jundland wastes

“I’m human.” he said. “There was someone, once. It wasn’t to be.” “And you gave up and moved to the Jundland Wastes?” She laughed, “I’d say you didn’t find the right person.” “Perhaps I did,” Ben said, looking back at her from beneath his hood. “But I wasn’t the right person.”

John Jackson Miller - Kenobi

Ficlet: Obi/Rex on Tatooine

So, this is not one of my 200 Follower Celebration requests. However, it is @leechbrain‘s birthday, so I thought I would spend my dissertation breaks tonight writing them a little something. This is from a largely unwritten AU that I have discussed with them in various chats at various points, in which Rex manages to hide some of the Jedi younglings from Vader and the rest of the 501st, and he and Obi-Wan end up raising some of them on Tatooine.

The brief time between first and second sunrise is, in Rex’s opinion, the time when Tatooine looks the most beautiful. The vast expanse of the Jundland Wastes is painted a soft golden amber that seems to stretch unendingly to the horizon, punctuated by the elegant shadows of its many twisting canyons and towering rocky spires. The cool of the night still lingers on the sands in those few precious moments, and none of Tatooine’s many predators (of either the bestial or the sentient variety) favor that time for their hunting. Before they had come here, Rex had always been told that Tatooine was a benighted ball of sand, heat, and things that wanted to kill you. At sunrise, though, he can see it simply as a planet like any other, with its own beauties to appreciate.

Of course, this time is also precious for another reason. The brief lull between sunrises is the one time of day that Rex and Obi-Wan can always be alone together. Even the earliest risers among the children are never up until after both suns are in the sky, and the many chores needed to keep their little home functioning can wait until then to begin. Rex has no regrets about the life they’ve built (except that he couldn’t find a way to save more of the younglings when…but no. That’s a thought for another time. Sunrise is too precious to be tainted with those kinds of memories), but it certainly doesn’t leave Rex much time to simply enjoy his lover’s company.

And so, like he does every morning, Rex treks out across the sands to the perimeter of their home, carrying two cups of tea, and wrapped in one of Obi-Wan’s old robes against the lingering cold of night. And as always, he finds Obi-Wan looking out over the Wastes, his skin chilled and his eyes far away. Rex asked him once what he looked for out there, in the emptiness of the desert. Obi-Wan had simply smiled, and said, “how it all fits together. Where it started, and where it’s going.” Rex hadn’t exactly been able to make anything of that answer, but then, even after all these years, Obi-Wan has remained in some ways very much a Jedi. Those kinds of mysteries will, Rex believes, always be a part of him, and Rex wouldn’t trade any part of Obi-Wan for all the riches in the galaxy.

Rex comes up quietly behind Obi-Wan’s shoulder, hands him one of the cups of tea, and then wraps them both in the robe. Obi-Wan sighs, wraps his hands around the warmth of the clay, and settles back against him. “Good morning, my love.”

Rex places a kiss on Obi-Wan’s temple. “Good morning to you, too.”

The stay like that together, sipping their tea and watching the sunrise, the shared heat of their bodies enveloping them both. Later, there will be conversations to have and work to do, and their whole host of younglings to take up all the empty spaces left in both their lives. But for now, in these few sunrise moments, they have peace, and each other. 


Noothgrush – Jundland Wastes


Noothgrush - Jundland Wastes