jumpy's sketches


Jumpy’s Bonne mech pix 3:  the Servbot Borer!

Hello again!  Sorry it’s a bit late, but here’s the next sketch:  the Servbot Borer!  Had fun drawing this one too, complete with Servbot pilot even!  This little drill tank is a companion unit to the Finkel!  When Tron sends the Servbots to explore ruins and they need to get through some rubble or cave walls, then this is the vehicle for the job!  The Borer can be outfitted with several types of drills depending on how tough the rocks are.  Only drew the basic drill for this one.  Can even drill through any enemies they encounter, like Reaverbots or pesky Birdbots!  Obviously pretty sturdy too, if it can crash into enemies and keep going!  So whatever the Finkel targets with the beacon bomb, chances are this will make short work of the obstacle at hand!  This is definitely the tool of choice for any small scale digs the Bonnes have to do!

(OOC:  This is another machine from the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.  The digout level is one of my favorite parts of the game, so I just had to do both the Finkel and this too!  Only wish you could play that part over again as much as you want.  It’s fun having this thing bonk into Birdbots and Reaverbots.)

Jumpy’s Bonne Mech Pix!  Request 1:  the Drache!

Well here’s the Drache sketch you requested #10!  It’s a bit more detailed than my usual subjects, but I think I captured it pretty well.  Even tried to get it from more of an angle for a three dimensional aspect.

We see a few of these things on Kattelox, as they’re the primary way to and from Island for the Servbots working at the Stripe Burger downtown.  So not as scary as they used to be.  And the police don’t ticket them or tow them away anymore since we’ve given them an honorary parking spot just outside the town walls!  Mayor Amelia and the Inspector arranged for it as thanks for opening the great restaurant and as an apology for the mixup over the car chase incident when they had their first bag of profits.

Wonder what it’s like to take a ride in one of those things?  I know a few landed out on the Yass Plains when #28 and his brothers came over for the big fight not too long ago.  Well, hope you like it #10!

Er, sorry about the low light, I’ll try to get a better resolution once the scanner’s working.  The flash from the camera made it too bright to see all the lines well.

Happy 25th Anniversary Mega Man!

Today’s Mega Man’s big 25th Anniversary!  Woohoo!  And to celebrate the occasion I did something new for a change:  I drew the original Blue Bomber himself!  Think it turned out alright, and I spent about twenty minutes on it.  Pretty cool drawing the original Mega Man himself that even Volnutt is named after!  Here’s to more awesome Mega Man games in the years to come!  Rock on, Rock!  Get it?  Rockman?  Okay, I’ll stop with the bad puns, but keep on going Blue Bomber!  Yeah!

(OOC:  And so today is the big 25th  Anniversary!  I even downloaded Street Fighter X Mega Man, and it’s pretty awesome so far!  Only wish it had a Save Game/Password feature so I wouldn’t lose any progress like new weapons when I exit the game to go do something else.  Aside from that, it’s cool!  Now, I’m looking to Capcom for an announcement of preferably the revival of Legends 3 or a new game of some kind for an actual gaming system.  Happy 25th Anniversary Mega Man!  Up next, I’ll be finally working on a sketch of Volnutt himself for tomorrow’s 15th Anniversary of Legends!  Later!)

Jumpy’s sketch ideas!  Suggestion:  Walk around town with my eyes closed.  Draw whatever I run into.

So I wandered around town yesterday with my eyes closed to sketch what I ran into, like Volnutt suggested.  Well I did just that, and I didn’t run into any cars or Reaverbots!  I was stumbling through town, when all of a sudden CRASH!  I ran into something and was knocked silly.  I felt something bonk off of my head.  I came to a little bit later and found that a soda can had bounced off my noggin.  I had crashed into a vending machine!  So here’s the sketch of the vending machine I ran into, complete with me knocked out on the ground and the soda can bouncing off of my head!

Apparently if somebody hits them, a drink might fall out.  And if they’re hit repeatedly, they’re likely to explode.  The one I hit didn’t blow up on me, but I’ve heard rumors of somebody in blue armor kicking one to the point it did blow up a while back…  So that’s what happened on my little “sketch walk” yesterday!