june fitzpatrick

If she had cold feet, she stuffed them under my legs for warmth like she always did. And I didn’t protest, only wrapping her up tighter with a promising kiss, gazing at her through a black and white lens with my love for her written in stone as I captured her on film in my memory at that exact moment: beautiful, exposed, spirited, alive, with her heart on her sleeve and mine in her hands.
—  x

bunny - listen to this playlist here

Basically, my aim for this playlist was to show the growth and development of Harry and Fitz’s relationship from AB to PP; these songs just reminded me so much of them. (Sorry there are so many songs, but I felt not one of them deserved to not be included)

This is an ode to Cat’s wonderful duo of Harry Styles and June Fitzpatrick and their crazy ride through uni and through their lives together. I really hope you enjoy, especially you, Cat.

1 Technicolour // Mumm-ra (the song that’s inspired me the most, the lyrics should explain why)

2 She’s So Mean // Matchbox 20 (to me, Fitz)

3 She Moves in Her Own Way // The Kooks (those late night drinks)

4 Berlin // New Politics

5 Sweet and Low // Augustana

6 Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop // Landon Pigg

7 Flaws // Bastille

8 Upside Down // Jack Johnson

9 I’ll Be There For You // THe Rembrandts (watching F.r.i.e.n.d.s. together)

10 Stubborn Love // The Lumineers

11 You // The 1975

12 Home // Mumford and Sons (even that dinky twin bed)

13 High for This (The Weeknd Cover) // Ellie Goulding (drunk)

14 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room // John Mayer (the moment Harry realises he’s in love with Fitz)

15 KIDS // Mikky Ekko

16 What Makes You Beautiful (Cover) // The 1975

17 Give Me Love // Ed Sheeran

18 Certain Things // James Arthur

19 Truly Madly Deeply // One Direction

20 Dirty Paws // Of Mice and Men

21 Let Her Go // Passenger (to California)

22 Sweater Weather // The Neighborhood (reminds me of Harry’s plaid flannel more or less)

23 Don’t Let Me Go // Harry Styles

24 Wherever You Are // 5 Seconds of Summer (this is more of a song for Niall and Finley)

25 Something Great // One Direction (their Skype calls)

26 Endlessly // The Cab (worth fighting for)

27 A Certain Romance // Arctic Monkeys

28 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) // Slow Club (Christmas at the Fitzpatricks’)

29 Ready for Anything // Landon Austin

hope everyone’s having a nice holiday! 


femmescapes is a zine of visual and written work by queer and trans people who experience some kind of affinity with femmeness. in making it, we thought about “affinity” broadly: feeling femme through-and-through; approaching femmeness tentatively; orbiting its outer limits. we know that even marginal identities are often easier to access for those in power, so we were especially interested in approaching people who may not always be considered or centered in conversations about femininity/femmeness (and/or who don’t always or ever publicly claim femmeness).


Julieta + Charles

FEMMESCAPES issue 1: coming april 2016