june 26th will always be their day

I don’t get why people hate Macklemore so much?

Like he stands up for everything that is right. He stand against what is wrong with the society. Got married on June 26th because that is the day everyone in America got the freedom to marry who they love. Address White Privilege, stand against racism, always always make sure that people understand that hip-hop comes from the black culture.

What more do you want from the kid?


Today, June 26th 2015, marks the day that all two citizens of the United States of American can be married in all 50 states regardless of their genders.  This is a huge breakthrough for not only the U.S., and the LGBT community but for the world.  Although we are the 25th country to declare nationwide equality, there are still many who need to achieve these same rights.  Undoubtedly, this is one of the happiest days of my life and i’m so fucking lucky to live in our country, with my freedoms, and today of all days, I’m proud to an american.  I can’t even express the amount of happiness that came across me when I woke up with a text saying that the denial of same sex marriage was declared unconstitutional.  I sat there in shock for awhile and then I started to cry.  I’m only 17 years old but just knowing how far we’ve come and how long that the LGBT community as a whole has fought and just the intensity of this victory is just groundbreaking for so any other battles we have to fight for now.  Thinking of all the marriages taking place today and tomorrow, and just every day we move forwards makes me shake.  That’s truly amazing that we finally received our rights that we’re rightfully ours from the beginning.  It shouldn’t have took this long but we’ve got them.  Love won.  Love always wins. 


My Day At Curlfest 2016

On Sunday, June 26th I attended Curlfest for the first time ever. I am always excited to attend events where I will see and talk to people who emit positive vibes and love being about something. So, needless to say, I was ecstatic about going. I met up with some fellow curly friends and walked around the huge area reserved for the event in Prospect Park.

My day was full of taking photos, selfies, involuntary sun tanning and I also made it a point to stop by the Made Beautiful tent, which is the only brand I’ve been truly curious about for a while.  I stocked up on so many goodies from them I can’t wait to play with!  The free goodie bag from event sponsors was also great. If I can get a freebie, I’m ‘bout it! :D

After the event, @mountainbikekeith was going to give us a ride to the train but on our way to his car, we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful tree lined streets of brownstones and how perfectly the sunlight was hitting down on them. So we stopped for an impromptu snapping sesh and even I got in a couple of shots!

All in all, it was a great experience. I saw familiar faces and also made new friends. Vibing with positivity and networking have been things I’ve wanted to manifest for the longest.  In 2016, I decided to stop wishing and start making things happen. I’m proud of myself for living life as best as I possibly can in this very moment.


Photos by: @mountainbikekeith (IG)


Let’s really think about this for a second.

It’s June 26th, 2015. Today was supposed to be a good day. It was a good day.

Then, I found out what Harry posted. All I was thinking about was what a beautiful person he was, how kind he was to tweet out something regarding marriage equality, but then I saw the larry comments and I was disgusted. I’m a larrie myself, but I truly feel so displeased and ashamed, embarrassed to be catagorized that way. I just had to defend our asses from two girls who were labelling us as obnoxious people who always assume things that are not.

Believe it or not — not everything is about Larry. If Harry tweeted something out of the just of his heart, or if Louis wears a shirt that is a ‘sign’, it doesn’t always have to be about Larry. On my twitter timeline, and in Harry’s instagram comments, I wanted to vomit. “HARRYS COMING OUT FJSKX” “IFS HAPPENING” “LARRYLARRYLARRY” — no. Stop assuming these things. Harry tweeted and posted those things for the only purpose of making himself known to believe in marriage equality for all, as it seemed. That love is love. So when I see people commenting about Larry today, on such an important day in history, it makes me sick to my stomach. Some people must have a hard time understanding that Harry and Louis are people. Kind people that set out what they believe is right. They aren’t our own entertainment.

Most people shipping Larry respect the shit out of their lives. Them. Their opinions. A LOT of larries respect this. But that small group is assuming things that are not today and it isn’t right.

The LGBTQ community did not fight for hundreds of years to have people focus this day on a couple that isn’t even officially out yet. Get over yourselves with this “larry is coming out” shit from Harry’s social media, and join the celebration of equal rights.