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Signs as things that are mine

Aries- This mailbox
Taurus- this instrumental break
Gemini- The month of June
Cancer- That birdie’s tweets
Leo- Everything that I see
Virgo- The floor and ceiling
Libra- That blue balloon
Scorpio- All your feelings
Sagittarius- The city streets
North, south, east and west
Capricorn- both your feet
Aquarius- this triagonal sign
Pisces- Ziggy’s sweets

So after Louis’ tweet about Devlin, people pointed out that Harry followed them. Some said he followed after Louis’ tweet, which was debunked…but then everyone just seemed to settle on the follow being a couple weeks ago?

Which…people track these things now, and whenever the guys follow someone, it gets posted on social media…so people would know if it was recent-ish.

I’m procrastinating doing something else, so I decided to look into it.

Spoiler alert: Harry has followed Devlin for…years.

I can’t narrow it down to an exact date, but I was able to narrow it down looking for tweets indicating Harry had followed a famous account.

There’s a tweet from June 23, 2011 saying that Harry followed Rosso’s. Harry followed Rosso’s 10 people before following Devlin. 

 There’s a tweet from May 8, 2012 indicating that Harry was following Greg James. It’s not clear whether Harry had just followed him or not. Harry followed Devlin approximately 90 people before following Greg James.

Pretty wide gap there, but…

I couldn’t find any tweets for when Harry followed Coldplay, but on August 1, 2011 there’s a few tweets with #coldplayfollowharrystyles, so shall we assume that Harry was following Coldplay before that? Harry followed Devlin before Coldplay.

So it feels like a safe bet that sometime in 2011 between June 23rd and August 1st, Harry followed Devlin.

(I’m laughing/cringing at good ‘ole Rusty being in this screenshot…heh…)

andthatsthytea  asked:

wait, so (sorry i havent really been invested in setlock since like series 3 was filming) when did they film in niagra falls?

Hi Lovely!

It was actually never confirmed that they did film in Niagara Falls, but there’s speculations that they did since we have some setlock evidence for it. Niagara Falls was recced in April by Tom Guy, one of the location managers. Then, in June, Arwel tweeted this pic of Niagara Falls.

We haven’t seen Niagara Falls at all in the show, and before S4 aired, me and a bunch of my followers got into some exciting discussion as to what it could mean. To summarize: Niagara Falls is famous for two things: it is the honeymoon capital of the world, and EVERY SINGLE NIGHT it lights up with a rainbow, 365 days a year, and you can walk behind the falls as well. I think in the summer, they even do fireworks every night. Canada ALSO was one of the first countries to legalize gay marriage

So. You can kinda fill in the blanks as to what we all were hoping it was all about. 

It’s just REALLY bizarre, because the only scene where we saw multi-country scenes was in T6T when Mary was on the run, and it was just flashing little bits. I do not recall seeing either Niagara Falls OR Toronto (which Rachel tweeted she was in, but I can’t find it right now) in the episode. So either they recced to see what a waterfall looked like (WHICH DOESN’T MAKE SENSE), or there’s something we don’t know about. 

As far as I know, as a Canadian, I have not heard about them filming up here in Canada, and a couple people from Niagara Falls have told me that they don’t recall hearing about filming in NF at all. 


Shit gets filmed up here ALL THE TIME and we never know about it. It’s a bit easier in a city like Toronto or Vancouver which have filming studios, but yeah, if you send a small crew, you could easily get away with not being noticed. 

ANYWAY THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST WTF things for me that they went through the trouble of getting us excited about NF and then it NEVER HAPPENED… as far as we know… AHHHH.

Twittering Birds Vol 3 English Publication!

Unless I’m being pranked, June just tweeted that the new English language Vol 3 of Twittering Birds Never Fly has been released in digital and print format. I followed the link to their website, and ordered both, have the digital copy now. And I’m writing this first to let you know.

The previous release date was in July, so I’m gosmacked. But in a good way.

Please support the mangaka, and hopefully I’m not hallucinating wish fulfillments!

ETA: I had seen 2 different publication dates, and so assumed that the later one in July was correct, but apparently the February one is valid.

FAQ 1. Is this info reliable?

FAQ no. 1 : “Camila and 5H have the same management and PR firm” post

Is this info reliable?

I am a very sceptical person and don’t like to put false information out, so I’ll explain to you the reliability for each different thing (how I see it) then you can make up your own mind about it

Edge Publicity (UK)

This is 100% true - Both Camila and fifth harmony are with this UK PR firm. Edge themselves tweeted about 5H joining them recently and then Camila is now on their official client list on their website.

42West PR (US)

I am 99% sure that both 5H and Camila are both with 42west. It was in the press that solo Camila joined 42West in June, and they tweet about her. And the receipts I showed you clearly list 42west as 5H’s publicist. Although these types of listings websites may be out of date/unreliable, I don’t know how they would have just ‘happened’ to pick 42west as 5H’s publicist out of nowhere. Also please note that this listing simply confirmed my suspicions that 5H were also with 42west judging by everything else. I already thought this was the case because 5H are definitely with Edge for their UK-based PR, and more than two thirds of Edge’s clients (including Camila) are also with 42West in the US. It is pretty obvious that 42West delegates to Edge for their clients’ UK Publicity. To add to this, Maverick tends to use 42West as well. So everything pointed to 5H being with 42West, but the listing simply confirmed my suspicions. Hence my claim that this listing ‘didn’t come from nowhere’. I am prepared to accept that listings websites can sometimes be unreliable, but this listing fits with everything else I have seen and I simply don’t see how they would coincidentally mistakenly list them as being with 42West when it makes so much sense. Also the website seems to be up to date and reliable with everything else.


I’m 95% sure both Camila and 5H are still with Maverick. The only reason why I am not 100% with this is because there is a small chance that the website could be out of date and technically Camila might have left Maverick for a new management recently without them updating. HOWEVER… even if it is out of date, it still lists SOLO Camila and 5H as separate entities who are both managed by Maverick (and have 42West as publicists). This means that even if you are SUPER sceptical and think the website is out of date, it still means that when Camila was in the group her solo stuff was managed by Maverick. Another listings website also lists maverick as Lauren’s solo manager outside of the group. This shows that this is how it works - group members’ solo projects are managed by the same people (which obviously is the most sensible thing). This is quite the find in itself.

To add to this, the website does seem pretty up to date. It shows her publicist as 42west even though that only happened a few months ago. All of the other listings for Larry Rudolph seem accurate. Also, logically, it simply makes sense that Camila is still with Maverick. She is with the same labels (that use Maverick) and with the PR Firms that Maverick seems to use. It also logically makes sense because Roger is only Camila’s personal manager - He is not licensed, and doesn’t have the power, time and resources to do all of the things that need to be done. She needs a team. Therefore, she must have a management firm who are representing her. It would make sense for that to still be Maverick, and the evidence simply confirms this.


Just to add weight to everything above, I also find all of this reliable because you can see how they have TRIED to cover this up so that we don’t find out. E.g. on another listings website it showed ONLY Camila’s US publicist, ONLY Lauren’s management, and ONLY 5H’s management, UK Publicist, (and Epic’s publicity department), but no proper US publicist. This makes it very obvious that they are trying to cover up the fact that all of their Publicist’s and Managers are the same.

So overall, I think we can say for sure that 5H and C are with the same publicists, and I think we can pretty much say for sure they are both also with Maverick. And even if you leave room for error with the last bit, we CAN at least say for sure that Solo projects outside of the group are also managed by the group’s management (with Lauren now, and Camila before).


Obvious Child (2014)


Rose McGowan was fired by her agent for criticizing Hollywood sexism 

On June 17, McGowan tweeted a casting note for Adam Sandler’s next film. It told actresses to wear a “form-fitting tank that shows off cleavage.” A week later she tweeted she’d been fired. Worse though, is that few have spoken up in her defense. Only The Princess Diaries’ Heather Matarazzo defended her publicly.

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Few hours ago I checked the Heathers musical Twitter account and they tweeted that the musical (a work-in-progress version with limited costumes and set) will be showing in The Other Palace theatre in London from 30 May - 3 June. The tweet was posted 18 hours prior to when I checked it, and when I went to get tickets they were ALL. SOLD. OUT. I WAS SO FREAKING MAD!!!

WHAAATT!? Damn that sucks. I have my exams now tho so it’s not like I could go. Still thats annoying!