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“Could you do a photoset with some mostly unknown Christines? Like 90s u/s or principals whom people don’t basically know?”

A homage to all the “pre internet” principal or alternate Christines of the 90s who was never represented in a cast album and maybe not even in the souvenir brochures, here represented with:

  1. Josie Walker, alt. in the UK Tour 1993, West End 1996-97,
  2. Lori Zeglarski, alt. in Hamburg 1999,
  3. Katrina Murphy, alt. in the UK Tour 1998-99, West End 2002,
  4. June Crowley, alt. in the Canadian Tour 1991-94
  5. Claudia Dallinger , alt. in Vienna 1988-89,
  6. Cristin Mortenson, alt. in San Francisco 1993-96,
  7. Beverley Worboys, alt. in Basel 1996-97, u/s in West End 1995-96,
  8. Diane Fratantoni, alt. in the US Tour 1995,
  9. Tua Åberg, principal in Stockholm 1989-91.
Is It Crazy?

Summary: two people at the right place at the right time for different reasons, or so it seems.

Pairing: Crowley X Reader

Warnings: Fluff!

Exclaimer: Part of @marksheppardischarming June Mayhem writing challenge.

Inspired by the song ‘Crazy’ by Kat Dalia

Crowley sat there at the bar, the very bar he had told Dean Winchester where to find him if the apocalypse suddenly restarted. He wanted to say he had been guilt tripped in to helping you and the Winchesters again but he knew all too well that he liked you, so that why he tried to stay away from you as much as physically possible. When he did have to talk to you the comments would be sarcastic & naturally berating, and you gave as good as you got, hiding all evidence that both of you liked each other more than you each cared to admit.

He downed the last of his whiskey & stood up from the bar stool & pulled his thick wool coat of his shoulders and then he heard the door open. He looked over his shoulder. He stood there, his coat half on & his speckled blue eyes wide.

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You stood there in an all red tea dress, you were hard to avoid in the bright crimson dress meaning your date should able to see you. You settled down at a table, your newly painted nails drumming against the glass surface. This was a nice enough restaurant, a bar lined the wall, glass windows made the room feel spacious & luxurious.

Crowley settled back in his seat, and pulled away his coat again. He quickly ordered another whiskey neat, and held it in his large fingers rolling the glass as he discretely watched you. He had never seen you like this, he was used to the skinny jeans, leather biker boots, band shirts, leather jackets and no makeup with your (y/h/c) whipping in the wind behind you.

But now you sat there, your face made up like Dita Von Teese smoky and sensual bringing out your naturally pale complexion, your nails lacquered in a deep crimson paint that matched your lips. A pair of black & red Mary Jane heels lay on your feet, as you sat there waiting for company.

Is it crazy that Crowley felt an intense jealousy & hatred growing for the man who would be accompanying you this evening. His hand tightened around the glass suddenly cracking the glass beneath his fingers. He held his tongue between his teeth reminding him to be the silent observer.

You sat there casually staring down at your phone. You had, had two glasses of red wine & had now given up with looking feminine by ordering a neat whiskey. You sat there your usually long straight (y/h/c) hair was now in starlet curls and you felt ridiculous. You didn’t know what possessed you to go on a blind date, you were sure that you would never go on another.

Crowley watched you sit there patiently for over a half an hour. Every time the door opened to welcome a new customer you turned around to watch them walk right past you. He watched as you rolled your eyes for the last time and began tugging on your blazer as you slowly got up from your seat.

Crowley knew he would never get this chance again with you. To be the knight in shining armour you needed for the first time in your life. He slammed his empty whiskey glass down on the bar and stepped away from the bar stool, straightening his sleek Paisley tie as he walked towards you.

You pulled you earphones from you bag, as you looked forward to the sobering walk back to the bunker. You sighed as you felt them snag on your keys.

“Are you (y/f/n) (y/l/n)?” You froze instantly at the sound of that rough English accent & looked up to see the king of hell looking down at you with his speckled blue eyes. You didn’t know what to say as he gestured to the seat opposite you. You slowly nodded willingly inviting him to sit with you.

“I’m sorry I’m late busy day at work.” Your frozen featured that screamed confusion & hesitation softened as you realised what he was doing, you looked down before quickly looking back up at the demon that sat opposite you.

“Crowley you don’t have to do this.” Crowley could help the soft smile that appeared on his lips as he looked into your deep (y/e/c) eyes and saw the admiration that was tinted with sadness as he sat before you.

“The names Fergus MacLeod, love. I don’t know who this Crowley is but I bet he’s a handsome devil.” He winked making you chuckle as you shook your head. Crowley felt his soft smile grow as you smiled up at him.

You had to admit, even though it was impossible to count the amount of times Crowley had stabbed you, dean and Sam in the back, he was always able to worm his way back into team free will.

And to that you commended his efforts.

“Well Fergus, now that your here should we move onto our next venue?” Crowley quirked up an eyebrow & smirked down at you. He had no idea what you were talking about but being the man he was he was naturally curious to where this would lead.

“And pray tell where is this next venue?” You chuckled as his suggestive tone and stood up from you seat, as you grabbed your clutch and began to walk away from Crowley. He all too quickly followed you out of the restaurant quickly catching up with your steady pace, but not before noticing the black Cuban heel rights your wore.

Originally posted by hannabalxmarie

His eyes travelled up the seam that disappeared beneath the tea dress. His eyes followed your legs up to the noticeable curve of your ass, up your back where the dress dipped in a V to reveal your enochian tattoos.

Crowley couldn’t help loosening his tie as he fell in step with you. You were a sight to behold, a vintage vixen, a stolen starlet. You took his breath away, which was something no other woman had been able to accomplish.

You looked quickly out of the corner of your eye to see the king of hell trying to loosen his tie, as he walked with you following your every step to your undisclosed location. You let a smile slip onto your lips as the old cinema came into view. The golden flashing lights and back lit plaques came into view to reveal what tonight’s viewing pleasure would be.

No, in all honesty you were no romantic, you would rather see a gore filled horror movie over a Rom-com any day & that was still the plan. You looked up at Crowley and saw a large smile on his lips flashing his bright white teeth as he read the title of the film aloud.

“The exorcist.” You chuckled and shook your head at his surprised tone. Crowley looked down at you as you shook out your curls making his amused smile soften.

“Is something the matter Fergus?” He chuckled at the use of his human name, strangely enjoying the way it sounded coming out of your crimson lips. He shook his head, looking you up and down with an amused glint in his eye. His speckled eyes travelled across your body and stopped briefly at your white knuckled hands desperately grabbing onto your clutch.

His eyes quickly met yours again making a faint blush heat up your cheeks leaving your flush in the humid night air. Crowley was surprised to say the least, one of the most formidable hunters he had the pleasure of meeting was nervous.

Crowley pulled one of his hands out of his coat pocket and held it out to you, palm facing upwards as he stood there waiting for your move. You slowly pried one of your hands away from your bag and slid it into his warm palm. He moved his hands allowing him to lace his fingers with yours.

Crowley was quick to notice your own discomfort, and you were quick to notice his. Crowley was obviously not the holding hands type, and neither were you but in that moment you push each other’s discomforts aside and just enjoyed the closeness.

Crowley decided that he should pay much to your disagreement. But before you could claw open your clutch he had thrown a twenty dollar note at the young man standing there, making him hand over two tickets. You made a small show of your dislike of him paying but at the same time you wanted to smile, you had gotten used to being independent so having someone pay for something for once gave you a warm feeling in the centre of your chest.

Crowley continuously looked at you as you walked hand in hand up to the concession stand and grabbed your desired food items. Crowley watched you order a regular sweet and salt popcorn and regular orangeade while Crowley ordered some roasted peanuts & a large cola. Crowley paid again waiting for you objection but in return was given a warm squeeze of his hand.

He could help giving your hand a squeeze before dropping it from his grasp in order to carry the food. You handed the tickets in and picked two seats in the centre of the screen. The screen was sparsely populated meaning if they wanted to talk they could.

You both sat down getting comfortable in the velvet covered seats and watched as the adverts began to play on screen. Crowley gave you a quick glance as your (y/e/c) eyes reflected the projected images on the screen, seemingly concentrating on the screen. Crowley placed his hand palm up and opens on the arm rest between the two of you.

As Crowley’s eyes moved away from you and to the screen, you felt a smile tug at the corners of your lips as you slid your hand into his once again. You saw Crowley smile softly as you grasped your hand tightly.

The movie was exactly the same as the last time you had seen it.  You weren’t expecting anything new, you just enjoyed how far fetched it was compared to the real act of exorcising demons. It allowed you to take a step from the twisted reality that was your life.

As the lights lifted, your eyes squinted as people began to exit the screen it meant that it was your own town to leave. Crowley stood up before you pulling you quickly to your feet by your joined hands making your stumble forward and into him.

You leaned against his chest; smile stretched across both of your lips, as your held each other’s hands tightly. You leaned back slightly and pushed some loose hairs behind your ear as you looked up at the king of hell.

Crowley looked down at you and saw a light blush creep across of the pale kin of your cheeks, as your lips parted slightly just to let out a small sigh that was almost a whimper. Your pupils dilated consuming your (Y/E/C) irises, as you looked up at the king of hell. Crowley slowly pulled his gaze upf rom your parted lips, and looked into your desire engulfed gaze.

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In a moment like this the man would kiss the woman and everything your end with the happily ever after credits, but you were sadly interrupted.

“Sorry guys but we have to clean up from the next showing.” You both looked at the pubescent teen that had rudely interrupted your moment. Crowley felt his teeth grate together as he tried his best not to suddenly break the teenager’s neck in rage, for ruining his perfect opportunity.

“Sorry, we were just leaving.” You swallowed thickly covering the desire in your voice. You felt the pang of disappointment in your chest. You were hoping that Crowley was thinking the exact thing you were. In that second you knew that all you wanted was to feel his lips in yours, but still he stood there looking down at you without a single motion forward.

You dropped your hands from Crowley’s chest and brushed past him. It was obvious that he didn’t feel that way about you, he just felt sorry for you and probably felt some strange scene of obligation to take you on a date knowing you were Sam and Dean’s little sister. Your heels dug into the worn carpet of the cinema as you marched out and into the quiet streets.

Crowley was stunned by your reaction. It took him a few seconds to register what had just happened. One minute you were looking up at him with a look that would make any man beg for submission, and the next your pupils were dilated and a look of something close to rage crossed your features.

You wrapped your arms around your abdomen as you walked down the street. You felt tears threatening to fall from your eyes as you pressed play on your phone, blocking out all the sound around you and continued to walk in the direction of the bunker. You ran the back of your hand across your eyes catching the tears that decided that gravity was stronger than your will to save face.

Crowley pushed men and women out of his way as to lunge out into the street to see your shivering form walking down the street and towards the exit of the small town. You ran forward, his chest was tight as his brows grew narrowed in confusion, what had he done to deserve this? He had been a gentleman all night and now he was here, his large hand wrapped around your blazer covered arm quickly twisting you around.

Oh how much he wanted to shout at you, to tell you how insensitive you had been, how you didn’t deserve his company, that he wished that he left you back at that bar. But when his anger filled eyes met yours his livid expression relaxed, as he saw the smudged mascara and glazed over eyes.

You were shocked to see him; you tugged an earbud out from your ear, as you looked up at him. Crowley placed his other hand on your other blazer covered arm and squeezed them slightly, in a reassuring way, but Crowley wasn’t exactly sure if it was for you or him. He wanted to know what was going on in that mind of yours to make you run the way you did.

“(Y/N) why are you crying?” he bent down to your eyes level as he moved his hand up from your shoulders and to your cheeks, this thumbs gently brushed away the tears that couldn’t stop falling. You pulled out of his grasp, leaving him with a hurt look marring his features as you’re stood there.

“You were just taking pity on me weren’t you?” Crowley’s possessed heart palpitated at the accusation. It hurt to think that’s what you thought of him. His expression became impassive as he straightened up. He was sick of the assumptions and the guess work that surrounded the two of you. He had taken too long in convincing you how he really felt.

“Is that what you think (Y/N)? Really?! Are you really that dull that you didn’t think for one second that I actually liked your company and that I actually enjoyed tonight?” You scoffed, your hands crossed across your chest as you stood toe to toe with the king of hell. How could he say he ‘Liked’ your company, he would avoid you as much as physically possible unless it was inevitable.

“How can you say that?! You avoid me like the plague! You only speak to me if you have to and even if your do it’s riddled with condescension and insults! How can you say that you ‘Liked’ my company?!” your tears had dried now, and had been replaced by the bitter taste of hatred for the king of hell, as your saw the blood rush to his face as he looked down at you.

Crowley had had enough. He was sick of this. He was sick of pretending. He was sick of the expectation of romance. That was not the man he was. He could be refined and collected, but in moments like this he lost all control.

It was too quick to process. His lips were on yours, hard and painful, as his hand grasped the back of your neck bunching your curls up in his fist as your stood there in shock. You looked into Crowley’s half lidded eyes and saw the deep crimson that stirred inside of them causing wisps of red smoke to trail across his cheeks as he viciously kissed you.

Crowley watched as you struggled internally with what to do next; he looked deeply into your eyes as his red tainted gaze softened along with the kiss. He could feel our lips bruising from his violent kiss, and could taste the blood that had rushed to the surface of them. He watched as your eyes closed, and your lips moved against his, in a gentle kiss.

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You felt what almost sounded like a purr from Crowley reverberated against your chest as your crimson coloured nails grasped the lapels of his jacket. Your lips moved against his in a delightful dance. It wasn’t drunk and thoughtless like many of your kisses had been, it was like a dance each movement was natural and yet well timed. Your felt yourself get light headed from the lack of oxygen causing your too slowly pull away from that kiss.

You pursed your lips and then sighed happily before opening your eyes. Crowley looked down at your with a crimson tinted gaze, watching your every movement. His eye flickering between, the smudged lipstick and mascara to your wide dilated pupils and your bruise darkened lips. He groaned keeping his lips pursed as you ran your hands up from his jacket lapels to his neck, wrapping your arms around it haphazardly, before pressing your cheek into his shirt and tie covered chest.

“Why did you avoid me if you felt like ‘this’?” Crowley sighed as he wrapped his arms around the two of you and pressed his lips against your crown. In a blink of an eye the world shifted to reveal the entrance to the bunker. He pulled away from you slightly allowing him to look back down at you. He reached up a hand and wiped away the rest of the smudged mascara and lipstick and smiled down at you.

“Because getting attached to a hunter in never a good thing love.” You chuckled and leaned up to kiss him again. He gratefully accepted your kiss, cupping your face with his large hand as you kissed against, his tongue stroking yours, your teeth biting his bottom lip all before pulling away.

“It’s a good thing that it’s impossible for us Winchesters to stay dead then, isn’t it?” he chuckled and pressed another kiss to your bruised lips. You pulled out of his embrace, and pushed you’re key into the doors slowly turning the lock. Hoping against all hope that Crowley would say one more thing before tonight ended.

You pushed open the door only for your wrist to be caught in his warm grasp. You stood just outside of the doorway and smiled up at the king of hell. As he held your wrists delicately in his large hands. His hand slowly moved to your, his fingers lacing through yours, pulling your away from the door.

“If it isn’t too much to ask, dinner in Italy just the two of us, next Tuesday?” Crowley was surprised he was able to make it through the sentence, as his throat began to constrict with a sudden bout of nerves that consumed him. He looked down at you as your smile grew larger and your eyes glinted happily.

“Oh that not too much to ask at all Fergus.” He chuckled at the use of his human name and pulled your to him in another heated kiss. You pulled away little by little as your kisses became lighter and more like small peck. He slowly let go of your hand and watched as you disappeared into the men of letters bunker.

He stood there for a few seconds staring at the equestrian star on the door before smirking to him. Tonight had been eventful to say the least. He chuckled and clicked his fingers removing himself from Kansas.

You pressed your back up against the door. Your cheeks ached from the large smile you wore. You ran down the flight of stairs to be welcomed by Sam and Dean who smiled up at you. you were taken off guard slightly, by their large unnatural grins till Dean finally spoke.

“So…How’d it go?” Dean raised a single eye brow making your roll your eyes, and place your hand on your hips.

“Well Mr Edgar Cosmeful never showed up.” Dean and Sam looked at each other still holding those mischievous grins. Before looking back at you.

“So how come you stayed out so late (Y/n)?” You looked at Sam and couldn’t help the blush that rose up in your cheeks at the thought of Crowley. You cleared your throat and narrowed your eyes at your gigantic brother and shrugged trying to play it all off.

“Well Crowley was there and he decided to join me for the rest of the evening…nothing happened.” Sam chuckled and sat back down on his seat leaving just Dean who raised an eyebrow as if waiting for some extra information.

“Nothing happened Dean, God!” Dean chuckled and sat across from Sam sipping his beer, waiting till the sound of your footsteps faded away. Sam and dean looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

“How long do you think it’ll take for (Y/N) to figure out Edgar Cosmeful is an anagram of Fergus Macleod?” Dean chuckled and shrugged as he took another sip of his beer. Then all the brothers heard were the sound of a slamming door and some aggressive footsteps.

“Sam! Dean! You’re both dead to me!” Sam and dean looked at each other worriedly before bolting up from their seats. Sam threw Dean the keys to the impala as they raced up the stairs, with wide smiled on the face and fear in their eyes.

They had faced monsters, angels and demons alike but the one thing they were scared of most of all was their baby sister when she knew she had been pranked by her older brothers in the best way possible.

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The DrugLord’s Daughter

This is my (Very Late) fic for @teamfreewill-imagine‘s June Writing challenge. 

I chose Police Officer!Sam ~ kind of made him a detective so its a Police!Sam AU

Characters: Sam x Reader, Crowley (Reader’s father), mentions of Dean

Warnings: SMUFF (smut/fluff)… Dom!Sam, Sub!Reader, handcuffs, female receiving oral, teasing

Words: 2876


Thank you to @faith-in-dean for beta-ing, @eyeofdionysus for letting me ramble to her near enough 24/7 and the wonderful folks in the spn fan fic pond Skype chat.

(if you do not want to be tagged let me know - I used my usual tags and @mrswhozeewhatsis ‘ list for the tags)

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Lying on your bed you sighed, your father had just come home from his latest business trip and you were waiting for the inevitable blow up when he found out you were dating a cop, and not just any cop, Sam Winchester. Sam was leading a team trying to solve the murder of a man in your dad’s ‘territory’ and the evidence pointed to it being a case of mistaken identity. As you texted Sam the door to your room was knocked before your father walked in, you locked your phone before jumping to your feet to hug him. His arms held you tight as he kissed your head and smiled down to you.

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Supernatural: Cheers to the Lonely (Crowley x Reader)

Summary: The reader learns about the pending end of creation (just prior to S11 E23).
Word Count: 1325
Warnings: None
A/N: My entry for @marksheppardischarming‘s June Writing Challenge. My prompt was for a paranormal/ghost hunter reader.

My Reader List is HERE

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You slammed the musty tome shut. Dust puffed out from its yellowed pages, the single lamp’s meager light dancing off the particles. Coughing, you waved an annoyed hand in front of your face. Freshly showered, you hugged your robe - a fluffy, if slightly worn, light blue affair - around your shoulders and sighed.

“You’ll get yourself all dirty, love.”

You jumped. Behind you, his impeccable black suit unmarred by the dust, Crowley stood with his hands in his pockets. You glared at him. “Holy crap! Don’t do that!”

“I don’t do anything holy. General principles.” He smirked. He gestured at your robe. “Don’t dress up on my account, muffin.”

“I didn’t know you were coming, snickerdoodle,” you teased. It’d been months, too many months, since you last saw him, but you fell into the familiar back-and-forth banter like a cozy blanket on a winter’s day.

“Yes, well, I was,” he lifted his eyebrows as he contemplated the correct word, “delayed. Forcibly. C'est la vie, pumpkin.”

“Huh,” you grunted. You shook your head, part in amusement, part in disbelief. Here you were, at ease, in your bathrobe of all things, addressing the King of Hell. Funny how life turned out.

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June Writing Challenge Masterlist

Here’s the masterlist for the June Writing Challenge! Enjoy some awesome fics down below. I’m happy that you guys were able to participate, but I’m sad to say that I only received about half of the fics that I was supposed to get. Which means that I won’t be doing a challenge for July, but oh well. Maybe I’ll do one for August.

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If you want to indoctrinate me, then you’re merely forcing me to flee from the bothersome duty. If you want to change me, then I’ll break free and fly into the light like a bird. And if I want the stars, then I’ll find the way to them myself. I will grow and learn, and yet I’ll stay true to myself. I want to find myself before I lose myself, for I belong only to me. ||  Lyrics from the song Ich gehör nur mir, from Elisabeth das musical (x)