june delight


New photos of Jamie at the St George’s Hill Golf Club. [June 28th]

gordonsmart: “Delighted to announce the Blazin’ Squad reunion tour is on! Here we are, 15 years on. Time hasn’t been kind to all of us. Kenzie, front middle, has got a decent gig in movies. As for the rest of us…. great day with the sensational @steviemartini teenage inspiration @jamie.theakston and the percolating lighthouse @martin_bayfield. Rare photo of @thommo_surrey not being the tallest man in the picture, but still a hunk. World class carry-on with Jamie Dornan too, what a cracking lad. Thanks @mcsaatchise@mcsaatchimerlin @mcsaatchilondon Thanks for the pic @jamie.theakston.”

mariahazzard: “Oh hellooooo 50 shades 😻 #workperk #50shades.”


The Alex Ovechkin Aesthetic III: Two Minutes for Holding

Alex Ovechkin holds many things, with varying degrees of skill, enthusiasm, and/or giving the impression he’s going to drop it at any second. These things include but are not limited to: babies, dogs, cats, large bobbleheads, small bobbleheads, Alex Semin, lions, Justin Bieber, milestone pucks, trophies, etc. Good times.

I would like Ovi to be holding something big and silver over his head in June.

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Please watch curiousswift‘s package video because it’s been four months since it happened! It was genuinely the best day ever and we can’t wait to see you during the 1989 WORLD TOUR. Dublin, babyyyy!


[Harvest: Art, Film+Food] Join us for our alfresco afternoon opening 2.30-4.30pm this Sat 28 June, GOMA Café Bistro / Delight your senses with delicious fresh fare showcasing Queensland’s best local produce & wine tastings with Yering Station / Also meet some of Queensland’s top chefs who’ll be signing the Harvest publication / Cash Food & Bar / Opening celebrations from 10am.

Image: Shirana Shahbazi & Sirous Shaghaghi, ‘Still life: Coconut & other things’ 2009, Gift of the artist through the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation 2010, © The artist