jun's soulmate

Soulmate! Jun

Summary: in which your soulmate’s first words are tattooed along your arm

part two

  • you’ve kind of given up on the whole dating scene
  • tbh you’re too busy finishing school and nobody really catches your eye
  • lowkey waiting for this whole ‘soulmate’ thing to happen 
  • but you really don’t know what the hell kinda situation you’d be in for them to say,
  • ‘that wouldn’t be great’
  • like man what did you do
  • but since the words were korean, you purposely applied to a college in SK
  • even though out of the large population, it’s a slim chance
  • but hey, fate is fate
  • you stay in a small apartment in Seoul with a decent view
  • your a photography major and the city’s very inspiring
  • so much to explore, from the gaffiti, to abandoned buildings, to the street vendors
  • your favorite place is probably this small, aesthetically pleasing, café down the street from your apartment
  • they’ve got food, caffeine, everything you need
  • and damn their wifi is really good
  • you’re a regular there, you often go for breakfast or lunch
  • and just sit there on your laptop doing school stuff
  • basically, you live there, even got permission to take pictures
  • you’re walking out of the café one day and notice a group of guys walking into the dance studio across the street
  • you don’t really pay them much attention, except they’re all really cute, even with their faces covered
  • its one of those moments where you can just tell when someone’s good looking
  • next day you see the café is hiring
  • and so you go for it, you’re a regular, know the menu by heart, and spend all your free time there
  • might as well make some money off of it, lord knows school isn’t gonna pay itself off
  • it’s really rainy one evening and you’re the last employee there 
  • so you decide to just put your music on blast in the café while cleaning up
  • and after your that, you’re just chillin there like, no one’s gonna come in
  • so when you see someone exit the dance studio and notice they don’t have an umbrella
  • you kind of feel bad but remembered that you have an extra in the back room
  • and however shy you normally are, you run to grab it
  • taking a risk of leaving the shop unattended kinda just slips your mind
  • opening your own umbrella, you step outside in the pouring rain
  • he watches as you walk over to him, with your cute little café apron still on and an extra umbrella clung firmly in your hand
  • he can’t help but watch you brave the rain storm just to give him an umbrella
  • “you’ll get sick if you stay drenched" 
  • you say passing him the black umbrella with a cute cartoon animal on the corner 
  • "that wouldn’t be great" 
  • he responds with a slight chuckle before widening his eyes
  • you process it too, even slower than usual with your foreigner mind
  • you both stand there all awkward for a nanosecond
  • “holy shit” 
  • you whisper on reflex
  • you cringe a little, praying he didn’t hear you
  • your like wtf did i just curse at my soulmate
  • his eyes crinkle into a smile
  • “I’m Junhui, Wen Junhui. but you can just call me Jun, for now” he chuckles brightly, eyes lighting up happily
  • “im y/n l/n” 
  • you laugh at the situation, but your eyes show your just as happy
  • “what are you doing out in the rain like this?”
  • he chuckles sheepishly and flips his hair to the side, small water droplets flying off
  • “i lost rock paper scissors with my group members, i’m supposed to get them coffee”
  • you ask him “group? coffee? at 10:00 at night?”
  • by then you guys decide it’s best to get out the rain and hey your running a cafe 
  • and so you make him his coffee, and the 12 other ones he needs
  • meanwhile you guys avidly get to know one another as much as possible
  • “i’m sorry you had to live with ‘that wouldn’t be great’ on your arm. especially when my members where saying how i must have a really sweet soulmate.”
  • he’s just casually leaning against the counter watching you with a small smile and his head titled a bit sideways
  • you laugh, “it’s alright. for most of my life, most people didn’t understand”
  • you learn of his beautiful confidence
  • “i’ve never listened to seventeen before but i’ll definitely give it a shot”
  • “i promise you. there’s no way you won’t like us”
  • and his eagerness to know you 
  • “your a photography major? that’s so cool! can i see your work?”
  • “i have a school project in my bag, ahh i show you when i’m done”
  • and somehow, everything just clicks
  • the conversation never lapses
  • you both can naturally laugh, like when he was teasing some members for not being able to drink coffee
  • and you can’t get over how sweet and light his laugh is
  • and for the first time, your heart flutters and there are butterflies in your stomach
  • when your done with the order, you kinda just stand and stare
  • until he blurts
  • “can I have your number?” 
  • with a blush dusting your cheeks, you type your contact in his phone, boldly labeling it as ‘soulmate y/n ;) <3′
  • and you hand him your phone and he puts ‘y/n’s soulmate<3’ as his contact name
  • you both feel a little disappointed as he’s about to leave, then his face lights up excitedly
  • “how about you just come to the studio! i’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind!”
  • it’s almost 11pm, but
  • is there any other answer besides yes?
  • he waits for you to close up, hang your apron up, and grab your bag
  • your about to open up your umbrella but he stops you, opening the one you gave him
  • “let’s share one” he says grinning cheekily, with a hint of shyness
  • so you both walk to the studio, each carrying a load of drinks
  • his hand grazing yours
  • which you’re both extremely aware of
  • and he barges into the studio, his hand around your wrist, stopping all conversation
  • “i brought your orders and guess what? i got a soulmate for free!” 
  • CHAOS EVERYWHERE jisoos christ save you
  • your not really understanding half of the gibberish the members are telling you
  • “i want to apologize in advance for his cheesiness”
  • “cook hyung lots of spicy food”
  • “take care of one of our mothers well”
  • “don’t be alarmed if his eyes are open when sleeping”
  • “maybe now he’ll call you the fairest of them all”
  • can I call you noona?“
  • eventually, somehow, the members back off
  • but you know they love junhui a lot and are ecstatic to meet his soulmate
  • they give you a moment alone, but unfortunately, he must go back to practice
  • he tells you to sit down comfortably and listen to the song
  • he winks,
  • “watch me and only me.”

part two

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess and seri

[ soulmate ]

pairing; seventeen vernon x reader

genre; fluff, soulmate!au 

synopsis; everyone her age had found their significant other; their soulmates. after a long, painful period of waiting, she found hers.

word count; 1862 words

I entered the studio, trudging lifelessly to my usual corner and letting my bag slip off from my shoulder onto the floor, not bothering to switch on the main lights. The sub-lights situated at the front of the studio mirror and the back corners were already turned on, so I left it as that. 

I let out a heavy, tired sigh, plugging my phone into the studio’s speaker, letting it blast my usual tracks as I did my warm-up.

I’m Y/N, 19, from the dance club. I’m from LA, but I moved to Korea because of my parent’s work. I was happy with the change. Life in LA wasn’t exactly smooth. My life was pretty dull, so I put my focus on dance — probably the one thing that makes me feel myself. 

I always came to practice two hours early, just to have the space to myself so I could go through my choreography. 

An hour later, the metal door of the studio clicked open, and I didn’t have to look to know who it is. 

Jun — the club president. Also my best friend. He walked towards the corner where I had left my bag lying, and he put his beside mine. I shot him a weak smile, panting from the hectic choreography I just went through.

“Working hard today too, huh?” he grinned, tossing me a bottle of water as he walked over to the speaker switches, turning it off.

“What else could I do?” I muttered, plonking down onto the floor as I leaned against the mirror. He walked over, sitting beside me with his legs stretched out in front. 

“So… You haven’t-”

“Nope,” I interrupted. Jun sighed.

Jun asked me the same question every week — “Have you found him?”

‘Him’ being my soulmate. 

I didn’t mind the fact that Jun kept this up for the past year. He knew how emotionally frustrated I would be sometimes, due to the fact that I couldn’t find my soulmate, and he was always there to provide the support I desperately needed. I couldn’t thank him enough for that. I was usually cheery enough though, trying to think positive that I would find ‘him’ sooner or later.

Soulmates were a symbol of two parties being, literally, made for each other. These two parties would have this tattoo-looking thing on a certain part of their body — called Tags. Soulmates’ Tags would match in colour and symbol. Everyone had a different Tag, only two parties on the entire surface on earth would have the exact same.

Tags fade as you age. They usually disappear by the time you’re thirty or thirty-five, and that’s pretty much the end of the world for that person. Once your Tag disappears, the possibility of you being able to find your soulmate drops to nearly a zero. And you would have to live a lonely life. Ugh.

Nearly everyone our age in this school have found their soulmates. Those who haven’t found theirs — you could count their number with your fingers. And I happen to be in that group.

Not having your soulmate with you at this age is probably the worst thing ever. Soulmates would naturally have the trait of being able to cheer the opposite party up, and they would match and fit like jigsaw puzzles that are side-by-side.

I eyed Jun’s crimson Tag peeking out from under his long sleeves on his wrist, and reached out for it. I pushed his sleeve back, my thumb caressing the opaque Tag. Yes, Jun had found his soulmate too, she’s a really nice girl from the art club. I pictured my half-faded Tag in my mind. My Tag was on the right corner of my waist, and I didn’t let many people see it. Insecurities. 

“Don’t think about it too much. You’re still young, you know,” Jun comforted. I smiled, not looking away from his Tag.


Jun’s phone vibrated and he unlocked it, viewing a message or something. I didn’t peek. 

“Hey, look at this,” Jun said, putting the phone in front of my face as I read the text message sent to him by the teacher-in-charge of the dance club.

There will be a new member joining the club today. He’s a transfer. Do take care of him.

I frowned. New member?

“I wonder who,” Jun said, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

The rest of the members from the club came in over the next few minutes, and soon all were present, except for that new guy.

I checked the clock. Five more minutes before he’ll be checked down as ‘late’.

The door burst open then, and a blonde-hair guy came jogging in. 

“Sorry! Got caught up with something,” he said. He looked American. No, he was definitely American. But he spoke really fluent Korean.

“It’s alright, you’re not exactly late. Just come a bit earlier next time,” Jun smiled, before noticing the confused looks on the other member’s faces. 

“Oh right, do introduce yourself,” Jun said to the newcomer who had just placed his bag down at an opposite corner of the studio.

“Of course. I’m Vernon, and you can probably tell, I’m not Korean. I’m from New York, but I’ve lived here since I was a toddler.”

Everyone eyed him, waiting for him the reveal the part that everyone was naturally curious about. 

Vernon chuckled slightly. “No, I haven’t found my soulmate. Not exactly the norm, I know, but I try not to think too much about it.”

Everyone nodded, some giving him sympathetic looks, but welcoming him warmly. Jun and I glanced over each other, giving each other surprised looks.

We carried on with dance practice, and Vernon obviously had dance background. He followed well and caught the steps quick. 

“Ten minutes break, everyone!” Jun announced.

I huffed, sweeping my hair over my shoulders as I walked towards my bag. 

“Hey, umm…” someone spoke in English behind me.

I turned around to see Vernon behind me. 

“Oh, hey!” I greeted back in English, trying to not be awkward. “I’m Y/N.”

“Nice to meet you, Y/N,” he said. “I was just wondering if you’re American? Considering the fact that you can reply me in English.”

“Yeah,” I chuckled. “I am. From LA.”

“That’s nice.”

I shrugged, picking my bottle up from the floor as I took a sip. “I guess so.”

“And also, if it isn’t too personal..” Vernon trailed off, waiting for permission for him to continue. He knew that I knew what he was going to ask. 

I smiled bitterly. “No, I haven’t found mine either.”

He returned the smile. “So we’re on the same page.”

“Yeah, we are,” I said.

“Do you mind if we walk to the dorms together after practice? I want to know you more,” Vernon said hesitantly. 

“Would love to,” I said, because I wanted to know him more too.

After practice, I greeted Jun goodbye, and he muttered something like “That guy could be him” before we went separate ways. 

Vernon and I started walking towards the dorms, which was just a couple of blocks away from our studio.

“How do you deal with everything? Like, not having your soulmate with you…” I asked. 

He shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s irritating, really. But I distract myself a lot by doing things that heavily occupy my mind.”

I nodded in agreement. “I do that too. That’s pretty much the only thing I can do.”

We continued simple talk all the way to the dorms, asking each other questions that weren’t too personal. We matched well.

“What’s your dorm number?” I asked as we approached the dorm buildings. 

“Building 2. Room 58.”

I raised an eyebrow. “How coincidental.”


“That’s my room.”

“Wait, it’s possible for guys and girls to mix dorms in this school?”

“Yeah. Kind of,” I said, smiling. “Let’s go!”

Vernon and I grew undeniably close over the next few weeks. He pretty much became my best friend, alongside Jun. We knew pretty much everything about each other after 4 weeks. Everything except for how each other’s Tags looked. I wasn’t planning on showing it to him anytime yet. I didn’t want to have false hopes that he may be my soulmate.

It was already obvious that I liked him. I liked him a lot. So if he wasn’t my soulmate, I can’t even imagine the pain I would feel. I didn’t want to find out his Tag because of this. 

I walked into the dorm, just finishing my classes for the day. It was already 6pm, and Vernon was already in the room when I came in.

“Hey,” he greeted, and I smiled as i placed my bag on my desk.


“Can I serious-talk?” he asked abruptly.

“I’m awake enough,” I said. “What is it?”

Vernon quickly pulled me to sit on his bed. We both sat down in silence as I waited for him to speak. 

Vernon’s eyes were fixed on the right side of my waist, making me increasingly uncomfortable. Did he see it? There was no way. I always wore clothes long enough to cover my waist.

“I saw it, Y/N,” Vernon said. “Your hoodie rolled up past your waist yesterday night. I climbed up the bunk to ask you something, I didn’t know you were already sleeping.”

I bit my lips, looking away. How was I supposed to deal with this? What if it wasn’t the same as his? What if-

“They’re the same.” Vernon said.

I snapped my head towards him. Did I hear him right?

He rolled up his sleeve on his left arm, revealing his Tag. He’s right. It was the same. His was a black outline of wings, with a turquoise shade surrounding it.

Like mine.

I apprehensively lifted my hoodie, checking the finest details of the Tag and comparing it to his. No mistake — they were the same. 

“Vernon!” I exclaimed, jumping onto him, engulfing him in a hug. 

He laughed, his arms wrapping around me tightly. I never felt so happy in my life. My heart was thumping. I felt like I was going to cry.

“Just for the record, feelings were mutual all this while, Y/N,” he told me. “Jun told me everything. You having a crush on me, blablabla.”

I pulled away, staring at him with wide eyes, before covering my face and falling flat onto his bed. “I’m going to kill Jun.”

Vernon laughed. “I’d like to see you do that, babe.”

“Y/N~! Wake up!” Vernon called, jumping on top of me. I grunted, feeling air get pushed out of my lungs.

“You’re heavy, you asshole! Get off!” I said, pushing him off. He laughed aloud, rolling off me but stayed lying beside me, one arm draped across my waist.

“Don’t jump on me. You may just break my ribs by accident, you elephant.”

“It’s okay, I’ll be at your funeral,” he joked. I laughed and kicked him off my bed.

“You’re mean,” I said, walking off to the bathroom to wash up. He followed me to the sink, wrapping his arms around my waist loosely as he nuzzled his face into my neck. I giggled.

He looked up, resting his chin on my shoulder, looking at our reflection in the mirror in front of us. 

“I can’t believe we’re confirmed soulmates,” he said. “This was all I wished for.”

I smiled and he gently turned me to face him, closing the distance between us as he placed his lips on mine.

We broke the kiss, and I chuckled. “Me too.”


Request:  Wow those Soulmate ones are great! I love that idea and independent movies based off it are great… Could I request one with Jun? Take your time love 💖

  • So meeting your soulmate was a thing people looked forward to of course but you weren’t in a rush to find them
  • you were just gonna let it happen when it does
  • the magical words on your wrist were “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!” so you knew you had no idea how you’d meet your soulmate
  • of course every time you met someone new you hoped to hear that but sadly you didn’t have that much luck
  • but one day you were grocery shopping in a small store
  • you knew about everyone in your town or well at least the faces
  • but now there were a few ones you’d never seen
  • if by a few you can say 13
  • there was this one guy who stayed with the cart and ordered the others around to get stuff, he was pretty buff that’s nice
  • and you saw him smiling at this teen you saw about every time they went to the store. *cough*  Soulmate!S.Coups *cough*
  • but moving on you were going on with your own business just getting what you needed
  • you passed this tall guy getting flour from the highest shelf you could never reach so you asked him to get you one too
  • which he did and you were all like “I’ve never seen you guys here before where did you come from?”
  • apparently they were all visiting one of the boys’ hometown and yeah the rest is history
  • you had a nice little chat with the guy that was apparently called Mingyu
  • they seemed all like polite guys as you passed some of them on your way to the items you needed
  • after some time you saw one of those guys taking selfies in the cereal aisle
  • and you had to admit he had the right because he looked hella fine
  • you were pretty far away from him but you knew you were in his selfie
  • so of course you wanted to photobomb him
  • you decided to go classic and throw up a peace sign and try to look cute from behind your shopping cart
  • after a few selfies he turned around and started grinning
  • you rolled your cart a little closer and said “Shouldn’t you be searching like eggs or something for your friends?”
  • and he was like “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!”
  • “No way you have that written on your wrist omg I’m so sorry” because thinking about it the poor dude needs to live with that horrible sentence on his wrist forever
  • he shyly showed you his wrist with a little chuckle “Yes way, my name is Junhui but you can call me Jun for short how about you?”
  • you shortly introduced yourself and suddenly you couldn’t move
  • you had been wrapped by Jun’s arms
  • he was like swaying you a bit from side to side like a little kid who was hugging his teddy bear
  • “I’m sorry I’m just so excited I’ve finally found my soulmate!” he genuinely seemed overwhelmed with emotions
  • seeing him so happy made you even more glad to have found your soulmate
  • “Wait send me that selfie where I’m also in! I need to have our first picture together i mean we basically met through those”
  • and so that specific selfie of Jun became your wallpaper also
  • you clicked so easily with each other it was ridiculous
  • every time you could you would remake your first pic together in as many ways as possible
  • (switch ver.) (summer ver.) (outside ver.)
  • just all the fun and being silly


soulmate! jun

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  • in this soulmate! au, whatever you write appears on their skin and vice versa
  • and you and your soulmate have just never had a conversation for some reason, it might be because they’re just really busy, but it’s okay, because at least you don’t have dicks all over you
  • but after your teen years of waiting for your soulmate to write something on their skin, you’re an adult and have become a professional photographer
  • and being a photographer is so fun!!
  • you get to take photos of people, nature, everything, and it’s just so subtly artistic and creative
  • but one day, your boss asks you to take photos of some models at another studio far from your own, because for whatever reason they needed a different studio than yours
  • rollover to the day were you have to photograph these models, the previous day you had run out of some necessary item like milk, so you quickly rush to write it down on your palm, so you don’t forget later on, when you’re trying to get home from the studio
  • as you set up your equipment you were told the models getting ready, and as soon as they walked in hOT DIDDLEY DAMN
  • usually you wouldn’t be this intimidated by your models beauty, but these three were just so attractive
  • and of course you meet them, and they’re names are wonwoo, mingyu and jun, and they’re under pledis entertainment, aged 20 - 21
  • some young fine men
  • but aNYWAYS
  • they take a few solo shots, starting with mingyu, and they weren’t rude like some other models you worked with, but they were laid-back and friendly, so it was quick to finish the solo shots,
  • but while you were doing you’re job, you realised at one point your reminder written on your hand had rubbed off again, so you rewrite it just incase you forget
  • and they’ve changed outfits and gotten their hair and make up fixed
  • not that they need it
  • and you’re directing positions perfecting lighting all that jazz until the one of the make up artists is like, ‘hey jun, you gotta rub off the milk,’
  • and his like, ‘oh my soulmate must’ve rewritten it, i can just cover it,’
  • so the makeup artist covers it with some foundation, and you’re standing there dumb-founded because holy cOw jun could be your soulmate
  • so they again cover it with make-up because that’s easier than erasing with water or wipes and you continue to have your photoshoot 
  • after the photographing is done for the day, and the models have left, you buy your milk and head home
  • testing out your theory that jun is your soulmate, you test it out by writing ‘jun?’ on you arm, to you get the reply, ‘yes?’
  • after an hour of talking to each other, he says, or writes, ‘you still haven’t introduced yourself,’
  • knowing you’ll see him the next day, you write, ‘you’ll find out,’
  • because of this you end up with scribbles all over you the next day
  • so you’re back photographing mingyu, wonwoo and jun, and you’re photographing wonwoo, when he starts to mumble something to you, you ask him to speak louder and hear him say, “you have ‘i love jun’ written on you forehead,”
  • turning to jun, giggling he says, ‘i knew it!!’ and everyone else in the studio is either really confused or too busy to notice what’s going on
  • bUT after the photographing is done, jun asks you out to dinner somewhere
  • he takes you somewhere lowkey, like those 50s looking diners and you eat there and wOW you’re soulmate is so lame,  but so cute
  • you two joke around in the diner until it closes and even then when you’ve left each other, you play pictionary on your arms until dawn to see jun left you a little message to encourage you through the day

hello everyone, it’s been a while since i’ve written here, i’ve been a bit busy with school and my personal blog, so i wrote another soulmate! au since i’ve been writing a lot on my personal recently and i thought i might as well write one here for all you guys, so hope you enjoy

-admin jola🌱🍑

soulmate! Jun (pt.2)


Admin note: AWWW TYSM LOVELY OFC YOU CAN. Jun’s was the first one we did, so both Seri and I love Jun’s soulmate au, it’s our baby, it’s iconic, lol. THANKS FOR REQUESTING AND HOPE YOU ENJOY. (might low key hint about the other part two’s who knows;)

recap: where your soulmate’s first words are tattooed on your arm (part one)

  • Jun likes to tease you
  • ever since that rainy night when you finally met him
  • finally met your soulmate
  • and everything suddenly fell in place and made sense
  • he just refuses
  • to give you back that extra umbrella you gave to him as you spoke the words tattooed on his arm
  • as often you’re over at the dance studio hanging out with him
  • or even the occasional times you’re at the dorm just chilling
  • he never brings up your umbrella, or when he might return it
  • and that’s fine, you don’t really need it
  • but he said he’d return it eventually and he hid it for now, which was just driving you crazy
  • “Jun, this is like the fifth time y/n, has checked the living room for the umbrella.” Minghao says laughing as you turn red and stop your rummaging through the couch cushions
  • “It’s not that I refuse to give it back- … actually no that's exactly what it is” Jun says from the kitchen shooting you a wink
  • turning even more pink you say
  • “Wen Junhui, what is your deal with not giving me back my umbrella!?!?”
  • “It just reminds me of you and how lucky I got that night for having lost rock, paper, scissors.” he says shrugging
  • which shuts you right up as you stare down at your feet, blushing again
  • “I’m still here guys, I didn’t need to throw-up my dinner.” Minghao says rolling his eyes
  • walking out of the kitchen Jun says
  • “Jealous?” as he wraps an arm around your waist to pull you closer to him
  • leaving the both of you a giggling mess and blushing like fools
  • Mingyu comes out of the bathroom armed with a broom to shoo you and Jun out of the dorm so you can stop infesting the place with the “love bugs”
  • as Mingyu calls the two of you
  • granted, you and Jun have been a couple for a while
  • he was the first of Svt to meet his soulmate
  • and wasted no time making it clear to everyone in Seventeen that you two were together
  • you both were the couple that everyone would have assumed had been dating forever
  • you might as well have been called that “old married couple”
  • with your random tickle fights when everyone was trying to enjoy their movie
  • “Really?!?!? Do the two of you have to do that now?”
  • “Keep your hands to yourself, guys we get it, you’re dating.”
  • “Making skin ship 24/7 is NOT NECESSARY.”
  • going shopping together not only for clothes but for random crap for your apartment or his dorm room
  • like that vase of fake orchids that now sits on top of your night stand
  • or this striped dress shirt you called him cute in
  • you also get asked a lot of relationship questions
  • since you’ve been dating the longest and you've been around for when all the others found their soulmates
  • “Do you know where I can get a stuffed animal bunny, y/n?” Joshua asks
  • “What place has the best flowers?” Vernon asks you
  • “I want to do something special, what’s a good date idea?”
  • which low key triggers Jun 
  • “Ok, if any of them come to you for advice with how to deal with their soulmates, tell them to get lost because you’re too busy spending time with me and they need to get their own experience.” Jun says playfully with a pout while sitting next to you on the floor against the practice room’s mirrors
  • “They really shouldn’t ask me, I probably don’t know any better.” you say with a laugh
  • “Good, once they realize you’re bad at giving relationship advice, they’ll leave you alone that way I can spend more time with the most beautiful person in the whole universe.” he said cutely giving a small nod of his head
  • “Yah! My advice is solid!” you say playfully smacking his arm
  • “Is it really?” he says jokingly earning another smack on the arm from you
  • dates generally end up him ordering coffee from your café
  • and the two of you walking around taking pictures
  • you often have Jun model for you
  • even though you can’t post or use any pictures of him
  • there was something about the way he held himself when posing in front of the camera
  • that you just had to capture it in all its glory
  • Jun himself is art 
  • he always convinces you to pose a few times too while he takes pictures
  • of course the selca master
  • the two of you take a lot of selcas together, you have a whole folder on your phone dedicated to selcas with him, and you’re each other’s home screens
  • “Sorry I can’t use you for my lock screen, but the other members would  tease us forever, and I’d rather preserve your sanity.”
  • lately though, all of Svt are really busy with their upcoming concerts and activities
  • and so you just low key try to stay out of their way
  • you’ll be working at the cafe across the street from their studio and catch yourself staring up at the window where you know they’re probably rehearsing
  • and perfect timing
  • Jun texts a simple “I miss you”
  • which nearly makes you spill the Americano you were making to smile down at your phone
  • before your manager asks what you’re smiling at, is making coffee funny all of a sudden?
  • and not seeing Jun everyday was a bit sad
  • you haven’t been feeling all that well either, though you’re not sure if it’s the stress of making coffee or trying to maintain your grades
  • since Jun is often busy rehearsing, you both stay up late face-timing
  • him telling you cute little stories about the members
  • and you telling him about your day
  • even if the both of you are exhausted
  • you don’t mind staying up to talk even if the both of you sometimes fall asleep on the phone
  • you especially like the story of how they burst into the locked bathroom to wish him a happy birthday
  • but for a college photography major
  • you need your sleep
  • and the late night call sessions weren’t helping your health
  • which is probably how you ended up in bed
  • with a horrible cold
  • and your brain pounding against your skull
  • “I welcome death” you groan taking another painkiller before flopping back onto your sofa bed in front of the TV
  • since money is tight and you like sleeping in the living room anyway
  • your bed is the sofa bed that folds outward
  • you fall asleep watching a drama and wake up to 267 messages
  • “Yah! Y/n! Your manager told me you took the day off? Are you sick?” Jun’s contact picture and messages are the ones that stand out the most amongst others
  • “Noona, are you ok? Jun-hyung is freaking out.”
  • “Yah, y/n pick up so Jun can stop annoying us all with his worrying.”
  • “I’m really sorry if we’re being annoying but please come collect your boyfriend.”
  • the struggles of being a soulmate to one of the members of svt?
  • all 13 of them will get your phone number, and rip if you don’t have a good data plan 
  • you can’t help but smile a bit to yourself as you scroll through all your notifications
  • when an incoming call from Jun lights up your cell
  • you reeeeeeeaally don’t want him to worry, so you start panicking and debating whether to answer
  • he needs to focus on rehearsing and avoid worrying about you
  • but you pick up anyway
  • and hearing his voice was enough to stop the incessant headache thank the lord
  • “Jun?” curse you and your dead sounding voice, you regret answering and omg he’s going to panic so much and
  • “How’d you get here Jun you have rehearsals?!?”
  • “Your manager said you were sick and so naturally I went to buy you soup, rehearsals ended like ten minutes ago.”
  • “Aw babe, that’s nice but HOW DID YOU GET MY ADDRESS?!??”
  • he chuckles into the phone
  • “I didn’t even ask your manager for it, he says he’s seen me before and asked why I wasn't  home taking care of you and why I don’t know your address yet even though we’re married.”
  • “HE WHAT?”
  • “He thought we were married.” you can hear Jun dying from laughter
  • “Remind me not to murder my manager, cuz then I wouldn’t get paid.”
  • “I mean, I’m ok with him thinking that we’re married.”
  • “Yah! Wen Junhui!”
  • “It’s cold hurry open the door!”
  • you drag yourself up with the five blankets wrapped around your shoulders not caring they drag on the floor to open the door
  • when you open the door, he stands there thinking you’re just the cutest thing ever with your nose red and so many blankets wrapped around you
  • he’s about to hug you
  • “STOP”
  • “What why?” he says giving you the cutest little frowny face
  • “I don’t want you to get sick too!”
  • “I don’t care let me take care of you.” he pouts cutely, knowing if he acts cute enough he might just get through to you
  • not toooodaaaaaay
  • “Wen Junhui we all know you’ll cry and blame me for weeks if you so much as sneeze once.” you tease him trying to laugh before you sneeze into your elbow
  • “Ok, yes that might be true, but I went out to buy soup so I have the right to stay.”
  • he looks at you standing barefoot by the door with several blankets wrapped around you, some of it dragging on the floor
  • holding up the soup, he gives you a cheeky wink
  • “The soup’s hot but I’m hotter.”
  • you groan, rolling your eyes, but smiling as you playfully throw a pillow at his face
  • “Hey that’s violence!”
  • it misses, Jun’s dodge could only be described as elegant
  • “Hey if I spill soup on the carpet, you have to clean it up not me.”
  • “How is this supposed to make me feel better?” you tease him, sneezing again and settling back down on the sofa bed with your mountain of blankets
  • “No, clearly I came here to annoy you.” he chuckles
  • you watch as he looks around your kitchen for a bowl
  • he pours out the soup and sets the steaming bowl at the dinner table
  • and before you can protest
  • he picks you up into his arms and carries you over to the table
  • then he sits down across from you with a smirk on his face noticing the gentle blush creeping up your face
  • “I know I’ve been busy lately, so I wanted to do something for you. And aren’t boyfriends supposed to take care of their other half when they’re sick?” he says hiding his shy smile behind his hand
  • you sit there, your heart racing from his words
  • “Hurry and eat! I’m not leaving until you finish.”
  • what a liar
  • he didn’t leave your side at all that night
  • insisting on carrying you back to bed and snuggling up against you despite your protests he might get sick
  • you both fell asleep like that
  • you wrapped around his arms, blankets piled around the two of you
  • until his phone blasts a loud alarm in the morning
  • Jun jumps up, almost falling off the sofa bed and you look at the time, before realizing
  • his phone starts buzzing and when he answers the call you can hear people screaming even though Jun’s phone isn’t on speakers
  • “You’re not as in innocent as we thought hyung!!!”
  • “I’ll fight you boy, if you did anything to y/n, Junhui.”
  • “WE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING.” Jun yells back into the phone while trying not to laugh
  • you throw another pillow at him
  • “I’LL BE BACK IN A BIT!” Jun yells before hanging up and immediately throwing his phone onto the sofa bed
  • “Ok so on the bright side, doesn’t look like they’re angry at you, but on the not so bright side I’M DEAD.”
  • “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t feel too sick anymore.”
  • Jun laughs and grabs your arm dragging you into a hug
  • “You can’t escape, you have to come explain things to them for me so I can walk around with my head intact pleeeeeeease????”
  • he wraps you up in his sweatshirt before the two of you head out to go back to the studio
  • walking into the studio, the both of you grip each other’s hands tightly anticipating the worst
  • “What if they actually kill me, y/n, I’ve got a lot of things to say to you though.” Jun says eyes wide and alert
  • “So do I Jun, but let’s discuss this if we do make it out alive.”
  • you both walk in to the practice room to twelve boys staring into your souls
  • RIP
  • an hour of screaming later
  • though honestly it was mostly them laughing and yelling and poking Jun every once in a while
  • they let the two of you leave, satisfied with their interrogation
  • “Jun-hyung, be good while we’re gone”
  • “No anything 19+ in the practice room, we need it for rehearsals.”
  • “Y/n is precious and innocent, if he tries anything, y/n, just give us a call.”
  • “Oh my god just get out!” Jun says flustered and shooing them away
  • ever since that incident
  • Jun and you never tell Svt when the two of you are going on a date
  • “You sure you can’t change your number, I’m ok with them not contacting you” Jun says over ramen at the convenience store on the corner looking dead serious
  • you stir your ramen and laugh
  • “No unfortunately, some of their soulmates know where I work, I’d never be able to escape.”
  • “Aish, them convincing their soulmates to work on the side of evil.”
  • “They’re all really sweet and pretty though, some of us hang out as friends now because of all of you, should we form an idol group too?”
  • “When would you guys debut?” he laughs
  • “I was joking, all of us can only take so much Svt craziness you know.”
  • “You love us though.”
  • “True”
  • “And they’re pretty, but you’re the prettiest.”
  • “Omo stop Junhui, you’ll actually make me laugh.”
  • “Last night, I had to convince Minghao not to tell them I was getting dinner with you because he caught me sneaking out, and now I have to do his laundry for a week.”
  • “Thanks for your noble sacrifice.”
  • “I know right, the things I do for you”
  • the two of you should be aspiring food critics
  • you’ve both been to almost every Chinese restaurant in Seoul
  • just because you know he likes spicy food
  • and try everything
  • him occasionally just staring at you
  • until you shove more food on his plate to get him to stop
  • you of course taking pictures of the food to post on SNS
  • yes, you’re that person at restaurants
  • standing on chairs to get a good shot
  • with Jun standing behind you, arms ready to catch you if you lose balance
  • and as the both of you walk back to the studio after a dinner date
  • it starts raining
  • and you’re silently cursing yourself for not checking the weather forecast when leaving your apartment earlier
  • but Jun magically pulls out the umbrella you gave him the night you met him and opens it above the both of you
  • “Oh my god, see, you knew exactly where it was and yet never gave it back.”
  • “Mian, I had to hold onto it.”
  • “Why?”
  • “It felt like a dream, meeting you. I had to make sure it wasn’t a dream, so I kept it as physical proof.”
  • you stop walking and face him as he stops too, still holding the umbrella above the both of you
  • “That’s hecka cheesy.” you say grinning
  • “Yea well, I’m naturally cheesy.”
  • “No, you’re cute and sweet and romantic.”
  • “Nah, you’re cute.”
  • you both stand staring at each other a little longer, near the dance studio
  • “Well, I’ll give it back tonight.”
  • “Why? Don’t need it anymore?”
  • “Nope, because now I know it wasn’t a dream. And every time I need proof, I’ll just look for you.”
  • and he lifts your chin up and kisses you softly, the sound of rain pattering around you
  • it’s not cold though, no, the warm feeling from the gentle kiss is enough to keep the cold rainy night’s cold away from the both of you
  • you don’t recall how long the both of you stay like that
  • but when you finally pull away
  • he gives you a cute smile while tilting his head
  • and gives you a wink
  • shocked the two of you turn around to see Svt staring at the two of you from the front doors of the studio
  • “Children, it’s 10 o'clock, way past curfew.”
  • “Mingyu, you owe me ten bucks, I told you he’d kiss her first.”
  • “Man, I really thought she would be the one to do it.”
  • “Shi- run!”
  • and you laugh as Jun and you chase the scattering svt members out into the rain
  • all thoughts of getting soaked or catching a cold lost in your moment of happiness

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU Series:

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MY I [Jun]

GUYS! I’m not dead!!!!!!!! 😂

Soulmate AU: When your soulmate is listening to a song, you are also able to hear it. The closer you are, the louder it gets.
You mentally cursed your soulmate. Hearing the words “MY I~ I~ I~” on repeat. Always hearing it stop and then restart at certain times. It was 2 am for crying out loud! You had an exam, and at this rate you wouldn’t get any sleep! Dragging yourself out of your bed, toward your dorm kitchen in hopes of finding the relief of food. Heating up water, and grabbing a mug for tea. You heard it again.

“What the heck…” You muttered to yourself. You had to admit, the lyrics were great and the melody was nice. Hearing it on repeat at different parts just drove you crazy. “I swear to God!” You yelled at nothing. At that, the music seemed to stop. Sighing in relief. Was your soulmate a crazed fan of a song or what? You had heard other songs, but never made the effort to look them up.

A distant sound of a phone ringing pulled you away from your thoughts. Bringing it to your ear, “What do you want?” You sighed at your friend. “Y/N, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?! Never mind that, SEVENTEEN’s comeback is soon and I’m not ready! My camera is broken, and I absolutely NEED to borrow yours.” She quickly hurried. “My camera?” You half asleep self had to register it. “Yes! You have that new one don’t you?” She asked. “I have an extra ticket to the SEVENTEEN album showcase. If you let me borrow your camera, I’ll let you come with me!” She bargained.

“You know I don’t listen to them right?” You grumbled. “Please~” She pleaded. “Fine, but you have to buy me food after.” You dealed. “Okay, okay.” She sighed before hanging up.

“MY I~ I~ I~”

“NOT AGAIN!” You yelled, flopping down on your bed. Having a rocky ride to sleep.

The ride to the showcase was particularly uneventful. You kept hearing the songs from the other night. “Gosh, it’s so annoying. I mean, the songs are great but…wHY?!” You exclaimed. Your friend simply laughed at you complaining about how you failed your exam because of your soulmate. “I keep hearing ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ too!” You yelled. “Well, it’s your turn to annoy them. We get to listen to SEVENTEEN, and thanks to you my fansite is gonna look so high quality!” Your friend praised you.

Getting into the venue, it was quite packed. Your friend had your camera around her neck, patiently waiting for the boys to start. The lights dimmed, screams grew louder.

Then, the first note hit. Ringing in your ears, completely drowning out the fangirls’ screams. Another note rang, you writhed in pain. Grabbing you head at how loud the noise was, you screamed. Falling over into another girl. Gasps rang through the crowd, “Jun hyung?!” Voices were all you heard from the speakers. Hearing the words “I don’t wanna cry~” as the song continued, repeating loudly in your head. Another commotion had happened on stage. Soon, darkness was all that filled your vision.

“Hey, she’s waking up.” A hushed voice spoke. “Y/N?” You could hear the worried voice of your friend. Feeling that you were on your side, you slowly blinked to consciousness. Finding an absolutely beautiful man in front of you was the last thing you expected. Though he was at least a couple feet away on a different couch, you came to the realization of what happened. Jumping back in surprise, falling backwards off the couch you had once laid on. “Welp, she seems to be fine now.” You heard another voice chuckle.

Looking around the room, there seemed to be many guys (+ your friend). You peeked over the couch at the boy laying down. He looked so peaceful, until he slightly winced in pain. He stirred on the couch, and you could only feel like hugging him. You heard someone clear their throat, “So, I think we all have a sense of what happened.” One of the members spoke. You could only remember him as the leader from what your friend told you. “Isn’t it obvious~” Your friend giggled.

“W-What? What?” You were very confused to say the least. “ You’ve met your soulmate.” A tall one piped up. “S-Soulmate?” You stuttered out. There was absolutely no way that that beautiful man in front of you was not only a famous kpop idol, but your soULMATE?! Or so you thought. “Nonono, I would’ve heard all your music. I would’ve known it was one of you guys from the start. You guys are idols! I should’ve heard it at some point, I always heard ‘akkinda!’ ring in my head.” You belt out.

“Y/N, you never listened to their songs whenever showed you remember?” Your friend laughed. You recalled all the memories of your friend fangirling to you about certain members, telling you to give the group a listen. You always brushed off the thought, for you were too busy to listen to the songs. “But I-” You were cut off as the movement of the sleeping figure rose up. “Oh, Jun hyung.” A tall, lanky figure ran to the guy. “Minghao, my head hurts.” The boy, Jun, whined. “What happened?” You could only stare at the boy who was sitting down on the couch. He looked so confused, like a lost puppy. “And who are they?” He focused on your friend before turning to you. His eyes slightly widened before he turned away, his cheeks a pale pink.

“她很漂亮. (She’s beautiful.)” You heard the Jun boy mutter. This caused the Minghao guy to laugh. “Well, it’s your lucky day. She seems to be your soulmate.” A very small figure bluntly spoke from the group. “No way, bu-but…she’s so out of my league.” He muttered the last part. “We’ll just leave you two be, I guess.” The leader spoke, motioning everyone to leave the room. Including your friend, you started to panic.

“I-It seems y-you’re my s-soulmate.” Jun stuttered. “I-I guess so…” You trailed off. Awkward tension filled the air. “Let’s start over.” He declared. “Hi, my name is Wen Junhui.” He gave you a smile. “My name is Y/N, and it looks like you’re my soulmate.” You smiled back. The tension cleared a bit as you sat, it was quite peaceful. Taking in the feeling of your new significant other. “Can I just say something?” He asked. Which of course you have a slight nod to. “I’m so sorry for annoying you with all the music, you must have hated me.” He blurt. You laughed at his apology, “Yeah, I had an exam yesterday! I couldn’t get any sleep, I kept hearing a song go ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ I think I failed!” You playfully pouted. “I truly truly am sorry!” He chuckled at the exaggeration.

“I know, I forgive you. I just don’t know about my teacher, though.” You reassured him. He gave a cute smile, making your heart melt. This was the man you would spend the rest of your life with, a bit of a rocky start, but what matters anymore when you find your soulmate?

Soulmate AU! Wen Junhui

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Anything you write on yourself appears on your soulmate as well. Does that apply to tattoos as well?

  • Ever since you were young, you were fascinated with art
  • Meaning you would draw on anything you could get your hands on
  • This includes your body
  • One day in reply to one of your drawings you watched as careful strokes you would soon come to know as chinese appeared on your hand: 漂亮
  • With the help of Google Translate you were able to make out the word pretty
  • Beaming you continued drawing pieces for your soulmate.
  • It also lead to you learning Chinese so you guys could communicate more effectively
  • But back to main purpose of the au
  • You continued drawing throughout your school years.
  • Your skills were improving
  • A few times you even got featured in art expos
  • Your drawings seemed to make Jun happy so you tried to draw something for him everyday
  • Somedays the art would be little doodles and other days there would be elaborate pieces that took up your whole arm, thigh, leg, whatever
  • Sometimes you would sit one place and draw the scenery and people (sometimes caricatures) there
  • Senior year is coming up and you’re trying to decide what to major in
  • You have been thinking about art schools, but your parents strongly object and try to get you to pick something easier to find a job for, like STEM
  • Jun is pushing for you to become an art major because he feels as though it would make you happy
  • And that’s all that matters in the end right?
  • You eventually decided that art was what you wanted to do so you began to talk with your art teacher about art schools
  • With their help you were able to get a scholarship to SCAD
  • You chose to attend their university in Hong Kong
  • You were so happy when you told Jun about your scholarship
  • He had good news as well
  • He told you about how his group, Seventeen, just debuted
  • While this was a moment to celebrate for the both of you, it brought restrictions about as well
  • His debut meant that you were not allowed to draw in visible places as much, especially when he was filming for  music, videos, promotions, etc, and when he had concerts or award shows
  • He let you know when and when you were not able to draw freely
  • Which seemed to be very seldom
  • You drew wherever else you could
  • Eventually you started University
  • You loved your new environment and learning about the different techniques and everything, but then the projects hit
  • You go through so many projects and slowly you feel yourself losing inspiration  and falling into a  bit of a rut
  • Jun instantly notices and spends days to get you inspired
  • You’ve just lost all hope at this point and won’t even begin your seven other projects even though your scholarship rests on them
  • Jun won’t give up on you or your art though
  • So in hopes of inspiring you he begins to tell you about some of China’s legends
  • The legends peak your interest and suddenly you want to experiment with them
  • One that really catches your interest is the Red String of Fate
  • It becomes a prevalent theme in your art
  • You find some way to include it in every new piece
  • You even begin to like it so much that you even think about getting it as a tattoo
  • You had been drawing designs for the tattoo recently trying to figure out how you wanted it to look
  • You go about getting it right after exams
  • The tattoo is a simple red line that is wrapped around your pinky and tied into a bow that goes down and wraps around your wrist multiple times.
  • You are so inlove with the tattoo and what it means for you
  • Meanwhile in Korea, Jun notices that the tattoo appears on him as well, except he does not realize it is a tattoo
  • He just thinks it’s one of your doodles
  • So he’s just like glad you finally got some inspiration and are making progress
  • That is until a few days pass and it’s not gone
  • So he writes you like, “um [Y/N]? What is the red string of fate still here for? I have an interview in a few hours?
  • Which confuses you because you haven’t drawn anything that day
  • Jun what are you talking about I didn’t draw anything today
  • Obviously you did or it wouldn’t be on my hand
  • Then realization hits
  • Fuck! The Tattoo?!
  • The tattoo?! You mean permanent? Tattoos are a taboo here [y/n]! Shit what am I gonna do?
  • Calm down and see if you can cover it with make up
  • He couldn’t
  • You’re worried and he’s worried
  • You don’t want pledis to punish him so you’re like get me on skype with your manager
  • You explain to them your rash decision and ignorance on the fact that tattoos show up on your soulmate as well
  • So Pledis is like “Shit! Okay we can work with that! Jun your soulmate is to be revealed. We will have to say that they are from a place where tattoos are not common and what not”
  • So he does
  • And his fanbase eats it up.
  • The fans are both happy and sad
  • They are sad because they are not his soulmate
  • But happy because he has one

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seventeen jun + soulmate au but angst???

SVT: Soulmate! Jun

  • you had met Junhui when you were on a walk through the park
  • you made eye contact with him, and the incomplete tattoo on your wrist filled in with your soulmate’s tattoo shape
  • you quickly walked over to him, showing your wrist to him with a shy smile
  • “looks like we’re soulmates,” you spoke
  • “soulmates?” he questioned, confusion clouding his features before he frowned
  • “you must be mistaken” he started to back away from you, then paused to roll up his sleeve to display his own wrist
  • “i already have a soulmate”

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Request: Heyy would you like to do a soulmateAU of Jeonghan and SCoups? I love your blog and thank you <3

  • Let’s start with the tattoo on your wrist, aka the first thing your soulmate will ever say to you
  • “Ah hi can you please tell me where the apple’s are?”
  • you were wondering in what situation that exact sentence would be used
  • as you grew older you quickly realised you’d probably meet your soulmate while working in some kind of grocery story 
  • you had a few jobs here and there by now
  • but they never seemed to want you in a grocery store? 
  • like you wanted to speed up meeting your soulmate but fate wasn’t fucking having it
  • so one day your mom was making your favourite kind of cake or idk pancakes whatever you like most
  • and she asks you to quickly get her some eggs from the store because !! she ran out of eggs!! what will happen to her bakings now???
  • so off you go to the small store in your neighbourhood 
  • every time you go to the grocery story you feel like this might be the time
  • you always spend some extra time at the fruits, observating people because who knows when you’ll meet them
  • also today you weren’t lucky but you did see a cute buff guy who sweetly smiled at you
  • he seemed to be with a huge group of friends and one dude was taking selfies and you almost laughed out loud when you saw someone else photobombing him. *cough*  Soulmate!Jun *cough*
  • you decided it wasn’t gonna happen today so you walked to the register with your eggs
  • it was a sad walk home because as often as your mom sent you to the grocery store you wouldn’t meet your soulmate
  • you’d almost given up hope
  • so days went on like always and you got ready for your job at this multi media store
  • it was not that far from the grocery store so basically you ate ready-made stuff from the grocery story everyday as lunch
  • today seemed to be your lucky day though
  • that cute guy you saw about a week ago just entered your shop!!
  • he walks straight to you, with that smile of his again 
  • “Ah hi can you please tell me where the Apple’s are?”
  • you just look at him for a minute like ‘dude ??? wtf do you expect here we sell printers and tablets and shit’
  • suddenly it hit you 
  • OH WAIT you mean the phones!” 
  • it sounded even dumber when you said it out loud tbh but you had to explain him why you’d been staring at him for a minute
  • then something else hit you
  • but at that same time he suddenly laughed loudly
  • his laugh is so contagious you just had to start laughing as well because after all you’d spend your life with real apples when after all IT WERE FUCKING PHONES
  • you two kinda calmed down when he suddenly interrupted the stifling laughs “Well hi I guess my name is Seungcheol”
  • “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N… so we’re like soulmates right?”
  • his eyes opened in realisation 
  • and that’s the story of you two very clueless people meeting as soulmates


synopsis: soulmate!au in which you’re born with a timer on your wrist counting down to the day you meet your soulmate

pairing: jun/you

1,351 w.

     Upon telling the doctor about your not-so-graceful descent from a flight of stairs, you can’t help but sink further into the hospital bed in embarrassment, clutching your swollen wrist to your chest. Only you of all people would actually wind up in the hospital by doing nothing but climb a simple flight of stairs. Had you not missed the last step of the stairs, then maybe—just maybe—you could’ve been catching up on your favorite TV series right now with an unbroken, perfectly fine wrist.

After taking X-rays and examination of your wrist, your doctor returns with a splint. “Good news is that the bones are still properly aligned. As long as you don’t do anything too strenuous, your wrist should heal just fine.”

Relief washes over you. Luck is on your side today!

“But,” he continues, “I noticed that your timer’s broken. Since you landed on your wrist, your clock broke in the process.”

You quickly peer down at your wrist, only to find that your clock is, indeed, broken. Instead of the usual numbers, a blank timer stares back at you. No days, no hours, no minutes. Nothing. And it’s definitely not a pleasant sight.

“When will I be able to get it fixed?” you ask, looking up at him with hopeful eyes.

“Well,” he drawls, pursing his lips. “Treatment should be your number one priority. You wrist can take up to eight weeks to fully heal.”

Panic strikes you when you realize that that’s the equivalent of two months. If you recall correctly, your timer was counting down from 59 days this morning, which too roughly equates to two months. What if you met your soulmate before you healed and you never would’ve known? The thought scares you, and it’s evident on your face as your doctor carefully wraps your wrist in the splint.

_ _ _

Before you know it, eight weeks pass and your doctor deems your wrist healed after X-rays and more inspection of the previously-fractured area. It’s still a bit stiff and uncomfortable if you move it around too much, but it’s nothing painkillers can’t fix.

Eager to fix your timer, you practically rush out of the hospital and to the timer repair shop, which is thankfully only a ten minute walk from the hospital. You’ve never been to the shop but you do know that it has quite the reputation.

You’ve heard that people mostly go there to get their timers extracted. It’s a rare case, but sometimes soulmates just don’t work out, leaving the timer on their wrist a painful reminder of their dismal fate. More commonly, people would get their timers extracted when their soulmate passed away before they could even meet them. It was as unfortunate as it was unfair. Physically, it was a painful process (after all, you’d be removing something you were born with), but nothing could compare to the sorrow of losing someone you were meant to be with.

Taking a deep breath, you step foot into the shop, holding your wrist in your hand. It’s mostly empty, and it’s much smaller than you expected.

“Hey,” a voice greets you. “What can I do for you today?” A worker appears in front of you.

For some reason, you held this assumption that the repairer would be some bulk, heavily-tatted guy with little to no hair, but the worker standing in front of you is far from. 

In fact, he’s quite the opposite: his hair’s almost an ash blonde that’s pushed back to reveal his forehead. He’s tall and skinny yet somewhat lean. Over a black tee is an unbuttoned denim button-up coupled with jeans that are ripped in the knees. You momentarily forget why you’re there as he looks at you expectantly.

“Um,” you finally find your voice, ignoring the fluttering in your stomach, “I’m here because of my timer.”

He laughs, head lolling back as you mentally curse yourself; of course you’re there for your timer! Why else would you be there?

“Well,” he smirks. “Care to elaborate?”

You blush. “I broke my wrist two months ago and ended up breaking my timer too.” You don’t want to get into the specifics of the how part behind it, so you’re thankful when he doesn’t question you.

“All right,” he nods, guiding you over to seat you down. He sits down on a stool next to you and takes your wrist, inspecting your timer. His fingers are calloused, probably a result of working with tools and equipment all day, but his touch is soft, almost tender. You have to remind yourself that it’s most likely because he’s trying to be gentle with your wrist knowing that you broke it not too long ago.

He turns your wrist gently, eyes narrowing in concentration. You have to look away in fear that he’ll catch you staring.

“Okay,” he releases your wrist and turns towards a box of what probably contains his equipment. “This shouldn’t take too long.” He pulls out what looks like a screwdriver but isn’t a screwdriver out of the box and turns to you, adjusting himself on the stool to get a better angle.

“Will it hurt?” you can’t help but ask, eyeing the rather pointy object.

He snickers, reaching for your wrist and holding it securely. “No, it won’t hurt.” He looks up at you, a playful glint in his eye. “You can hold onto me if you want, though.”

Your eyes widen as you quickly stumble out an “I’m good” to which he just laughs. One hand’s circled around your lower wrist, the other gripping the tool. He brings the tool to your wrist and starts tweaking around it. He’s right; it doesn’t hurt but there’s a slight pressure against your wrist.

“So what’s your name?” he asks, trying to stir conversation. You tell him your name and he nods slowly, repeating it in a murmur. “You can call me Jun. Since you’re here, I’m guessing you haven’t found them yet?”

He’s obviously referring to your soulmate. “No,” you answer, looking down at him. “I was supposed to meet them within the time my wrist was healing. I hope there’s still time.”

He nods again, this time placing the screwdriver-looking tool down and grabbing another tool from the box. “So soulmates matter to you?”

The question leaves you a bit taken aback. Of course soulmates mattered to you; finding someone you were destined to meet is a beautiful thing. “Yeah,” you say unsurely. “Do they not matter to you?”

Jun shrugs. “If it happens, it happens.”

You take a guess that he hasn’t met his soulmate yet though he has no interest in finding them. It makes you feel a bit sad.

“There. All done,” Jun places the tool back in the box and you turn your wrist towards you, heart hammering in your chest.

0000d 000h 00m 00s

Your eyebrows furrow. “Uh, Jun? I think it’s still broken.”

“Hm?” Jun peers over at you and you show him your wrist. He blinks at it before looking at you with an unreadable expression. “Looks like you’ve already met your soulmate during the time you were healing.”

Your heart sinks to your stomach. It’s too late.

“Either that, or…” Jun bites his lower lip, looking conflicted. He chuckles, shaking his head. “I don’t want to get my hopes up, but,” he unrolls his sleeve and looks down at his own wrist.

You watch him carefully as his eyes widen. You understand his shock as he flashes his wrist towards you.

“______. You’re my soulmate.”

You’re nonplussed, letting the situation sink in. Jun, the timer repairman, is your soulmate. Jun, the one who just said he didn’t really pay any mind to soulmates, looks at you with adoration that completely contradicts his aforementioned indifference.

All this time you’ve been worrying over nothing.

You’re so happy and your heart’s bursting with joy as he pulls you in for a hug, laughing all the while. His laughter sounds like music to your ears as you clutch his shirt.

From falling off a flight of stairs to breaking your wrist, everything was fated.


Request: Hi! Can I request for the seungkwan soul mate! Please? The wrist version 😃 Thank you 😃

Note: Seungkwan deserves all the love there isn’t enough of him here and holy shit I think this one is one of my longest ones yet XD

  • “They are trying their very best pfffft but let’s say he isn’t in charge of singing in our group.” That was what your wrist said. And that was the first thing your soulmate would say to you.
  • You thought it was funny how they even added the ‘pffffft’ on your wrist
  • Lately you started hanging out more often with someone (Y/f/n) and they told about how they have one big group of soulmate friends
  • It almost seemed made up because they had so many funny stories about how soulmates met. One vomited over their friend, another one photobombed the other, another couple of soulmates ‘died’ together in paintball,…
  • So many stories and they made you look forward to meeting yours even more
  • You eventually became very good friends and they invited you over for a karaoke night at a local bar
  • Besides feeling slightly concerned about your singing talents you were also excited to meet this ‘hilarious’ friend group Y/f/n always talked about
  • When you entered the bar you were surprised at how big the group was… 
  • They had tried to get one table but they had to be divided in a lot of small groups because of obvious reasons
  • “I think the owners always love when we come over because with almost 30 people our bill sure as hell gets high.”
  • You were briefly introduced while you searched out a place.
  • Of course with your friend and their soulmate at the same table, his name was Joshua. You’d heard a LOT about him but the table was even-numbered so you wondered who was separated from their soulmate.
  • You asked Joshua and apparently Y/f/n had kind of set you up with this guy Seungkwan so he wouldn’t be alone on soulmate night since last week Wonwoo also found his soulmate and he was left alone and soulmateless. 
  • Y/f/n nervously laughed but you thought it was sweet of them anyways, although you felt slightly used.
  • The first ones going for a try at the karaoke were Vernon and his Soulmate.
  • Let’s say everyone was expecting this besides you.
  • They thought it was a great decision to choose Adele.
  • It was definitely not.
  • Vernon: “Hello from the other SIIiiiiIIIDddEEEEE”
  • Vernon’s soulmate: “I must have called a thousand tTIIiiMMmmEesSS”
  • And then suddenly Vernon did a weird dance and sang something you knew was definitely not Adele “You used to call me on my cellphone….”
  • You took this opportunity to talk to Seungkwan, trying to suppress your laughter. “W-What are they even trying…?” 
  • “They are trying their very best pfffft but let’s say he isn’t in charge of singing in our group.” 
  • “Seungkwan, you know what this means?.” you said seriously.
  • “I don’t know? Vernon and his soulmate won’t be starting a singing career soon?”
  • “No I mean about us.”
  • “Seungkwan the song isn’t even over yet but I mea- “
  • It was too late, he’d dragged you onto the stage. Seungkwan threw you a microphone and he started singing.
  • You were filled with adrenaline from meeting your soulmate so you sang with them.
  • When the song ended you asked him “So how was my singing?” 
  • “Uhm it was better than those two that’s what counts haha.”
  • “HEY I HEARD THAT!” Vernon said with a smile.
  • Everyone agreed that you two had won this ‘sing-battle’, besides Jun and his soulmate. So Seungkwan was satisfied.
  • When you went back to your seats, you quietly showed your wrist to him.
  • “Oh my GOSH I’m so stupid! GUYS GUESS WHAT?”
  • Everyone’s head turned towards Seungkwan.
  • Queue everyone screaming and congratulating you two because Seungkwan had tbh been nagging a lot lately, at least that’s what they said.
  • Finally the group was complete.