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is a SPARTAN-III commando of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, attached to Special Warfare Group Three. He fought as a part of Noble Team. His call sign was Noble Three, during the Fall of Reach in 2552.

By January of 2553, Jun hand-picked Sarah Palmer, who at the time was an ODST, to become one of the first candidates for the SPARTAN-IV Program.

Jun, along with Musa-096 began to train Palmer and the new Spartans they recruited. They taught the new recruits how to operate as a team and to never cease glory for one’s self when your teammates are on the line. Sometime after, Jun and Lasky gave them a tour of the UNSC Infinity to show them where they would be stationed soon enough. While he was giving the new Spartan recruits a tour of the Infinity, an Insurrectionist team lead by Isla Zane, took Captain Del Rio and the Infinity’s bridge crew captive and threatened to depressurize the whole ship, if anyone was to try and retake the ship. Palmer asks Lasky if the armor bay is operational. Lasky replies saying it is but the selection was limited. Jun then tells Palmer that they aren’t cleared to receive their armor yet. Though the situation demanded it, she then tells Jun that they are Spartans and they need to start acting like it.


Throwback Thursday huh?

So this here is my “Jun” armor from Halo: Reach.  In 2010 I managed to snag tickets to San Diego Comic Con, as I was down in the area for school.  About two weeks before the convention I saw that Bungie and Microsoft would be there showing off their new game, Halo: Reach.  I immediately set to work building a costume unique to that game, selecting one of the characters from the series “Noble Team”.  I ended up selecting Jun, the sniper, as he had a lot of regular tactical equipment on him which I knew I could use to conceal and blend what would be a rushed job.  The helmet was my first major sculpting job, and it came out okay!  But the mold was incredibly bad.  Most of the molds for the other pieces were equally horrid and are the equivalent of trash and wasted money, though some of them are marginally useful.  The rest of the pieces were pep backed with rondo, fiberglass, or casted plastic.  If I were to redo it in a rush today, most of it would be EVA foam, with only the helmet being hard.  It doesn’t even have a visor, just a little reflective piece used for football helmets.

I would like to remake this costume someday, if I can ever find the helmet again.  I did receive a couple of awards: a hall costume award from the Costume Designers Guild presented by Audrey Fisher (costume designer for True Blood) and recognition as one of the top Halo fans by Microsoft (it came with a free XBox!).  I even got my photo passed around with all the press copies of Halo: Reach in a booklet detailing Halo and its fanbase.

When talking to the Microsoft staff about being selected they said it wasn’t just because I had a costume.  It was because I had obviously gone through a lot of trouble to make one from the most recent game on short notice.  It was because I had arranged a photoshoot for ALL the Halo costumes at comic con to provide pictures for the community to share.  It was because I helped them out in caring for their own costume that they had purchased from Legacy FX.

I am happy to remain good friends with the community managers at 343i.  It’s a great community that I never want to leave.  The costumes have changed, the fanbase has grown, and the series itself has changed hands from Bungie to Microsoft.  But there’s still a love and camaraderie there that one would not expect from a game that more or less popularized the use of multiplayer teabagging victory crouching.


My character in one of my Halo fan-fictions called “Love at Long Range” has a lullaby which I ultimately decided to turn into a full song after being slapped in the face with inspiration.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed it! :)

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