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Kdrama Leads! Seventeen (Plus you as the love interest)

(Warning: mild spoilers for well-known kdramas)

S. Coups- Descendants of the sun

  • Imagine leader-nim in uniform
  • Serious and a rational leader but has the best pick up line
  • “You must not have much time for a boyfriend, since you’re a doctor”
  • But. That. Uniform. Though.
  • His special forces unit are his children/family will protect them at all costs
  • Will love you unconditionally, the letter he writes before he heads into a possible suicide mission is for you
  • Wants nothing more than to curl up with you on the couch for a movie date

Jeonghan- Uncontrollably Fond

  • Seems like a hotheaded Hallyu star at first
  • Will fall for you the first time you meet
  • Will tease you endlessly and you will start out with a mutual frenemy dynamic
  • Secretly just wants your love because of his problems with his family and his upcoming death by brain tumor
  • Is cold and a savage sometimes when trying to get revenge for your father
  • Punches any guy who insults you

Joshua- Pinocchio

  • Best friend since childhood with you
  • Loves you so so much but can’t do anything yet 
  • Has a mysterious and dangerous background
  • Everything he does, he does for you
  • Gives you rides on his bicycle/taxi
  • Always supports your dream even if he needs to sacrifice something himself
  • A true gentleman, searches for the truth and takes down the bad guys
  • Waits until your family approves before dating and marriage

Jun- kill me heal me

  • Multiple personalities, main personality is quiet, mature, extremely determined
  • Mysterious bad boy secondary personality
  • Will protect you at all costs
  • Thinks you’re adorable and endearing and loves you very much
  • Wants to give you everything in the world
  • Becomes your best friend and your lover
  • A lot of quiet conversations about your fears and how you help each other overcome those fears and heal each other from past scars

Hoshi- Flower Boy next door

  • You prob fell for him sometime along the way without knowing it
  • He’s super energetic and hyper like a puppy and always positive and happy
  • Knows that you’re quiet and a recluse for a reason
  • “Ajumma, let’s go on an adventure”
  • Takes you to the beach and everywhere else just to get you to laugh and talk with him
  • Absolutely hates it when anyone comes near you and if they hurt you, they’re goners
  • Knocks on your door everyday, drags you around everywhere

Wonwoo- My love from another star

  • Wiseman who has basically seen it all and reads all the time in a huge af penthouse apartment with green plants everywhere, a true garden fairy
  • but when he sees you at first he’s annoyed
  • But he wonders why he’s so taken aback by you when he should have seen it all
  • Mysterious and a bit anti-social but around you, his smile lights up the world
  • Uses magic powers to protect you from anything (like a broken car brake and the car heading off a cliff)
  • Won’t let you out of his sight, constantly protecting you and making sure you’re safe
  • would spend years trying to figure out how to go back to you and be by your side

Woozi- Heartstrings

  • Mysterious lead vocal/instrumentalist that everyone wants to be close with, but no one except his close friends have broken his front
  • That is until you make a bet with him and lose, becoming his personal servant for a month
  • Somewhere along the way he realizes the kind and amazing person you are
  • is respectful of your feelings and waits until he is willing to give you all his attention and love
  • is super protective won’t let anyone say even a single bad thing about you
  • sings you to sleep, writes songs for you, serenades with guitar
  • supports you in every way for your dreams, your number 1 fan

Mingyu- Oh my Ghostess

  • The boy wonder, the boy who can do it all, the greatest chef ever
  • Thinks he’s the visual/best-looking out of those around him
  • Thinks you’re a bit klutzy and too docile
  • protects you like you protect a puppy
  • constantly worried about you
  • cooks with you in the kitchen, teaches you all the tricks
  • brags about you on live broadcast’s, you’re his girl
  • is super surprised when you stand up for yourself but couldn’t be any prouder
  • loves you a whole lot, buys matching aprons

The8- Healer

  • The quiet and cute type
  • Don’t let his cute appearance fool you, this boi flips everywhere from alleys to rooftops to parking lots, best in the business
  • can act really well and can appear as a soft fluffball, but can take on any guys in a fight
  • thinks you’re absolutely the cutest thing he’s ever seen and that you’re brave and strong-willed, something he admires in you
  • Willing to give up his whole world for you and only you, you’re his everything
  • has a secret lair that only you know about and you hang out, watch tv and stare out the windows together

Dk- Strong woman Do Bong Soon

  • A tease 99% of the time
  • is absolutely 100% smitten with you
  • Is cute and funny and happy and energetic 100% with you
  • Thinks you’re his fallen angel sent to him by his mom to be by his side
  • A jokester, he likes to tease you but always makes you feel like you can do anything
  • will melt into a puddle if you do something cute
  • is supportive and loves giving you cute pet nicknames
  • sends you good night messages with cute face filters and lots of hearts
  • also happens to be hecka smart and willing to fight anyone for you (even if he might lose)

Seungkwan- Heirs

  • Doesn’t understand the meaning of the word extra
  • can flip your entire world upside down with a few simple words
  • “Perhaps, did I miss you?” “Perhaps, do I like you?” “Maybe, did I fall in love with you?”
  • Cutest thing in the world around you, but gets super jealous
  • “Hey honey who are these guys?” “She’s taken sorry. Taken by me get lost.”
  • Showers you with gifts even when you tell him to stop
  • Doesn’t understand why he can’t just buy you the world
  • “If you’re by my side, nothing will happen. I’ll protect you”
  • Willing to give up everything, everything for you, you’re his everything, his home, his family

Vernon- weightlifting fairy Kim bok Joo

  • Athletic cute flower boy
  • doesn’t know how he got so lucky and got a girl like you to like him let alone be his girlfriend
  • teases you non-stop and realizes he’s had a crush on you for a long time but never knew
  • wants to shout from the rooftop about his amazing gf but you’d die of embarrassment
  • Is always excited to rush off and meet you after practice, practically jumping off walls to see you sooner
  • acts casual when he does see you, but we all know he’s got no chill

Dino- I can hear your voice

  • always knows what’s on your mind (because the boy can literally read minds)
  • knows he is younger so always acts manly to try to protect you, but is a fluffball
  • “noona”
  • has been searching for you basically all his life
  • Is really mature for his age, sometimes it feels like he’s the adult and you’re a kid
  • back hugs, back hugs all the time
  • cooks ramen at best, you’re going to need to help the kid
  • respects you and your privacy always but is willing to use his powers for “evil” if you want him to

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OK, this scene has to be memorable for all arashians! Jun-kun is giving massage to his precious Sho-chan XD 

Please guys I hope you wont kill me… It is just parody and I swear I love Sakumoto and I ship them. (as friends ofc) I just found it funny and cute and so this meme was born XD I will end up in hell for this XD 

(my work, pls credit if use) 

Actually I love this scene. Sakumoto trying so hard to show us how they get along well. (well they do but they just dont show it, and when they show it is a bit awkward lol XD I am sooo lolling at overmotimated grinning Matsujun XD )

Johnny Depp at Glastonbury
Depp, who arrived in a blue vintage Cadillac, was greeted with crowds of screaming fans holding phones. He smoked a cigarette as he posed for pictures and jumped on the car bonnet without prompting. Wearing a black shirt and distressed jeans, he also sported a black hat with a silver ribbon around it.

Introducing the film, the story of debauched poet the second Earl of Rochester, he said: “Thank you so much for having me here. This is beautiful, chaotic, madness … I made the film because I wanted to try to bring to England a great poet that they missed. They missed him because he was written off as a jokester, a hoaxer. This guy is one of the deepest poets.”

Fans, many sat in vintage cars and trucks, then enjoyed a screening of The Libertine.

  • tags I've used for idols I like but aren't my biases: #wow #ball on fluff #true angel #a sight to be seen #too pure #my son #what a smol baby #how can people be so beautiful
  • tags I've used for my biases: #how about you stop????? #I FEEL ATTACKED #who allowed this #GET OUT OF HERE GO AWAY #STAY IN YOUR LANE #slay me #stophim2k17 #look at him trying to get us all killed #COLLECT HIM PLEASE #... my love for you is endless
Seventeen as Donuts

A/N: Okay this is a bit weird, but like apparently it’s National Donuts Day. So like why not compare Seventeen to donuts and analyze the shit out of them? I can’t believe I actually did this. Btw I added the read more for anyone who may not be comfortable with viewing food, so please continue on at your own risk. 

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First Kiss with Jun (absolute pure fluff)

A/N: so that fact i put in there is apparently true. idk try it out with ya lover and tell me what happens bc i’m curious..

gif credit

Saying Jun was nervous around you was an understatement. When Jun was with you his heart would beat faster than a marathon runner’s would and his hands became the most embarrassing amount of clammy (at least to him). His whole body would grow hot upon the simplest touch you gave him and left a graveyard of goosebumps along his skin. He was almost certain this feeling would kill him and he was almost certain that that was all he wanted.

Saying you were nervous around Jun was an understatement. Your breath became the most addictive amount of shallow and your cheeks became permanently flushed with the light pink shade dusting your cheeks in the most obvious way. You couldn’t explain how this boy made you feel so awkward and borderline nauseous at times. You couldn’t explain that everything in your body made you want to run back to that feeling.

The late Friday “totally not a date” night you and Jun had gone on was passing by much faster than you had hoped. It wasn’t your first “not a date” with Jun, in fact it wasn’t even close. You and Jun had spent one too many nights sitting on a dock at a pond by your house, both of your bare feet swishing in the cold water as you talked with Jun about anything that came to your mind.

“I read this article today,” Jun started, moving on from your previous topic as his fingers wrapped delicately around a smooth rock before he skipped it along the water. One, two, three, you watched it dance along the surface before falling in after the fourth skip.

“Is that the end of the story?” You laughed to yourself noting his absence. You threw your stone along the water. Neither of you spoke as you both counted six skips in your head.

“No, no. Sorry, I just zoned out for a second.” Jun did this often lately with you around, you could tell something was on his mind but you couldn’t manage to get him to tell you what. “So, I read this article. It said that when you like someone and you look in their eyes” Jun’s thought fizzled out as he rambled to you.

“Okay,” You whispered barely audible hoping to push him along knowing that this thought was whatever had been weighing on his mind.

“When your heart starts beating from staring into someone’s eyes that you like, well, if that person likes you too your hearts synchronize.”

Jun had done it, he had sent your heart stage diving out of your chest with a few words. Jun could always do this to you. He was an intruder. Intruding in on your thoughts, intruding in on your dreams, intruding in on your heart.

You unsuccessfully gulped down a clump of nervousness growing in your throat. “(Y/N),” Jun spoke again, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat before he continued, “(Y/N), can I try something?” He had looked up at you not breaking eye contact.

Your words you tried to speak became lost in your lungs and you only nodded in response. He reached his hand out, his fingers ghosting you chest sending a familiar graveyard of goosebumps on your skin. His placed his warm but delicate palm on your chest as your heart grew even more erratic.

His eyes had grown wide, comically wide, and if you weren’t so goddamn scared you would have laughed. He didn’t speak again as the silence lingered between you two. A second that felt like an eternity passed before he took one of your hands in both of his. He rested your hand on his chest as well, again never breaking eye contact with you.

And you had felt it, the synchronicity between your heart and his. You felt as though you were on a wave length that only you two could reach together. You glanced down at your palm resting on his firm build and felt the rhythm of your hearts together.

Then, a hand familiar to your skin made it’s way to your cheek, still dusted with a light pink shade. His thumb rubbed circles on your cheek and you looked up at him. A gorgeous smile was plastered on Jun’s face, so contagious that you became infected as well.

“You better kiss me, punk.” You heard your voice declare daringly surprising even yourself. Jun licked his lips and moved closer as he closed the gap between you, his hot breath tingling all over your body. His nose brushed against your own causing your entire body to grow awake.

And so soon his lips were on yours. You tasted him, how sweet he was. You had understood why people became addicted to drugs because goddamn you would drink poison if it tasted like him. You two were one, on your own wavelength. Your heartbeat thumped together in a beautiful rhythm, your breath on one another, so shaky in the most wonderful way.

It was a delicate kiss that sent your knees weak and knocking together. His lips had fit so perfectly with your own it couldn’t have been coincidence. He peppered your lips with more and more kisses each time releasing a butterfly in your stomach.

Jun pulled away a huge smile reappearing as it spread across his face, lighting up the darkest crevices. You could have kissed one another forever if it wasn’t for the pure happiness bubbling within Jun. That big nerd had to pull away because he couldn’t stop smiling. And you had never felt so perfect.

People Saying She Looks Cute But She Wants to be Sexy: SEVENTEEN


“Don’t pay attention to what other people say since you’re cute to me~”


*lol* It’s okay since we can be sexy together, right?”


“But I consider you to be the cutest little muffin ever?”


“But I like your cuteness better, though…”


“But if you’re going to become sexy then I’ll have to put up even more effort into guarding you from all the wolves out there!”


Would look at you as if examining if you’re serious but then laugh and say, “I don’t care, I like your personality the most, anyway. The appearance doesn’t matter.”


“I mean, if that’s what you wanna become, I don’t mind but I’ll just continue to be a cute cinnamon bun that will kill anyone that will try to touch you :).”


“But you’re very much sexy whenever you’re trying to seduce me anyway. I don’t think the world is ready see that side of you…”


“I’ll be waiting for this change very much, then.”


“But what about our perfect balance of cuteness?”


“Oh no, no, no! You gotta stay cute and pure and innocent!”


“Nah… I’d rather you just stay your usual ball of fluffiness.”


You’re his sister and you come to visit and the boys grow fond of you(SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he was getting slightly annoyed that everytime he wanted to just have brother sister time one of the boys would swoop in and steal you again. So he was worried the whole week you were visiting he wouldn’t get much time to be around you- “we can try again tomorrow right? I hope we get to spend time together this week I’ve missed you sis”

Jeonghan: -you were his twin, you looked alike, sounded alike, and could even sing together. You were the female him and all the boys thought it was attractive. They started joking about switching him for you- “you won’t get far with her though. She’s shy and can’t dance so you’re stuck with me. Don’t kill me Y/N you’re scarier than all the boys”

Joshua: -his sentence would be interrupted by one of the boys picking you up and spinning you around playfully. Seeing as how you were enjoying the attention from the others he didn’t want to ruin it- “Seungkwan please don’t drop her she’s a delicate being and my parents would kill me if she’s broken when she goes home”

Jun: -you didn’t visit often but the boys all thought you were cute even if most of them couldn’t talk to you because of a language barrier. So he did try setting you up with on of them who happened to be Soonyoung- “Y/N what do you think of Hoshi I think you guys could go out tonight. I mean you guys could actually talk and all so why not?”

Hoshi: -you were his baby sister and you had a cutely innocent personality which all the boys liked because you got confused when suggestive comments were made. Some just enjoyed your company and kept you company when Soonyoung had to do something- “bless your sweet soul Y/N I’m glad they haven’t corrupted you yet”

Wonwoo: -he didn’t really understand why you came to visit him when you barely spent time with him. He couldn’t tell if it wasn’t on purpose but he would try talking and you’d be taken away from him by another- “maybe next time I come and visit so you know we can actually have some sibling time together”

Woozi: -You were his twin so you guys always remained close when you came to visit you would help him write and even look at what he’s been doing recording wise. When you weren’t doing that you were spending time with the other boys telling funny stories about him- “you continue that sorry I’ll tell the other’s about who you like in the group. I will don’t test me Y/N”

DK: -you had become a trainee recently so when you came to visit you were so excited to see him. You got very shy around the boys and they constantly talked to you though and then they would hug you. Seokmin was worried you would curl up into a little ball- “guys she doesn’t like to be touched by all you guys. Don’t make her more uncomfortable”

Mingyu: -he worried how you were a touchy you were, you would hug and kiss the others. He’d go big brother telling you and the boy not to do that anywhere he can see you guys.- ”Jeonghan you do realize she’s my baby sister right and she’s supposed to be here for me not you. So leave so we could bond just brother and sister”

The8: -you kissed each boy on the cheek before you’d leave, he didn’t care you did that until he watched on of them turn their head so you’d kiss him on the lips. He thought it was an accident until neither of you pulled away- “Wonwoo I will kill you if you don’t stop kissing my big sister”

Seungkwan: -he’d literally would be having a conversation with you when one of the boys would take a seat beside you and start talking about something with you. You would try to listen to both of them but you were having a hard time- “really Seungcheol we were talking. I would like to be able to speak to her without you guys getting the way and we lose the train of thought we had going”

Vernon: -you were his big sister and he knew that the boys would find you pretty. So he was trying to keep you guys from meeting for as long as he could but you really wanted to meet them and vice versa. So when you all met Hansol knew he wouldn’t get to see you again for awhile- “so I guess we’ll hang later sis. Maybe if they let me have you back”

Dino: -Seeing you was awesome except for the fact you were an attractive girl who was his older sister and all the boys were constantly hitting on. So you thought they were just being nice and even when the hugs were awkwardly long from a few of them you just smiled- “you know Y/N you’re oblivious to them and I couldn’t be more proud”


Jeonghan -> Dokyeom

My idiot Dokyeom-ah, though there are times that I have to pat/comfort you, I really like that you’re there as one of the 12 members who’d says things that give me energy when I’m tired, and it gives me strength *laughs*. In the future too, be my idiot always~

Dokyeom -> Hoshi

Hoshi~!! Seoksoon talk! Soonseok talk! *laughs* Our hyung whom I adore, let’s go on together for a really really long time!

Hoshi -> Dino

Maknae-yah. I’m always sorry and thankful (towards you) because of the bad hyungs. You’ll really shine as the best, I know that, my words are sincere. Hwaiting just like now! The side of you working hard is pretty.

Dino -> The8

Hi The8? It’s my first time writing a letter to you… I’m very nervous ^^;; Because I’m really very bad at expressing (my feelings), thank you so much~ I’ve learnt a lot from you, you’re definitely a presence in SEVENTEEN that cannot be absent! Thinking about it, it feels like it was the day before yesterday when we first met in the practice room, we’ve already debuted and the fact that we’ve already released a repackage album, it’s really fascinating and I feel really good ^^ There’ll be a lot of difficult times in the future but it’s overcome them together, and be together for a long long time~~ I love you~ ❤

(picture credit: x)

cr: jia & kass @ what17says
© take out only with credits

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Seventeen reacts to when you’re being cheated on by your current s/o

How would seventeen react to their crush being cheated on by their current s/o?? (not the members s/o but their crushes ) thannxx xoxo 😁


Originally posted by imbangnzelo

*on his way to kill the cheating bastard*


Originally posted by gyuwoo

“Now that you see how bad he was, how about you date me instead?”


Originally posted by shwua

*gentleman!Jisoo would try to comfort you as much as he can*


Originally posted by infinitblaq

*him looking at you after he knocked your ex out cold* “oops”


Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

*secretly very happy you realized what a jerk your ex was so he could date you*


Originally posted by infinitblaq

*stormed out* *came back hours later, covered in blood* “Don’t worry, it’s not my blood.”


Originally posted by seungcheofine

“He. What.” Your ex should prepare himself for some serious beating he’s ‘bout to get.


Originally posted by dokyumswife

*The sunshine fades into darkness in 0.02 seconds*


Originally posted by mountean

“Don’t worry, Y/N. These guns won’t let him off that easy.”


Originally posted by dokyummm

*This boy will fuck your ex up*


Originally posted by pledisseventeen

“The. Asshole. Did. What. GURL. HOLD. MY. EARRINGS.”


Originally posted by vernon---baby

*Memesol to angrysol very quickly*


Originally posted by mountean

“I will kick his fucking ass.”

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Different but the same.

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BTS AU (werewolf)

Part1 / Part2 / Part3 / Part4 / Part5 / Part6 / Part7 /

A/N: I am sorry if this part is kind of short.I really wanted to make it longer ,but somehow I think that if I do it will lose it’s charm. Anyways I hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes made. Requests are open.😁

Word count:  2,438

Warnings: Swearing from time to time

  The party was starting and you were still home, being scolded by Mary for not being careful and falling for a mixed breed, even though she didn’t actually know what happened between him and you. She was walking in circles not knowing what to do anymore.

“What now?” she asked 

“I want to go to the party.”you murmured ,rubbing your hands together uneasily in your lap

“I know!” Mary hissed ,sighing deeply 

“How about we go with her and then bring her back? This way he won’t be able to get to her with all the purebloods around.”suggested Ricky

“That is a good idea.”agreed your mother 

“Fine. But…”Mary turned to face you and walked upstairs ,pulling you by the hand “We have to change your clothing and makeup.It is an evening party after all.”

  She pulled the dress off and gave you the same short shorts and t-shirt that you were planing to hear to the costume party ,adding a hoodie, which you tide around your waist, in case it got cold out. Holding your hand ,she escorted you out of the house and to the center of your town, where the celebration was held .

  Everyone was sitting outside in the middle of the town and having fun. Most people were with their mates,  others were finding them now.

“We can’t leave her here. Who knows what that wolf is thinking.”Mary looked around, to make sure he didn’t actually come 

“Hey Y/N.”you looked in front of you and saw a boy with dark flowy hair and dark eyes. He looked really strong, but strangely not appealing at all. 

  You eyed him up and down ,but there was nothing that was pulling you in. He isn’t as cute and strong as Jimin and his eyes are…What am I thinking! You were shocked by your own thoughts, were you getting swept away by his charm or something?

“Jun!” yelled out Ricky “Perfect timing man.”he patted his back 

“Can you stay with her? I know you are the alpha and stuff, but…” Mary added, somehow not wanting to tell him why

“No problem.”he smiled ,walking over to you while Mary and Ricky went to get something to drink

“Hey.”he said 

“Hey.” you repeated 

“We never met. Name’s Jun.”

“Yeah. I know. You are our pack’s alpha. My name is Y/N.”you added

“I know. You are quite famous yourself.”

“I didn’t know. So…”you looked down at your legs and kicked a stone “Isn’t your mate going to get angry that you are talking to me?”you asked him

“I don’t have a mate. You know, late bloomer and stuff.”he laughed 

“I know how that feels, I myself am a…”you were going to say the same thing, but the truth was that you weren’t, so you staid silent. It wasn’t like you could openly say who your mate was.

“Is there something wrong?”he asked but you assured him that everything was just fine

“Hey nice choker you have there?”he reached out to touch it, but your hand quickly moved and blocked his 

“Thanks.”you looked around for Mary and Ricky, but once your eyes met, she winked at you. You would have never thought that Jun, the alpha, the most strongest man in the pack would annoy you so much. He was becoming clingy and asked too many questions.Not to mention the uneasy feeling you were having, like it was trying to tell you something.

“Can I see it?” he tried again

“Ah, well it is kind of in my personal space, you know.”you stepped back a bit

“Don’t worry I won’t hurt you.”he smiled 

  You turned around and started walking towards the forest.”I will go take a walk. It is too cramped here for me.”you tried to elegantly escape from this situation, but he noticed

“You are right. I will come with you.”he followed you

  You were getting very deep in the forest, when you stopped and looked at him.

“Look, I know you like me and stuff ,but…”you looked down at the leaves beneath your legs “I don’t have feelings for you, sorry.”

“Ah…you do…”he scratched the back of his head “I guess Ricky told you.But it is easier for me like this.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Now I don’t have to pretend. You see I don’t have a mate and so do you…and I like you so…you know maybe we are meant to be mates.” he stepped closer 

“That can’t be true. I would have known the moment I saw you.” you denied his assumption 

“Well, we will never know if we don’t try.”he stepped towards you

“You are forcing yourself on to a female. Only a scumbag can do that.”you stopped walking, knowing that the only way out was to fight him

“If you think about it, finding a mate depends on dominance. As an alpha I think I can.”

  You pulled your hands out of the short’s pockets. “I don’t think so.” you exposed your fangs and growled at him

“Ooo, are we going to fight?”he asked 

“Isn’t it obvious?” 

“Fine by me.” he unleashed his power and attacked you, but every single move was countered by you with just one hand. He increased his speed, but nothing.

“You might be an alpha, but I am a true pureblood, not like you.”

“Are you calling me a mixed breed?” he asked you with clear hate in his eyes

“What is wrong with mixed breeds?” 

“They aren’t as strong as us and you know it.” he tried to attack you again 

  He started getting tired and judging by you ,he knew that there was no chance of winning .

“I won’t force you to surrender to me, but if you don’t. Your friends will be in danger.” he grinned

“What do you mean?” you looked at him confused 

“I have my friends there, ready to kill them if I have to.” 

“First of all that is blackmail, second you will be killed yourself for attacking a pack member !”

“We will tell the leader that they were killed by mixed breeds, like we…always do.”he walked closer to you

“So it was you! You were killing our pack!”you stepped back 

“And you know I will do it. But…I am willing to let them go, if you come to me.”

  He was walking closer to you and you didn’t move. You couldn’t, Mary and Ricky were in danger. He stepped closer and closer and you couldn’t do anything about  it.

“If I ask you if i can see the choker, what are you going to say?” you moved your neck to the side and he was happy by the answer 

  He placed his hands on your waist, you clenched yours into fists but…Mary and Ricky. Jun lowered his head to your neck, but pulled it back fast.

“Strange…This choker is overpowering your sweet smell, why is this smell making me angry.”he looked at you “Who gave this to you? It is not yours.”

  You looked away and didn’t answer the question. He got a bit pissed, but what could you do. You could kill his right here and now, but then everyone will do the same to you for taking the life of a pack member.

  Jung used his power over you and leaned in for a kiss, but you couldn’t take it and tried pulling way from him.

“Get away from me!”you yelped 

“ You are mine now! “

  You stopped moving after he tightened his grip and stopped your flow of air for a second. 

“There is nothing you can do now! You can’t kill a pack member.”he laughed out “If you can, try to do something. I like looking at you when you struggle under me.”

  You looked him in the eyes “You will be sorry for giving me a chance .” you looked up at the moon and howled, your voice pitched because of the tight grip he had on you.

  Jun couldn’t understand you, so he though it was just an empty howl or an attempt to scare him .

“What was the point in that now?”he grinned and pulled your head closer to his, while you were struggling

Jimin! you though to yourself  


  The sound of a deep voiced ,male howl echoed in the forest, upon hearing that your face came back to life. You could here from where he was coming and turned your body in that direction. Reaching out your hands, trying to grab the darkness.

“What are you doing! Stay still!” Jung yelled at you

“I leave you alone for 3 hours and this happens.” A dark figure emerged slowly from the forest

“Jimin!”you swung your hands in his direction. You would have never though that you would be so happy to see him

“I suggest you let go of my girl right now, before I pull your hands off your body and bite your throat out!” he glowered at Jun, with killing intent sensed in his voice

“Who are you?”Jun pulled your body back, away from Jimin

“Take a good smell dog. Don’t I smell familiar?”

  Jun took a moment to understand, but when he did “You have the same smell as her !!!”he yelled out

  Jimin noticed you squirming in the other man’s arms and got pissed. He unleashed the wave of power he was holding back and Jun knelt on the ground.

“W-What i-s this power?”you were able to stand up fast and ran into Jimin’s embrace “Come back you!You go in the arms of another werewolf that isn’t your mate!He is a mixed breed too.”

  Jimin picked you up in his hands and looked at Jun “You have this all wrong. I am her mate. Right?”he looked at you and you nodded “This beautiful hair…”he ran his hand up your exposed thigh “This smooth skin and gorgeous legs…”he leaned his head to your ear and spoke softly, keeping eye contact with the ‘enemy’ ”She is all mine.”

“That can’t be! Mate’s share eyes and must be of same blood. You are a mixed not a pure!” he yelled out

  The moon disappeared behind the clouds , for a second the darkness engulfed the forest and only the light from your eyes was visible. Jimin’s glowed in a yellow light and yours in a golden. You were the same, but different.

   Jimin looked at you “You can go and do whatever you want with him baby.”you walked to Jun, looking down at him like the piece of shit he was

“What are you going to do to me? Remember, same pack!”he grinned in a disgusting way, which was making you whish you could kick him as hard as you could

“Y/N.”you looked at Jimin “Remember the law?”

   What was he talking about, law?…wait…Ah that was what he meant. You lifted your leg and kicked Jun in the stomach “That is for trying to force yourself on me bastard !”

“He did what!”Jimin yelled out mad ,but you stopped him from coming closer. No matter how much you hatted Jun, you didn’t want your pack members to think of Jimin as an uncontrollable beast.

“You little!”he coughed “You will be punished for this!” and he was right ,people were coming your way and they were indeed from your pack

“She won’t.”said Jimin “Y/N is my mate ,which makes her a part of my pack.”

“Only an alpha can decide that….no…THIS CAN’T BE!” he tried to get up and grab your leg, but Jimin increased his power and pulled you back into his embrace, into safety.

“Exactly, I am a pack alpha.”Jimin heard the werewolves coming towards you and jumped, picking you up in his arms

“Jimin!”you were shocked “What are you doing?”

“I told you that I would take you with me, didn’t I?” he grinned at you

  Jimin turned around ready to leave, when you heard your name. “Y/N!” it was Mary ,but you couldn’t do anything about that now.

“If you want, I will let you go back.”Jimin said with signs of sadness in his voice

“No. Let’s go. There is no turning back for me,Jun is going to tell everyone that I tried to kill him, even if I didn’t. I am sure.”

“Let her go!”she yelled out again

“Make me!”Jimin laughed at the werewolves and kissed your cheek before disappearing in the forest

“WAIT!”they yelled after you, but you were already far away

  The cold wind was hitting your face ,but Jimin’s strong body was keeping you warm. You couldn’t believe it ,but you were actually feeling safe in his arms, you didn’t want to leave…but somehow you were kind of embarrassed .

“Can…can you let me down?”you asked

“I am running quite fast you know.”he told you ,not peeling his eyes off the path in front of him

“I can see that.”you pouted 

“Just stay still.”he told you

  Everything happened so fast, you were wondering what everyone was thinking back at your town and what the people in your new pack were going to think of a pure blood like you.

“Will the mixed bloods accept me?”you asked him

“What kind of question is that? Are you shy?”

“No! Of course not, but like…don’t our packs fight?” you asked him again

“That is what you were told. Have you see an actual fight between a mixed breed and a pure blood?” 

  He was right, you were always told how bad and wild they were, but you never actually saw a fight. Most mixed breed werewolves you have seen never attacked you. Looking at your phone, you noticed how long you have been on the move. Jimin’s pack lived far away, farther than you expected actually.

“Don’t worry we are almost there.” He said “Is something wrong?”

“Everyone is calling me.” you said

“Are you going to pick up?”

“Hell no! Who knows what Jun told them.”

“Get ready we will be arriving soon. Everyone should be waiting for us.”

“Wait…you told them about me!!!”you gasped

“Of course I did, a pure blood and mixed becoming mates is rear and plus that I was planning to take you with me tonight anyways.” he explained and smiled

“What!” you looked at him shocked ,not just about him planning everything beforehand “W-what am I going to tell them?” you panicked

“Well think fast because we are here.”

    Before you could fully comprehend what was going on, Jimin’s strong legs made contact with the earth under him. He placed your body gently down and you were standing in front of his pack and they were looking at you…but it felt strange, they were different from your own pack.

Svt React to You Being Mean

Anon said: 17 reaction to you being stressed and being super mean

S. Coups: He would somehow know that you’re being mean to him because you were going through something stressful. There wouldn’t be any other reason why you’d rage like this at him so he’d comfort you, even though you were being rude to him, he didn’t care. All he wanted was for you to feel okay.

Originally posted by fyjicheol

Jeonghan: He’d be pretty confused and would have to stand there, hearing every hateful word come out your mouth. It made no sense to him what you were saying but he had to deal with it. 

Originally posted by princessyoungie

Joshua:  He’d be a bit sad, hearing mean comments come from you but he’d also be one of those members who’d just know that their girlfriend was dealing with a problem. He’d let you go on with your rant, knowing it really means nothing. He’d let you let out your stress for a bit until things calm down. 

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Jun: He’d try to find a way to leave you because you were so mean at the moment over something he didn’t understand. “Someone help me..please. She’s going to kill me.”

Originally posted by minghaon

Hoshi: Even though he wouldn’t understand what was going on with you, he’d try to cheer you up and get you to stop being mean by goofing around and being funny. 

Originally posted by junhuitherealvampire

Wonwoo: He’d be a little hurt at the comments his girlfriend was making and really wouldn’t know what to do but just stand there and hear every rude word come out of your mouth. “Jagi..are you okay? Why are you being like this?”

Originally posted by the8ght

Woozi: “Alright Jagiya…if that’s how you feel right now..”

Originally posted by i-wonwoo

DK: He’d stay smiling still through the moment. He’d somewhat know something is up but wouldn’t be sure what it is. Though he did see you mad, he’d try to be happy around you just so that you can be happy too. 

Originally posted by dokkyum

Mingyu: *him trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with you right now 

Originally posted by the8ght

Minghao: “Umm..jagi don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?” *confused little minghao

Originally posted by jeonghan-1004svt

Seungkwan: He’d be a little mad back when you yelled at him. It would stress him out seeing you act all mad around him. He’d probably storm out first before you could. He’d be both mad and sad. 

Originally posted by seventeendiamonds17

Vernon: Don’t know why you’re acting like this and would want to cuss back at you or stay away from you. He’d be feeling very distant from you but even though it’s tough being around you, he’d still love you. 

Originally posted by enchanted-puns

Dino: Confused and clueless of why you’re acting mean, one of the members would finally give him a hint of what was going on and he’d be more relieved that you weren’t mad about him. 

Originally posted by jackseunie

wgm with jun

i’m getting jun feelz and it hurts

  • no lie, his heart is probably trying to break out of his chest before he meets you.
  • he’s the type to have flowers ready to give you. tulips probably.
  • he’s front when he sees you and introduces himself immediately and gives you the flowers.
  • he’s really shy omg he is super shy like junhui please. he’s walking with you and he can’t even bring his eyes to match yours because he’s that shy. he’s smiling a lot and would only talk after you ask him questions TT0TT
  • you guys actually met at chinatown.
  • he took you to a restaurant he often goes to with minghao.
  • he comes here whenever he’s homesick.
  • is on a first name basis with the owner and she gives him discounts.
  • he’s like “she’s my second mother” and introduced you to her because he can’t introduce you to his real mother (bc overseas)
  • was super happy when his second mom gave you guys her blessing.
  • he gets super touchy and and pouty when he doesn’t get what he wants.
  • once, while on a date, he asked if you guys can buy matching backpacks and you were like no they’re too expensive and after that was like aegyo detonation.
  • you gave in.
  • he likes to cook you chinese food and makes you taste everything along the process. they are pretty delicious, you couldn’t lie. magical hands, he has.
  • he makes you toast in the morning because he wants to see you eat breakfast and is actually eating.
  • he gives you ginseng tea when you’re working because “it’s healthy for you.”
  • does everything he can do to make sure you’re healthy i.e. buying vitamin supplements the gummy kinds so he knows you’ll take them.
  • he loooooooves poking you.
  • he loooooooves laying his head on your lap.
  • he loooooooves it when you play his hair and sometimes falls asleep while you’re at it.
  • he bought plushies to put in your backpacks so they can peak out from them on his own time.
  • likes to play sports with you.
  • often goes easy on you because he doesn’t want to hurt your pride.
  • when you guys have your wedding photo shoot thing, he teases you a lot about how you’re always looking at him. 
  • “you think i look good in this tux, huh???” “why are you always staring at me?” “am i that good looking?” “are you jealous that i might be prettier than you??”
  • on your anniversary, he pretends to forget and it really good at it but then you got super angry and him and gave him the silent treatment. he totally miscalculated your reaction and frantically panicked like “what do i do oh shoot”
  • he actually planned this whole romantic thing. he rented out a studio and throughout the whole placed, he framed pictures of you and him from your wedding photo shoot and other miscellaneous times and with each photo was a caption explicitly about the time in the picture and how he felt with you. TT_TT
  • he hugs you until you forgive him and doesn’t let go until he truly believes that he’s forgiven.
  • he makes you cute sandwiches.
  • *googles cute bento boxes* *attempts to make cute bento boxes* *fails miserably* *food tastes good tho*
  • he doesn’t want to introduce you to seventeen members because he thinks one of them will steal your heart from him.
  • you promise to not look at anyone but him and he somewhat is less reluctant to invite them over.
  • he invited performance unit over and they danced for you.
  • hoshi asked which one you thought stood out the most and you were like “junhui of course” and jun just got really greasy. greasier than Five Guys.
  • he takes you to a haunted house just to show you how brave he is but ends up screaming and jumping a lot.
  • he doesn’t ever let go of you though, and would be super protective and covers you when something scary comes up. j un please//
  • when you have to leave the show, he gives you a scrapbook that he’s been working on since the very beginning. it has pictures of you guys from the first day you guys met to this very day when you guys have to leave.
  • he said that the ones that are candid are from the pd-noona he asked to take pictures. 
  • he was like “with this, you can reminisce about our time together! i’m not good with words but this scrapbook should show you how much fun i had with you.” each picture had its own caption almost a paragraph long, because they were literally logged the day of each event TT-TT
  • he tells the pd-nims that he thought he was a hassle to be with because of how needy he was but he really appreciated how you stuck around and was really happy that he was able to see you smile when he was with you.
  • said if he could live off one thing, it would be your smile :-(((((((((( 
  • TT-TT
  • TT______TT
  • wishes that you stay healthy and tells you to not forget about your health and to always eat and sleep and take your supplements so you can live long. and then he challenges you to try and outlive each other :-((()))))

more wgm scenarios


└ It’s pouty-lips-oogling candy envy time~~(≧∇≦)

Cr: 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Episode 3

Best Friend To Lover!Mingyu

⁃ you and mingyu have been best friends since birth okay maybe not cuz he was born a few months before you but wtv

⁃ you basically grew up with him

⁃ elementary school mingyu was chubby so he was bullied a lot for that

⁃ but you always stood up for him

⁃ I guess that’s when Mingyu started to have feelings for you OOOOOHH

⁃ he was a shy ass kid and you were the loud one that was more social

⁃ he would always just stick to you and follow you everywhere

⁃ even to the washroom but he would just wait outside the bathroom and just wait for you /OMG who is this kid? LOL don’t kill me/

⁃ he was also shorter than you so whenever he needed help with getting something on the shelves, you would help him /reverse cliché/

⁃ but then puberty happened and he ended up as tall as a tree

⁃ and chubby and cute mingu suddenly turn HOT AS F. LIKE WTF WHERE DID HE COME FROM??!?

⁃ soon his shyness turns to confidence like heck what is this? is this mingyu evolving into mingyu 2.0?

⁃ also he was smart so whenever you had problems with homework you would go to him and ask help

⁃ you always go to mingyu’s house to study but you guys just end up watching movies, playing games and eating

⁃ you would eat none stop

⁃ and he’s like “stop eating so much, we are gonna eat dinner soon”

⁃ sometimes he was more of a nagging wife than best friend

⁃ “but i’m bored, my mouth is bored”

⁃ mingyu would smirk at you and say “I know what i can do to stop you stop from eating then”

⁃ and then winks at you

⁃ you just die a little because mingyu is being hot as f like is he trying to mess with your heart??

⁃ “how?” O.o

⁃ he slowly moves his face closer to yours

⁃ you haven’t noticed that over the last few years, you’ve developed feelings for you best friend but would never say anything cuz you’re scared to ruin your friendship but right now your heart is beating like crazy

⁃ he presses his lips against yours for a few seconds before moving away

⁃ his confidence fades as he asks you “ummm…. did that help?” 

- you saw mingyu blushing AAWWW

⁃ you were still processing what just happened

- “that was my first kiss you idiot!” you yelled

⁃ you wanted to get mad at him for taking your first kiss but you weren’t because it was mingyu FFS 

⁃ “mine too” he mumbled loud enough for you to hear

⁃ you felt yourself blush since you both were each other’s first kiss

⁃ “Y/N, i like you… like like-like you, since a long time ago” he suddenly confessed “actually i’ve always liked you, since we were kids. You are nice, kind, pretty and you never let anyon-”

⁃ you cut him off saying “my mouth is bored again” before closing the distance between your lips and his again

⁃ little did he know that you were kinda dying inside at how cute he was for confessing

⁃ “i like you too idiot”

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This was my first time writing one of these… I have a lot of fun reading them and thought of trying them out. I hope this is decent. 

Seventeen reaction to kind/rude fan(s) responses to you or how you responded back to kind/mean fans.

Sure thing, here ya go! In this reaction, there will be 2 different scenarios for each members. The first being meeting a kind fan who reminded you of your best friend whereas the second being meeting a bitch out of line fan. The member for each scenario will be seated next to or near you. Enjoy~

It was one of those fan meet fan sign thing that you’ve ALWAYS look forward to. Not only do you love to see flustered, overly shy, kind human, you also get to be sarcastic and interact with fans. You were known as the most sassy member, whose sarcasm can rocket up to the space anytime but you try not to. Keyword, try. Since you are the only female, you are mostly seated in the middle. Of course fans will be excited to meet and talk to you, but there will always be someone out there that is jealous has yet to accept you as a member. 


Fan: “ (Stage/your name)! We love you!”

You: “ I love you too, and you, you, you, and you~” *Makes a heart* 

SC: She’s so adorable…

*Hears fangirl cheers (for different reason obviously;) )*

Originally posted by shupahmin

*Signing the merch*

Fan “ Erm could you hurry up… I want to meet my other oppas.”

You: “ Okay…? They’re not running anywhere by the way.” *Gives merch back and smile*

SC: Dang~

Originally posted by breaknewcolors


Fan: “ (Stage/your name), this letter is for you!”

You: “ That’s very sweet of you, do you mind if I read it now?”

Fan: “ No, not at all, it’s rather short actually since it’s my first time writing a fan letter..”

You: “ No matter how short or long, I will always appreciate the time you all take to write it.”

JH: She’s just so kind, wonder if she’s like that to any other guys…

Originally posted by seungheol

Fan: “ So… Will you leave the group already? I kind of don’t like the fact that you are in the group.” 

You: “I don’t like the fact that you said that *mock horror*

JH: What that girl said to my lil’ baby angel?!

Originally posted by avesoul


JS: “Hey (Stage/your name), you’ve a lot of fans. I’m so proud of you.”

And I’m one of them too.

Originally posted by babo-berry

*Fans throw merch in anger towards Joshua*

You: *Look at Joshua in shock* Oppa are you alright? *turns to fan* How could you do that to Jesus oppa!

JS: *chuckle* “Jesus oppa…” I kind of like how it sounds.

Originally posted by jisooosgf


Fan: “ Hey  (Stage/your name)! I was wondering who’s your favourite member?”

You: “ Me? Erm *someone nudges her arm* *turns to look* Of course I love everyone but since Jun is bugging me, I guess not him.”

Jun: “ Guess who’s not getting my help with the chores anymore!”

You: “ Guess who’s not getting dinner no more~!”


Originally posted by constellia

Fan: “ Can you stop talking to Jun oppa? I don’t like it when you talk to him like as if you two are close.”

You: “ *Mock a shock noise* Then can I at least text him? Pretty please?~”

Jun: What the hell? Is she a fan or is she going to kill me?! “You can text me anytime (Stage/your name) ah.”

Originally posted by eeniemeanie-myminghao


You: “ Hoshi oppa! Hoshi oppa! A fan just said we are her OTP!”

HS *quickly looks at fan and a thumbs up* You, girl, have amazing eyes!

Originally posted by seventins

Fan: “ I heard Hoshi oppa and you choreograph together but I think you need to stick to singing.”

You: “ But don’t you like the dance to ‘Rock’?! I came up with that you know? Are you sure~” *raise eyebrow*

HS: Why’chu go and insult our maknae like that? Now you see, she’s bragging ‘bout that fan-fainting worthy dance of hers… Not that it was bad when she demonstrate it for us…

Originally posted by joshuahonq


You: “ Wonwoo oppa, see that banner at the back? “

WW: “ Wonwoo X  (Stage/your name) OTP…” *Blushes*

You: *Obliviously wave at your sea of fans* “Hello my love!!”

WW: *winks at the fan and tell her later on* “I know right, I love that OTP too”

Originally posted by allurity

Note given to you : I can see right through you, you’re a bitch, admit it. 

You: *giggle and whisper behind Wonwoo while he’s signing* “Oppa, I’m a bitch.” 

Wonwoo: *looks at you with extreme shock* “What?!”

You *Nod ever so slightly towards the note.*

WW: “ You say you’re name was (fan’s name) just now, was it? I would be very happy if you do not insult a member of my group, let alone our maknae.” Biatch.

You: “ Aww come on Woonie oppa, laugh a little, you’ll scare the poooor girl away you know?”

WW : *senses your sarcasm and laugh in relieved*

Originally posted by wunwu


Fans:  (Stage/your name)! Can I ask you a question?”

You: “ sure, go ahead.”

Fan: *chuckles* “Did any oppa ever confessed to you?”

You: “ Ahahahaha, nah. Why? you need my advice on how to deal with a confession? Wooooo~”

WZ: “You’re just envious of her.”

You: “ Ha ha.” *gives unimpressed look to captain shorty*

WZ: *nervous laugh* “Ha aha ha… ha… don’t kill me Mama bird…”

Originally posted by grown-man-woozi

Fan: *Slams merch in front of you*

You: *glanced up and down between fan and the item on the table* “Yes? You need to talk you know, I cannot read minds.”

Fan: *scoffs*

WZ: “ Excuse me, an someone escort this lady out?” If you’re gonna be rude to mama bird, you’re not gonna meet the rest of the members.

Originally posted by grown-man-woozi


You: “Oppa ah, you see that fan over there? She’s a huge huge fan of you, why not send her a little heart!”

DK: “ Why not do it together?” *wink wink*

Originally posted by dokyummm

Fan: “ I don’t need your autograph, thanks. Just let me talk to Seokmin-oppa, I didn’t come to this fan meet to meet you”

You: “ Then do you have a mask at least? So I can cover my face to hide it away from you.”

DK: “ Please be mindful of your comment, miss.”

Originally posted by dokyummm


You: “ Look oppa! I’ve got cookies from a fan just now, wanna share it later?!”

Fan: “ Hope you enjoy it~”

Originally posted by seokmin---s

Fan: “ Mingyu oppa, why do you hang out with her so often. It will only ruin the meanie couple fandom if she is included..”

MG: “ Ehhh~! But she cooks for all of us. Unless you can cook as well?” Bet you can’t anyway. Bye bye stupid~ Removing you from my fan list~

Originally posted by itseventeen-hasmoved


Fan: “ The8 Oppa! Can you and (stage/your name) do a gigantic heart for us!!”

The8: “ I’m sorry what you say? A little heart was stuck in my ear~”

Sorry but a gigantic heart is only for our maknae

Originally posted by wonyeols

Fan: “ Isn’t there someone better than you to join Seventeen?”

You: “ Nah, cause I’m the best quality.”

The8 : “ What just happened??” Did she just sass the fan with Seungkwan’s line??

Originally posted by fy-seventeengifs


Fan: “ Seungkwan oppa, I heard you’ve been very mean to (stage/your name) lately, do us a favor and say sorry to her right now.”

SK: “ Ehh!!! *sigh* (stage/your name) ah! I am so very sorry that I sing better than you lately!”

You: *Narrow your eyes* “Right…”

Originally posted by the8soo

Fan: “ You’re such a slut, how the hell do you even managed to join into a group filled with boys huh?!”

You: “ Erm, talents and brains…?”

Fan: “Tch.”

SK: Erk, the nerve of that girl. Insulting my friend like that.

Originally posted by cosmic----latte


Fan: “Are you and (stage/your name) going out?”

You: “ You wish~ You can have him if you want!~”

Fan: “ Ah-N-No! What?!”

VN: *turns to you* “ You be careful of what you say girly, I’m going to make you regret it one day!”

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

Fan: “ So! What makes you so talented? You can’t sing as well as the vocal team-”

You: “ I sing better than you that’s for sure. You went to audition on that day with me didn’t you? Hehe, continue supporting Seventeen~”

VN: There’s that sass, you go (nickname)! 

Originally posted by 17hansl


Fan: “ Oh, Dino! Long time no see, how are you and (your name) doing?”

DN: “ Oh hi! We’re doing just fine.”

Fan: “ Never knew (your name) was this talented! Here, my mom baked some treats for you two, hope you two enjoy it!”

You : *grab the larger bag from Dino* “Mine!! Thank you (friend’s name)!!”

DN: “I wanted those to myself…”

You: “ Too bad~ Her mom obviously made more for me cause she loves me more!”

DN: What am I going to do with this joker…

Originally posted by hvung

Fan: “ I don’t like you. Why do other’s treat me like I’m their closest fan yet you just do a little smile? Can’t you just be nicer to me? You think that just cause you’re an idol you are better than the rest is that it?! Listen here you bitch-”

You: “ Someone rolled off the wrong side of bed.” *raise eyebrow*

DN: “ Hey hey hey Unnie, can you calm down? Otherwise I would do what the hyungs will do and request someone to escort you out of the event.” God, why does she have to be so rude to my girl our maknae. Oh no she didn’t! she did not just slammed the table and walk off, god awkward~

Originally posted by jackseunie

Hey all, sorry for not posting lately but I was really out of creative brain juice (as shown from the above trash that I squeezed out in two days). I’ll try to get back on more of this, please do check out my anime gif reaction. Just posted it yesterday night under “Anime reaction & drabble”. Thank you:) *Whisper* Don’t kill me.