Seventeen Reaction To When You're Feeling Chilly But Try To Hide It From Them

S.coups & Joshua: Being a sweetheart and a gentlemen he wouldn’t hesitate to take off his jacket or sweater to place over your shoulders. Even if you told him that you were okay and weren’t that cold, he’d insist and tell you that he’d be fine.

 Jeonghan & Seungkwan: He’d be so concerned as soon as he saw you shivering. He’d have this look of worry on his face and would tell you that you should’ ve told him that you were cold. After having you deny that you were cold he’d just give you a straight face, almost a look of disbelief but only to place his coat over you or drag you inside so that you could be warm.

Hoshi & DK: He’d see you shivering from the corner of his eye and would probably smile and ask, “are you cold?” If you said no, he’d pester and ask you if you’re sure. But know that your cold he’d wrap his scarf around you, or give you his jacket, even if he had to throw it at you and run away for you to use it.

 Wonwoo & The8: He wouldn’t one to say anything, even if he did ask if you were cold and you said no. He’d just place his jacket over your shoulders quietly and smile over at you when you looked at him. 

 Mingyu, Jun, & Dino: You being chilly or cold is just another opportunity for him to wrap his arms around you. He’d open his coat and pull you against his chest while wrapping the cost around you. He’d probably catch you off guard and if you tried to move away, saying that you aren’t that cold, he’d just hold onto you tighter knowing that you were lying.

 Vernon & Woozi: His flustered and shy personality might get to the better of him. He’d really want to give you his jacket but would be trying to find the best way to bring it up, so that he wouldn’t end up feeling awkward after ward. He wouldn’t be able to bring it up with having his cheeks heat up but he’d be happy that he did in the end.

Since it’s now freezing outside, I thought that this would be a good time for a reaction like this.

Seventeen Reaction To Their Girlfriend Being In An Established Girl Group

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cani request a seventeen reaction to you being in a girl group thats really popular? like 2NE1 or SNSD so not only did you debut before them you are a pro that slays all the hoes in the audience

S.Coups: Look at how your leader does it boys and take notes - I’ve got a truly impressive girlfriend ;)

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Jeonghan: It only makes sense that a beautiful, talented boy would be with a beautiful, talented girl.

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Joshua: We can make beautiful music together. *always trying to get her to do duets with him*

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Jun: *cocky* Of course I’m with a girl like that, we complement each other well.

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Hoshi: * is in the closet about being a fan boy for her past performances*

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Wonwoo: *just hopes she doesn’t find out about anti-fan blog from the past*

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Woozi: *another one who struggles to keep the fan boy in and also desperately wants to do all the duets with her*

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DK: *if you think the two of them would not go to Karaoke all the time and compete against each other you would be wrong*

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Mingyu: *is in utter disbelief about it.* I cannot believe that she’s my girlfriend, it’s super cool right??

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The8: *would just be cute and probably would ask her for advice about being an idol while offering his own support for her career*

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Seungkwan: *sassy af, known to rub it in the face of the other members.* You all should take notes from the king.

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Vernon: *Another one in disbelief, and it comes out in interviews when he’s asked about her* Oh yeah…we uh…It’s just really incredible. I never expected this to develop.

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Dino: *definitely  doesn’t hate the ego boost that comes with it. I picture him going to practice with her, just to practice moves and hang out. Another one to really take in and appreciate any advice she has about the industry*

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seventeen scenario (fluff/slight angst)

seventeens reactions to another guy flirt with you

scoups- coups would be like super annoyed and he would stop talking to you and so you’d have to explain that you only loved him and you would try to hug him and steal little kisses and he wold try to act like he was still annoyed at you and didn’t like what you were doing but a smile would creep onto his face and he would eventually start hugging and kissing you

woozi- woozi would sit back and watch the situation unfold but as soon as the guy flirting with you would leave he would run up to you, take you by the wrist and drag you home with him while telling you to ‘never talk to that guy again’ cause it makes him annoyed and jealous and that your only his.

joshua- joshua would take a grip of your hand and make as many different ways of skinship while that guy tried to flirt with you plus he would squeeze your hand as to signal that you guys should go and leave the party, if all of that failed and the guy kept flirting he would resort to kissing you then stating clear that he shouldnt flirt with you

hoshi- hoshi would start laughing and run-walk over the situation and wrap his hands around your waist and pull you not a back hug while resting his head on your shoulder he would then proceed to giggle while saying ‘oh hi, I’m her boyfriend, hoshi, nice to meet you sorry but i need to go and take her with me so if you’ll excuse us’ and then he’d pull you away with him. telling you to never talk to him again awhfusd

seungkwan- ok seungkwan would be super jealous and he would walk over to you and like scoff at the guy and just tell him straight, like he would say something like ‘alright whats going on here’ and the guy flirting with you would smirk and seungkwan would just laugh and drag you away with him as he would tighten his grip on your hand and tell you that you should’nt even look at those kind of guys ahhhh

mingyu- since mingyu is an overenrgetic puppy he would run over and totally cut the guy flirting with you off and try to grab your attention but saying all sorts of cute thing like ‘lets go cuddle’ or ‘i lubbb youuuuu’ and he would like wrap his hands around your waist totally blocking your view of the guy and he would turn around and the the guy something like ‘haha I’m her boyfriend can you tell?’ while tightening his grip on you and glaring at him.

wonwoo- ok wonwoo would be very low key jealous and would act like he didn’t care but he would secretly be watching like a hawk from afar and if the guy made any skin ship he would drop everything and march/stomp over to where you were and take your hand protectively stepping infront of you and he would say something like ‘ she doesn’t like that’ and the guy would be like ‘how do you know’ and he’d say ‘cause I’m her boyfriend’ bfwegbdsjik

the8- ahh the8 is such an innocent little thing that he would like be confused at first but he would like get this feeling that something was wrong and the guy would like speak up and say something like ‘so who’s this guy is he your friend?brother?’ finally he would get the gist of what was happening and he would wrap his arm around your waist and say ‘I’m her boyfriend’ and then he would be nervous the rest of the night so you would reassure him by telling something like ‘your the only one i like’ then kissing his nose ahguhfwh

vernon- vernon would stay by your side all night and if he saw someone flirting with you he would be clear and say ‘I’m her boyfriend- don’t flirt with her’ and he would like tighten his grip on you and he would tell you how jealous he was whenever a guy tried to flirt with you and he would make his feelings for you as clear as possible and you would smile and tell him that no one could ever replace his spot in your life and how much you loved him.

dino- it would be one of the only times when you would see dino take on authority because as soon as someone would flirt with you he would try be as manly as he could and his image would totally change and he would do one of two things- either he would tell the guy flirting with you to go away and never to talk to you again or just drag you away before he could get in mor ethan a sentence- he would also glare at the guy a lot but as soon as you were alone wed turn into a little squishy thing :’))

jun- jun would literally just stand they’re laughing and scoffing at the guy and eventually he would reach his limit and would turn you suddenly and kiss you right infront of the guy and then he would say something along the lines of ‘if that doesn’t make it clear enough for you to stop i don’t know what will’ then would would pull you away with him saying ‘what a douchebag’ and pull you into a hug and say ‘ don’t ever look at anyone but me’ and you would nod into his chest giggling

jeonghan- jeonghans anger would build really quick then all of a sudden they’re like about to have a fist fight and you would have to get in-between him and tell him that it was alright and not hurt anyone or hurt himself and he would slowly calm down and pull you away from the guy and as soon as you were far enough away from everyone he would pull you into a tight hug and say something like ‘only for you’ awwwwhtyfhf

dk- i feel like you and dk would be taking and giggling and stuff then all of a sudden a friend or ex would like appear at a party or something and you would like get really uncomfortably and dk would realise and whisper in your ear asking if your ok then the guy would walk up to you and start flirting and you would be really super uncomfortable and he would notice and tell him to stop because you were uncomfortable and the guy would be like taken aback then walk away and you would pull dk into a hug and tell him how much he meant to you.

Siblings | An S.Coups AU

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Ok well i was wondering if you could do a cute scoups thingy maybe like dad scoups

Word count: 1,028

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Hope you like it~~

“Daddy! This swing is broken, it doesn’t move anymore! You have to help me!” Says your three year old daughter from inside the playground. 

“Hey. Hey Seungcheol. It’s your turn.” You whisper, delicately elbowing him in order to get him to wake up.

The both of you were sitting outside the children’s playground while your three year old princess named Naeun (his mother’s choice) played with the other kids. Your hubby usually is really energetic and always accompanied Naeun into the park, but with the recordings for the new album, the practice for the upcoming Seventeen tour and the fact that you had just gotten pregnant with your second child really complicated things and made you two really busy, so none of you really had any time to rest.

“Just five more minutes… Y/N, can’t you go there instead?”

“Well I’m not called dad, am I? She’s daddy’s little girl, you fascinate her so much. Just go.”

The sudden boost of confidence makes him get up immediately and go play with his little bundle of joy, causing you to chuckle at his adorableness.

“Hold on, princess! Super-Dad is coming to the rescue!” 

“Yay daddy! You’re the best!”

Despite it being a little painful for you to be in any position other than sitting because of the pregnancy, you just had to check out that show.

“So, what’s going on here, guys?”

“Super-Dad and the Super Awsome Naeun are going to fight the evil swing monster!” If it weren’t for the voice change, you would never have known that it was Seungcheol talking. He takes his jacket off and ties it around his neck, pretending it to be a cape. Obviously his biggest fan Naeun followed right after.
“OK kid, we’re all geared up now!”

“Yeah dad, time to fight the evil monster! Evil swing, back off or Super-Dad and Super Awesome Naeun will kick your butt, and make you go cry to your mommy!”

After a good twenty minutes of kicking and punching the air, jumping around and some pretty barbaric yelling, you remind your hubby of your doctor’s appointment and he wraps up the intense battle, sitting your daughter down on his shoulders and walking up to the car.

“Mommy! Mommy! Did you see how me and dad kicked the evil swing monster’s butt?”

“Yeah, that looked like a really intense battle, did you guys won?” You say as you fastened her seatbelt.

“Are you kidding me? Y/N, with these guns we could never have lost.” You sigh and laugh as he flexes but kept his eyes on the road, driving you all to the hospital.

******time skip*******

As you wait for your name to be called through the speaker, your husband starts to feel the need to get distracted again:

“Hey. Hey Y/N. Psst.”

“What is it Seungcheol.”

“Do you think that lady over there is pregnant or just fat?…”

“She’s obviously pregnant honey. Don’t be so mean.”

“Don’t be like that. I’m gonna kiss you if you don’t stop it.”

Playfully rolling your eyes, you give him a slow kiss on the lips, making him blush even though you’ve been together for so long.

“Ew! That’s so gross.” Your daughter sticks her tongue out and crosses her arms in disapproval. “Daddy, I have nothing to do. I wanna play a game!”

“Hmm… I think we’re right on time for our game show! Ladies, gentlemen and anything in between, let’s gather around to play once again "Guess That Belly!”. Little Miss Choi Naeun, what’s your bet?“

"Hmmm… I want a baby sister!”

“Good one. To me, it doesn’t really matter, All I care about is whether the baby is healthy or not.”

“Oh, that’s not a real awnser. You have to choose if you want a boy or a girl.”

“That’s not really how it works baby. But it would be a lot of fun to have another guy around. What about you Y/N?”

“Same. the most importante is the baby’s health, but having a boy would be fun!”

“Y/F/N… Y/F/N… Dr. Avila is ready to recieve Y/F/N.”

“Mommy! Can we come with you please?”

“Well, you’ll have to ask Dr. Avila, but if you behave I think he’ll let you in.”

“Good afternoon Dr. Avila.”

“Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Choi, please come in. Hello little girl, how are you doing?”

“Hi! My mommy said that if I behaved,you would let me in and find out if I’m having a baby sister or a baby brother!”

“That’s true. But you have to be quiet, ok? Here’s a gummy bear. Let’s start with the appointment, shall we? Mrs. Choi, you can take off your shoes and jacket and lay down on that medical stretcher.”

You do as he says. As the appointment goes on, you three find you that the baby couldn’t be healthier and now was time to find out the baby’s gender:

“Mrs. and Mr., would you like to find the gender of the baby now or at the time of birth?”

“I want to find out now! I want to find out now!”Your little girl yells from her seat.

“Naeun! You said you’d behave. I’m sorry. But I guess it wouldn’t hurt to find out now would it?”

“Well… Your baby is a very healthy and strong boy.”

 You look over to your daughter to see if she was sad, but actually she looked pretty ecstatic. Out the corner of your eye you see Seungcheol shedding a couple of tears, but you decide not to mention it.

As you three leave the hospital, you decide to go out for ice cream to celebrate the new addition to the family. 

“We’re sorry baby. Are you mad that you’re not getting a little sister?” Seungcheol crouches down and asks.

“I thought I’d get upset, but I didn’t. I’m a big sister now and can’t get mad at little things like these.” You both burst out laughing at how grown up your daughter sounds.

“Well, we can try and see if we could get you a little sister, couldn’t we Y/N?” He turns to you, wiggling his eyebrows and causing you to smack his arm. “Shut up.”