june 1th

June 1th DAY 1

I don’t have much time to finished drawings, I will try do this later but anyways, this challenge/week is special ‘cause 2Doc and I’m a shipping trash…..pls save me :’D 

(credits to @lovino-drawz )
(big thank you for you for created this ugh perfect/wonderful thing! ♡♡♡) 

List of Famous Geminis

 May Blake Shelton - June 18th

Venus Williams - June 17th

Notorious B.I.G - May 21st

Laverne Cox - 29th

Iggy Azalea - June 7th

Azealia Banks - May 31st

Queen Victoria - May 24th

Kanye West - June 8th

Jussie Smollett - June 21st

Anne Frank - June 1th

Angelina Jolie - June 4th

Naomi Campbell - May 22nd

Patti LaBelle - May 24th

Johnny Depp - June 8th

Joan Rivers - June 24th

Wayne Brady - June 2ne

Marilyn Monroe - June 1st

Tupac Shakur - June 16th

John F. Kennedy - May 29th

Morgan Freeman - June 1st

Paul McCartney - June 18th

André 3000 - May 29th

Dr. Oz - June 11th

Prince - June 17

Left eye - May 27th


you’re all so incredibly wonderful and lovely and nice and you’re making my tumblr experience so much better e v e r y day. you guys are giving me so much inspiration and you’re encouraging me with your reblogs, your notes and your messages that i really feel like i’m good at making graphics. (thinking about my life - i would have never went up to my boss and told him that i could help with the graphical aspect of our office marketing, without YOUR support! and now i’m going to be in co-charge of our marketing department including visual representation! i have achieved something through all this here and it’s amazing for me.)

i saw a lot of people doing a url inspired graphic/fic/gifset contest and i think it is such a nice idea! tumblr and you all are a constant source of ideas and things like these are an opportunity for me to evolve as a graphic-maker and if i can make you happy  - yay for me!

so enough words, here are the rules:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • tag the reblogged post with your favorite color

i randomly will pick 5 winners by the 1th of june and then will start with the making of the graphics! please bear with after the announcement of the winnrers because around that time next month the last part of my finals is taking place.

so yeah - good luck & i wish you a nice day! <3