Highly anticipated boy band A.C.E finally makes their debut in “CACTUS” MV!

Do you like this super powerful and lit track?
For new fans, members Jun and Donghun were on “I Can See Your Voice 4” and Jason was teammates with iKON’s Junhoe in “KPOP STAR” Season 2


Thom Yorke in Undercover

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Jun Takahashi’s creations, be it under his Undercover label or the unmatched technical-wear from the Gyakusou collaboration with Nike. His unique approach merges aesthetic and functionality as few others, often tweaking otherwise ordinary garments. For Undercover’s latest lookbook, named “Season #1″, Takahashi tapped none other than Radiohead’s Thom Yorke to sport his pieces while cruising Japanese backgrounds.

Explanation of Acrush fan names
  • All fans of Acrush are called Juicers (榨汁机 zhà zhī jī), presumably because of the “crush” in the group’s name.
  • An Jun Xi calls her fans Bacteria (细菌 xì jūn), because it sounds like her name reversed. She uses this very often. 
  • Min Jun Qian calls her fans Puff Pastries (千层饼 qiān céng bǐng), because it shares the character 千 with her name. She has only used this once. 
  • Peng Xi Chen calls her fans Castles (城堡 chéng bǎo), because it sounds similar to 辰宝 chén bǎo, which means Chen Babies. She uses this very often. She also briefly considered Oranges (橙子 chéng zi) before settling on this one. 
  • Lin Fan’s fans have come up with their own name, Ice Cream (冰淇淋 bīng qí lín), because of the lín sound shared with her name. She has used it once.  
  • Lu Ke Ran does not have her own fan name yet, but she uses Juicers more often than the other members. 

This post will be updated if more information comes out!

Trans cr; Cindi @ acrush-trans
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