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SWEENEY TODD 2016 Korean production
another cast profile pictures

They are using this pics for the cast board.
I prefer them ;)

Sweeney Todd  Cho Seung woo / Yang Jun mo (Double)

Mrs. Lovett Ock Joo hyun / Jeon Mi do  (Double) 

Johanna Lee Ji hye / Lee Ji soo   (Double)

Judge Turpin Seo Young joo

Anthony Yoon So ho

Tobias Lee Seung won / Kim Sung chul   (Double)

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People are losing their shit (pardon my french) over the fact that LJK is not single.

LeeLee shippers are against LJK and PMY shippers (yep, people already ship that). Fangirls crying in the corners because their bias won’t date or marry them bc obviously before that they had a legit chance to date him.

And now tvn cancels special video of My Ear’s Candy with Lee jun Ki and Park Min Young, like they assume that there is no point anymore. The heck? I see no connection but we understand where it’s coming from. Since when participating in this kind of a show equals dating? Ridiculous.

People questioning then why LJK behaved like that with IU. Well, in my opinion, he’s a showman and he just gave us what we wanted and thanks for keeping our SoSoo feels alive. Don’t forget that he loves this show as mush as we do and I think he enjoys seeing us fangirling over it.

Why people are like this? Lee Jun Ki is his own person, with his private life, emotions and feelings. Can’t we just cheer and be happy for him? He doesn’t owe us anything (except for an amazing drama, we need a new drama with him) I just don’t want any consequences for him that could affect his career.

Maybe I’m wrong but I’m certain in one thing - let’s distinguish between an actor and his job and a person and his personal life.

People need to chill.


People should know those two are very lovable.. and I hope Shiyoon doesn’t try too hard to please the viewers, He simply needs to be who he is and that’s enough.

yehet, negative maknae and positive maknae united.