jun's sketches


CAN I JUST SAY COINCIDENCE!!! like 3 weeks ago i legit-ly sketched their daughter i even got the age where he met her quite close?!?! what sorcery is this!! i was just doddling and hoping their child survived and hae soo kept super hush about it so yeonhwa wouldnt find out and destroy everything, i knew she would be with jung because of the C-version. And that wangso would someday come without notice to reconcile with jung only to shockingly find this child playing in the yard,noticing she has the same face and smile like his child self sososo much but acts like hae soo.thank god my wish came through LMAO. i should clean up this drawing and paint it properly , this doodle looks so rough LOLZ.


This doesn’t even count as a re-imagining. As the nurse was talking about how there weren’t any more beds left to put Judai in thERE WAS JUST A LONG PANNING SHOT OF MANJOUME??
And I didn’t even question myself before thinking ‘oh the old sharing the bed trope, haha this’ll be funny’. I was legitimately surprised when the above is not what happened.

A really carefree sketch of our precious Wang So(Lee Joon Gi) and Hae Soo (Lee Ji Eun/IU) ❤️

Huge chibi sketch dump of Seventeen~ Based on images i had saved in my seventeen folder~ (drawn throughout the week~) I originally only had Jisoo and Wonwoo only drawn, but i kept going and decided to do at least one of each~

Hope you guys like it! (im still taking requests for these chibi sketch things, just send me a Seventeen member’s photo and i will sketch it like this!)

Chibi Seventeen Sketches~

I’m going to do kind of a new thing where i will do Chibi sketch versions of any photo of Seventeen. Feel free to message me a picture that you might want to see in a chibi version. I’ll try my best to draw them accurately (i may alter them though if i can’t draw them in that pose OTL)~

I’m still continuing the pixels as well~

Let me know if you guys like this idea and feel free to suggest other stuff~