june pride month


hey friends!
you’ll probably remember when I made this post last year about my mom’s pride beanies… but now, she’s making pride scarves as well!! you can buy them in a set or individually!! 

in the photos are pictured gay/lesbian, asexual, bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, and transgender, but my mom will do flags for ANY SEXUALITY OR GENDER! If you’d like a certain flag that isn’t listed here or on her shop, just send her a message! 

during this month (May), SHIPPING IS FREE so that you can get your pride wear before June, which is pride month!!

here is the link to her etsy shop!!

*NOTE: if you are in a place where you aren’t safe because of the way you identify your sexuality or gender, my mom will make sure to take precautions with your package. just make sure to let her know when you place the order!

(also a special thank you to my cute friends sarah, jasper, quill, lynx, and nick for modelling)


June is still a month away but I’m already in the spirit of pride month.

Due to the large success of my asexual pride flags and Facebook cover photos, I made some more! Here is bisexual, pansexual, transgender and gay pride flags and cover photos. Want me to make a glitter pride flag? Message me! I’m thinking of an ally flag, an equal rights (the equal sign on red), and aromantic next. But if you want a flag and you’re going to use it, drop me a suggestion!

june is pride month, so for your consideration, neil being aggressively full of pride

  • as a general rule, neil doesn’t like his public life being for consumption
  • he and andrew never “come out” they just don’t hide that they’re together
  • he may have twitter and sass the shit out of everyone but he doesn’t really reveal anything about his life ever much to the dismay of his hordes of fans
  • but goddammit he’s spent too long fighting just to be alive that he refuses to put up with being told he’s going to hell for being with andrew
  • he’s literally the brat who replies to assholes online with pictures of rainbows or gay couples

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“Who would give a law to lovers? love is unto itself a higher law”
Boethius, The Consolation of philosophy, A.D.524

A Tribute post for Orlando victims.

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in honor of pride month, I decided to finally release this song I wrote it ! it’s titled “Pride” I hope you enjoy!

June is LGBT Pride Month, which means that today is a fine day to say this.

Parents are obligated to love, support, affirm, and protect their LGBTQ children. It’s not an issue of the parents’ rights to raise their children how they want to. It’s not a matter for individuals to decide. It’s not even a subject that’s up for debate. The rule is that parents have a duty to their children, and that duty doesn’t stop just because the child happens to be LGBTQ identified.