Asking Them to Sing For You

A/N: well this is my first Seventeen reaction post, as requested by Anon! bless and curse Seventeen for having so many members!! honestly speaking I haven’t posted one prior because I was too lazy to do all 13 member ooOPs

you lay in the arms of your boyfriend as you idly watch re-runs of a television show. however, the television just couldn’t quite hold your attention any longer, and you find yourself growing bored. you let out a long sigh before looking over at your boyfriend with a pout adorning your lips. “I’m bored,” you say jutting your lip out further. suddenly a fun thought crosses your mind. with your eyes dancing with excitement, you say, “sing for me.”

Hip-Hop Unit:

Seungcheol (S. Coups)

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he contemplates for a moment before asking, “wanna do it together?” using his best aeygo. without waiting for an answer, he tugs you off the couch to dance along with him as he sings loudly. ultimately, your request ends with your living room turning into a karaoke room.


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honestly it probably isn’t the first time he has sang for you. he immediately jumps up at the opportunity to make you smile. he starts to sing for you loudly and quite off-key making you burst into a fit of giggles. 


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it takes a bit of convincing to get him to sing for you, but eventually he reluctantly does after you beg him enough. his singing, however, is closer to talking than actual singing and eventually your begging him to stop instead. he sits back down next to you saying, “I did good right?” to which you roll your eyes. 

Hansol (Vernon)

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he looks at you a little skeptical at your request and asks, “are you serious?” you look back at him with puppy eyes and whine, “please.” eventually he caves and shyly sings for you. by the end of his little performance, he’s a blushing mess, and he covers his face in embarrassment.

Vocal Unit:

Junghan (Jeonghan)

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he’s going to whine about how his english isn’t good, and then ask you if he can just sing in Korean instead. so then you’ll request a Korean song, which he’ll start to happily sing for you. 

Jisoo (Joshua)

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this is probably a naturally occurrence for you two - you probably always ask him to sing for you and he always does. after you ask him to sing for you, he fetches his guitar and sings one of your favorite songs.

Jihoon (Woozi)

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after you ask him to sing for you, he scratches the back of his neck - feeling embarrassed by the sudden request. he keeps you in his arms as he starts to sing a soft melody in your ear, and runs his fingers through your hair.

Seokmin (DK)

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of course he’s going to sing for you when you ask because he loves making you smile. he’ll probably pick a song that he’s heard you listen to many times before. somewhere along the way, he’ll forget the words so he’ll just repeat the previous verse causing you to giggle. 


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when you first ask he’s going to go on and on about how high maintenance he is, saying things like, “don’t you know people pay money to see me sing?” however, he ends up singing for you anyway because we all know he loves the attention.

Performance Unit:

Junhui (Jun)

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he’d start singing a song for you, but somewhere in the middle he’d get lost and start just cutely humming the melody because he can’t remember the english lyrics. 

Soonyoung (Hoshi)

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honestly this boy will start bellowing out a song, singing with all his heart, in all utmost seriousness. he’ll incorporate dance moves and because you requested for an english song, he’d probably make a bunch of lyrical mistakes but wouldn’t really care and continue singing. 

Minghao (The8)

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he’d timidly go along with your request. he’d pick a song he knows and somewhere along the way he’d stumble on some words saying something that makes absolutely no sense, which leads to you two giggling at his cute mistake. 

Chan (Dino)

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Chan would probably pick an old Michael Jackson song because c’mon les be real we all know he’s big fanatic. he’d performed it flawlessly for you because in all honesty he’s probably practiced singing it in front of his mirror a million times before.  


  • Has been acting since a young age
  • His fanbase is bigger then Jeonghans
  • He’s a very kind person but is ALWAYS clinging to Minghao
  • Drags Minghao everywhere with him
  • His jawline makes people cry
  • He is aware of his looks and isn’t ashamed to call himself hot
  • Promotes self love
  • He is the richest behind Hansol
  • Flaunts it but also shares it with everyone, including fans
  • Buys everyone gifts randomly
  • If he sees you were looking at something, the next day you will have it
  • Advertises Wonwoo’s books like mad
  • Covers Dino’s shifts of the boy is busy with school work
  • Mingyu doesn’t mind at all
  • Sometimes is found sitting in Soonyoungs class
  • No one learns during those times
  • If someone makes Minghao or Chan upset they better watch out
  • Helps Chan with school and expenses
  • Often seen making Soonyoung even more hyper
  • Acts in some of the biggest Chinese tv shows
  • Brings Minghao things from China
  • When filming in China he will visit minghaos family and FaceTime him so they can talk
  • Is actually really gentle and down to earth
  • Buys fans food
  • Always takes photos with fans
  • Sometimes he will take risk and bug Wonwoo
  • Catch him with his head on Wonwoos lap taking a nap as the boy writes ignoring him completely
  • Junhui always drags Wonwoo, Minghao, Chan and Soonyoung together twice a week at his house and they eat and watch tv and joke around
  • They have dance battles
  • It’s always a little sad when Junhui has to go film
  • But he group calls them all daily 

part four out of 13 au series

Remember that One Night

Group/Member: Seventeen/Jun

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1081

Summary: #50 “You know you want it, sweetheart.”

Requested: Yes; anon said, “hey, this is for the drabble thing lol. #50, jun of seventeen, smut, and any admin is fine. thank you~~ ^.^”

Author’s Note: Anon used such cute emojis for a smut request. Anyway do ya’ll read Y/N as “Your Name” or do you read as something else? I always read it as something like “Yuh nin” like I just make the Y and N sound. I’m just curious lol.

- Admin Lara

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When you want someone’s attention..😂💕💕 #지훈 #세븐틴 #woozi #jun #준 #seventeen #jihoon

Made with Vine
Bully pt 8

Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader x Minghao
Genre: Angst/Fluff
A/N: This really is just small/short filler to tell you guys that I will be updating more from now on. (Also, this is really shitty.)

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One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven

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Svt's reaction to you not realizing that they have been flirting with you for a while?


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*flirts x100* *you still don’t notice* “oH mY GoD. You will be the death of me.”


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*Frustrated that you’re so oblivious*


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“You know I like you right?” “What do you mean no?!”


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“How is it possible to be rejected this many times?” *is insulted that you don’t see how handsome he is*


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“Hehe :)” *Internally screaming*


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*is disappointed with himself*


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“Am I invisible or…?”


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*Doesn’t know what to do*


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Minghao (The8):

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*Is a bit upset that you hadn’t noticed until he told you* “I tried”


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“Oh, you really didn’t know?” *laughs it off*


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“Should I just give up?”


SBSPopAsia hangs out with Seventeen backstage on their Australia Tour (Melbourne & Sydney)

(Via SBSPopAsia)