Early morning got a two hour wait in the airport blogging haha. Been doodling some “Junction"verse headcanons since I realized how little I’ll actually be covering in the comic. Thought I should post one or two haha!

This is Bruce after he was saved in Russia. Telling Betty the situation (he has to work for the SSR now) and introducing her to Natasha.

Also I’ll tag this stuff Junctionverse so I’m not flooding the comic tag haha


sketch commission for immoral-crow who wanted Clint and Coulson’s first kiss after the events in Junction.  Bonus story below haha

Their first “real” kiss happens two months after the Junction incident. After Coulson kiss and ran both the boys gave each other space to think about it.  Well okay it probably would have only been a few weeks but things got busy.  The Avengers were being called one way and Coulson was required the other with a new team he was molding.  It put a strain on both of them and even their teams could tell something was off.  Then they’re both called into one mission, there’s a group of villians attacking downtown and they need everyone on the scene to keep the damage isolated.  It’s rough.  There’s injuries. But they all survive.  Then Clint hears that Coulson took a hit meant for one of the junior agents and is in medical. (Sitwell might have made it seem worse on purpose but seriously, they’re all tired and two of his best friends have been PINING).  So Clint gets to medical and sees that Coulson isn’t hurt minus some scrapes and bruises and its all he can do to grab the man and kiss the hell out of him. 

They have a lot to talk about and its a bumpy road because you can’t ever forget knowing how alternate versions of yourselves ended.  But its worth it. 


Pre-Order Junction!

Hey guys!!  So I found a place to print the comic!! I’m going to sell each copy of Junction with a mini-print inside of this picture, and a free sketch in the book! 

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You guys rock!!

I should mention that I’m not planning on printing very many extras over so if you want the comic now would be the time to get it! :)

Junction Questions Part 1

Junction Comic Found Here

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

you can pre-order the comic here Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

I had to split things up because I wrote a lot lol 

I’ll post these through out the day and tag them “junctionverse”

sunslammerdown asked you:

Hey! A Junction Question: the universe that Coulson’s being switched into obviously differs from the original. If there’s one event that the differences stemmed from, what is it and how did it cause such large changes? (aka *puppy-eyes* let me see ur worldbuilding pls?)

I thought this was the perfect first question to answer haha!  This also answers:

Anonymous asked you:

I do actually have a question about the AU world in Junction. Where does Bucky Barnes fit in? I know he’s not likely to be important but I was just wondering.

Anonymous asked you:

But what about TONY!?!?!

lots of words under the cut 

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Junction Questions part 2

Junction Comic Found Here

Part 1   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6

you can pre-order the comic here Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

all of you are figuring out how insane I am with planning out things lol  This time I’m going to be answering questions separately and a little more detailed about things (probably).

more insanity under cut

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Junction Questions part 5

Junction Comic Found Here

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 6

you can pre-order the comic here Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

More answers before I go to bed! 


asked you:

are you still taking questions for junction? i was wondering how they managed to do the switch? i know reed was involved but it all seemed kind of vague, i was wondering if there was more to it. also, also what happens now with the prime versions of clint and phil?


asked you:

I don’t know if you are still taking questions about Junction, but I very much want to know what happens with Prime Clint/Coulson! Will the stubborn boys find true love??

Under the cut!! 

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