jun are you trying to kill me


First Kiss with Jun (absolute pure fluff)

A/N: so that fact i put in there is apparently true. idk try it out with ya lover and tell me what happens bc i’m curious..

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Saying Jun was nervous around you was an understatement. When Jun was with you his heart would beat faster than a marathon runner’s would and his hands became the most embarrassing amount of clammy (at least to him). His whole body would grow hot upon the simplest touch you gave him and left a graveyard of goosebumps along his skin. He was almost certain this feeling would kill him and he was almost certain that that was all he wanted.

Saying you were nervous around Jun was an understatement. Your breath became the most addictive amount of shallow and your cheeks became permanently flushed with the light pink shade dusting your cheeks in the most obvious way. You couldn’t explain how this boy made you feel so awkward and borderline nauseous at times. You couldn’t explain that everything in your body made you want to run back to that feeling.

The late Friday “totally not a date” night you and Jun had gone on was passing by much faster than you had hoped. It wasn’t your first “not a date” with Jun, in fact it wasn’t even close. You and Jun had spent one too many nights sitting on a dock at a pond by your house, both of your bare feet swishing in the cold water as you talked with Jun about anything that came to your mind.

“I read this article today,” Jun started, moving on from your previous topic as his fingers wrapped delicately around a smooth rock before he skipped it along the water. One, two, three, you watched it dance along the surface before falling in after the fourth skip.

“Is that the end of the story?” You laughed to yourself noting his absence. You threw your stone along the water. Neither of you spoke as you both counted six skips in your head.

“No, no. Sorry, I just zoned out for a second.” Jun did this often lately with you around, you could tell something was on his mind but you couldn’t manage to get him to tell you what. “So, I read this article. It said that when you like someone and you look in their eyes” Jun’s thought fizzled out as he rambled to you.

“Okay,” You whispered barely audible hoping to push him along knowing that this thought was whatever had been weighing on his mind.

“When your heart starts beating from staring into someone’s eyes that you like, well, if that person likes you too your hearts synchronize.”

Jun had done it, he had sent your heart stage diving out of your chest with a few words. Jun could always do this to you. He was an intruder. Intruding in on your thoughts, intruding in on your dreams, intruding in on your heart.

You unsuccessfully gulped down a clump of nervousness growing in your throat. “(Y/N),” Jun spoke again, his voice hoarse. He cleared his throat before he continued, “(Y/N), can I try something?” He had looked up at you not breaking eye contact.

Your words you tried to speak became lost in your lungs and you only nodded in response. He reached his hand out, his fingers ghosting you chest sending a familiar graveyard of goosebumps on your skin. His placed his warm but delicate palm on your chest as your heart grew even more erratic.

His eyes had grown wide, comically wide, and if you weren’t so goddamn scared you would have laughed. He didn’t speak again as the silence lingered between you two. A second that felt like an eternity passed before he took one of your hands in both of his. He rested your hand on his chest as well, again never breaking eye contact with you.

And you had felt it, the synchronicity between your heart and his. You felt as though you were on a wave length that only you two could reach together. You glanced down at your palm resting on his firm build and felt the rhythm of your hearts together.

Then, a hand familiar to your skin made it’s way to your cheek, still dusted with a light pink shade. His thumb rubbed circles on your cheek and you looked up at him. A gorgeous smile was plastered on Jun’s face, so contagious that you became infected as well.

“You better kiss me, punk.” You heard your voice declare daringly surprising even yourself. Jun licked his lips and moved closer as he closed the gap between you, his hot breath tingling all over your body. His nose brushed against your own causing your entire body to grow awake.

And so soon his lips were on yours. You tasted him, how sweet he was. You had understood why people became addicted to drugs because goddamn you would drink poison if it tasted like him. You two were one, on your own wavelength. Your heartbeat thumped together in a beautiful rhythm, your breath on one another, so shaky in the most wonderful way.

It was a delicate kiss that sent your knees weak and knocking together. His lips had fit so perfectly with your own it couldn’t have been coincidence. He peppered your lips with more and more kisses each time releasing a butterfly in your stomach.

Jun pulled away a huge smile reappearing as it spread across his face, lighting up the darkest crevices. You could have kissed one another forever if it wasn’t for the pure happiness bubbling within Jun. That big nerd had to pull away because he couldn’t stop smiling. And you had never felt so perfect.

Seventeen reacts to when you’re being cheated on by your current s/o

How would seventeen react to their crush being cheated on by their current s/o?? (not the members s/o but their crushes ) thannxx xoxo 😁


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*on his way to kill the cheating bastard*


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“Now that you see how bad he was, how about you date me instead?”


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*gentleman!Jisoo would try to comfort you as much as he can*


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*him looking at you after he knocked your ex out cold* “oops”


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*secretly very happy you realized what a jerk your ex was so he could date you*


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*stormed out* *came back hours later, covered in blood* “Don’t worry, it’s not my blood.”


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“He. What.” Your ex should prepare himself for some serious beating he’s ‘bout to get.


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*The sunshine fades into darkness in 0.02 seconds*


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“Don’t worry, Y/N. These guns won’t let him off that easy.”


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*This boy will fuck your ex up*


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“The. Asshole. Did. What. GURL. HOLD. MY. EARRINGS.”


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*Memesol to angrysol very quickly*


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“I will kick his fucking ass.”

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wgm with jun

i’m getting jun feelz and it hurts

  • no lie, his heart is probably trying to break out of his chest before he meets you.
  • he’s the type to have flowers ready to give you. tulips probably.
  • he’s front when he sees you and introduces himself immediately and gives you the flowers.
  • he’s really shy omg he is super shy like junhui please. he’s walking with you and he can’t even bring his eyes to match yours because he’s that shy. he’s smiling a lot and would only talk after you ask him questions TT0TT
  • you guys actually met at chinatown.
  • he took you to a restaurant he often goes to with minghao.
  • he comes here whenever he’s homesick.
  • is on a first name basis with the owner and she gives him discounts.
  • he’s like “she’s my second mother” and introduced you to her because he can’t introduce you to his real mother (bc overseas)
  • was super happy when his second mom gave you guys her blessing.
  • he gets super touchy and and pouty when he doesn’t get what he wants.
  • once, while on a date, he asked if you guys can buy matching backpacks and you were like no they’re too expensive and after that was like aegyo detonation.
  • you gave in.
  • he likes to cook you chinese food and makes you taste everything along the process. they are pretty delicious, you couldn’t lie. magical hands, he has.
  • he makes you toast in the morning because he wants to see you eat breakfast and is actually eating.
  • he gives you ginseng tea when you’re working because “it’s healthy for you.”
  • does everything he can do to make sure you’re healthy i.e. buying vitamin supplements the gummy kinds so he knows you’ll take them.
  • he loooooooves poking you.
  • he loooooooves laying his head on your lap.
  • he loooooooves it when you play his hair and sometimes falls asleep while you’re at it.
  • he bought plushies to put in your backpacks so they can peak out from them on his own time.
  • likes to play sports with you.
  • often goes easy on you because he doesn’t want to hurt your pride.
  • when you guys have your wedding photo shoot thing, he teases you a lot about how you’re always looking at him. 
  • “you think i look good in this tux, huh???” “why are you always staring at me?” “am i that good looking?” “are you jealous that i might be prettier than you??”
  • on your anniversary, he pretends to forget and it really good at it but then you got super angry and him and gave him the silent treatment. he totally miscalculated your reaction and frantically panicked like “what do i do oh shoot”
  • he actually planned this whole romantic thing. he rented out a studio and throughout the whole placed, he framed pictures of you and him from your wedding photo shoot and other miscellaneous times and with each photo was a caption explicitly about the time in the picture and how he felt with you. TT_TT
  • he hugs you until you forgive him and doesn’t let go until he truly believes that he’s forgiven.
  • he makes you cute sandwiches.
  • *googles cute bento boxes* *attempts to make cute bento boxes* *fails miserably* *food tastes good tho*
  • he doesn’t want to introduce you to seventeen members because he thinks one of them will steal your heart from him.
  • you promise to not look at anyone but him and he somewhat is less reluctant to invite them over.
  • he invited performance unit over and they danced for you.
  • hoshi asked which one you thought stood out the most and you were like “junhui of course” and jun just got really greasy. greasier than Five Guys.
  • he takes you to a haunted house just to show you how brave he is but ends up screaming and jumping a lot.
  • he doesn’t ever let go of you though, and would be super protective and covers you when something scary comes up. j un please//
  • when you have to leave the show, he gives you a scrapbook that he’s been working on since the very beginning. it has pictures of you guys from the first day you guys met to this very day when you guys have to leave.
  • he said that the ones that are candid are from the pd-noona he asked to take pictures. 
  • he was like “with this, you can reminisce about our time together! i’m not good with words but this scrapbook should show you how much fun i had with you.” each picture had its own caption almost a paragraph long, because they were literally logged the day of each event TT-TT
  • he tells the pd-nims that he thought he was a hassle to be with because of how needy he was but he really appreciated how you stuck around and was really happy that he was able to see you smile when he was with you.
  • said if he could live off one thing, it would be your smile :-(((((((((( 
  • TT-TT
  • TT______TT
  • wishes that you stay healthy and tells you to not forget about your health and to always eat and sleep and take your supplements so you can live long. and then he challenges you to try and outlive each other :-((()))))

more wgm scenarios

SEVENTEEN reaction when other guy flirts with you


/want to kill him/

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/jealous watching everything from afar. He trust you and trying to be mature (secretly wants to hit the guy)/

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“He thinks he has a chance”

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/kisses you and now everybody know that you are his girlfriend/

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“But she’s my girlfriend…”

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“seriously!?“ /angry mode activated/

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/super jealous/

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“That’s cute”

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“Are you trying to flirt with my girl?“

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/behaves as everything was fine but actually is worried/

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“Get your hands of her! She is mine!!!”

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“Can’t he see she is with me?“ /sad puppy/

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Yamamoto~~~ kill me with your cuteness, why don’t you? Kya~

Cr: 青空の下、キミのとなり PV Making