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More sexy than cute, handsome ulzzang Jung Joonyoung sets the stage on superstar season 4 (he came in Third)

He has a boyish face, but sounds like a man!

[CD] Jung Joon Young Mini Album Vol. 2 - Teenager

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01. 내가 나에게
03. 이빨
04. 친구
06. 돛단배

On-Air Midway Review

I usually prefer picking up shows after they’ve completed airing, just so I can indulge in disgusting amounts of binge watching. So it’s a bit new for me to be in the middle of five different currently airing shows. This blog is probably the reason why - I see a lot of posts by other bloggers about shows that are airing which makes me want to pick them up, so I can feel like part of a community of people who are squealing over things together-but-separately.

Blogging about kdramas has also made me a lot more proactive in finding out what shows are coming up soon, which means I’m giving a lot more shows a chance than I normally would, because I’ve decided to let myself drop things with impunity. If a show doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason to force yourself through it. There are so many other dramas out there waiting to be discovered.

So, here’s where we stand as of today. 

Scholar Who Walks the Night  - I covered my initial thoughts on this show already, and since then I’ve only watched 1 more episode. The more I think about it, the more it seems like the initial experience was marred for me mostly by the poor subbing. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand how much effort goes into creating these subs, and I’m super appreciative of the people who do it entirely of their own accord. It just strikes me as such a waste when the translations are so poorly done that even my super basic comprehension of Korean allows me to identify that what I’m reading is way off base. 

But I digress. The show itself has just barely started, so I don’t feel like I can definitively say whether I like it or not. But let’s be real here. Even if everything else goes to shit, if they just keep having Lee Soo Hyuk show up with his evil brooding goodness, I’m going to keep watching. (Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx it)

Midnight Diner - This seems like a show that isn’t being widely followed by the international community, because I find myself waiting quite a long while for the subs to come out. Being half an hour long makes it a great option when I feel like watching something but don’t feel like getting too involved in it (see my Hidden Identity review further down. Grr). From what I’ve read online, it seems like they tamed down the show a lot compared to the original version, removing a lot of the more colourful characters, like prostitutes and homosexuals. Since it’s a show that depends a lot on the characters stories, I can see why a lot of people are saying that the original version was better. Since I haven’t personally watched the Japanese version and have nothing to compare it to, this is so far still a good show to me. The second episode wasn’t as good as the first one, but I’ll still keep watching.

Oh My Ghost - I. Love. This. Show!!! I honestly wasn’t expecting to like it so much. I stumbled upon the drama poster by accident, and only looked into it further because Kim Seul Gi’s performance in Flower Boy Next Door was so good. So far, this is the one show on my currently watching list that has me waiting impatiently for the next episode to come out, that I have to devour right away, and that I don’t pause in the middle of the episode to check how long is left because it doesn’t drag on at all. Super pacing, great story telling, and wonderful acting. The only thing I hate is that it’s a Friday-Saturday show, so there’s little chance of me letting the episodes build up for a bulk watching session. I do most of my drama watching on the weekends, because most weekdays by the time I get home I just want to collapse in bed and not open my eyes for the next 20 hours (which is why Midnight Diner is in my good books - it’s perfect for when your brain is exhausted, but your body doesn’t want to sleep yet).

Kim Seul Gi is my favourite part of this show, but that’s a bit of a cloaked statement. What I really mean to say is that Soon Ae is my favourite part of this show, whether she’s being played by Kim Seul Gi or Park Bo Young. Park Bo Young does an incredible job of playing the different characters of Soon Ae and Bong Sun, and my first statement just goes to show what a good job she does, since I think of her as Kim Seul Gi even when she’s the one on screen. Did that make sense? It’s a lot like how I loved Seo In Guk’s performance in High School King where he did such a good job of playing two/three different characters, and he played them all distinctly, and believably. 

I was surprised to find how many of the cast members I’ve actually seen in other shows but didn’t recognize. I would never have guessed that Lim Ju Hwan and Kang Ki Young were in Shine or Go Crazy. I’m still not 100% convinced that asianwiki hasn’t gotten their data mixed up somehow.

Okay this was meant to be a short review, and I’m just gushing, but let me just say, if you haven’t picked this show up yet, you should. It’s so good. Sooooo goood!

Hello Monster - If it wasn’t for Oh My Ghost, this would be my favourite in the list. It’s far from perfect, but there’s just enough intrigue and mystery to keep me hooked. Plus Lee Chun Hee’s chracter is just asdkjlasdj too adorable for words. I recap this show a lot, and I think it’s the show I post the most gifs and screencaps for, so I don’t think I need to go into detail. 

I’ll just add that of all the shows I’m watching right now, this one has the best cinematography in my opinion. Every scene is just so gorgeous. I want to find out who scouts their locations and sets, and hire them as an interior designer for my house, because holy crap everything in this show looks so good!

Okay, done. Now, on to our problem child. I left this show for last because.. just.. sigh.

Hidden Identity - The fact that this is my avatar at the moment should give you an indication that I do feel for this show, so strongly. The fact that I picked a character who’s not in the list of main characters should give you an indication that I also feel very strongly about the main characters of this show.

Where do I even begin with this drama. 

Firstly, I was promised undercover cops. I signed up for long term deception and sting operations, not frustrating ineptitude. I love the way you guys love each other, and are building a sense of family and all that, but come on. Seriously. You have to be better at your job than this, right?! Every episode, I hit the pause button and gape at my screen in disbelief. Most episodes, I do this multiple times. I mean, honestly. Honestly!


Let’s just say there’s a love-hate relationship going on here, and leave it at that. If you get yourself emotionally invested in this, and then find yourself wanting to rip your hair out in frustration, don’t blame me. All I will be able to provide you with is a membership card to the club, and some booze to drown your sorrow with. I think once you’re committed, you’re in it for the long haul. It’s like the Hotel California of Korean Dramas or something. 

And that’s it! Are you watching any of these shows and have a differing view? Is there anything currently airing that you think I should get into? Drop a message in my ask!

[CD] Jung Joon Young Mini Album Vol. 1

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Nombre del producto: Jung Joon Young Mini Album Vol. 1 

Ediciones: Normal - CD

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01. 병이에요 (Spotless Mind) 02. 정말? 03. 이별 10분 전 (The Sense of an Ending) 04. Be Stupid 05. 아는 번호 06. Take Off Mask
ZOMBIE'S DRAMA REVIEW: Mask Episodes 15-16

ZOMBIE’S DRAMA REVIEW: Mask Episodes 15-16

I swear, when it comes to this drama, I’ve completely lost my ability to remain calm and rational. If Min Woo’s in a scene, I’m bawling like a baby. If Suk Hoon’s in a scene, I’m spitting venom like a viper. There’s just so much going on, it’s hard for me to deal with such an emotional roller-coaster and then we get this confession at the end of episode fifteen and… Well, there’s just a whole…

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