june is gay

I found this moment quite symbolic as I stumbled across these two girls intertwined with each other, hiding underneath a Pride rainbow flag as they shared a private moment together. In a way it shows how they feel protected underneath the rainbow, free from prejudice and labelling. In another light it could show them hiding from the world underneath what they find safe, but either way I think this is my favourite photo from London Pride, 2015.

it’s not gay if you’re partners

This amazing picture was made my best bro @caimryo . I was blessed with the duty to spread it around. (I can’t remember clearly whose idea this was but what I do remember is that it was like 3am and we were 100 floors deep in Tartarus.)


So last night I read a headcanon about Nico finding out that gay marriage was legalized (I don’t know who wrote it) and it was super cute and then mind started racing and I remembered a hilarious US tradition called the racing of the interns where the interns literally sprint to tell the awaiting press of the supreme court decision before it gets online and then solangelo came to mind and THEN THIS HAPPENED

  • Will has been dreading this day for nearly a week, ever since he found out he would be running on TODAY of all days
  • It was June 26th, 2015 and today would either be the best day of his life or just another disappointment 
  • Will had gotten an internship at the supreme court about four months ago after he got a promising law degree from the University of New Rome
  • Much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t want to be a doctor, he had had enough of watching his friends die on the operating table, he just couldn’t do it anymore
  • So he decided to go for law, try to fix people’s lives instead of watching them fade away
  • When he got the internship in DC, he was ecstatic, he was even able to convince Nico, his amazing boyfriend of three years to move there with him
  • He had done plenty of runs in the past, he was even able to announce a few
  • But today was different
  • He never wanted something to get passed into law so badly before
  • As soon as he learned that he might announce to the country that same sex marriage would be legalized, he called Nico at the first possible chance to tell him
  • Nico was nervous to say the least, but Will could tell that he was beyound excited
  • They were even able to talk the seven and a few others to come down to DC and wait outside for the announcement with the press
  • If only they knew what Will was planning
  • He got the idea almost immediately, he talked it over with the other interns and to his surprise, they were all for it, the even went as far as to help convince the guards to let him do what he was planning
  • Now the only thing left was for the judges to legalize it
  • So here he was, standing outside the door of the court, his heart racing violently as he clutched a piece cloth in his hands, waiting for the paper that could make the day go down in history
  • After 10 minutes, a man in a suit came out and handed them all the paper with a knowing smile on his face
  • The intern that he gave it to held the paper to his face as he read the news, the looked up at Will with a huge grin on his face
  • “The plans a go Will!”
  • Will never tied something around his neck so fast, once he had it secure, he grabbed the paper just to make sure it was true, the bolted out into the yard, the others giving him a head start
  • The moment Will turned into the main yard with a rainbow flag trailing behind him like a cape, he could hear the cheering from the crowd
  • He was out of breath when he reached the mic, but it didn’t matter, his smile was still plastered on his face as he read the news the world had been waiting to hear
  • “On this day of June 26th 2015, same sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 of the United States!”
  • All he could do was laugh as the crowd cheered. His eyes searched through the people to see his boyfriend who was brought to tears with the rest of the seven surrounding him screaming like banshees 
  • “ And I would like to say just one more thing before we move on, something I thought I was never going to be able to say.”
  • “Nico Di Angelo, will you marry me?”
  • The best part of Will Solace’s life was kissing his now fiance at the steps of the supreme court building with a rainbow cape tied around his neck for the entire world to see