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“What are you going to do, give me another 25 years?” The murder of Melissa Dawn Peacock

In the early evening of November 7th 2011 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, 20 year old Melissa Dawn Peacock gave her mother a kiss on the cheek, told her she loved her, and said she’d be back later. Heartbreakingly, this was the last time Melissa’s mother ever seen her alive.

Later that night, Melissa began sending strange text messages to her mother telling her she was going to spend the night in the country, but that she didn’t really want to be there.

After she did not return home and was reported missing, police traced her cellphone and discovered she had been in a car headed somewhere north on Highway 354 some time after midnight on November 8th 2011.

Melissa Peacock had been getting messages from 23 year old Dustan Preeper from her Facebook account. The two apparently did not know each other and Melissa had just gotten to know Dustan though a series of texts after he initiated in a long exchange trying to explain his connection to her through a cousin.

Cellphone records revealed Dustan Preeper text messaged Melissa at 5:51pm on November 7th 2011. Over the next couple of hours 101 text messages were sent between the two. Preeper suggested to Melissa that they should meet up and they both agreed to meet at a nearby gas station. When Dustin showed up he was not alone and brought along his younger brother, 19 year Josh Preeper, who is from Hants County, NS.

The three headed out to the Hants County area to attend a party and after some time spent there, Melissa (reportedly very intoxicated) started to feel ill and stumbled her way to Dustan’s car. Josh watched her go to the car and then later told his brother Melissa was trying to steal it. At that point, they all left the party together, the brothers telling Melissa they were taking her home.

Instead of driving Melissa home they drove to a secluded area on Old Renfrew Road in Upper Rawdon, NS. Dustan dragged Melissa from the car and stabbed her in the chest. Dustan then ordered Josh to drag Melissa into the woods. While Melissa was still breathing very heavily, Dustan doused her with gasoline and Josh lit her on fire. They both left the scene of the crime and went back to Hants County.

Few hours after the murder, Dustan and Josh Preeper went back to the site and took Melissa’s charred remains to another wooded area in Colchester County, NS, where they buried her body.

In a sting operation during June and July of 2012, Dustan Preeper told an undercover officer that he planned the murder of Melissa Peacock because he was mad at her for trying to steal his car. Melissa’s remains were found on July 3rd, 2012.

Dustan Preeper plead guilty to 1st degree murder and Joshua Preeper plead guilty to 2nd degree murder in the death of Melissa Dawn Peacock in 2014. Dustan Preeper also plead guilty to the 2nd degree murder of 26 year old, Ben Hare, from Truro, NS, a murder he committed before the killing of Melissa Peacock. The Crown recommended he serve 25 years for the 1st degree murder of Melissa Peacock and 12 years for the 2nd degree murder of Ben Hare. He will serve both sentences concurrently and has to serve at least 25 years before he can be eligible for parole.

During sentencing Dustan gave everyone in the court room the middle finger and was quoted saying “I just want to say thank you and congratulations and you can all go fuck yourselves, you mutts.” After being told to sit down by the judge, Dustan replied with “What are you going to do, give me another 25 years?”

The Crown recommended Joshua Preeper serve 12 years for the 2nd degree murder of Melissa Peacock before he is eligible for parole.

Dustan and Josh both had very violent pasts and they seemed to enjoy physical altercations. Dustan once posted an image on Facebook in 2011, where he is bleeding from lacerations on his head, bragging that he had not been knocked out after claiming someone hit him with a crowbar.


Blue Crush: Surfboards in High Fashion Editorials

1. Anna Ewers by Glen Luchford for Self Service Spring/Summer 2014

2. Abbey Lee Kershaw by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia March 2010

3. Magdalena Frackowiak by Claudia Knoepfel for Vogue Paris June/July 2012

4. Gemma Ward by Corinne Day for Vogue UK July 2006

5. Blake Lively by Mario Testino for Vogue June 2010

6. Cara Delevingne by J.R. Duran for Vogue Brazil November 2012

7. Daria Werbowy by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Spain July 2013

8. Catherine McNeil by Benny Horne for Vogue Australia November 2012

9. Erin Wasson by Petrovsky & Ramone for Vogue Netherlands June 2013

Glitch In The Matrix Stories #11

Dreamed Of An Email Before I Ever Received It

Short background: For the past 3 weeks or so I’ve been waiting to hear back regarding a position with a company that I applied for. They have been conducting a background check on me but I had not heard from them in a few weeks.

Last night I dreamed I had received an email from a lady named “Janice” and I remember seeing the subject line in Gmail saying something regarding a background check. I then remember waking up this morning (7:00 am) and feeling like I should check my email but then I realized I had just dreamed it so I didn’t. 

Fast forward to about 10:30 am I received a phone call from the interviewer telling me that I had gotten the position, and to check my email because he had sent me a letter offering me the position and I had to print it and sign it. 

Lo and behold, right there under the email he sent me was an email from “Janice” that I had just received 30 mins ago and in the subject line it was regarding more information she needed to conduct my background check and I then remembered seeing it EXACTLY like that in my dream, which I hadn’t even received the email then so there was no way I got up in the middle of the night and checked it or something.

Credits to: KentuckyDude32

Dogs Suddenly Outside

Pretty weird shit. I was on my computer and the dogs came into my room whining and being babies. They wanted to go outside. I didn’t let them out because I was lazy and because they whine about going outside all the time and when I let them out 2 minutes later they whine and want to come back in, 2 minutes after that they want to go out again. It gets really annoying. I should invest in a dog door.

Anyways I ignore them and they leave. I’m on the computer and hear a loud noise coming from the other side of the house. I thought they were horsing around and knocked something over so I go to check it out and they are no where to be found. After looking around for a minute I see them in the backyard playing.

This is impossible because the back door is a metal screen door and is ALWAYS locked. I don’t know how they got out. Maybe I actually never locked the door and they were able to get out and the door shut behind them right? Well the weirdest part is that the door was shut and the deadbolt was locked. Even if they got out it’s impossible for them to lock the deadbolt from the outside because it requires a key. This whole thing scrambled my brain for a second and I just let them back in and continued playing video games.

Credits to: BeWinShoots

Changing Bags Of Cheese

I work part-time as a delivery driver for a pizza place while going to school. I had worked at this particular restaurant for about seven months, when I went into the walk-in to get bags of cheese for the make table, when I noticed the bags were smaller than usual. I grabbed two bags, like I always do, and proceeded to fill the lexan. It didn’t even come close to filling. 

I mentioned it to a coworker, and she looked at me weird and said we had always used three to fill the table. I knew for a fact that was wrong, because I aimlessly stare at the sheets beside the break table daily, and it always said two bags. I went back there to prove my point, and it said three, right on the posted chart.

I was a little weirded out and doubting myself, but my shift was over and I went home. The next day, I went back and the bags were back to their original size, checked the chart: Two bags. Mentioned this to the same coworker, and she claimed that conversation had never happened.

Credits to: ConsummateHack

Friend Teleported Into Our House

This happened in June/July of 2012. I lived with my Sister and her husband. They headed to a friends house for a drink, so I locked the door as usual, and went to my room, where I spent 99% of my time. All I had done all night was browse the internet.

01:30 came around and I hear a knock on the door. It was My sister and her husband returning from their friends.

Me: Alright, yous have a good night?

Them: Aye it was good craic.

Me: Glad yous enjoyed yourselves.

Them: You should have came over with us!

Me: Nah, You know me, I like my own peace and quiet.

Them: Aye, we know… Ok night night.

Locked up after them.

(You get the formality).

All was grand. I Went back to my room and returned to browsing the internet. Come 07:30 I had no smokes and was gasping for one. I heard someone go to the bathroom, and thought yes, I’ll just peek my head out and ask Russ (Brother in law) if I could make one of his.

So I popped my head out and waited a few seconds. Then someone came out from the bathroom. It wasn’t Russ! It was a guy named Lee (Who I was in class with at school, and who had until recently at that time, lived straight across the road from us until he moved away).

So I was like “WTF, what the hell? Where the fuck did you come from?”

Lee: The bar last night!

Me: Yes, but how did you get in to our house?

Lee: I dunno, must have came back here after the bar.

Me: Yes, but you couldn’t have got in as all the doors were locked!

Lee: I dunno then.

At this point I was confused… and let him go on up the stairs to get more sleep. I should have also mentioned that we live in a 3 story house, with 4 rooms. Mine is on the second story. He slept on the 3rd.

So, I started wrecking my brains wondering how the hell he got into our house when all the doors and windows were locked and closed. I started wondering if maybe the door wasn’t locked, but then I questioned if that were true, then I still would have heard him coming in the door, and coming up the stairs. Also he was drunk, so he’d have been louder. But nope, I didn’t hear a peep until my sisters’ knock.

So after he goes to bed, I go downstairs and check all of the doors and windows, and what do you know? Yep, all closed and locked! I started going crazy trying to figure out how the hell it was possible. I couldn’t figure it out and still haven’t. What occurred was impossible and unexplainable.

I even woke my bro in law straight after and told him, Lee was in our house, and he was as stunned as I. I told every one when they got up the next morning and questioned Lee further when he got up. We got no answers really. He was far too drunk to remember anything from the night.

Now there is another puzzling thing about what happened. When he got up he couldn’t find his shoes. Me and him searched high and low, but to no avail. His shoes could possibly be only in two places anyway, the room he slept in (Which was/is small and tidy), and the living room area. But they were nowhere.

I was astonished, but I really did get the impression that he thought I was making the whole thing up and was playing a prank on him… and I even brought it up and assured him that I wasn’t.

Credits to: ShadowByDay

Hiding Place by alivingfire

Louis never wanted a soulmate, didn’t really care for the whole Bonding thing at all, really. Enter Harry Styles, who’s wanted to be Bonded for as long as he could remember. With one fateful meeting in an X Factor bathroom, Louis gets a dagger on his arm and the realization that just because Harry is his soulmate doesn’t mean it’s mutual.

From the X Factor house to Madison Square Garden, from the Fountain Studios stage to stadiums across the world, Louis has to learn to love without losing himself completely, because someday his best friend will Bond to someone and replace Louis as the center of his universe. Meanwhile, Harry begins to think that maybe fate doesn’t actually know what it’s doing after all, because his other half has clearly been right in front of him the whole time. All he has to do now is convince Louis to give them a chance. 

Or, the canon compliant Harry and Louis love story from the very beginning, where the only difference is that the love between them is literally written on their skin, and there’s only so much they can hide.

harry/louis | 250k | 17 chapters

part one:
chapter one: 9 july 2010 - 27 july 2010
chapter two: 16 august 2010 - 29 august 2010
chapter three: 30 september 2010 - 10 october 2010
chapter four: 11 october 2010 - 28 october 2010
chapter five: 28 october 2010 - 9 november 2010
chapter six: 11 november 2010 - 3 december 2010 
chapter seven: 4 december 2010 - 12 december 2010

part two:
chapter eight: 13 december 2010 - 21 december 2010 
chapter nine: 24 december 2010 - 10 april 2011
chapter ten: 10 april 2011 - 2 july 2011
chapter eleven: 23 july 2011 - 3 october 2011
chapter twelve: 12 october 2011 - 22 november 2011
chapter thirteen: 25 november 2011 - 14 february 2012 
chapter fourteen: 14 february 2012 - 6 june 2012
chapter fifteen: 1 july 2012 - 3 december 2012
chapter sixteen: 3 december 2012 - 10 december 2012 
epilogue: winter 2012 - spring 2018