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It begins!! 

a note: I’m totally having fun with this comic and using it to test stuff out and how things look like brushes or ect.  So there might be inconsistency in the art but I hope you guys enjoy it anyway! :D 

also I’ll probably just post the pages as I finish them so if you’re worried about missing an update make sure to follow the junctioncomic tag ^__^ <3



Page 15!! 

Thor is an evil Alien that was bent on destruction?  Howard Stark is Captain America?  This world is doomed.  It’s okay Phil, you’re going to get some answers soon … maybe.  haha 

(note to readers:  I realized that I’m not covering all the info for this AU in the comic so if you guys have questions send them to me and I’ll do a ‘mass answering’ after the comic is finished for all the questions that weren’t answered in the comic.  ^__^  if anyone would be interested in that anyway)

Pre-Order Junction!

Hey guys!!  So I found a place to print the comic!! I’m going to sell each copy of Junction with a mini-print inside of this picture, and a free sketch in the book! 

cost: $10 a book 

shipping is going to be $5 for the US.  

You can fill out the form here!!  Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

I’m going to do international order’s too but for the overseas orders I want you to fill out the form and then wait for me to email you an updated shipping cost, just to make sure I’m not overcharging if I did a simple flat rate for all international packages :)

You guys rock!!

I should mention that I’m not planning on printing very many extras over so if you want the comic now would be the time to get it! :)


Guys!!! Look whats already here! (man RA Comics is super fast and awesome, super rec!) all of this is at my buddy’s kiriska ’s place but she was awesome enough to take pics! 

Nice Pin! Junction 2nd print and Artbook #3! :D :D 

for those curious Junction second print as a purple cover instead of blue and doesn’t have any of the backmatter the first one had. 

All of these will be for sale at ECCC!!! :D

Junction Questions Part 1

Junction Comic Found Here

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

you can pre-order the comic here Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

I had to split things up because I wrote a lot lol 

I’ll post these through out the day and tag them “junctionverse”

sunslammerdown asked you:

Hey! A Junction Question: the universe that Coulson’s being switched into obviously differs from the original. If there’s one event that the differences stemmed from, what is it and how did it cause such large changes? (aka *puppy-eyes* let me see ur worldbuilding pls?)

I thought this was the perfect first question to answer haha!  This also answers:

Anonymous asked you:

I do actually have a question about the AU world in Junction. Where does Bucky Barnes fit in? I know he’s not likely to be important but I was just wondering.

Anonymous asked you:

But what about TONY!?!?!

lots of words under the cut 

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Got my proof copy of Junction today. I felt all giddy and silly hugging the pages.  The company mails everything separately (so the pages and covers aren’t attached) and I did it myself … so it looks a little sloppy but the real books are going to look so much better!!  Size comparison with a Hawkeye Comic haha.

Tonight is the last night to order it! Fill out this form and send me the money on paypal,  dr.kara101(at)gmail.com !

US and Canada total cost:  $15
everyone else: $22

Orders are closed!!! Thank you everyone!

the books come with a print and a free sketch you ask for in the form. ^__^ And all the profits will go to the Heroes Initiative, I’ll give a final amount once everyone’s books are shipped off!