june 13 2005


Victory Day, June 13, 2005 — Michael Jackson is found NOT GUILTY on all charges

“This is a very difficult time… just because it’s in print does not make it the gospel. Because they have sensationalized this thing to an immense degree. It’s a feeding frenzy – it’s because of my celebrity. The bigger the celebrity, the bigger the target, and they have to remember that. So they’ve turned this into money – it’s like who gets the biggest ratings, you know, it’s terrible what’s happened with it. But it’s part of what I have to suffer [through] as a celebrity. It’s part of what I have to go through. Just know in the end that I will be vindicated. I pray, because I know the truth. I’m an innocent person. And I believe in God and love God. And just continue to pray for us.” –Michael Jackson

Don’t you think if this was true he would have been put in Jail?????? Honestly so disgusted that people are still making up bullshit stories against Michael. They never leave him alone. People always seem to bring up the lies and bullshit. Michael was and still is an honest, loving and beautiful man inside and out. I wish I could say I am shocked that people would be so cruel to such a beautiful man, but unfortunately I am not. It sucks to know that there are people who are okay with destroying someones life so that they can pull in a few dollars. Fuck tabloids. Fuck the person who made this article. Fuck anyone who ever does something so cruel. How about posting about all the incredible things he did for this world and humanity. This genuinely has made me angry and upset to see this. As it would to anyone who knows Michael. Stop trash talking. Stop lying. Stop being so cruel and greedy. Do your research. In case you don’t remember June 13 2005 Michael was found NOT guilty and INNOCENT on all 14 counts. So I don’t know why anyone would bring up this lying bullshit now. Let the man rest in peace! 


God & we know you are innocent.
We love you Michael.

Don’t waste your cash on that filthy tabloid trash.

Sorry for the rant guys. Had to get this off my chest.

( —– out of harmony. )

today is the 10th anniversary
of michael’s second accusation,
his 2005 trial, and the day that
proved what we already knew :

his innocence.

with the sixth anniversary of
his death being so close, i feel
the need to elaborate on some
feelings that i hold very dear
to my heart.

michael was a child at heart.
he always was. and there is a
huge debt that we will never
be able to repay him for mis-
understanding that fact. there
was nothing suspicious about
his behavior. he was peter pan.

children understood him.
they didn’t see him as  the
king of pop  they saw him
as a regular person. that’s
why he surrounded himself
with them. some of his closest
friends were much younger
than him in appearance

but not in heart.

michael placed his trust in
those that he should not have.
for that, he was accused of
such disgusting allegations that
would haunt him for the remainder
of his life. he did not deserve
to be treated like a criminal.

because he was not one.

if there was anyone ever sent to
this earth to be a guardian, an
angel to do god’s duty and watch
us on this planet, it was michael.
we didn’t realize that until it was
too late.

i take today to remember that
he was an innocent soul. the
color white represents my after-
noon. today, he is placed even
closer to my heart.

june 13, 2005 …

innocent on all ten charges.

6 years today.

When both parties rested their cases to allow the jury to deliberate on June 3 (I think) is when the seriousness of the whole thing really hit me. I’d been following the trial since the beginning but somehow wasn’t all that worried, especially given the absence of any evidence against Michael. I guess I just couldn’t imagine anything so awful ever happening to MJ that I ignored the mere possibility of it. But then, when I realised that the next step was the verdict, and Michael either walking out free or being thrown into prison immediately after, that’s when the anxiety really kicked in until the night of June 13.

I missed the whole verdict though, as I’d been working all day, didn’t have access to any news channels and my computer decided to crash the second I had a chance to go online and I read “VERDICT IS IN” on MJJF. The damn thing took ages to reboot, I eventually managed to get online and the first page I manaed to load was Foxnews (yeah I know…), which had “NOT GUILTY” in big bright red letters. I was so happy…

But then MJ walked out of the courthouse. He looked hartbreaking. He didn’t even have the strength to rejoice or even smile. Yet he still waved to all the fans, as he had done every single day for the past 5 months to thank them for their support.

Still, the dogs had succeeded in defaming, insulting, humiliating, tearing this man to pieces. He was free but had so much to recover from, and I’m hartbroken that he didn’t get enough time to. They did kill him in the end.

I’m immensely grateful to Thomas Mesereau, his attorney, for enabling Michael to have 4 more years of freedom to enjoy life with his children. Although I just wish they hadn’t been spoiled by such undeserved turmoil.

Bless you forever, Michael.