The Uncanny X-Glories!  Happy Halloween from the cast of Morning Glories! 

Started on this a few weeks ago with the aim to have it done by Halloween. Got it done except the colors! Hopefully I can tackle that in the coming months.  Anyway, had the idea for this after the Halloween themed commission I did for Baltimore Comic Con last year.  Being a big X-men nerd, I just had to do this. :)

L-R, starting in the front:

Jade/Phoenix, Irina/Wolverine, Guillaume/Beast

Akiko/Jubilee, Ike/Cyclops, Casey/Emma Frost, Ian/Gambit

Hunter/Iceman, Jun/Colossus, Fortunato/Nightcrawler


This was fun. I’m sure there will be debate as to my picks for which X-man, but I thought these were pretty fitting (especially Ike and Cyclops..haha)

Morning Glories Headshots:

Don’t think I’ve ever posted these before–but here are the original head shot inks I did for our interior front covers for Morning Glories.  Since we have such a huge cast, I thought it would be a good idea to include these so readers could have a face and a name to match to the characters in the book.  Alex didn’t get around to coloring all of them, though (hopefully one of these days!)