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Could you write an imagine about the reader and Josh's wedding? I haven't really come across wedding imagines, only proposal ones. :/ Oh also, could Tyler and Jenna be the best man and maid of honor?


“You did it up all wrong,” Michael sighs with a little chuckle, gesturing at Josh’s tie from a spot behind him in the mirror. “Look Ty, he did it backwards. He’s nervous.”  

“It’s hard in the mirror.  Just tie it for me then,” says Josh, rolling his eyes as Michael bats his hands away and begins to loop his tie properly.

Behind them, Tyler paces dramatically with a notecard in his hand.  “You’re not allowed to be nervous,” he says, motioning towards Josh.  “I’m nervous enough for the both of us!  To be, or not to be,” he continues, outstretching his arm theatrically, and placing it on his forehead for effect, “that was not the question that Josh Dun asked Y/F/N on one fateful night almost a year ago.  My name is Tyler Joseph, and I’ll be your tour guide through this emotional rollercoaster–”

“Emotional rollercoaster?” Michael laughs.

“We’ll laugh, we’ll hope, we’ll cry.”

“Um,” says Josh, eyeing Tyler warily in the mirror as Michael laughs helplessly, “I’d like to think you’re just messing around… but you’re just messing around, right?”

Tyler opens his eyes wide, looking appalled.  “Absolutely not!  You made a choice, the right choice I might add, asking me to make the big speech.  It’s my moment, Josh. Everyone will be talking about it for years.”

Michael laughs even harder, patting Josh on the chest once his tie is done right, “There you go. Like a real gentleman. Don’t worry about Tyler,” he adds in a whisper. “I’ll keep him in line, I always do. ”

Tyler throws them both a dark look, one hand over his heart, before continuing, “Now what… What is real love? Come with me now on a journey and I’ll tell you.  Together, we’ll delve into the love story between two young heart throbs. Charming, sometimes incredibly tragic, but always pure and true.  Our tale begins on the eighteenth of June, 1988. Josh Dun was a summer baby emerging on a cool brisk evening–“

“You’ve only got like three minutes to talk,” Josh tells him, just in case he was unaware of the time limit on his speech. Just then, Jordan pops his head in.

“Practicing our speeches?” He looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows with an assuring thumbs up.  “Looking good, bro.”

“You’re just in time,” Tyler says, pointing at Jordan, “I was thinking you could act out my speech, like performance art.”

“No plays at my wedding!” Josh says, but he’s laughing too.  

Just saying the word ‘wedding’ aloud makes Josh’s heart leap a little.  He starts thinking of how Y/N probably looks right now.  She had fussed around nervously all morning, organizing and re-organizing things around the house, cleaning things that were already clean. The same way she always was when she got anxious.  Josh finally hugged her from behind and said, firmly, “Stop.”  

She had rolled her eyes but allowed Josh to tug her down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug.  “It’s going to be perfect,” He had said.  

Josh then stands up from the chair, smoothing his hair down over his ear where it’s come undone.

“C’mon Michael,” says Jordan, still lingering at the door, “Your wife sent me in here to get you, she wants to get some pictures beforehand.”

“Duty calls,” Michael says, smiling lightly at Tyler and Josh before following Jordan out the door.

Once they’re gone, Tyler grins at Josh.  

“You ready for this?” he asks. Josh gives a little shrug. After month building up to this day, it almost feels like a dream – the hum of people collecting in the church, his shiny new shoes, the look in Y/N’s eyes earlier when she’d said in awe, “Next time I see you, I’ll marry you,” which Josh can’t stop replaying in his mind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.  Any last words of advice?”

“Yes,” says Tyler seriously.  “Four, actually.”  Tyler says the words slowly and clearly, “Don’t – mess – it – up.”  

“Like don’t stutter when I’m reading my vows?  Or like, don’t be a horrible husband and drive Y/N away?”

“Both,” says Tyler, his face breaking out into a grin.  “See?  That’s why I’m so helpful.

“Ah,” says Josh, smiling.  “I see.  You’re the master. Thanks, Ty.” He meets his eyes, which are soft and fond.

“You deserve it, Josh,” he says. “All of this. I’m so happy for you.”

“Aw,” Josh teases, trying to conceal the lump in his throat, “are you going to cry?”

“I might,” says Tyler.  “Your bride certainly will.  She was already looking a bit teary when I left her earlier. We’ve actually all taken bets on how long it’ll take her to start bawling.”  

“What?” Josh exclaims indignantly. “Nobody told me that! Come on, I want in.”

“Sorry, but Jenna said it’s not nice to bet on your own wife’s wedding day tears.”  

“But I’d have the best chance at winning!”  

“Nope, not allowed,” says Tyler. “Although I’ll tell you my guess – she won’t last thirty seconds after she sees you.  And it will continue for the rest of the evening.”

“That’s – that’s probably true,” Josh admits. “What did everyone else guess?”

“Jordan said she’d cry during vows,” says Tyler, ticking them off as he counted on his finger.  “Micheal bet same as me, when she sees you, and Mark thinks she’s already crying.”

“I think I’m with Mark on that one,” says Josh with a little laugh.

Just then Ashley pokes her head into the tent, hair piled elegantly on top of her head, gesturing at him.  Tyler gives her a charming smile, which she returns.

“Josh, are you almost ready?  Everyone’s waiting!”  

Josh nods as Ashley sighs and crosses the floor to hug him, straightening his tie.  

“You look great,” she whispers.

“Thanks,” Josh says, swallowing another lump that rises in his throat.  “Alright, let’s get moving. I can’t be late to my own wedding.”

As it turns out, they all lose the bet – Y/N holds it together fairly well, misty-eyed and fond, through most of the ceremony.  It’s Josh who gets teary eyed the moment he sees her turn the corner and start walking down the alter.  Her arm’s latched with her father’s and the minute her eyes meet his the lump in his throat is back, only this time with some tears as well.  

She’s beautiful, in the most elegant and true way.  Her hair is pulled back, complimented by a veil.  Her face breaks out into a huge smile of triumph when she sees Josh.  She clutches tightly onto the assortment of flowers in her hand and makes her way closer and closer.  

Josh let’s out a shaky laugh, trying to cover up how emotional he really is.  After a few moments of just staring, in complete and utter awe, he has to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.  

She reaches the front of the church, kissing her father on the cheek one last time before stepping up to the alter.  

Josh can’t help himself.  He’s smiling so wide, his insides bursting with love and affection and disbelief.  He was so lucky.  So so so lucky.  

The ceremony’s a blur.  Josh’s head is spinning and it all goes so fast.  Before he knows it, he’s saying his vows, the words falling off his tongue from memory. He’s clutching onto her hand so tight, squeezing out his anxiety from the event.

The phrase “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the lips of the priest before Josh’s mouth is on hers, pressing them together as close as he can.  

It’s after their first kiss that her fingers clutch tightly into Josh’s waist and she’s crying when she pulls back, smiling so hard her eyes are nearly closed.  Josh pulls her closer, holding onto her for dear life, his heart is so full he thinks it might explode.  

“We did it,” she breathes into his neck, a secret whisper just for Josh, even as everyone’s cheering and applauding from all sides. It’s almost too much – He sways against her, arms locked tight around her back.

“I knew we would,” he murmurs, kissing her on the cheek.

Tyler’s speech isn’t as bad as he’d promised – in fact, it’s incredibly touching.  Y/N, predictably, sniffles and giggles her way through the entire thing, much like the rest of the crowd.  

The day passes in a blur of relatives and champagne, Josh and Y/N slow dancing, Tyler and Jenna cozying up together.  Tyler wrapping Josh in a bear hug and muttering “I love you, man,” with tears in his eyes.  

Josh’s mom, who cried even more than Y/N, pulls her close and whispers, “I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve always been.” She hugs her with tears prickling in her own eyes, at a loss for words.  

It’s frantic, fast-paced and fun, a sensory overload. Josh barely gets time to eat a slice of his own wedding cake.  He’s not sure what he’s going to remember about the day, but he knows that it’ll be something with Y/N’s hand on his back, her eyes locked on his even from across the dance floor.  The feeling of her cheek pressed to his while they dance, just swaying together under the soft lights.

“Will you kiss me?” she asks Josh towards the end of the night, when they’re almost the last two left dancing.  Josh smiles down at her, cupping her face, eyes incredibly fond.


ok so i did some math and if season four is as long as season three (aka ten episodes) and they would end the season around the time of the start of nissen’s summer break on june 22nd (which is also the same week as isak’s eighteenth birthday (june 21st) and olso pride (june 23rd (which is a friday))) which to me seems like a great thing and time to end a season with.

then the season must have aired the first episode next friday (april 14th), which also means it would probably start on saturday in order to get a full week. so i literally don’t understand why we haven’t got the trailer yet or if we even going to get one at all.

Kent Phone

“Hey, Kent. This is, uh, Jack. I just wanted to call and say…I’m sorry. I know this is about four years overdue. I’m sorry about that, too. I guess—I guess I needed to be happy myself to get to this point. That’s not an excuse, just…an explanation, maybe. And Bits—ah, Bittle, makes me happy. Anyways. Call me back if you want to, Bittle thinks it would be nice to get together. [Pause]. I think it would be nice, too. I miss you, Kenny. But you don’t have to call back if you don’t want to, or if you can’t. There’s nothing else you need to say. I know I’ve made you say sorry more times than you should’ve.”

The voicemail ends, and Kent stares at the screen for longer than he should.

How many times did he say the same exact words to Jack—"I miss you, I’m sorry,“—only to have them thrown back in his face with silence as the lone answer to his sincerity.

Jack is right. Kent doesn’t owe him anything, not even a call back.

Instead, he scrolls down on the screen a little and calls Juan.

Juan picks up with a “Bueno?” and Kent says, “Hey Juan, how’s it going? Everything cool with my favorite cousin?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard,” Juan says, his voice a mixture of bitter and amused. His tone is always like that—Kent worries about the day Juan loses his sense of humor. He’s been through too much to survive without it. “Can’t call me Juan anymore. The hockey team’s decided my new name is Whiskey.”

Kent wrinkles his nose. As far as nicknames go, he’s heard worse, but— “How’d they get Whiskey from Juan?”

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Don't panic - RoughTweedAction (Donya) - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Sherlock thinks it’s perfectly normal that Molly wants to spend a nice Sunday with him until John reminds him that the eighteenth of June is a special Sunday this year.

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60. "Before you decide to murder me, let me explain" supercat ^.^

60. “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

Cat pauses for one long moment outside of her apartment door to take a deep breath, to let the frustrations of the day begin to ebb away.

It’s June eighteenth, her most hated day of the entire year, and she’s another year older.

She’s had to endure a phone call from not only her mother, as condescending and awful as always, but Lois Lane, as well, that same unbridled glee in her voice whenever she calls Cat on this day, delighting in the fact that Cat is several years her elder.

God, she hates them both.

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June 18th: the birthday of perceptive congeniality

People born on June 18th often have a charming manner and a likable vitality that uplifts everyone they meet. Their instant likability, however, conceals an insightful mind and a serious head for responsibility and business. They place as high a priority on meeting their personal, financial, and professional goals as they do on being popular.

'Big Brother 18' Cast Revealed - Format Changed, Several Returnees Cut

CBS rolled out the new “12 person cast” of this year’s Big Brother, entering its eighteenth season June 22nd. Fans took to Twitter with glowing responses to the entirely nubile cast and quickly speculated (as they have been for weeks) as to whether or not any former contestants would be involved in this year’s installment.

If you’re a hardcore Big Brother fan, or even a casual viewer, then you already know that something is up since there have only been 12 names released (2 of which include siblings of former contestants, Season 16’s Cody Calafiore and and Season 17’s Vanessa Rousso).

What most fans probably do not realize is that Victor, Glenn, Bridgette, and Zakiyah were late additions, cast less than a week before sequester began. That’s because executive producer Alison Grodner and CBS scrapped their original idea – a rookies versus veterans season featuring players from past editions of the venerable series – in favor of more new blood for unknown reasons.

The returnees currently set to make their return when the season premiere airs are…

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