etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.18.17

theme thursday: jumpsuits + rompers

linen jumpsuits by offon

somehow, guys, and i don’t really know how, but the jumper/romper trend is still a thing. more power to those long-torsoed ladies who can pull it off and make it look SO rad!! today i’m featuring five jumpsuit finds that i’m going to personally use as my springboard to trying out this trend!! a solid romper (in a bold hue like this, or even a neutral!) may be the way to dip your toe in these waters, like one of these easy-fitting options from offon.


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 5.18.17

theme thursday: jumpsuits + rompers

rosabel romper by ksgarnerclothing

if you’re ready to try a flirtier romper style, check out the rosabel by ksgarnerclothing. it’s a casual denim with sexy straps and fun floral patches that are summery and bohemian.


Got a cute new romper/jumpsuit AND i wore eyeliner and mascara today so I decided to try and take cool artsy photos but I didn’t know what I was doing so I also took smiley pictures

anonymous asked:

What do you think are some fashion trends that are popular with certain dynamics?

Interesting topic. Hmmmm, okay. I hope to come up with some good ones! I’m just gonna do random ones. 


  • - Tracksuits 
  • - Timbs (deadass my guy)
  • - Crop Tops
  • - PLAID
  • - Intense dramatic makeup 
  • - v-necks 
  • - Muscle tees
  • - Bomber jackets
  • - Pins and patches
  • - Suede 
  • - Nikes 
  • - Ironic graphic t-shirts
  • - Baseball hats 
  • - Black anything and everything 
  • - Button up shirts 
  • - Vintage tees
  • - reflective sunglasses


  • - Leggings
  • - Boyfriend Jeans 
  • - Thigh high boots 
  • Tee shirt dresses
  • - Scarves 
  • - Glittery makeup 
  • - Those shirts 
  • - Chokers
  • - Velvet anything
  • - Of the shoulder tops 
  • - Overalls
  • - Vans 
  • - Clothes layering 
  • - Oversized sweaters/hoodies/pullovers 
  • - Slip dresses
  • - Bralettes
  • - Bright colors 
  • - Hammer pants 


  • - Sweater dresses
  • - Jean Jackets
  • - Booties
  • - Graphic tees
  • - Natural Makeup
  • - Hats that have the one emoji on the front of them 
  • - Jumpsuits/rompers
  • - Ripped jeans 
  • - High neckline anything 
  • - Demi skirts 
  • - Converses
  • - Mom jeans 
  • - Puffer jackets
  • - Camo
  • - Tie-dye 
  • - Stripes 
  • - Leather pants 

This is honestly all I can think of. Someone make a lookbook for the dynamics so I can cry over them and be amazed. I hope these are good enough. Sorry if they aren’t! And sorrryyyyy for taking so long love. <3


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 5.18.17

theme thursday: jumpsuits + rompers

senna bell bottom floral romper by jordanderuiter

also available in black, the senna romper has a hippie vibe with it’s bell-bottom flared legs, tie-style top, and cutout tummy. pair it with your fave platform sandals or clogs and dance the night away at a summer wedding or event!!

When will we realize that men can define their masculinity the same way we as women would like to define our femininity!? You don't want men telling you you can't wear Timbs or a short cut but you tell men they shouldn't wear a jumpsuit with sleeves!? Aren't jumpsuits deemed "masculine" anyways!? I don't get it.... It's 2017...Flint still doesn't have clean water, we still have Girls missing all over the US, people are afraid of losing health care and y'all worried about a jumpsuit!? Okay....

Toddler Jumpsuit

Even toddlers need cute jumpsuits/rompers/whatever you want to call ‘em! They’re great for any occasion, whether it’s a playdate or naptime! Available in lots of colors and color combinations.

As always, feel free to do whatever you want with my meshes (PLEASE recolor, because I’m terrible at textures!). Just be sure to give me credit :D



The Party Tour has come to an end, each show to seem to have its own special quality. I’m so proud to be a fan of someone who puts his all in his work and pleases his fans. As I stated earlier, here are my fave looks from the tour. What are yours? 

1. Juun J Hooded Oversized Coat with Bape Combat Boots 

2. Vintage Jeff Hamilton Mickey Mouse Jacket (do your research, Jeff is the GOAT)

 3. Custom Black Pyramid Flight Suit/Jumpsuit/Romper 

4. Heart Patch Varsity Jacket by Heart Clothing.

onneiroii  asked:

hullo 🌼 i was wondering, do you have any outfit/clothing ideas to where out in daily life that would be reminiscent of elegance or being princess like? It's so easy to have satin and lacy lingerie at home but what about on the exterior in general?

hi! sure, angel! i feel that we naturally associate princesses with elegance, and while things like ballgowns are usually one of the first ideas that come to mind, it just isn’t “realistic” for everyday wear (although, i wish it could be 😊)! so, i’d think of things such as these:

fabrics: lace, satin, chiffon, ruffly, velvet, tulle, sheer

styles: high-neck blouses, collared or bow collared, pleated skirts or trousers, flared skirts or dresses, stockings of any sheerness, pattern, or color; mary-jane heels or flats; matte, sparkly, or pleather pumps; loafers with cute socks, pretty tops tucked into skirts, flowing maxi dresses or skirts, jumpsuits or rompers with ruffles/floral patterns/buttons, off-the-shoulder peasant tops, hair bows and barrettes, lacy wrist-high gloves, tying an outfit together with sparkling jewelry or an adorable handbag. :-)

annnd here are some outfits i came up with for extra inspiration! best of luck, love; i hope this gives you some ideas, and that you always try to allow yourself to feel like the princess that you are regardless of what you wear. 😌 🌷