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seventeen: having a curvy girlfriend

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don’t fight me when i say that he is 100% the type of guy that has a firm hand on your thigh whenever he’s driving. loves it when you wear fitted jeans because he really likes the way that the material hugs your legs, and has a habit of playfully patting your butt whenever you pick to wear a pair of tight pants. also really likes giving you backhugs, hands resting on your hips as he rests his chin on your shoulder to watch whatever you’re doing.

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Seventeen reaction to you taking them with you to buy lingerie. (Slightly smutty)


He would be so shy. Blushing so much that he looked like a tomato, but he would still try to help you. When you asked him what he finds pretty and when he points to something or says “this would look really cute on you” he would start blushing even more. Please help this poor shy soul.


He would be excited. Wouldn’t feel awkward or shy at all. He would keep bringing you things that he would like for you to try it on. When you were in the dressing room changing he would come in closing the door behind him. “You look really sexy babe” he would say and kiss you.


This boy would be so shy that he barely said a word. When you asked him if he was okay he answered something that shocked you a lot. “Its just that when i see all these different lingerie i imagine you in them and it turns me on” he would say and look down embarrassed.


This would be a lot like Wonwoo. So excited for you to try different things on and of course to see you in them. What he didn’t expect is when you showed him one of the sets that you really liked he got a boner and practically dragged you out of the shop home in such a rush you thought you wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

The8 (Minghao):

He would be surprisingly calm. He would help you choose what ever you wanted and even insisted to pay for it too. “Honey i will buy them on one condition. When we get home i want you to model all of them for me in private” he. would whisper in your ear with his husky voice that send shivers down your spine as you felt the excitement grow.


He wouldn’t really mind being in the shop until he saw a really small pair of underwear he lost it “Omo whats this? Is this what you call underwear? Its just a string with lace” he would say loudly making you laugh. In the end he would still help you choose what you should get and even paid for it cuz he really wanted to spoil you. In the end you were his princess.


He would be fine and collected when you askes him to help you choose and asked his opinion on what he likes. Later you tried one of the sets on but didn’t really knew how you felt about it so you asked him to come in and asked how does it look. All he said was “You look freaking sexy in this y/n, you are making me think of so many unholy thoughts right now” he would whisper with lust in his eyes.


Another one to be quite shy but he still liked that you actually cared about his opinion even if it was something so little like lingerie. Once you tried one set on and showed him he couldn’t contain himself. He dragged you into the dressing room and said. “You look so freaking sexy i want to take you right here And now” he would say and kiss you while pinning you against the wall.


He would be calm and act casually while on the inside he was dying. He was walking around looking at some of the sets until it landed on cute pink set “y/n you need to try this on. It will look perfect on you.” He would say and guide you to the changing room. Once you changed and showed him how it looked on you all he said was “As expected you look absolutely perfect in it”


When you told him that you needed his opinion on buying lingerie he was so confused and flustered at the same time. After trying couple of sets you showed his this cute black set with small black bow. “Omg y/n you look so sexy right now. I cant wait to get you home and devour you” he said while playing with the little bow on your bra with his other hand on your hip.


He would be so freaking excited. He would the first to run into the store. Would grab so many different sets that you thought you wouldn’t be able to try all of the on today. After trying some of them on you started showing the to Hoshi and boy was he enjoying it “My god y/n how are you so sexy? He asked and kissed your neck” you could feel his boner against your thigh and it said it all.


He would be really shy and embarrassed, but he would still try to help you find something cute, after you showing some of them Dk said “You look freaking sexy y/n, but can we please get out of here as soon as possible? That lady over there is looking at me like im some kind of a pervert in this store” he said with his cute eye smile and you couldn’t help but laugh at what he said.

Dino (Chan):

He would be so embarrassed and shy all the time you were in the store. When you asked him to help you choose he got even more flustered. “Sure babe!” He said with a nervous smile. Later he chose you a dark blue set and told you to go try it on. When you came out he Got all shy again “You look great honey! As always” he would say while smiling at you lovingly.

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The days are gradually colder but thanks to our CHOICEs today still seems to become warm😁!! Be very careful to not catch a cold, and next week 😆Please anticipate a lot from IDOL CLASS as well~ 😘 (In cute language) -Park Leader -

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