june pride

my favorite headcanon is that cat grant is openly a wlw and like…an icon/prominent figure in the lgbt community and donates money to lgbt charities regularly and makes a point to make catco extremely lgbt friendly and there are gender neutral bathrooms in the catco building etc and there’s a special issue of the catco magazine every june for pride month that features notable figures in the lgbt community and she attends the national city pride parade like. this is actually 100% real and no one convince me otherwise. 

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.

Ultimately, a relationship with a bisexual in it isn’t ever really “straight” anyway—by virtue of the fact that there’s at least one person in there queering the whole thing up. At our best, bisexuals are queer ambassadors: We’re out here injecting queer sensibilities into the straight world, one conversation and one relationship at a time.