Morning Glories Headshots:

Don’t think I’ve ever posted these before–but here are the original head shot inks I did for our interior front covers for Morning Glories.  Since we have such a huge cast, I thought it would be a good idea to include these so readers could have a face and a name to match to the characters in the book.  Alex didn’t get around to coloring all of them, though (hopefully one of these days!)


Morning Glories Throw Back Thursday!

Here’s the layouts I did for the cover alexsollazzo & I did for issue 1 back in 2010, and the final product.  When I do covers, I always seem to do group shots. haha. 

Couple of different ideas here, but I think the one that we ended up going with worked out best and allowed most opportunity to showcase the cast’s personalities. 

From kindergarten to fourth grade, my best friend was a goofy, strawberry blond boy named Billy Pete. We did everything together: played NES, read comic books, played house, just awesome kid stuff. One day when we were 7, I was leading him as the Ninja Turtle Leonardo against an epic battle with Shredder (AKA the jungle gym) when the recess bell rang and we hurried back to line up and wait for our teacher to escort us back to our classroom. As we waited, Billy turned and kissed me.

“Whaddya do that for?” I asked him.

“Cuz I like you,” Billy said.

“Oh. I like you too,” I said.

And then the teacher came and we walked back to our classroom and that was that. It was my first kiss. And it was from a boy. Eventually I moved schools and lost touch with Billy, but I still remember that very moment, so perfectly and clearly to this very day. 

He liked me. I liked him. And that was it. That simple. I wish it was still that simple.

Happy Valentine’s day y'all.

(image from Morning Glories #18, art by Joe Eisma)