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Thom Yorke in Undercover

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Jun Takahashi’s creations, be it under his Undercover label or the unmatched technical-wear from the Gyakusou collaboration with Nike. His unique approach merges aesthetic and functionality as few others, often tweaking otherwise ordinary garments. For Undercover’s latest lookbook, named “Season #1″, Takahashi tapped none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to sport his pieces while cruising Japanese backgrounds.

seventeen scenario (fluff/slight angst)

seventeens reactions to another guy flirt with you

scoups- coups would be like super annoyed and he would stop talking to you and so you’d have to explain that you only loved him and you would try to hug him and steal little kisses and he wold try to act like he was still annoyed at you and didn’t like what you were doing but a smile would creep onto his face and he would eventually start hugging and kissing you

woozi- woozi would sit back and watch the situation unfold but as soon as the guy flirting with you would leave he would run up to you, take you by the wrist and drag you home with him while telling you to ‘never talk to that guy again’ cause it makes him annoyed and jealous and that your only his.

joshua- joshua would take a grip of your hand and make as many different ways of skinship while that guy tried to flirt with you plus he would squeeze your hand as to signal that you guys should go and leave the party, if all of that failed and the guy kept flirting he would resort to kissing you then stating clear that he shouldnt flirt with you

hoshi- hoshi would start laughing and run-walk over the situation and wrap his hands around your waist and pull you not a back hug while resting his head on your shoulder he would then proceed to giggle while saying ‘oh hi, I’m her boyfriend, hoshi, nice to meet you sorry but i need to go and take her with me so if you’ll excuse us’ and then he’d pull you away with him. telling you to never talk to him again awhfusd

seungkwan- ok seungkwan would be super jealous and he would walk over to you and like scoff at the guy and just tell him straight, like he would say something like ‘alright whats going on here’ and the guy flirting with you would smirk and seungkwan would just laugh and drag you away with him as he would tighten his grip on your hand and tell you that you should’nt even look at those kind of guys ahhhh

mingyu- since mingyu is an overenrgetic puppy he would run over and totally cut the guy flirting with you off and try to grab your attention but saying all sorts of cute thing like ‘lets go cuddle’ or ‘i lubbb youuuuu’ and he would like wrap his hands around your waist totally blocking your view of the guy and he would turn around and the the guy something like ‘haha I’m her boyfriend can you tell?’ while tightening his grip on you and glaring at him.

wonwoo- ok wonwoo would be very low key jealous and would act like he didn’t care but he would secretly be watching like a hawk from afar and if the guy made any skin ship he would drop everything and march/stomp over to where you were and take your hand protectively stepping infront of you and he would say something like ‘ she doesn’t like that’ and the guy would be like ‘how do you know’ and he’d say ‘cause I’m her boyfriend’ bfwegbdsjik

the8- ahh the8 is such an innocent little thing that he would like be confused at first but he would like get this feeling that something was wrong and the guy would like speak up and say something like ‘so who’s this guy is he your friend?brother?’ finally he would get the gist of what was happening and he would wrap his arm around your waist and say ‘I’m her boyfriend’ and then he would be nervous the rest of the night so you would reassure him by telling something like ‘your the only one i like’ then kissing his nose ahguhfwh

vernon- vernon would stay by your side all night and if he saw someone flirting with you he would be clear and say ‘I’m her boyfriend- don’t flirt with her’ and he would like tighten his grip on you and he would tell you how jealous he was whenever a guy tried to flirt with you and he would make his feelings for you as clear as possible and you would smile and tell him that no one could ever replace his spot in your life and how much you loved him.

dino- it would be one of the only times when you would see dino take on authority because as soon as someone would flirt with you he would try be as manly as he could and his image would totally change and he would do one of two things- either he would tell the guy flirting with you to go away and never to talk to you again or just drag you away before he could get in mor ethan a sentence- he would also glare at the guy a lot but as soon as you were alone wed turn into a little squishy thing :’))

jun- jun would literally just stand they’re laughing and scoffing at the guy and eventually he would reach his limit and would turn you suddenly and kiss you right infront of the guy and then he would say something along the lines of ‘if that doesn’t make it clear enough for you to stop i don’t know what will’ then would would pull you away with him saying ‘what a douchebag’ and pull you into a hug and say ‘ don’t ever look at anyone but me’ and you would nod into his chest giggling

jeonghan- jeonghans anger would build really quick then all of a sudden they’re like about to have a fist fight and you would have to get in-between him and tell him that it was alright and not hurt anyone or hurt himself and he would slowly calm down and pull you away from the guy and as soon as you were far enough away from everyone he would pull you into a tight hug and say something like ‘only for you’ awwwwhtyfhf

dk- i feel like you and dk would be taking and giggling and stuff then all of a sudden a friend or ex would like appear at a party or something and you would like get really uncomfortably and dk would realise and whisper in your ear asking if your ok then the guy would walk up to you and start flirting and you would be really super uncomfortable and he would notice and tell him to stop because you were uncomfortable and the guy would be like taken aback then walk away and you would pull dk into a hug and tell him how much he meant to you.

Seventeen scenario (fluff)

seventeen reacting to cuddling

wonwoo- wonwoo would drag you into bed with him and squeeze you till he fell asleep and lose his grip your face still pressed agains his chest and you would hear his light snores and it would be very cute.

vernon- vernon would put his hands around your waist and pull you close to him and he would give you cheeky kisses and giggle every now and then and he would have a smile plastered to his face the whole time.

scoup- coups would cuddle with you and him snuggled under a blanket and he would let you rest your head on his shoulder as he would put his arm around you and rest his head on your and feed you popcorn.

mingyu- mingyu would be like a little puppy but as soon as you layed down to cuddle he would settle down and lie down facing you just smiling the whole time and you would always tell him to stop staring and then he’d say i like staring a beautiful things though ahhbbisk

seungkwan- seungkwan wouldn’t really like cuddling but you would alway cuddle him while he was asleep and he’d wake up and realise what you were doing but since it was you he wouldn’t mind and he would just sleepily smile and wrap his arms around you and giggle a little

woozi- woozi would cuddle you any chance he got and he would constantly kiss your forehead and tell you how special you were to him and how much he loves you and would squeeze you really tightly

jeonghan- jeonghan would love to cuddle but he would always fuss about making sure your comfortable and then as soon as you were all settled down he’d have to go to to the toilet but when he’d get back he wouldn’t care and just snuggle you no matter what ahhh

dk- he’d cuddle you lots but mostly when he’s jealous of something and he would playfully tell you things like ‘your mine’ and ‘you’ll never escape mwahaha’ then giggle and pull you closer to him and kiss all over your head

joshua- joshua would like to sit on the couch and cuddle while watching your favourite tv show *which he wouldn’t like* but he’d watch it just to be with you and he’d always say things like ‘your much prettier than her’ then squeeze you a little

the8- minghao would be a cuddly teddy bear when hes half asleep and he would pull you into bed with so you just cuddle and be next to each other and he would occasionally drool and you would giggle and wake him up slightly but then you’d whisper to him to go to sleep and he would but first he would pull you closer to him

jun- jun would be shy to cuddle at first but as soon as he started he wouldn’t be able stop and he would constantly cuddle you and give you kisses here and there and act like a cute little hedgehog

dino- dino would be too shy to cuddle so he’d try by resting his head on your shoulder and then in your lap and you would comb his hair and tell him how cute he was being then after a while he would cuddle you nonstop

hoshi- hoshi would giggle non stop every time you cuddled and would say stuff like ‘your so cute’ then giggle more and he would do stuff like bopping your nose and like kissing your forehead