june 1959


In 1959, twelve-year-old Steven Truscott became the youngest person in Canadian history to be sentenced to death.

On June 9, 1959, a twelve-year-old girl named Lynne Harper was walking near a RCAF base near Clinton, Ontario, when she accepted a lift on the crossbar of Truscott’s bicycle. How long the trip lasted or what they talked about has never been properly established. Truscott dropped Lynn off near a patch of woods, where he saw her climb into a grey Chevrolet with lots of chrome detailing. Lynne’s raped, strangled body was discovered two days later on a nearby farm.

Steven Truscott was promptly arrested and charged with Lynne’s murder; the sole piece of evidence against him was the fact he was the last person to see Lynne. He had volunteered this information freely as well as provided a description of a vehicle. Truscott was tried as an adult and found guilty; despite his age, he was sentenced to hang.

An appeal to have his sentenced commuted to life in prison was successful, but Truscott was adamant that he was innocent of killing Lynne. He was released on parole in 1969, but it was only until 2007 that his murder conviction was overturned. The murder of Lynne Harper is still unsolved.

Killer Grave sites

Dean Corll was responsible for what came to be known as the Houston Mass Murders. At least 27 boys lost their lives at Corll’s hands.  Corll was shot to death on August 8, 1973 by Elmer Wayne Henley, a teen at the time whom Corll had forced to assist him with the murders.

Corll’s grave is located at:

Grand View Memorial Park
8501 Spencer Hwy
Pasadena, Texas

Albert DeSalvo was the alleged Boston Strangler, said to have been responsible for the murders of 13 women between 1962-1964.  While in prison DeSalvo was found stabbed to death in his cell.  No one was ever charged for the crime. 

DeSalvo’s Grave is located at:

Puritan Lawn Memorial Park
185 Lake Street
Peabody, Massachusetts  

Henry Lee Lucas was convicted of the murders of 11 people, although he confessed to hundreds.  Lucas died in prison from hart failure on March 12, 2011 at the age of 64.  Lucas’s grave is apparently currently unmarked due to vandalism and theft.  It is located at:

Joe Byrd Cemetery
Bowers Blvd.
Huntsville, TX

Ottis Toole was Henry Lee Lucas’s bff and partner in crime.  He was convicted of 6 counts of murder.  Toole died in prison on September 15, 1996, at the age of 49 from cirrhosis. As his body went unclaimed, he was buried in the Florida State Prison Cemetery in Raiford, Fl.

Ed Gein confessed to killing two women and was initially found unfit for trial, but eventually he was found guilty of one of the murders, but legally insane.  He died in a mental health institution from respiratory/heart failure due to cancer on  July 26,1984.  Gein’s gravestone was stolen by some asshole in 2000.  The gravestone was replaced with a makeshift grave marker, which was also stolen.   Sadly, there is now only an empty plot, but easily located as it is between his brother Henry and his mother Augusta’s gravestones. (Right now there is yet another handmade grave marker, but who knows how long that will be up).

Plainfield cemetery

5th St.
Plainfield, WI
I-35 exit 136. East on Hwy 73, then an immediate left (north) on 5th Ave.

Charles Starkweather was convicted of killing 11 people during a 10 week murder spree. Starkweather was executed via the electric chair in the Nebraska State Prison on June 25, 1959.  He is buried at:

Wyuka Cemetery
3600 O Street
Lincoln, Nebraska

(Interesting to note, 5 of Starkweather’s victims are also buried in the same cemetery)


“The more I looked at people the more I hated them.” — Charles Starkweather

Charles Starkweather, born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on November 24, 1938, was a rebellious teenager who became a high school dropout at the age of 16. But things began to take a turn for the worst… In 1957, he killed a gas station attendant. The following year, Starkweather embarked on a murderous rampage with his girlfriend Caril Ann Fugate, that would leave 10 people dead, including Fugate’s family. When Starkweather killed his last victim, shoe salesman Merle Collison, a police chase ensued, ending in his surrender. Starkweather pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, but was found guilty and sentenced to death. On June 25, 1959, he was finally executed. Fugate claimed that she was a hostage, but was later found guilty. She was only 14 years old when she participated in the murders, so she was given a life sentence and was paroled in June 1976.