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Here you go @lilywilde Luchenis and Wolfs 96-14 plus the Special Gala.

KiriyanLucheni and EriWolf are easily the best things about the 05 Elisabeth.

Watarucheni always has to be special…

(Juricheni and her blond Wolf in the 10th Anniversary Gala had to go because they didn’t really do anything.)

Practicing proper line art over the Easter weekend ft. Zuka youtube clips. Speed over accuracy was the motto. Although crying over Taako considerably slowed down the exercise.


Everybody talks about how big the 2005 golden steps tango was,almost not remembering WHO brought that dance to high levels of interpretations,and down to zuka history.




That is not an exstract,is THE EXSTRACT,from personally the best revue ever,PASSION BLUE.

Just imagine:

sick tango playing,fierce Noru,Bunchan,Rika,Mariko appearing,lots of coats and hats on the floor,,things getting serious,more serious,tooo damn serious,music starts beating faster and faster,dance starts,sick moves then


Ayaka appears. And she is just FIERCER than a panther on her job.

The rest is up to history.



What’s not to like about this exstract? NOTHING.

So enjoy it!


Golden era hanagumi otokoyaku in drag appreciation post.

Miyu and Rika lifting Miki in Hyperion (with bonus Tamo in a dress too).

Yumiko with Charlie in Viva (is that the same dress Rika is wearing with an added layer to the skirt?).

And as a bonus, Midori lifting Charlie in Cocktail (they could have switched who’s the musumeyaku and who the otokoyaku…).


A recent discussion about similarities between Silver Rose Chronicle and Seal of Roses made me start thinking about the similarities between Luna and Silver Rose Chronicle, for example:

The hero goes through a drastic transformation.

The bad guy’s name is Brian and he has a pharmaceutical company.

The romantic bike ride.


What is a better way to welcome the week end than this? NOTHING!

The wonderful opening for the series of shinsengumi show “The spirit of the samurai”.

Strong,dynamic,powerful,fierceness and very effective athmosphere permeates the whole show.


Here we have no more the young unexperienced Mariko the Journalist in “The Apollon Mistery”,neither the Ethereal blonde Tod,or the romantic goofy Edmond in “The Story of a sword love and a raimbow”.

Here she is just the strong sienne at the turning point of her carreer,unstoppable. Surrounded by a glorious cast that included Tsukikage Hitomi,the wonderful lady called Gunchan,who in contrast had the pure and beautiful attitude that just complemented this Mariko,a great and comedian born Minoru Kou,an always very dramatic Bunchan,and her deaths that never miss in this ‘90s period,and snaky great show stealer Rika Shibuki Jun,who you have never enough of.

This opening is pure energy charge,certainly one of the strongest in zuka,where Hoshigumi just shows everyone why they were just all bosses

P.S. Beware of this Mariko the-seppuku-giver;you are not enough for her…or you are just too much to handle so SEPPUKU is the only way you can escape her!

This show will be revived by great Daimon with top musu Maaya Kiho. soon in 2018

GAMBATTE YUKIGUMI GIRLS! Bring on this fierceness!

Poor Mami is being ostracized by the others.  Or maybe its just Rika.  And Rika dear, don’t barrel into poor Wao like that; the poor lady was left yelping in surprise (and probably pain too). :Q

*Context: Don’t go by me because the host was speaking too fast and my Japanese listening skills suck, but if I interpreted rightly, the host was asking the OGs, (when they were in Zuka) which junior had no qualms “being rude” (as in, using a casual style of speaking rather than speaking in honorific terms) to their seniors?  And Rika was (very) quick to single out poor Mami? ^^  Whatever it is, just seeing how Rika pushed the others away that quickly and Mami’s still clueless expression was funny enough! ^^


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Yesterday, I was bored and it was too late in the night day to do anything productive so I researched which Troupe has produced the most Top Stars/musume and where exactly did they reign.

Idek if this has been done before, i was just killing time.


For convenience reasons I only went with people who became Top after (or around, but mostly after) 1980, when the Top Star system allegedly started working things were too fluid before the berubara yonkyou.

Sources are takawiki.com, japanese wikipedia, and googling fansites and retired stars’ official profiles for fact confirmation whenever needed.

This is by no means a definitive list, if you see any mistakes feel free to shoot me a note.

  • Lists are categorized by Troupe assignment right after hatsubutai and ordered by inauguration date (may not be 100% correct but i did my best).
  • Brackets state which Troupe each sienne ended up being the Top of.
  • Asterisks (*) designate a haenuki top. [A haenuki top is someone who became top by rising through the ranks of the troupe they were initially assigned to, without ever being transfered elsewhere.]
  • Includes some talking-to-myself comments/observations in between.

Top Stars originating in Flower Troupe

Setouchi Miya (Star)
Taira Michi (Snow)
Anju Mira (Flower)*
Maya Miki (Flower)*
Makoto Tsubasa (Moon)
Shizuki Asato (Cosmos)
Aika Mire (Flower)*
Shibuki Jun (Moon)
Kouju Tatsuki (Star)
Takumi Hibiki (Flower)*
Haruno Sumire (Flower)*
Asami Hikaru (Snow)
Sena Jun (Moon)
Kiriya Hiromu (Moon)
Ranju Tomu (Flower)
Sou Kazuho (Snow)
Asaka Manato (Cosmos)

Total: 17

Top musumeyaku originating in Flower Troupe

Miyuki Hanayo (Flower)*
Wakaba Hiromi (Flower)*
Sugata Haruka (Star)
Kanna Miho (Snow)
Hibiki Mito (Flower)*
Morina Miharu (Flower)*
Shiraki Ayaka (Star)
Tsukikage Hitomi (Star/Snow)
Ootori Rei (Flower)*
Fuzuki Miyo (Flower)
Maikaze Rira (Snow)
Ayano Kanami (Moon)
Sakurano Ayane (Flower)*
Nono Sumika (Cosmos)
Misaki Rion (Cosmos)

Total: 15

Hanagumi has produced by far the most tops the past 35 years, but apparently does not do very well with keeping them. In the musumeyaku front in particular, out of the 6 haenuki top musume, half are from before the 90′s and then it’s like, one a decade.

Top Stars originating in Moon Troupe

Daichi Mao (Moon)*
Tsurugi Miyuki (Moon)*
Hyuuga Kaoru (Star)
Suzukaze Mayo (Moon)*
Amami Yuuki (Moon)*
Asaji Saki (Star)
Kuze Seika (Moon)*
Todoroki Yuu (Snow)
Ayaki Nao (Moon)
Mizu Natsuki (Snow)
Yamato Yuuga (Cosmos)
Oozora Yuuhi (Cosmos)
Ryuu Masaki (Moon)*
Asumi Rio (Flower)
Hokushou Kairi (Star)

Total: 15

Top musumeyaku originating in Moon Troupe

Kuroki Hitomi (Moon)*
Kodama Ai (Moon)*
Asano Kayo (Moon)*
Kazahana Mai (Moon)*
Sen Hosachi (Flower)
Dan Rei (Moon/Star)
Shirahane Yuri (Star/Snow)
Shijou Rui (Cosmos)
Yumesaki Nene (Star)
Ranno Hana (Flower)
Manaki Reika (Moon)*
Sakihi Miyu (Snow)

Total: 12

Tsukigumi seems to either make their own top stars or supply from Hana, the only slight exception being Saeko who wandered a bit before returning to her original troupe. There’s a possibility Masao’s successor will break this pattern, though. Note how Masachapi is the first tsuki haenuki top combi since Kuze Seika/Kazahana Mai.

Top Stars originating in Snow Troupe

Jun Mitsuki (Flower)
Oura Mizuki (Flower)
Mori Keaki (Snow)*
Ichiro Maki (Snow)*
Takane Fubuki (Snow)*
Wao Youka (Cosmos)
Takashiro Kei (Cosmos)
Aran Kei (Star)
Otozuki Kei (Snow)*
Ouki Kaname (Cosmos)

Total: 10

Top musumeyaku originating in Snow Troupe

Gojou Aisen (Moon)
Ayu Yuuki (Snow)*
Murasaki Tomo (Snow)
Junna Risa (Flower)
Nagisa Aki (Star)
Konno Mahiru (Snow)*
Aihara Mika (Snow)*
Maihane Mimi (Snow)*
Manaka Ayu (Snow)*

Total: 9

Yukigumi has supplied most of Soragumi’s top stars up to date (with Tsuki and Hana tied on second place at 2 each). In recent years they are also raising their own top musume for the most part. It’s also interesting how the 90′s were a chain of haenuki tops in the 3 troupes so far. It’s like they were mostly keeping it tidy then Soragumi happened and boom, major overhaul all around.

Top Stars originating in Star Troupe

Matsu Akira (Flower)
Asami Rei (Snow)
Takashio Tomoe (Flower)
Mine Saori (Star)*
Shion Yuu (Star)*
Minoru Kou (Star)*
Emao Yuu (Snow)
Kozuki Wataru (Star)
Matobu Sei (Flower)
Yuzuki Reon (Star)*

Total: 10

Top musumeyaku originating in Star Troupe

Azuma Chiaki (Snow/Star)
Haruka Kurara (Star/Snow)*
Minakaze Mai (Star)*
Koujou Reika (Star)*
Akishino Miho (Flower)
Marimo Eri (Star)*
Hanafusa Mari (Snow/Cosmos) yasqueen.gif
Hoshina Yuuri (Star)
Emi Kurara (Moon)
Hizuki Hana (Cosmos)
Aono Yuki (Moon)
Hinami Fuu (Star)*

Total: 12

Hoshigumi generally either grows its own tops or sends them to Hana. Since Ootori Ran there seems to be a pattern of alternating between haenuki tops and people who got transfered in (with Wataru’s adventures in Sora and Senka land being the only mild distortion). At the time this is being written the pattern is expected to continue. On the musumeyaku front, look at that list and try to tell me Hoshigumi is not cultivating ground for some real boss musume. Doesn’t seem to keep them unfortunately. Fuu-chan is the first haenuki hoshi top musume in 26 years. Note also, how Ume is to date (October 2015), the only Soragumi top to come from Hoshi (edit: Hanafusa Mari is also from Hoshi originally, the heck @me).

Top Stars originating in Cosmos Troupe

Sagiri Seina (Snow)

Top musumeyaku originating in Cosmos Troupe

Toono Asuka (Star)
Kano Maria (Flower)

Well, that was short. Didn’t even bother to write the totals. Being the newest troupe by a landslide has these side effects. Poor Soragumi has never had a haenuki top in its history, in either role and Sora fans are positively starving for one. Many were hoping Kai would be that but now that this is gone up in smoke hope currently rests with Ai-chan, probably (and on the musumeyaku front, Urara. And/or Hoshikaze Madoka? there really is no telling with Hankyu decisions). The future lies ahead, Soragumi!