june fitness

I made it through the day AT work. Now just have to make it through the night of work. Uhhhh…..

*team ELA lesson plans x2 weeks
*prep(totally b.s.) lesson for biannual observation in less than 29 hrs) 😲
*prep for my technology presentation in less than 35 hours
*prep for Creative Learning co-teach in 53 hrs
*track down 3 parents of 3, 6 year olds that I can’t seem to find, but will be asking why their child was not promoted in June AND fit in those conferences…somewhere. 🤔
*teach something to 6 and 7 yr olds🤓📚✏
*find a happy hour pal Thursday for when I feel I can’t breathe but need to make it one more day.
*prep for Dyslexia ECST Friday morning
*wash clothes
*feed my child something nutritional and check his homework and listen to him read to me and tell me about his day and make sure he smells good (no one appreciates a stink ball)–nightly.
*must watch Bill Maher, The Walking Dead and This is Us

Ahhh! But first, baby steps and that means I need a walk. Ollie is going to take me and he will think I am taking him.

George Harrison at The Beatles’ press conference in Milan, Italy, 24 June 1965. Photo © Archivi Farabola.

“They say I’m shy, sometimes, in the papers, but it’s not true in the least. It just depends on when I don’t want to talk to somebody.” - George Harrison, February 1965, quoted in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 30 April 1965

Yep, and that’s where it’s gonna stay [laughter].
—  Olivia Harrison in response to Andre Gardner’s question, “Now how about you? Have you ever - is there an Olivia/George duet somewhere in the vaults?” - Breakfast With The Beatles, June 2009

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So, here’s how lazy I am. I didn’t want to clear the grounds out of my already totally convenient Keurig because my trash can was at that “I’m too disgusted to put anything else in here” point and I really just wanted to drink something warm before I took out said trash. So, I walked a half mile to the gas station and a half mile back. It makes no sense, I know. JUDGE ME. 

No pressure at all if you don’t want to do one, don’t really do selfies, or have already done one recently, but I tag @junes-journey @the-fit-geek @englishrunblr @blackfoxrun and @theunstuffedpepper  

day 11: jealous fangirls/boys

Adrien shouldered his way through the busy café, holding his hard-won spoils over his head until he made it back to their table.

The clatter of glass on wood and the scrape of his chair against the floor tiles drew Ladybug’s attention. She turned away from the window, an eyebrow rising above her sunglasses.

Once again, Adrien was struck by how cute Ladybug looked. The warm spring weather meant she returned his scarf, left her bulky coats at home. Today, Ladybug wore a blue sundress and white cardigan, trading in the beanie she used to hide her hair under for a wide, floppy sunhat.

But, more than that… Ladybug was wearing make-up. Which she hadn’t done for almost a year. Not since the first time she visited him after they agreed to date, when they were both still nervous and desperate to make a good impression.

Ladybug’s lips—bright, candy red lips that popped against her pale skin tone—stuck out in a pout.

“Just one smoothie?” she asked, resting her chin on her hand. “Rude.”

Adrien wrenched his eyes up from her mouth and grinned.

“Ah, but I have—” He reached into his shirt, presenting, “—two straws, my little cabbage.”

Ladybug’s elbow slipped, her face planting into the table. When she straightened up (after making sure her disguise was still intact, of course), her cheeks were flushed.

“That’s, um, I-I—” she started to say, but a voice interrupted her.

“Hey sis, isn’t that… the Gabriel guy?”


“Look, he’s over there, that model you—”

“Oh, oh shit, oh my god—”

The two people at the table behind them started hissing at each other, obviously trying not to draw Adrien’s attention. He smiled sheepishly.

“Uh, sorry, I forgot that I was…” Adrien trailed off, shrugging his shoulders.

Ladybug waved her hand. “No, it’s fine, it’s not your fault—”

“Aren’t you jealous that he’s with someone?” said the first voice, their volume rising again.

“Well, duh. But, I can’t blame her. He’s just so handsome…” A dreamy sigh followed.

Adrien blushed, feeling more self-conscious than pleased. When he got compliments on his looks (as opposed to something he actually worked hard at, like his skill with Mandarin or fencing), he… preferred them from people he knew. People he liked. Not complete strangers.

Maybe he should have worn a disguise too—

Ladybug’s hand snapped forward, gripping his shirt as she yanked him into a searing kiss.

Adrien’s thoughts evaporated when he tasted her lipstick. It made her lips drag against his instead of sliding like they usually did. He stifled the moan threatening to escape him and kissed her back just as hard, his hand rising to—

With a pop, the kiss broke too soon. Adrien’s eyes blinked open as Ladybug leaned back, smirking at something behind him. She wiped the edge of her lip because—holy shit, her lipstick was smeared out of place.

That was… this was…

His hand, he realized, was still frozen in mid-air.

Adrien hastily pulled it back, coughing into it as he tried to gather himself. Even so, heat blazed through him, warming him from head to toe.

Ladybug picked up the straws that fell from his kiss-slackened fingers. She unwrapped them, sticking them into the smoothie.

“Drink,” said Ladybug. She bent down to take a sip and Adrien quickly joined her, chocolate bursting in his mouth.

When he straightened up again, Adrien fought to keep his reaction to a hard, dry swallow.

He’d left red lipstick on his straw.


George Harrison at Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Munich, Germany, 23 June 1966.

Photos © Robert Whitaker/Getty Images

In the past, a few of these images have been scanned and posted at thateventuality (here), but the quality isn’t as good as the Getty prints, despite the watermarks.

“These shots were taken during the relaxed moments after the press conference. George seemed comfortable and his hair was looking great, so I popped these pictures off. As far as I remember, even he liked them.

I didn’t get particularly close to George during my time with the group, but I never ceased to find him fascinating. He was thoroughly enjoying his position as a Beatle, but it had struck me that by now he was also looking for something more in his life.” - Robert Whitaker, Eight Days A Week: Inside The Beatles’ Final World Tour

The Night Before Day One

Okay so I’ve made a whole list of things I need to accomplish in June, and that all officially starts in less than 30 minutes. Starting tomorrow I will be shedding my fat girl habbits and picking up some new healthier ones (hopefully). I’m sort of dreading this but I am also very excited. I feel a change coming on and I like it. To properly start off my self-made June challenge I also purchased a fitbit flex tonight. Wish me luck on my official attempt at changing my life. 


George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney tuning up backstage at Ernst-Merck-Halle prior to their concert, Hamburg, Germany, 26 June 1966.

Photos © Robert Whitaker

“We went back to Hamburg in June 1966, for the first time since 1962. We played concerts in Munich and Essen first, and then got on a train to Hamburg. It was the train that was used when the royal party toured Germany, and it was very nice; we each had our own compartment with marble bathtubs, really luxuriously decorated.

Hamburg had a good and bad feeling for me. The good side was that we were coming back to play after all our fame and fortune, and when we’d been there before we’d been playing dirty nightclubs to work our way up. The bad bit was that a lot of ghosts materialised out of the woodwork - people you didn’t necessarily want to see again, who had been your best friend one drunken Preludin night back in 1960. It’s 1966, you’ve been through a million changes, and suddenly one of those ghosts jumps out on you.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology

George Harrison being interviewed in Munich, 23 June 1966.

Photo © Rockmuseum München, by Rainer Schwanke/Archiv Herbert Hauke, courtesy of Deutsche Welle.

Q: “If you could participate in the Olympic Games of ‘72 in Munich, what would you like to be?”

George Harrison: “Oh, I don’t know.”

Ringo Starr: “The egg-and-spoon race.”

GH: “The three-legged race - do they have that in the Olympics? Or maybe the highjump!”