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#EVERYBODYKNOWS only great songs can be sang in so many ways! Good job on this cover!

Jun K, you are really a genius! #2PM #GOCRAZY


[Trans] ViVi 2PM members analysis, “Who’s the best?”

Q. The best at sleeping member?

JK: Taecyeon. He will fall asleep directly in any way.

NK: Jun. K. His sleeping time is long.

TY: Me. Because I indeed sleep well.

WY: Taecyeon. He’s really good at it.

JH: Taecyeon. His talent is his skill in sleeping.

CS: Taecyeon. When he’s leaned his head, he’ll sleep anywhere.

Q. A member who looks at the mirror the most?

JK: No one. But someone who doesn’t look at the mirror the most is the doubtlessly Taecyeon (laughs)

NK: Wooyoung.

TY: Junho. No specific reason.

JH: Me. Because I had a habit of looking at the mirror during dance practice, I gained a similar habit in daily life. I always look for mirror unconciously.

JH: Me. Since I dyed my hair blonde, I always check whether the black hair root has grown or not.

CS: I dunno.

Q. A member that resembles a beast the most>
JK: Nobody.

NK: Taecyeon. His sayings and doing are hearty and manly.

TY: Chansung. Because his body is big.

WY: Jun. K. He’s scary (T_T)

JH: Nobody.

CS: Taecyeon. He looks more “beast” than anyone else when performing on stage.

Q. The most emotional member?

JK: Everyone.

NK: Wooyoung. He’s really tender-hearted.

TY: Chansung. He’ll directly cry when there’s a sad or happy thing.

WY: Nichkhun. He’s thoughtful.

JH: Nobody.

CS: Nichkhun. Rather than being emotional, he’s generous to people (laughs)

Q. The tidiest member?

JK: Wooyoung. There’s no dust in his room at all!

NK: Wooyoung. When I look at him from the side, I think he’s always cleaning something~

TY: Wooyoung. He’s always cleaning his room.

WY: Me. Because I really like tidy and clean stuffs.

JH: Jun. K. You’ll know if you go to his house. The arrangement order is perfect.

CS: Nichkhun and Wooyoung. They’re both really good at arranging things.

Q. A member who treats himself the strictest?

JK: Nichkhun. He’s never careless at any time.

NK: Taecyeon. He manages himself well.

TY: Nichkhun. It’s the truth…

WY: Nobody.

JH: Nichkhun. His pro-consciousness is awesome!

CS: Junho. He doesn’t allow himself to whine when managing himself. Anyway, he’s strict!

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