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96-line’s drawings + things they’ve said about Jun (in order from left-right).

Hoshi: Junhui is really a precious person~
Woozi: Junhui really is very kind, a person worth liking.
Wonwoo: Junnie is a very nice person, he’s just a little silly.

MTL Likely to Date Someone Shorter than Woozi


W O O Z I - Dating someone who made him feel tall and manly would make him much more confident. He’s a lil chihuahua that wants to be a rottweiler. He’s openly been pretty insecure about his height and his cute appearance, and this would help.

Dino - Similar to Woozi, he’d want to be made to felt very big and manly when standing next to his partner (because in day to day life he’s a little shorter than all his friends and it’d make him feel v special).

The8, Jun - Not like they prefer short people (they ain’t got no type…bad bitches is the only thing that they like) but dating someone short would let them show off by picking them up and carrying them places all the time. They’ll treat you like a lil doll. 

Jeonghan, Seungkwan, Hoshi, DK - Don’t care???? At all??? Like…zero consideration of height. 

Wonwoo, Joshua, Vernon, S.Coups - Would probably prefer someone proportionate to their height or the same height as them (short people are a-okay and height wouldn’t stop them from dating anyone, though, ok?) 

Mingyu - The height difference might be too much. He doesn’t want to bring a stepladder everywhere so he can kiss his s/o (but he will if he has to, king of consideration). 


- Marcy

Seventeen Scenario: You holding them in your arms

A/N: Kind of went a different route with this one. ^-^ Also, apologies for being inactive these last few days, I’ve been trying to get a job lol ya know how it goes. Worth mentioning that I am halfway done with some requests, finally I will be free from it all! ;-; Anyways enjoy! 

S.Coups/Hoshi/Woozi: Moments like these are probably the most enjoyable for them, you holding them tightly in bed as they go on about their day, it’s something they really look forward to. They all work so hard trying to make sure everything is in place and how everyone else is doing, they sometimes just need someone to be there for them too. And being able to rest in your arms is a feeling to die for, being in the care of someone else, for once they don’t feel like a caretaker. 

Jeonghan/Jun/Seungkwan: The three most affectionate and caring people in the world who just want the same feeling to be returned. Doesn’t matter what you two are doing, as long as they’re within your presence- all is dandy. You two would be on the couch, you’d have an arm around them tightly, as they’re lying their head on the crook of your neck, attacking you with kisses. Of course even when they are on the other side of things, they never really let go of their affectionate ways.

Wonwoo/The8: May seem like the most distant of them all but, actually enjoys being able to just rest in your arms. The two of you watching movies with one another, having your company is enough for them, relieved because they don’t feel like they have to act a certain way when they’re around you. In a sense being in your arms is like a getaway from the act they have to put on to others.

Joshua/DK/Mingyu: Is the kind of person who actively seeks this form of attention from you. Could probably be in your arms for hours, the feeling of being safe- away from all the chaos that surrounds them on a daily basis is so refreshing to them.

Vernon/Dino: Personally isn’t a fan of being held, it’s not necessarily that they doesn’t enjoy the feeling, but rather that they want to be the one that is taking care of you. Prefers to be on the other side of things for once, considering that they are the youngest, they are always being taken care of by the others so it’s only fair that they want to do the same for you.