june 2011


June 19, 2011 - L.A.

Louis. All I know is Louis.

  • what she says:cool they've been together for five years
  • what she means:One Direction have been a band for five years. They were first formed on July 23, 2010 at 8:22 which is 3:22 UK time. In that moment One Direction was formed the last shred of my pride and dignity would soon be out the window. Instead of worrying about my actual life problems you can now see me worrying about if Harry has had a kale smoothie today. Will Harry one day be the jolly green giant? Will Niall's knees disintegrate because he will never stop jumping like a fucking Irish frog? If Liam punched me in the face would I even be mad? Will Louis ever grow past 4'11"? I am now a mother with four children who are all in their twenties, and I'm not even in my twenties, but I couldn't be happier.