june 26th will always be their day

Celebrating your 18th birthday with the X-Men would include:

Fandom: X-Men, Marvel

Request: No…I’m just very obviously hinting that I turned 18 yesterday (26th June)

Pairing: None, you and your favourite X-Men

Notes/Warning: It hasn’t been proofread so beware the typos and grammar issues.

Word count: 732

- Charles being the one finding out it’s your birthday since you didn’t tell anyone

  • Reason for that was the horrible aftermath of Jean’s birthday party 
  • Basically, everyone ended up drunk and passed out
  • Cups, food, and…other things being scattered ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE. 
  • So when asked when your birthday is, you always found a way to dodge the question
  • And one beautiful, sunny day Charles accidentally slipped into your mind and instead of song lyrics or dirty thoughts about your crush he found out your birthday was next week
  • He IMMEDIATELY informed everyone and in a secret meeting they arranged a surprise party for you

- On the day of your birthday, everyone kept quiet so you didn’t suspect a thing 

-In the evening Charles called you downstairs into the living area

  • Thinking he just wants to talk about your training or something like that you make your way downstairs in an oversized sweater and a pair of leggings
  • It was really quite. You probably would’ve been able to hear a pin dropping

- Suddenly the lights turn on -“HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)!!" 

- You’re furious at first because you didn’t want your birthday to be such a huge thing

  • But in the end, you’re happy because you were with the people you love most 

- Logan got some drinks for the party 

  • You weren’t allowed to drink yet but were still happy about the present
  • You told him you’d save the bottle of whiskey for your 21st birthday 

- And Jubilee made a mixtape specifically for you and your birthday 

  • And it’s lit, fam ohmygod I’m so sorry about that 

- Raven and Ororo went big and got you an expensive dress from the mall 

  • Since they were totally shipping you and your crush so they hoped you would soon get the chance to wear it to a date 

- Peter got you some sneakers and the game you recently played with him and enjoyed quite a lot 

  • The sneakers weren’t the best or most expensive ones but he knew that you liked to wear them more than any other type of shoes 

- Jean got you a nice, simple necklace 

  • Wearing jewelry on missions was mostly and absolute No-Go for you but that necklace was the only piece of jewelry you took nearly never off 

- Hank noticed your interest in all the scientific stuff he tried to explain. But since he wasn’t that good at explaining he got you a book with simple explanations about every single science topic 

  • While other people might think science is super boring, the way Hank showed you and the book explained the different reactions to you made it really interesting 

- Kurt, being the cinnamon roll he is, made you some German treats since he wasn’t sure what exactly you like and what not. And food always worked 

  • He made you some Nussecken, Franzbrötchen and Windbeutel and they were DELICIOUS AS FUCK if you have no idea what I’m talking about pls google it these things are heaven trust me I know what I’m talking about

- The Summer Brothers decided to show off their creative side and made you a self-made instruction on hand-to-hand combat 

  • You recently complained that you were a zero in hand-to-hand combat so the brothers put their knowledge to good use 

- Charles got you the newest album of your favorite music artist 

  • He found out about that while he was already in your mind and found out about your birthday 

- And Erik didn’t exactly know what to get you, so he opted for a framed picture of the whole team and a Notebook where you could write all your thoughts down 

  • He knew from Charles that your thoughts tend to get quite overwhelming sometimes 


  • jk is wasn’t that much of…partying 
  • there was alcohol, yes, but no one got wasted
  • a bit drunk maybe but definitely not wasted
  • mostly just friendly hanging out action 

- Jubilee’s playlist was very well received 

- Nearly everyone complained about you not telling them about your birthday 

  • But after you explained they understood your reason 

-You played some games like Truth or Dare etc. 

  • And you got some nice making out action with your crush while playing Seven Minutes in Heaven

- Overall it was a nice evening 

- And you were happy Charles invaded your privacy

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why was #best day of my life, the best day of your life?

UMM you mean glastonbury fest??? june 26th 2015??? why was it the best day of my life??? well because it….just… WAS?????!!!!!! 

louis and niall in full music festival mode, walking around in style, having a good ol’ time????

louis in that iconic green jacket with his hair styled the way i love it most????

the both of them going into full fanboy mode when they showed up sidestage to watch the one and only james bay??? the love of my life watching THE love of my life??? more green army jacket heaven???? i bought one just like it because of this

i call this Louis’ “James Bay face”. i have one too. they’re similar so i understand.

Niall taking pics cuz he’s a big fan yES GOD SAME. JAMES YOU’RE DOING AMAZING SWEETIE.

they looked like supermodels

let’s not forget the fact that Louis’ beautiful quiff later deflated to very soft fringe

and he ruined his fucking shoes with the mud 


does that answer you question??????? best day of my life

Random musings...

So D was in Chicago the weekend of June 23-25. He returns to LA on Monday the 26th. Seen on Tue the 27th at the Queen concert, then a random sighting at an LA ice cream shop on the 30th. C was in NY on Monday the 26th, then returned home to be spotted at the same Queen concert in LA on Tue the 27th. No other sightings in a week for either. Both presumably in LA.

Doubters love to say “They’re never together! They’re always at public events without the other!” This is true. This is how is has to be. However, if you stop and think about all the other countless days in between those “public” events, what’s happening there? Are they together? The possibilities are endless.

Point is…(this should really be our mantra) 

They only let us see what they want us to see…

Hey folks! So @hanceomeweek is set to start tomorrow but no prompts have currently been posted - so I’ve gone back and copied the ones from last year! Since the event’s listed on @quiznakchronicle I figured this might be a good idea ^_^

June 24th: Day 1: Isolation/Warmth

June 25th: Day 2: Familiarity/Homesickness

June 26th: Day 3: Soulmate au/College au

June 27th: Day 4: ocean/earth

June 28th: Day 5: starting days/time swap

June 29th: Day 6: super heros/super villains

June 30th: Day 7: crossover/ pjo au

Bonus theme: Reverse/roleswap AU

I wasn’t around last year to participate, so these are all new to me, and besides, there’s always something new to do with a prompt!

happy hanceome week~

NATSU DAY! -07.02 / 2017

Please don’t remove credit to artist: ©MsSaltyAnchor, when re-blogging!

Boyo! I’m two days late! But, to be fair I was moving since June 26th and had to be out of the old apartment by July 1st. My landlord jumped the gun and gave me & my roommate last minute news, going from 1 month to move down to 1 week to move. *Cries… To add to that, the internet was down, until today.

Anyway! Happy Belated Natsu Day!

*I always like the thought of Natsu being all seductive in a suit

On this day in history, 16th March 1485 - Death of Anne (née Neville), Queen Consort of Richard III, in London. She was buried on the south side of the high altar at Westminster Abbey. Anne was the daughter of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick and a man known as the “Kingmaker”, and his wife, Anne (née Beauchamp). She married Edward, Prince of Wales and son of Henry VI, in 1470 but he was killed in 1471 at the Battle of Tewkesbury. Anne went on to marry Richard, Duke of Gloucester sometime before July 1473, and the couple became King and Queen on 26th June 1483.

Pictured: Queen Anne Neville, from a stained glass window at Cardiff Castle (19th century victorian glass)

(TW) Bullying Masterlist

Links Last Checked: June 26th, 2017

Abuse - kittyxuchia11

Summary: Phil is beaten up everyday by his parents and his bully at school. Dan Howell.

A Tattoo Of Your Name - orphan_account

Summary: A punk!Phil and shy!Dan in high school AU.

Drowning in You - botanistlester

Summary: (TW: Bullying) Dan is the BAMFy popular boy, Phil is the quiet nerd. Dan secretly really likes him, so he always teases him and calls him names. One day Phil is fed up, so when Dan calls him a stalker he replies and gets really close to Dan and says “Would you call this stalking?” to make him uncomfortable.

Head Down Low - camisadan

Summary: Dan isn’t right. He’s not like most of the others, he’s not genetically pure. He has no destined path, he has nothing going for him in life. He’ll be lucky to get himself a job in a fast food kitchen, and everyone looks down on him like he’s a piece of dirt stuck at the bottom of their shoe. Except one person: Phil Lester. 

Here’s Hoping - adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: high school and phil just moved and dan is like mr.popular and like he hates him but secretly loves him and Phil finds something that shows that dan actually loves him and stuff like that.

I Don’t Need Anybody to Save Me - didnotthinkitwouldcometothis

Summary: Pastel!Dan is bullied and punk!Phil comes to help. But maybe Dan doesn’t need help after all?

I’ve Got You - justalonelypunkrocker

Summary: Shy!Dan is picked on by bullies and it’s up to Punk!Phil, his boyfriend, to save the day.

Just Another Coffeeshop Story (ao3) - orphan_account

Summary: Just another coffeeshop story - except it isn’t. When Phil meets Dan, twisted, legendary Dan Howell, nothing goes right except when it does. After all, when the most popular, most feared kid in school starts bullying you, your life is over. Right? Not quite. Not if he falls in love with you.

Loneliness Hurts (ao3) - stella1000

Summary: Dan Howell is a lonely boy who is bullied. Phil Lester is the new boy in school who doesn’t fit in anywhere.

My Defender - ultxmasunicornphanfics

Summary: when pastel!Dan arrives to school earlier than his boyfriend, punk!Phil the bullies get to him first. However, Phil is soon there to sort them out and look after him.

One Second Closer (ao3) - goldenrose95

Summary: Soulmate AU where you’re born with a timer on your wrist that counts down to the moment you meet your soulmate. Except there’s one other case when the numbers reach zero, and Phil doesn’t find out until he’s too late. Almost.

Screams Are Louder Than Signs - yolohowell

Summary: Dan likes Pastels, Phil likes tattoos. An AU where Dan isn’t treated that well but Phil is there for him.

Second Chances - pasteldanhowells

Summary: (tw) Dan is mute and Phil is the bad boy at school who picks on him and bullies him. The only problem was that Dan and Phil have been talking to each other online for months. But Phil didn’t know he was talking to someone that he already knew, until they meet in person. Things don’t quite go as planned.

Stutter - jentin

Summary: Dan has a stutter and he’s bullied at school for it making him seem cold and distant. Phil is a new student who is paired with Dan to learn his way around the school. Dan just wants to be left alone, but Phil is determined to make Dan’s life less of a living hell

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Could I request some Lance angst? ❤️💛💚💙💜

When I started this it was going to be super angsty, but by the time I finished it sort of resolved itself and turned into cute Voltron Team Feels. Sorry bruh. I definitely do better with more direction in prompts than when I’m given free reign, I’m realizing that now, ahaha. I hope you enjoy it either way!

  • When the Paladins entered the wormhole and flew through space in the first episode, everyone assumes they totally lost contact with earth, no way of knowing what time it is, what day it is, how long they’ve been in space, nothing. And that is pretty accurate. Except for Lance. 
  • He had a watch with him, and while there’s all that were physics-y stuff so that time isn’t necessarily the same across the universe, he doesn’t care. He keeps that watch so safe tucked in a drawer in his room.
  • That way when he checks it, even if he’s just waking up at the start of a new day in the Castle of Lions, he can know it’s about 11pm back hom and his family is heading to bed. Or if they’ve jsut finished a mission and are eating some kind of meal, he can see that his family would also be sitting down to eat. It’s a source of comfort to him in that way. But it’s a very lonely, distant sort of comfort
  • The watch is one that has the date built in so he also always knows what day it is back home
  • He keeps a little calendar in his room that he drew on scraps of paper he found (paper and pencils aren’t a common sight on the Castle of Lions) and keeps track of all the dates.
  • He pinned it up in his closet where he knows no one will find it. It’s his one connection to home, and he knows it may be a little selfish, but he doesn’t tell anyone. Besides, if they really wanted to know the date on earth he figures they could find it through searching the the Castle’s database. So for now, this is his.
  • The day he stuck it up in the closet (October 3rd) he wrote down all the important dates he could remember, just like his mom used to do to their calendar on the fridge.
    • His little sister, Aymee’s 12th Birthday on December 1st
    • His older brother, Erick’s 26th Birthday on January 4th
    • His Dad’s birthday on February 11th
    • His Mom’s Birthday on June 12th
    • His parent’s anniversary on September 28th
  • He almost tore the calendar a part when he couldn’t remember any other dates. Not his grandmother’s birthday, not the day his eldest sister got married or was born, not the day she had her first kid, he couldn’t remember the day they had moved into their house, a day they had always celebrated together
  • What kind of brother or son was he if he couldn’t remember those simple things?
  • He didn’t look at the calendar again for a few days after that. He finally went back to it when he knew it was getting close to Aymee’s birthday. He looked at his watch, and crossed off the days he had missed. November 22nd.
  • When it finally hit Aymee’s birthday on the first of December, he was depressed all day. The Paladins tried to cheer him up and get him to talk. Hunk gave him a hug and made him some food, Pidge tried to make him laugh and showed him some new modifications for his lion, Shiro pulled him aside and talked to him for nearly an hour, comforting him, even Keith had tried to talk to him and offered to train with him for a bit. But no one could figure out what was wrong. When he went to bed that night, he looked at his watch. 6:00pm Earth Time. They would be sitting around the table singing Happy Birthday right now.
  • Lance cried himself to sleep that night thinking of his family. Would they be celebrating Aymee’s Birthday? Or would they be thinking about him? Did they know what happened to him? Was he dead to them? Or missing? What had the Garrison told them?
  • He continued to keep up with the calendar, but on December 25th he decided to tell the Paladins. He walked into breakfast that day and said Merry Christmas to all of them. When he got questioning looks from the Paladins (and blank stares fro the Alteans) he tossed the watch onto the table with a mumbled “sorry” as he went to get his breakfast.
  • When he got back to the table, the Paladins were all sitting quietly and the Alteans had left the room. The five of them spent the day sitting together, either at the table or in the common room talking. They took the day off from training and sparring and talking tactics, and instead talked about family and traditions
  • There were tears, there were laughs, and there were long drawn out silences. In the end, Lance showed them his crudely drawn calendar and told them about the dates on it, sadly looking at how blank it was.
  • Together though, the team fills it up. With birthdays and anniversaries from their own families, with the dates they met each other, the date they took to space, they guessed at the days they first formed Voltron and had their first successful mission
  • When they finished they took a good hard look at the now cluttered calendar that would continue to be filled with each milestone the team reached together.
  • They may not be on earth, they may not be able to contact their families, but at least they have each other.
  • Lance doesn’t cry himself to sleep on January 4th, Erick’s birthday, because the team is there to celebrate it with him.

Feel free to send me a message! Prompts and HC requests welcome <3


My Day At Curlfest 2016

On Sunday, June 26th I attended Curlfest for the first time ever. I am always excited to attend events where I will see and talk to people who emit positive vibes and love being about something. So, needless to say, I was ecstatic about going. I met up with some fellow curly friends and walked around the huge area reserved for the event in Prospect Park.

My day was full of taking photos, selfies, involuntary sun tanning and I also made it a point to stop by the Made Beautiful tent, which is the only brand I’ve been truly curious about for a while.  I stocked up on so many goodies from them I can’t wait to play with!  The free goodie bag from event sponsors was also great. If I can get a freebie, I’m ‘bout it! :D

After the event, @mountainbikekeith was going to give us a ride to the train but on our way to his car, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful tree lined streets of brownstones and how perfectly the sunlight was hitting down on them. So we stopped for an impromptu snapping sesh and even I got in a couple of shots!

All in all, it was a great experience. I saw familiar faces and also made new friends. Vibing with positivity and networking have been things I’ve wanted to manifest for the longest.  In 2016, I decided to stop wishing and start making things happen. I’m proud of myself for living life as best as I possibly can in this very moment.


Photos by: @mountainbikekeith (IG)

I don’t get why people hate Macklemore so much?

Like he stands up for everything that is right. He stand against what is wrong with the society. Got married on June 26th because that is the day everyone in America got the freedom to marry who they love. Address White Privilege, stand against racism, always always make sure that people understand that hip-hop comes from the black culture.

What more do you want from the kid?


Let’s really think about this for a second.

It’s June 26th, 2015. Today was supposed to be a good day. It was a good day.

Then, I found out what Harry posted. All I was thinking about was what a beautiful person he was, how kind he was to tweet out something regarding marriage equality, but then I saw the larry comments and I was disgusted. I’m a larrie myself, but I truly feel so displeased and ashamed, embarrassed to be catagorized that way. I just had to defend our asses from two girls who were labelling us as obnoxious people who always assume things that are not.

Believe it or not — not everything is about Larry. If Harry tweeted something out of the just of his heart, or if Louis wears a shirt that is a ‘sign’, it doesn’t always have to be about Larry. On my twitter timeline, and in Harry’s instagram comments, I wanted to vomit. “HARRYS COMING OUT FJSKX” “IFS HAPPENING” “LARRYLARRYLARRY” — no. Stop assuming these things. Harry tweeted and posted those things for the only purpose of making himself known to believe in marriage equality for all, as it seemed. That love is love. So when I see people commenting about Larry today, on such an important day in history, it makes me sick to my stomach. Some people must have a hard time understanding that Harry and Louis are people. Kind people that set out what they believe is right. They aren’t our own entertainment.

Most people shipping Larry respect the shit out of their lives. Them. Their opinions. A LOT of larries respect this. But that small group is assuming things that are not today and it isn’t right.

The LGBTQ community did not fight for hundreds of years to have people focus this day on a couple that isn’t even officially out yet. Get over yourselves with this “larry is coming out” shit from Harry’s social media, and join the celebration of equal rights.

Sheriarty week?

We all know that there is a lack of sheriarty stuff lately and that the drama and all the hate towards this ship made difficult to go into the sheriarty tag. Wouldn’t be nice to spread some love for our favourite consulting boyfriends? Why don’t make a sheriarty week to celebrate this beautiful and complex relationship that so often is target of hate?


June 22th - June 28th  is my proposed time. We have a month to start working on the stuff and since it’s summer maybe more people will be on tumblr! 


  • Every kind of fanwork will be accepted: fics, drawings, fanvideos, playlists, edits, gifsets, headcanons, metas, litterally everything! Just use the tag “sheriarty week” and I will reblog it on a sideblog dedicated to this event! (yes it doesn’t have a theme right now but i will fix it)
  • There are a lot of beautiful ships in this fandom, but this week is for sheriarty only. Side pairings are accepted only if they don’t interfere with sheriarty but they have to be secondary.


jun 22th: Post!Reichenbach ➙ We all know how important Reichenbach is for Jim and Sherlock, but what if Jim didn’t kill himself? What if they run away together? What if Laura’s theory is true?

jun 23th: Alternative Universe ➙ Because it doesn’t matter how or when, this two will always find each other. 

jun 24th: Domestic life ➙ It doesn’t have to be fluff if you don’t want to and it doesn’t have to be conventionally domestic.Just use this prompt how you want!

jun 25th: Smut ➙ Well… There isn’t anything to add.

jun 26th: Angst (& hurt comfort) ➙ Because the pain is never enough and we sheriarty shippers always love a bit of tragedy.

jun 27th: Crack ➙ This ship is far too serious, we need something lighter sometimes!

june 28th: Free choice  ➙ You have written something that don’t fit any of the prompts? You want to write metas or make fics rec? You have missed one of the days? No problem, you can use the last day of the week as you like!

IMPORTANT: To make this happen I need your help! It doesn’t matter if you are gonna partecipate or not, please reblog this to spread the word!



Today, June 26th 2015, marks the day that all two citizens of the United States of American can be married in all 50 states regardless of their genders.  This is a huge breakthrough for not only the U.S., and the LGBT community but for the world.  Although we are the 25th country to declare nationwide equality, there are still many who need to achieve these same rights.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the happiest days of my life and i’m so fucking lucky to live in our country, with my freedoms, and today of all days, I’m proud to an american.  I can’t even express the amount of happiness that came across me when I woke up with a text saying that the denial of same sex marriage was declared unconstitutional.  I sat there in shock for awhile and then I started to cry.  I’m only 17 years old but just knowing how far we’ve come and how long that the LGBT community as a whole has fought and just the intensity of this victory is just groundbreaking for so any other battles we have to fight for now.  Thinking of all the marriages taking place today and tomorrow, and just every day we move forwards makes me shake.  That’s truly amazing that we finally received our rights that we’re rightfully ours from the beginning.  It shouldn’t have took this long but we’ve got them.  Love won.  Love always wins. 


KuroKen Month is coming to you, this June!

It’s simple, but it’s a little different from how ship events usually go. It is a month long event, but instead of daily prompts, there are ten segments of themes, spread out over thirty days! It is a little difficult to come up with something every day, so with more than just twenty four hours for one prompt, it gives time for everyone to be able to contribute!

The themes are:

June 1st - 4th: Firsts
June 5th - 8th: Childhood
June 9th - 11th: Distance
June 12th - 13th: Cats
June 14th - 16th: Secrets
June 17th - 20th: Seasons
June 21st - 23rd: Touch
June 24th - 25th: Light
June 26th - 29th: AU (Alternate Universe
June 30th: Free day!

If you want to do something different for each day, the challenge is to come up with a different interpretation for each theme!

For more information, check out the info page! If you have any questions, the askbox is always open! See you in June!

I am excited to introduce The Merlin Arts Fest!

I have been planning for about a month now and I am excited to let you all know about what will be happening in July and the beginning of August.

This fest is for writers, artist, video makers, edit makers, gif makers, audio track makers, really any type of art.

This fest will go on for a month, there will be a prompt for each week which you’ll have a week to fill and each prompt will be turned in the second Sunday of that week. Here is the full schedule.

How this fest will be done is simple enough, but I encourage you read the following as carefully as possible and as thoroughly as you can. As always though, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Now, let us continue.

Before The Fest:

Registrations open May 19th and in that time I will have made a post asking you to do three three things: Reblog the post (or like), fill out a form and message the page letting me know you’ll be participating. You will have until June 26th for all of this, and then registrations will close.

During The Fest:

The Fest will officially begin June 29th, and on that day I will release the prompt(s) for that week. This is where it gets just a little bit tricky, but really it’s simple enough.

For the prompts I will be giving out three things: a proper prompt, three words and a picture to help inspire your writing. Now, you do not have to choose all three, you can choose one or two, but you do need to choose at least one. It can be as minor or as big as you like in what you’re creating.

There will be a format for everything that is entered, and all the formats can be found here. A format must be included, especially since it will make it easier for me to tag and simpler for others to find what they want.

All creations will be turned in on the second Sunday of that week, for example, the first prompt/week will be from June 29th-July 5th. All creations are due July 5th, the last day of that week. The same goes for the last four weeks. Pleas tag all of your work with themerlinartsfest2014. You may track the tag if you like.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If I have not reblogged your work by Tuesday (the previous prompt), please message the page and let me know. I want to make sure i don’t miss anyone’s and there is a chance I might miss someone.

That’s about it for the during!

After The Fest:

We celebrate! Congratulations, you just created some amazing works and hopefully have some inspiration to continue writing.

Now obviously the fest is a long ways away, but I wanted word to spread of the fest, people to see it before it’s really started and to ask questions! Hopefully there will be a lot of people who are interested. Thank you for reading through, hope you want to participate. As always, feel free to ask me anything. And follow the page as well for any updates.


Another year went by, taylorswift, another year in which you made us all feel special, gave us strength and supported us. So, just a few Swifties from all around the world want to tell you what you mean to them .. because you make our life unique, you helped us being fearless, you are always there when no one else is. You don’t know all of us, but I hope you know what you do to us, every day, even if it’s just a smile of you we see on candids .. 

I asked a few Swifties from all over the world to write a short text and send me  a photo of them to show oyu how much they love you, this is the result .. (it’s in order with the photos!)

Anita: Happy 26th birthday, Taylor. Thank you for showing me how to shake mean people off!

Charlotte ( fallinswift): Happy birthday, you beautiful girl. You’ve changed my life completely .. in a good way! I Love you so much, forever on your side ♥

Eunice: Happy Birthday, Taylor! I just wanna thank you for being the light in my darkest days and for saving my life, literally!

Eva ( evakate13 ): Dear Taylor, I made this heart for the Red Tour in Berlin on february 7th. It was the best day of my life! May your 26th birthday be as beautiful and perfect as that day was for me! You’ve been my biggest inspiration and role model for more than 6 years now. I am so grateful for how my life has turned out because of that. Happy Birthday, I love you forever & always!

Renske ( dresseduphipster): Dear Taylor, I wanna wish you a Happy 26th Birthday! I have been a Swiftie since the beginning of the Speak Now Era. Your music has helped me through a lot of rough periods & I wanna thank you for that! June 21st, 2015 is the first time I saw you live! I still can’t believe it! Also, I wanna thank you for introducing me to the most wonderful Swifties in the world. November 30th a lot of Dutch Swiftes had a post-1989-release-party & it was the best!

Olivia ( longlivethemagicwemadetayy): I adore you, crazy, gorgeous, wonderful, lovely and pretttiest person on this planet! I’m in love with your smile, your eyes, your voice, your laugh and every other little thing about you. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. I just can’t explain what you’ve done to me! Every time you smile, I smile with you. Even the words “I love you to the moon and back” aren’t enough to tell you how much you mean to me. My love for you is endless. I will NEVER leave you, one day I’ll tell you this in person. Happy Birthday ♥

Anna ( ohhsoswiftly): HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY, TAYLOR! I love you so much, we all do!! And I want to take some time to tell you you are seriously the reason I am happy. I am so proud of you, Beautiful! If one day I get to tell you face to face how much I love you and how you have always been there for me then it’ll be more than worth it! I owe so much to you because you have simply done so much for me! I’m forever on your side! 

Karly ( swifts-polaroid): Happy birthday! I hope all joy and happiness is brought your way today, much love. 

Irysha ( swiftireckless): Happy 26th birthday, Taylor. May your days always be blessed. Stay perfect, queen! 

Alishia ( thexyswift13): Happy Birthday Tay! You’ve made my world this incredible place it is now for the past 8 years & I am so proud of you!! Love you forever!!

Guelsemin ( xlovedyouso): Dear Taylor, I just wanna thank you for all the things you’ve done for us! and for being my idole, making me smile and your wonderful music with the beautiful lyrics! I love you so much, have a nice birthday!!

Ann (twitter: grxndesfearless): Hello Taylor, happy birthday! I am so grateful to have you. I love you so much, I believe one day I will meet you and tell you this in person!

Mellissa ( @fiftayreasoms): Hey Taylor, Happy Birthday! Just wanted to say that I saw you for the first time Oct 2nd. It was be my first concert and I was fifteen! 

@InLoveWith_Tay (twitter): 26? Seriously? I can’t believe the girl who loved dressing up like a princess just turned 26! Taylor, I know you since 2008. I remember the day perfectly when I discovered you! This year you look older, and you have changed, but for the better! You look so happy and that makes my life! I will never have enough words to tell you how much I love you. You’ve completely changed my life and I am so grateful! You are like a best friend to me! My heart is yours!

Charlotte ( tswiftvancity): The rest of the world was black & white, but my love for you is in SCREAMING color! Happy Birthday, Taylor! I love you so much, you’re my everything!

Lena ( fangirl-too-much-97): Taylor, have the happiest birthday you can ever have! I’m so proud of all you’ve reached! You are everything to me and I can never thank you enough!

Lisa (me): Hey Taylor, I have started this project for you just to show you how much people, Swifties, from all over the world love you. I hope today will be the best day ever for you. Stay fearless, enjoy your life and never forget that the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate! Thank you for everything you have done for me the past 7 years, hopefully I’ll be able to tell you this in person one day. But for now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

CM Punk - Best In The World

Today was a tragic day in the world of wrestling. Tonight WWE and CM Punk officially went their separate ways. Not only did WWE shift CM Punk to the Alumni section of their roster page. They had a documentary entitled “CM Punk. Best In the World” on the WWE Network. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

CM Punk was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up. And will still be for years to come. I remember watching his debut match on ECW. August 1st, 2006. I watched him slowly, each week. Progress, evolve, prove people wrong. I watched him become the Best In The World. Whether it be the night he debuted. Or his historic run of 434 days as WWE Champion. He proved everyone wrong. That a straight edge kid, full of tattoos, Chicago made could be the WWE Champion.

In his career CM Punk held many Championships. 11 Championships to be exact. Just to name some.

WWE Champion - 2 Times.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion - 3 Times.

WWE Tag-Team Champion - 1 Time.

WWE Intercontinental Champion 1 Time.

Making him the 19th man in WWE History to achieve the WWE Triple Crown Champion. And the fastest to reach that feat at 203 days. 

His is also a BACK-TO-BACK Money In The Bank Ladder Match Winner. 2008 and 2009. The only man in WWE history to not only win that match twice. But to cash-in successfully twice as well.

CM Punk will always be remembered for his infamous pipebomb promo on June 26th, 2011. He was never afraid to speak his mind. And that’s what made him unique, it’s what made him different. It’s what made him the Best In The World. And if there’s one thing I will take away from CM Punk’s career. He loved the business, he loved wrestling, he loved to perform, he loved the WWE. And I for one, am sad I was never able to experience the pleasure of watching him perform live. That will be one regret I have.

CM Punk last performed inside a WWE Ring at this past year’s Royal Rumble. January 26th, 2014. And if it does indeed happen to be his last match. I’m very proud to say, I witnessed it live. When he was placed as the number 1 entry in the Rumble. I felt as if he was winning. He was finally going to win a Royal Rumble match. He was finally going to achieve that dream of headlining Wrestlemania. But as history shows us, he was eliminated by Kane and left the company after that. It didn’t feel like he was leaving. I thought he might in July when his contract was up. But this caught everyone by surprise.

They say he was unhappy, he was injured, he was being misused, he was unsatisfied of people getting pushed ahead of people who have worked their ass off. We as fans, still have no clarity of what actually happened. And as fans, WWE owes us to see CM Punk in a ring one last time. Even if it’s a fair-well speech. I’ll take it. I want him to publicly be able to speak his mind, his feelings. I want him to be able to walk down that ramp one last time.

All I can say is thank you, CM Punk. Thank you for the matches, the pipebombs, the feuds, the laughs. Thank you for an historic WWE Title run. Thank you for the countless memories. But most importantly, thank you for being the Best In The World.

We miss you, CM Punk. Thank you.

Sincerely, the Voice of The Voiceless.