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"I'm trying to flirt with you, okay?" ontae. ^u^

Rating: PG-13
AU: Cocoon
Word count: 1700+
Notes: This is a prequel to other installments, which are listed below in chronological order.

The Cocoon  -  Cocoon AU: Cozy  -  Cocoon AU: I Need You 

Jinki shuffled into the kitchen, yawning as he blinked the sleep from his eyes and scratched the back of his head absently. The sink was full of dirty dishes and Jonghyun was nowhere to be found. Jinki frowned in confusion, and then remembered the new knitting class at the local library. After the botched attempt at a knit hat for Jinki’s birthday present last year, Jonghyun was determined to learn how to knit properly. Jinki smiled as he moved to the sink and began washing the dishes, still yawning.

Half an hour later, with the dishes done, and breakfast eaten, Jinki moved back towards the bedroom to change out of his baggy pajama pants and tank top. But before he reached the room, there was a series of tentative staccato raps on the front door, as if from a timid woodpecker.

When Jinki opened it, he saw Taemin standing on the front step, clapping his hands lightly together in what Jinki recognized as one of the younger man’s stims. Jinki felt the same slightly painful twist in his gut that he had felt around Jonghyun’s boyfriend for several weeks now, as he took in the man’s mussed dark hair, rumpled clothes, and wide nervous eyes.

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The entire weekend Stiles was acting odd. Normally he’d wrap himself up in a blanket and invite you to sit on his lap, Scott would lay the length of the sofa with his feet balancing on the arm rest next to you.

Instead he stared straight ahead crammed between Scott and the end of the sofa as they watched one of the movies they saved for when you weren’t at Stiles’. From there it got worse, no texts to check you were getting around ok on your own, no suddenly flailing Stilinski falling through your window to check if you were still alive.

“Hit him.” Malia muttered.

“I’m not hitting him for ignoring me.” You sighed.

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Has nobody though about Lev and Yaku switching places?? At all?? Lev having Yaku as a kouhai? Yaku never calling Lev senpai ever because of Lev's strange insistence on the matter? Has anyone considered it?? I need it pls think of all the possibilities if there are any pls direct me to it but if not I guess I'll just suffer a bit longer

Ok so this is??? So beautiful??? And for a second I thought we were going to have a Nekoma body swap AU and I got excited but this is great too. 

  • Yaku is a salty fuckin’ kouhai, and Lev loves picking on him. He always mocks his height, and his attitude, and he finds it very endearing when Yaku then proceeds to lash out and kick him.
  •  Lev isn’t the best at volleyball, having only started in his first year, and immediately seeks Yaku’s help so he can get scouted for college teams and get scholarships and he sends these explanations with a lot!!!! of exclamation points!!!!
  • Yaku is annoyed at first, but it is kinda fun bossing around your senpai. 
  • Lev is very annoyed that Yaku doesn’t call him senpai, and he quickly joins the club with Kuroo and Bokuto, who can’t get Tsukishima to call them senpai either. 
  • Together, the three drag very unwilling kouhai (Yaku, Kenma, Akaashi, Tsukki) and a very willing kouhai (Hinata) into 4-on-4′s at training camp. The height differences on the teams are great. 
  • Yaku always scolds Lev, which is funny, bc Lev is actually very scared of Yaku’s wrath. 
  • He loves the cute look on his face when he’s mad, though, and makes the mistake of telling that to Yaku. He can’t play for a while after, bc the pain of how hard he got kicked in the shin was unbearable (still cute, tho). 
  • After the small admittance, however, Yaku finds himself falling for his idiot senpai and his stupid face and his stupid voice and his stupid smile. He hates himself for it, but he does. 
  • Yaku confesses by calling him senpai for the first time; Lev is so excited that Yaku called him senpai that he doesn’t realize it’s a confession until the day after (after he’s bragged to all his friends, gaining “lucky”s from the dynamic duo). It hits him in the middle of class, and he actually jumps up and runs out of the room to Yaku’s. 
  • Yaku isn’t very happy with Lev (he thinks he was rejected, and feels humiliated) when he rushes into his classroom, squeaking out something about an emergency to his teacher, and drags him into the hall just to shout a “YES!!!!” in his face. He’s also v confused. “Yes what???” 
  • Lev clears up that he had no idea that he’d been confessed to until just fuckin’ now and yes, he’ll go out with him, and Yaku is so happy he can’t even be mad. Because even if Lev is an idiot, he’s his idiot now, and that makes him smile widely, threatening him to get back to class, but holding no real malice. He’s grinning ear-to-ear as Lev kisses his head and skips back to his own classroom.