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Reason #34890827 why you should be listening to Jun Shibata:

Heartwarming lyrics that will melt even the coldest anti-social like I am.

"I will be the Moon when the night grows too scary, watching you from out the window; I am here so smile for me, for I am your friend."


warning. i have an unexplainable obsession with this beautiful lady person.

Jun Shibata - phantoms

that one unproductive night when i should be studying but instead i got into jpm forums and went into their music recommendation thread and just randomly clicked her videos and i was reborn. i have no recollection or whatsoever of what used to be my music style. i was reset to shibajun settings. THIS SONG CHANGED ME! the combination of haunting vocals, unexplained “mysterious” plot, random white old man and white little boy. i have no idea what’s going on withe the pv but it doesn’t fucking matter because shibajun is perfect. her voice alone could cure my depressions. song and that fucking beautiful voice won in this case. you will now be sentenced to listen to all her extended discographies because shibajun is your new cure.