june amberose


Everything Leopard…

Bring out your inner “bad girl” this fall by embracing one of the widely used print of the season- LEOPARD!

Leopard print is all the rage as designers filled their collection with them this season. The easy to wear print is getting thumbs up by many people as we grace the streets we can’t help but to notice 1 out 3 people in passing wearing leopard print- This is the best way to spicing up your fall attire as the transition from summer to fall can seem daunting to some people.

Leopard print is seen everywhere from fashion apparel, accessories, make-up and nail art designs. The best part about this print is that it can appear rich and robust or subtle and subdued which will gain the likes of nearly everyone from your conservatives to risk takers, either way it’s all about finding your style preference and OWNING IT.