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The signs as Jun Fukuyama characters

Aries: Kou Nakano

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Taurus: Misaki Yata

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Gemini: Kazuma

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Cancer: Yuuta Togashi

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Leo: Lelouch Lamperouge

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Virgo: Yukio Okumura

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Libra: Grell Sutcliff

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Scorpio: Shinra Kishitani

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Sagittarius: King

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Capricorn: Koro-sensei

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Aquarius: Ichimatsu Matsuno

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Pisces: Souta Takanashi

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Original Artist: りーふ

DRRR!!xOsomatsu-san via twitter@matsu_briefs (aka @garnet_brief)

Hiroshi Kamiya (Izaya Orihara / Choromatsu Matsuno) 
Daisuke Ono (Shizuo Heiwajima / Jyuushimatsu Matsuno) 
Jun Fukuyama (Shinra Kishitani / Ichimatsu Matsuno) 
Yuuichi Nakamura (Kyouhei Kadota / Karamatsu Matsuno)


おそ松さん Osomatsu San season 2 is announced!


so fukuyama jun sings this song and i couldent resist making ichi sing it

A Revelation

I was looking at the ages of the Matsu seiyuus for no particular reason, and I realised something.

From eldest to youngest, the list goes: Sakurai, Kamiya, OnoD, Jun, Nakamura, Miyu.

If we pair them off inrl like we do with the Matsus, we have: [Sakurai | Kamiya] [OnoD | Jun] [Nakamura | Miyu]

Choukei = Sokudo

Nenchuu = Suuji

Sue = Zaimoku

Never again will anyone try and tell me they’re not the Matsus irl. Those perfectly aligned -Kun duos, This Is Too Coincidental. The stars have spoken, the planets have aligned, Jesus has returned.

Osomatsu’s VA raised the banner that he brought on stage. Written there, “Proud to be Jobless”.

FappyMatsu Choromatsu’s seiyuu confidently walked on stage with his dear tissue box tucked safely.

Ichimatsu’s VA had dynamite.

Jyushimatsu’s seiyuu the ‘Baseball Guy’, and

Todomatsu’s VA with his cute, super girly pink parasol.

………………. There are 6500 fans attending that event, I hope the DVD will come out soon and it will be awesome!