june pride month

my favorite headcanon is that cat grant is openly a wlw and like…an icon/prominent figure in the lgbt community and donates money to lgbt charities regularly and makes a point to make catco extremely lgbt friendly and there are gender neutral bathrooms in the catco building etc and there’s a special issue of the catco magazine every june for pride month that features notable figures in the lgbt community and she attends the national city pride parade like. this is actually 100% real and no one convince me otherwise. 

anonymous asked:

Just curious, why is Miami pride in April and not in June during pride month?

i really couldn’t tell you. might be weather related. Miami in June? With that many people? It’s already gonna be hot now in April let alone in June. That’s my guess


hey friends!
you’ll probably remember when I made this post last year about my mom’s pride beanies… but now, she’s making pride scarves as well!! you can buy them in a set or individually!! 

in the photos are pictured gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender, but my mom will do flags for ANY SEXUALITY OR GENDER! If you’d like a certain flag that isn’t listed here or on her shop, just send her a message! 

during this month (May), SHIPPING IS FREE so that you can get your pride wear before June, which is pride month!!

here is the link to her etsy shop!!

*NOTE: if you are in a place where you aren’t safe because of the way you identify your sexuality or gender, my mom will make sure to take precautions with your package. just make sure to let her know when you place the order!

(also a special thank you to my cute friends sarah, jasper, quill, lynx, and nick for modelling)

June is LGBT Pride Month!

This month, Independent Lens will be featuring special programs that explore the LGBT experience. Check your local listings here.

GOD LOVES UGANDA: The acclaimed “God Loves Uganda” examines the impact that American evangelicals have had in Uganda, where missionaries have created schools and hospitals while also fostering a virulent anti-gay atmosphere. 

THE GRADUATES: A documentary explores pressing issues in education today – including the bullying of gay students – through the eyes of six Latino and Latina adolescents from across the United States.

HOW TO SURVIVE A PLAGUE: A film tells the story of ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group), two groups whose activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition.

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP: The story of Richard Adams and Tony Sullivan, one of the first same-sex couples to be legally wed. The year: 1975. The place: Boulder, where, for a brief time, the county clerk issued marriage licenses to gays. They later sued the U.S. government.

LOVE FREE OR DIE: The story of V. Gene Robinson, who became the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church when he was elected bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire in 2003. The documentary accompanies him to President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration. 

THE NEW BLACK: The struggle over gay rights within the African-American community is examined via the fight for and against a 2012 referendum on same-sex marriage in Maryland, where blacks make up almost a third of the electorate.

PLAYWRIGHT: FROM PAGE TO STAGE: In this film, two outstanding young playwrights – a gay African-American from Miami’s inner city and an Indian-American from Cleveland – struggle to bring their work to the stage. 

WE WERE HERE: “We Were Here” recalls the AIDS crisis in San Francisco during the early 1980s, when what was then known as the “gay plague” first swept through the city’s thriving gay community. The documentary focuses on the experiences of five individuals.

hello my loveies!! so, i wanted to inform everyone that i am going to be Going Ghost on this blog next month – and let me explain why!

so my plan is/was to publish Have Some Pride in june, because june is pride month and my book is all about lgbtq+ pride :’) but i still have four story submission poems i need to write before i can deem myself finished and after that i need to get into editing! plus i need to work something out with my friend stormy, who is doing illustrations for me for this book! so i really have to buckle down and get to work so i can stay on track with publishing in june!!! 

so what exactly does Going Ghost mean? it just means that i probably won’t be posting on here as much as i usually do! i’ll still try to post /something/ as to not completely abandon you guys or this blog, and i will still be answering asks and taking requests. but i need to make Have Some Pride my priority, as i want it to be absolutely PERFECT when i publish it. i hope yall understand and won’t be mad at me <3 but yeah i just wanted to give you guys a heads up, so you don’t think i’ve gone away or anything haha i’m not going anywhere! but in case it gets quiet over here next month, this is why <3