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Archie Comics teases a major death

Archie Comics has been no stranger to death in recent years. The title character Archie Andrews himself was killed off in 2014 ahead of the company’s major reboot. Since then, horror comics like Afterlife With Archie have pitted Archie and friends against a zombie invasion, while the CW’s Riverdale is haunted by a murder mystery. But now, death is coming to the company’s flagship comic, Archie, in a major way. The next two issues of the series will depict a climactic drag race between Archie and rival Reggie Mantle — and at least one major Riverdale resident isn’t walking away.

Up until now, Archie and his pals have led fairly untroubled, normal lives. Suddenly, in one horrifying instant, that all changes when one of the kids looks death in the eye — and death doesn’t blink,” Archie writer Mark Waid tells EW in a statement. “Who will it be? All we can tell you is that you’ll be shocked — and that no one is safe.”

Archie #20 (on sale May 17) will feature Archie and Reggie’s climactic race on the eerily named Dead Man’s Curve. In the follow-up, Archie #21 (out June 21), Riverdale residents receive a shocking phone call, and the identity of the dead character is finally revealed. Although Reggie seems like an obvious suspect for this major death, it’s always possible that his race with Archie could swing out of control and hit someone else. Both issues will be written by Waid and illustrated by Pete Woods and Jack Morelli.

Check out the covers (and variants) for Archie #20 and #21 below.

Resident Evil 7 Logic
  • Eveline : If you don't want to be my daddy, then DIE!
  • Ethan : Lol bish look here
  • Eveline : NO NOT THE SYRUM
  • Ethan : No it's math lol
  • Ethan : Three years ago you were about 10 years old. Now you're like 70. So that means you aged 20 years per year.
  • Ethan : 20÷365 and you age about 0.0547945205 years per day
  • Ethan : The average life span of a human is 79 years old so 79-70 and you have 9 "Years" left this current year.
  • Ethan : So that roughly means that within 165 days you would have reached 9.0410958825 "years" .
  • Ethan : Which means that you will pass away on the 14th of June .
  • Ethan : And although Resident Evil 7 : Bioharzard came out in 2016 the events takes place midway 2017.
  • Ethan : So you will die within the next 2 months at most.
  • Eveline : DAMNIT I should have sent that email out earlier
  • Ethan : No bish you should have requested home schooling


since the convergence, our heroes, villains, and those in between have been living in a world thought to be one hundred percent native to prime earth.  but for the first time in these many months, we have proof that it wasn’t just the people that crossed over from Earth-616. 

on june eighth, the residents of gotham & metropolis ( those that are being played, that is ) will be transported to a unique biome in antarctica, THE SAVAGE LAND.  ordinarily a place of relative peace and home to many unique species, the savage land has been transformed.  since his last defeat, the villain ARCADE has been planning his next move.  and the unrest between realities has given him a perfect opportunity.

from the aerians to the waidians, the native inhabitants of the savage land have been whipped up into a state of frenzy.  arcade & his associates have received help from an unknown benefactor, one who has gifted them with some of the SOUL GEM’S many powers.  under the influence of the soul gem, the inhabitants of the savage land have been turned against the newcomers.  for five days, our heroes will have to fight tooth and nail to survive in an unforgiving terrain surrounded by enemies.

[ billy mays voice ] BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE.

as part of the event, arcade will revisit one of his most nefarious worlds.  if you so choose, your character may be transported to the MURDERWORLD ARENA for part of the event. over the course of the five day event, arcade will conduct a round-robin game where our heroes and villains must go head to head in a to-the-death battle.  

in order to ensure their participation to the fullest extent, the same soul stone that has turned the native inhabitants of the land against the newcomers will manipulate the arena participants.  kill or be killed.


how do i let the admins know i want my character to participate in the arena segment of the event? shoot us an ask to let us know.  let us know you’re up for your character to participate.  and, if there’s a certain match up or two, you can send us a list of up to FOUR characters you’d be interested in seeing your character battle.  this isn’t a promise that it’ll happen, but we’ll try.  if you don’t send us a list, the choices will be entirely random.  

is my character really going to die if they lose? no, definitely not !!  what’s important is that the participating characters THINK this is a life or death situation.  victors will think that they killed their opponent.  the loser will be transported back to the greater savage land.  the victor will also return to the savage land between rounds, but neither of them will be able to speak of their experiences as per the soul stone’s command.  and, at arcade’s design, the two will not cross paths again for the length of the event.

how is a winner decided?  we’d like the decision to be put, primarily, in the hands of the participants.  talk to the mun of your character’s opponent, try and figure out amongst yourselves who would be the winner.  personally, i’d love to see it on the dash as an rp, but be sure to let the main know personally.  we can’t keep up with every thread.  if you can’t decide amongst yourselves, we’ll put it up to a randomizer.  or maybe a vote.  depending on how mean we feel.  after the announcement for your pair has been made, you have EIGHT HOURS to decide the winner or we’ll decide ourselves.   we gotta keep it moving so the event doesn’t stretch out too long.


gauntlet murder: start
gauntlet murder: update

theladiesmormont  asked:

I looked through your Benjen Stark posts and didn't see anything so I hope this isn't a repeat, but do you have any ideas about why Benjen joined the Watch in the first place? If he's been in there a while, he was pretty high up the Stark line of succession at the time he joined. Just guilt over whatever role he had in the Lyanna/Rhaegar thing, maybe?

There’s no given reason why Benjen joined the Night’s Watch, and considering the fact that this left Ned as the only heir-producing member of House Stark, you’d think it’s not something a responsible member of the family would do. (And notably this is a major reason why House Stark is in such apparent trouble in ASOIAF — with the male heirs either dead or believed dead and the female heirs either believed dead or missing, there’s no cousins to take up the name; it’s also a reason why Robb wanted to legitimize Jon, and so on.)

Note GRRM has been rather cagey about Benjen’s reasons, when asked:

Q: [Why did Benjen join the Night’s Watch?]

A: Good question. One day you will get an answer. But it will not be today.

Asshai.com forum chat, July 2008

However, GRRM has said when Benjen joined the NW, and that’s probably very relevant:

Q: This one is probably trivial, but when did Benjen join the Watch? Right after the war against the Targaryens, more or less?

A: Pretty much, yes. Probably around about the time Ned returned from the south and Catelyn and Robb and Jon took up residence.

June 2000

When, specifically, did Benjen join the NW? Was it a couple of years after Ned returned, or immediately?

It was within a few months of Ned’s returning. The reason being that there always was a Stark at Winterfell, so he had to stay there until Ned returned. GRRM refused to say the reason why Benjen had to join the NW. […] Also, I didn’t mean to imply that Benjen “had to” join the NW. We don’t know because GRRM wouldn’t elaborate on the reasons for Benjen joining the NW.

convention report, May 2005

So, basically Benjen (about 14-15 at most, since he was the youngest of the siblings) was the Stark in Winterfell during Robert’s Rebellion. Some months after the end of the war, Ned returns to Winterfell with Lyanna’s body and baby Jon Snow… and Benjen leaves shortly thereafter for the Night’s Watch. Since he apparently didn’t “have to join” (although since GRRM didn’t say, we don’t know if he had to because of a crime or not, but at his age and with his class status he almost certainly didn’t), he must have volunteered. And he thought Jon was too young at 14 to want to join? He wasn’t that much older himself!

The timing and such is rather suspicious. And when you consider the facts that Benjen was close with Lyanna — that he knew of her skills with weapons:

Now two children danced across the godswood, hooting at one another as they dueled with broken branches. The girl was the older and taller of the two. Arya! Bran thought eagerly, as he watched her leap up onto a rock and cut at the boy. But that couldn’t be right. If the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself, and he had never worn his hair so long. And Arya never beat me playing swords, the way that girl is beating him. She slashed the boy across his thigh, so hard that his leg went out from under him and he fell into the pool and began to splash and shout.


and that Benjen had offered to equip Howland Reed at the Tourney at Harrenhal so that he could challenge the squires who had attacked him:

“The wolf maid saw them too, and pointed them out to her brothers. ‘I could find you a horse, and some armor that might fit,’ the pup offered. The little crannogman thanked him, but gave no answer. His heart was torn. Crannogmen are smaller than most, but just as proud. The lad was no knight, no more than any of his people. We sit a boat more often than a horse, and our hands are made for oars, not lances. Much as he wished to have his vengeance, he feared he would only make a fool of himself and shame his people. […] But late on the afternoon of that second day, as the shadows grew long, a mystery knight appeared in the lists.”
[…] “It was the little crannogman, I bet.”
“No one knew,” said Meera, “but the mystery knight was short of stature, and clad in ill-fitting armor made up of bits and pieces.”

—ASOS, Bran II

…Well, then, yes I do think it was Benjen’s guilt over the whole Rhaegar/Lyanna thing that caused him to join the Night’s Watch. Though whether there was more to his role than helping create the Knight of the Laughing Tree, we have yet to see… but there is so much we have yet to learn of how exactly Rhaegar disappeared with Lyanna, and it’s possible that Benjen was involved there too. At least GRRM has said that we will get an answer someday…


Hello there,

I’ll immediately warn that posts may be spread out a bit, as I work full time and also have the attention span of a goldfish. Bear with me. I’ve decided to revamp by blog a bit - not a whole lot was happening beforehand, anyway.

My name is Jessica, I’m currently 22 years old as of June 13th, and I reside in Washington State. I’ve adored the Sims franchise since the original Sims came out back when I was a wee little babe. My mother actually got me into the games, and I’ve been hooked ever since. My earliest memory of the game is making our family and setting my sister on fire because she was being mean to me that day (casual).

Other than Sims, I’m also currently playing a variety of games on a few different consoles:


  • Civilization V
  • Minecraft


  • Stardew Valley
  • Overwatch
  • Skyrim

Nintendo DS

  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo Switch

  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • MarioKart (occasionally)
  • Snipperclips (even more occasionally)

See? Attention span of a goldfish.

In addition to games, I also enjoy reading, writing, baking, and taking care of my various plants, who continue to grow and multiply. Anyway, I figured introducing myself might be a good way to begin this new start. I’m going to be posting the beginning of my new story soon, so please keep an eye peeled, and thank you for reading.


Vlog #6 | 06.17.17 This summer, I’m roaming free in OKC! I was offered the chance to be an RA at a summer dance intensive for Oklahoma City Ballet. Two weeks...

Summer means traveling. Where am I headed? Oklahoma City!


UK Firefighters Battle Blaze at Low-rise Building in East London
London: Ten fire engines and 72 firefighters were battling a blaze in east London on Saturday after flames engulfed a third-floor apartment in a low-rise block of buildings, injuring one man who was taken to hospital.

Britain has been rocked in recent days by a fire which killed at least 79 people when it engulfed a 24-storey building in west London on June 14, trapping residents in their beds as they slept.

That fire at Grenfell Tower spread rapidly, turning the burning building into a giant torch and terrifying residents.

The worst fire to hit the capital since World War Two has prompted a nationwide review of high-rise buildings after police said the cladding used on Grenfell had failed all safety checks.

The London Fire Brigade, which is also working to evacuate residents from an estate in north London found to have similar cladding to Grenfell, said it had been called on Saturday to a building in Bethnal Green, east London, where the third floor apartment and roof were on fire.

It had received 50 calls to its emergency telephone line.

“Firefighters from Bethnal Green and surrounding fire stations are attending the scene,” they said in a statement. “The cause of the fire is not known at this stage.”

"The whole of a flat on the third floor and roof is also alight. A man has been taken to hospital by London Ambulance Service crews.”