film Trainspotting. Sony’s TriStar Pictures launched T2 Trainspotting in the U.S. ahead of a special screening in Berlin.

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Brexit Is Making Wealthiest U.K. CEOs Richer

Brexit is about to make CEOs of some of Britain’s biggest public companies a whole lot richer.

That may sound counter-intuitive since evidence is mounting on how the plan to quit the European Union is hurting businesses. But pay packages of many FTSE 100 chief executive officers are partly tied to how well share prices are doing rather than the CEO’s performance – and some stocks are soaring.

British equities got a boost since the June vote because the likes of Rio Tinto Plc, Smiths Group Plc and WPP Plc generate most sales abroad and earn a fortune when they convert these revenues back into the weakened pound. Sterling’s fall also made U.K. stocks more affordable for overseas investors.

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This unintended side effect of Brexit is set to exert pressure on CEOs to forgo sizable rewards if they want to dodge the scrutiny of shareholders and Prime Minister Theresa May, whose government is intensifying a campaign to rein in executive rewards and narrow the gap with ordinary workers.

Brexit-inspired equity gains will pour “petrol on the fire” of the issue of executive pay, said Steve Varley, chairman and managing parter for the U.K. and Ireland at professional services company Ernst & Young LLP. Varley is a business adviser to Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond.

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‘Irrational’ Disparity

Calls to toughen the stance on corporate remuneration have mounted since a government green paper in November showed compensation of FTSE 100 bosses more than quadrupled in the past 18 years even as wage growth of most workers lagged behind. CEOs earned, on average, 128 times more than full-time employees in 2015, up from 47.1 in 1998, the report showed.

May has decried this disparity as “irrational” and “unhealthy" and her government proposed giving shareholders, rather than corporate directors, the final say on compensation. Average U.K. pay increases will drop to 2.2 percent for 2017, according to an annual survey published by the Bank of England, a figure that won’t keep up with inflation.

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Companies are starting to yield to the pressure. Davidoff cigarette maker Imperial Brands Plc dropped plans in January to give its CEO a raise of as much as 3 million pounds ($3.8 million) through a change to its incentive plan, heading off a showdown with shareholders at an annual general meeting. 

Then this month, Thomas Cook Group Plc attracted the ire of an influential shareholder group that raised concerns over a bonus the tour operator plans to pay its CEO at least three years from now.

Brexit Boost

But shareholders’ sway over Brexit-induced pay rises is limited since management usually only consult them when making changes to compensation policy, whereas pay rewards are linked to long-term incentive plans. Many of these determine payouts over a three- to five-year horizon, with 45 percent linked to the share price move, according to Ernst & Young.

"There’s not much visibility for investors about which companies will be impacted by Brexit in terms of executive pay increases because they’re a function of currency effects rather than policy change,” said Paul Lee, the head of corporate governance at Aberdeen Asset Management.

Last year, a row erupted at the WPP’s AGM over CEO Martin Sorrell’s 70.4 million-pound reward, the bulk of which was tied to a rally in the advertising company’s stock. Yet despite the controversy, only a third of voters opposed it.

Sorrell’s next pay package, to be revealed in March, will consider equity-market moves and the advertiser’s ranking against its peer group, a factor Brexit wouldn’t affect, according to a company spokesman.

WPP shares have risen 17 percent since Brexit, outpacing the 13 percent advance for the FTSE 100 Index. One in four companies on the exchange surged by 20 percent or more in that period.

Brexit’s potential boost to CEO rewards “underlines the fact that if you use the share price as a guide to what an individual should be paid you are building in an arbitrariness in to what is supposed to be performance-related pay,” said Stefan Stern, director of the High Pay Centre, a charity that monitors compensation packages in the U.K.

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Vote for myths, in case the EU referendum isn’t taking up enough of your voting energy

Next week’s myth is already done and dusted and in the queue, but after that, you have a choice! Going by the nifty little system that I’m trialing at the moment, here are two of your suggestions:

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  1. The death and resurrection of Osiris
  2. The death of Heracles (these are quite death-y so far, aren’t they)
  3. The blinding of Tiresias 

As it is currently Thursday 9th June and this particular retelling should be aimed for Monday 20th June, I’ll give you until 9pm on Sunday 11th June to vote - I’ll only forget about it if I leave it up any longer, because I have 3 brain cells, rounding up to the nearest 3. 

I’m just going to say that votes will be counted if they’re left as reblogs or replies on this post (or the Facebook post), and as asks as long as you only send one! 

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