jumps out airlock

The idea that the Lions mirror their paladins in significant ways is usually applied to virtues that they have, but it’s something I think is noteworthy to consider that… personality is a mixed bag. If the Lions and paladins are similar, it’s likely that the Lions don’t just seek out someone with corresponding virtues, but also corresponding conflicts as well.

I’ve discussed before that Black and Shiro both appear to be dealing with trauma, to the point that it would seem like Black’s response to Zarkon’s presence is quite likely something like a panic attack.

And then I thought about Red.

People compare Keith and Red in terms of being brash and headstrong but a very major element of Keith’s character is his relationship with isolation and abandonment. Feeling like he’s losing people he cares about.

Red is the only Lion we know of that was captured by the Galra. It’s possible Blue was if I’m right in my theory that Blue carried Keith to Earth, but it’s also possible the Blade found her before the Empire did. Either way, Yellow, Green, and Black were still safe on their respective planets and the Galra had just found Blue on Earth.

Red was already on Sendak’s ship.

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the paladins + allura and coran (if you want) after a "discussion"(or fight) with their s/o pleaseee



Shiro has the guilt. he has it. it is in his possession and you have locked yourself in the bathroom. he can hear you knocking things over and pilling at the curtain and he is rocking back and forth hugging your jacket and also crying. He doesnt even feel angry he just feels really guilty for raising his voice at you and when you raised your voice back at him;;;  he feels the emotional self betrayal of missing a step on the stairs and then falling down them and he is suffering. 

Keith just… gets real quite and contemplative, suddenly recalling every moment that his hotheadedness got the better of him, and practically hitting his head agaisnt the wall wondering why he hasnt learned anything from it all yet. it takes a lot for him the work up the courage and find the words to talk to you again, and all he can do is apologize, hoping it reaches you. 

Lance just;;; feels like such an idiot?? you were arguing over the answer to a pretty existential question that Slav had asked, and in a competitive nature, once Lance formed his opinion, he was very defensive of it, blocking out anything contradicting you said trying to prove your point. you ended u storming out of the room in a huff , and he’d never actually even listen to what you were saying, so Slav reworded it for him and it clicked, what you were saying make good sense and he was to dense to listen and he feels real bad… 

Hunk  worse he felt his heart actually break when you shouted at him all the sudden. He was so confused because he’d just been working on blueprints for a little trinket he wanted to make you and from the other room you just start yelling at him asking him questions and he was lost. You toss a shirt in hsi face and he looks at it, and it was yours, the one you and him made together for valentines day a while back, it had your initials on it along with his and a heart… and a very dark oil stain on it… oh right… he apologizes every two seconds and its never enough he feels so bad he’s an awful boyfriend he’s convinced himself that he needs to do everything he possibly can to make it up to you. 

Pidge cries. shes an emotional crier. tears up when shes extremely happy, or sad or angry  just anytime shes emotional there are tears. she hates it too. You didnt mean it, she knew that but when you say something dismissive of her feelings, she just looses it. all of her doubt and fear boils up and shes screaming all the sudden she cant feel her hands they’re clenched so tight and shes stepping closer to you and she seems the confusion and fear in your eyes but she cant stop herself now and now shes in a ball on the floor crying wanting to just die and go away and not have to feel all these things its to much for her. 

Allura is very stubborn at times, she can admit that. though in this circumstances, shes very stubborn to prove that she is not. it’d been a very long day, and her diplomatic nature had worn down and so she is left to her own devices with you. she didnt care what you were saying but she would defend herself nonetheless. when you point put that she just keeps bringing it around to be about her instead of trying to work on the issues in the relationship she just scoffs and it takes her a long time of silence after you storm off to realize what she’d done. she;s humbled enough to go to you an apologize, hoping you’d let her just… start over. 

Feel’s like he’s just kicked a puppy and he wants to disappear. he’s ready to jump out the airlock honestly, when he sees you cower away from him like you were afraid he;d hit you. he wasnt that scary was he? he just steps back and its liek everything is reset, and he feels like the scum of the universe;;; he didnt know what he was thinking, or what he was so angry about int he first place.. he just hoped you forgive him;; 

“A Space Tail”

A late, late, late entry for Phanniemay Day 15, ‘Sci-Fi.’ Predictably, here’s some Space Au Danielle.

Space did funny things to people. 

Then again, people did funny things in space. Strapping themselves to rockets and blasting themselves across the big empty. Even though everything they were was tailor-made from millions of years of evolution for one tiny world, they still had to ride off to all the other ones. Transplant themselves to a foreign body that would always reject them. It tended to make people a little crazy.

Dani could sympathize. Everything down to her blood and her bones endlessly craved a place that wasn’t, anymore. Always a mismatch. Never a someplace that ever clicked into her incompatible links.

Space stations were the real dens of crazy. Built to accommodate everyone and succeeding with nobody. Gravity too high or too low, never the right temperature, finicky air composition. A place with dozens of different species, nationalities, clades, gangs, and corporates like a box of mismatched pieces. The bad edges crushed together.  

Not a single sentient belonged there, Dani especially. She was okay with it. The bar was offering half-off drinks for gals and gal-identifying.

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