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└ OMG~ The things these national idols are made to do~~ (^_^)

Cr: Aratsubo Preview 16.07.2016

Imagine having a well-planned out Valentine’s Day date with Woozi at the Pledis building rooftop.

BONUS: When you reach the building, you were surprised to see the other Seventeen members dressed up in suits and waiter attires. It turns out that Woozi “hired” them to help out with your date.

seventeen cooking
  • scoups: can make decent dishes and wears a tank to show off those arms and an apron (made of boyfriend material)
  • jeonghan: gorgeous when preparing the food but when it comes to the dish it's bad (but you still eat it though)
  • joshua: his cooking involves a phone and dialling your local pizzeria he doesn't know ANYTHING about cooking
  • jun: literally makes a BUFFET of appetizers, main dishes and desserts he's so good at everything wtf STOP
  • hoshi: BLASTS music on and get so into it he forgets about the meal and before you know it the fire alarm went off??
  • wonwoo: can't grasp the concept of cooking/eating healthy his diet consists of hamburgers, fries, and more hamburgers
  • woozi: looks like he knows what he's doing but he doesn't actually know how to cook he just burns everything
  • dk: plays with the food he doesn't actually finish the dish he just thinks flapping the chicken around is funny
  • mingyu: he's got talent like WOW every dish he makes is HEAVEN except the secret ingredient is probably bacteria
  • minghao: never made a dish his entire life ?? he just makes these dumplings his mom taught him to make it's precious
  • seungkwan: wears the 'kiss the chef' apron and gets SO PUMPED TO COOK but then gets scared of using the stove
  • vernon: he has cooking talent equivalent to a collage student he works best with ramen packets and mac and cheese
  • dino: he's not allowed to use the stove he needs parental supervision he's too young to use knives as well rip
On the feeds she tells us she’s practically a doctor, yeah…I’m just wondering how many sexual harassment suits there are against her as a nurse in her hometown and boys if you ever go to a sperm bank to make a quick buck, make sure your nurse isn’t danielle because she’s gonna become your baby mama..seriously.
—  Jun on Jun Dishes talking about Danielle.
17 as cafe workers

Woozi: The cutest waiter that everyone wants and asks for by name. Secretly lazy af though and avoids customers like the plague. Gets excellent tips for practically doing nothing

Seungcheol: Headhoncho; the boss. Likes to help out in the kitchen but breaks every plate and flirts with Jeonghan nonstop. He’s not allowed back there anymore

Jisoo: Bubbly barista who gets too absorbed in talking about anime and burns the coffee.

Dino: Doesn’t really work there but he hangs around so much that he might as well. Likes to annoy all the workers and gets 50% off of everything.

Mingyu: In charge of getting things off of the top shelf but also drops all the ingredients.total butterfingers

Seungkwan: Constantly singing show tunes while doing the dishes. 

Jun: In charge of decorating all the pastires and cakes but he gets more frosting on himself than aything else. Half of the time he’s just eating them

Minghao: The one worker that always hurts himself. 

Dokyum: Cashier that flirts with all the school girls that come through. Annoying as hell but he rakes in more customers. Also threated the most, wONdEr wHY?

Hoshi: The only one who actually likes being a waiter. When its someone’s birthday he comes out with a cake and sings happy birthday at full blast while Seungkwan and Dokyum do harmonies. 

Vernon: Hates working but he needs money, yo. Likes to hide in the laundry pile and take “power naps”

Jeonghan: Knows all the regular customers. Pretty much the face of the cafe. At least 30 people fall in love with him in a day. Will probably steal your girlfriend if you bring her here.

Wonwoo: Owner of the cafe. Constantly wondering why he hired half of these people


Arashi ni Shiyagare 23 May 2015
This is MJ! …cooking fried rice for you lol
In this episode, he learnt the art of cooking fried rice! Technique includes tossing the rice 360 degrees and the rice must be at the right temperature after cooking.  He practised so much that he needed a masseur sensei to massage his arm :)  In the end, he did it like a pro (well, almost ^^ )

Note: He’s super hot cooking western food though …of course you all know that right ;)