june temple


“Do you remember, Fen’harel? When we were all together, soldiers fighting for the People. When we were not gods tearing ourselves apart…”

Finally, the Evanuris fanart I was working on for weeks is over! God it was hard but I did it! (even my computer crashed a lot because the file was too heavy)
Anyway, I hope you’ll like my interpretation of the elven gods. While drawing them, I had lots of ideas about their respective personnalities.
If you want to know more about them, just ask away! I’ll be glad to answer and draw as well! :)

So, from left to right : Sylaise, June, Fen'harel, Mythal, Elgar'nan, Falon'din, Dirthamen, Ghilan'nain and Andruil.


get wrecked temple i don’t actually know my facecanon yet for temple i just wanted to give myself some sort of visual

aaand that marks the last of the prompts i was able to fill out before work came to utterly slay me on the spot and plans to continue to decimate me tonight and tomorrow. i’m sorry to those of you i didn’t get to, but thank you everyone for the prompts, it was awesome to join in the event, and i can’t wait for fluff week to roll in :D

AS THE SPIRITS MOVE YOU: One of Japan’s great secrets can be found south of Kyoto in Ise-Shima, a region of unspoiled beauty where the country’s Shinto religious traditions are strongest - photography: Erik Johnson - text: Pico Iyer - Travel + Leisure June 2017

  • “The Buddhist temple of Seiganto-ji overlooks Japan’s tallest waterfall, Nachi-no-Taki”

A Little Bridge / Kyoto Sanzen-in by maco-nonch★R
Via Flickr:
location : Sanzen-in , Kyoto city ,Kyoto prefecture,Japan 京都 大原 三千院

“During the curfew, when we couldn’t leave our home and the electricity was still cut, trucks and trucks piled with dead bodies passed in front of our alleyway at night. We’d sneak open the blinds a little bit to see, because [the Central Reserve Police] wouldn’t let us open the windows. These were open trucks, very big. Dead bodies, thrown one on top of the other. Our home was on the way out from the city center. They’d take the trucks full of corpses away to be cremated.”

-From a woman who lived 2 kilometers from the Golden Temple during June 1984 attack.