jun spam

Imagine bestfriend!Jun randomly sending you a bunch of selcas just to ask you which one looks the best.

the signs' secret bias wrecker
  • ok i checked and i don't think this has been a thing yet but i might just be stupid but requested by anon!
  • aries: dino
  • taurus: mingyu
  • gemini: minghao
  • cancer: seungcheol
  • leo: joshua
  • virgo: woozi
  • libra: jun
  • scorpio: seokmin
  • sagittarius: seungkwan
  • capricorn: jeonghan
  • aquarius: hoshi
  • pisces: vernon
Jun (SVT) Photo Spam

Anonymous asked:  Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun Jun!!!

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hope you liked it anonie~~

the signs and which seventeen member pranks them on april's fools and how
  • aries: minghao ; waking you up while he's wearing a clown mask
  • taurus: joshua ; putting mentos in your ice cubes
  • gemini: seungcheol ; switching your sugar and salt
  • cancer: seungkwan ; filling your toothpaste container with mayo
  • leo: wonwoo ; putting googly-eyes on everthing in your fridge
  • virgo: mingyu ; cutting out outlines of bugs and putting them inside your lamp
  • libra: jun ; plastic wrapping your toilet
  • scorpio: vernon ; putting post it notes on literally EVERYTHING YOU HAVE
  • sagittarius: dk ; dropping a spider on your food when you guys are eating lunch
  • capricorn: jeonghan ; filling your car air vents with small paper hearts
  • aquarius: hoshi ; getting one of his female friends to pretend she's pregnant with his baby
  • pisces: dino ; giving you a donut box full of vegetables
Junhui (SVT) Photo Spam!

anon requested: can you do Seventeen’s Jun spam??

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the signs as things seventeen needs
  • aries: rest because mansae was a hella tiring era and the boys worked hard
  • gemini: more minghao fancams !!!
  • cancer: they need to get themselves overseas and star
  • leo: tissues bc look at this lil snot rag mingyew
  • virgo: dino stans they are so rare
  • libra: better merch their glow stick stuff looks more like a pregnancy test
  • scorpio: for seungcheol to chill with the lip bites ur only 20 ??
  • capricorn: for vernon to also chill with the tongue like did u see that v app vid w/ the hip hop unit and when he winked he 😜
  • aquarius: what do i call hoshi like him dancing boY YOU BETTER BAC-
  • pisces: toothpaste bc honestly all of them need it
best friend to boyfriend: joshua
  • you’re new at school and joshua is part of the welcome committee so naturally he’s the first face you see there
  • he says “hi, i’m joshua hong, welcome to our school, i’ll show you around!”
  • he’s wearing t-shirt, cardigan and jeans and he is grinning from ear to ear
  • you kinda wanna punch him in the face tbh bc he is so happy it’s kind of irritating
  • he shows you where all of your classes are and when he lets you go he says “if you ever need anything, i’m always available to just let me know!” and he even offers to study with you whenever you need the help
  • and you’re like “suuuuuuure”
  • he also gave you his phone number which you shoved into your pocket
  • you think you’re free from mr. perfect now don’t you?
  • at lunch he notices you sitting by yourself so he sits with you and makes small talk with you, asks if you’re liking the school so far
  • on the outside you’re normal but on the inside you’re like “when will i have peace”
  • you also have some classes with him, w h y
  • you eventually learn to tolerate joshua’s omniscience bc it’s not like he’s not going anywhere
  • you’ve already figured out that he has good grades and all the teachers love him as do numerous girls but you realize that he’s actually really laid-back and chill and you like that about him
  • you also realize that many kids at school make fun of him for his squeaky-clean reputation and he has a pretty good attitude for someone who puts up with so much crap
  • after a while you don’t feel like you need to act a certain way around him bc he accepts you regardless
  • seriously though, one time you accidentally cursed in front of him while you were ranting about something and you caught yourself and you were like oH NO I’VE SINNED but joshua was just like “it’s okay, i understand”
  • he’s a big fan of random acts of kindness
  • one time you were behind him in line at starbucks and you didn’t think he noticed you but when you went up to the counter, ordered your drink and dug around in your pockets for the right amount of money the barista was like “you’re good, the guy in front of you just paid for you”
  • and you were so surprised, like you knew joshua was nice but not that nice
  • you and him had study dates because you could really use the help and joshua was always willing to help
  • people at school were like “does joshua like you or smth???” and you were like ?????? joshua ?????? liking me ?????? that’s absurd
  • well surprise, he’s madly in love with you and it’s torturing him but he doesn’t show it
  • one time he was helping you with your homework at your house and you’d been at it for so long that you couldn’t think straight and you were so overwhelmed that you just broke down and started crying
  • joshua had never seen you cry and seeing you this way made his lil heart shatter into a million pieces 
  • he took the textbooks out from under and suggested that you take a break and then he hugged you for the longest time 
  • he rocked you back and forth and whispered in your ear that you’re not a failure and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself because you’ve been doing so well
  • from then on you were like “what a great FRIEND i have, joshua is such a good FRIEND, i appreciate our FRIENDSHIP”
  • liar, you like him, but you’re restraining yourself bc you’re scared of ruining your relationship with him
  • your parents have you drop something off at his house once and when you enter the house you hear a guitar and the loveliest singing voice in the world
  • and you’re like IS THAT JOSHUA ????? HE PLAYS GUITAR ???? AND SINGS ??????
  • but he heard you shut the door so he stops playing guitar and runs right down the stairs 
  • he’s preparing to head somewhere so he’s wearing trouser pants, nice shoes and a white button up with the sleeves pushed to his elbows and he’s carrying his blazer and tie in his hands
  • you almost stop breathing for a moment when you see him 
  • you’re just like JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL
  • but you’re trying to maintain your composure so you say hi and he takes what’s in your hands and puts it aside 
  • you say you’ll go bc he looks like he’s in a rush but he’s like “you can visit for a while if you want to”
  • and you’re like “oh okay”
  • he looks at you and he looks really concerned all of a sudden and he says “are you okay?”
  • and you’re like “yeah, i’m fine, why?” 
  • he says “you’re looking kind of red” and puts his hand on your forehead and your heart starts beating REALLY fast
  • and then he slides his hand down to your cheek and you think you’re gonna pass out but you’re like “joshua i’m fine”
  • and he’s like “i’m sorry, i just…i get so concerned about you…” and then he puts his hand on the back of your neck and leans in to kiss your lips
  • when he pulls away his eyes are twinkling like stars and he is looking at you with so much affection
  • and he says “Y/N, i love you”
  • and you’re like “joshua…..i didn’t realize you felt that way about me……”
  • he kisses you again before leave
  • you’re now dating the guy who used to be the last person you wanted to see 
  • dates with joshua are so nice, he takes you to restaurants and to the beach and sometimes you guys go on walks together and hold hands
  • you call or text him if you need to get something off your chest because he’s always there when you need someone to listen to you (and he’ll call you sometimes to talk bc he’s got issues too)
  • one time you were having a really bad day so he picked you up from your house and gave you a cup of tea and he let you wear his jacket and you guys just drove around for the longest time as you let out all your emotions
  • when you finally calmed down he brought you back home and you were like “i’m sorry for always ranting to you, i must be such a burden”
  • and he says “you are not a burden Y/N, you’re the love of my life”
  • and he pulls you close and gives you a deep, romantic kiss
  • you guys ending up making out for five minutes at the front step of your house, oops
  • joshua absolutely adores you and everything is okay