june 6 1929


Pulp art extravaganza!!!

The pulps never cease to enchant me.  Brilliant colors, striking images and bold text are central features of pulp art, yet each cover carries its own aesthetic, and creates its own ambiance.  These covers were done over a span of ten years by some fantastic pulp artists: Frank R. Paul, Hugh Rankin, Leo Morey and R.G. Harris.  

Weird Tales.   V.8, no.6, June, 1929. Cover by Hugh Rankin

Amazing Stories. V.2, no.1. April, 1927 Cover by Frank R. Paul

Amazing Stories.  April, 1937. V.11, no.2.  Cover by Leo Morey

Doc Savage. V.5, no.1, September,1937. Cover by R. G. Harris