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The best thing about bleach 661 was Uryuu’s little speech, to be honest. I mean, in all of this IshiHime vs IchiHime shipping frenzy, it seems like we’ve overlooked the absolutely beautiful symbolism it had.

It’s been a good few weeks for Uryuu in the fandom. We found out that he’s still, in Orihime’s own words, that Uryuu is still the same person we’ve always known. We found out that his childhood trauma doesn’t just end with seeing his grandfather slowly die from hollow attacks, but that it includes seeing his mother’s corpse get dissected by his father. We all jumped on the #ProtectIshida bandwagon when that happened, let’s be honest.

Throughout the series, Uryuu’s role has always been exceedingly selfless, and it really does show Kubo’s ability as a storyteller, the way he takes this undoubtedly misguided teenager, too kind and too honorable to actually let people get hurt but hell bent on getting revenge anyway, to this complex and beautiful character we’ve seen develop since soul society. He’s always been put smack dab in the middle of despair. Be it with Mayuri, Ulquiorra, or now, with Haschwalth, and what does he charge into battle with?


With Ulquiorra, this was subtextual. It was less hope and more strategy but it was there. You can’t tell me that Uryuu actually thought he could win against his segunda etapa, but he charged into battle anyway, hoping that Ichigo was still alive and Orihime could still help him and he charged into battle knowing that the only hope they have of winning/taking Orihime home (because he wasn’t there to fight espada, may I remind you, he was there with the hope that Orihime was still okay and that they would save her.) Was if Uryuu could buy them time. Certain defeat meant nothing to him as he charged, not as long as it meant keeping the light at the end of the tunnel alive.

With Haschwalth, the whole theory that Uryuu ‘charges into battle with hope’ has been pretty much cemented. Right now, he is taking on a person on the tier of gods. Right now, Uryuu Ishida is, even more than before, hip deep in the middle of despair. Even Haschwalth implies that there isn’t possibly any way for him to win and that his friends WILL perish. And what does Uryuu do? He scoffs at fate because if the future holds nothing but hurt for his friends he will change their destinies himself and if there is nothing else he can fight with he will fight with hope and he even says it himself, 'this glimmer of hope is all I need’. And this whole concept just puts his character to such a different height because oh my god he has been through so much and he has seen so many things and it would have been so easy for him to fall into a pessimistic, nihilistic state or fall through the despair event horizon like Ryuken but no no no this precious child has grown to be the kind of person who fights for hope and with hope and seeks out a better possibility and a better future than what is and what can be I just

#ProtectIshidaUryuu2k16 omg

Okay, so I normally don’t jump on the bandwagon when it comes to social media but here I am. Chavelle Hart. Some of you might know my sister Joy. She’s an Angel. I’ve only been in Hamilton for two months now. This probably the most I’ll ever talk via online so I apologize for any dying conversation after this. I’m more of a phone call kind of gal.

Stronger Than You- Chara & Frisk Parody thing
  • Stronger Than You- Chara & Frisk Parody thing
  • Haru's voice feat. Zach
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aa!!! I know this has been done many times already, so i just had to jump on the bandwagon-

Thanks to @beethovenuswastaken for his aMAZING Sans voice.

The lyrics were made by my friend and I in our math class woop s :^)))

If you want to use these lyrics, feel free! Just make sure to credit us.

Undertale © Toby Fox

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how would the boys react to being told their partner wanted to dominate them for once?



Leo is usually the one in control. He prefers to be the dominant one. His initial reaction to her wanting to dominate him will be resistant and unsure.  Since it’s unusual for him, he’s reluctant to just jump on the bandwagon. But Leo is also the type who is truly genuine in his love, so to appease her he will try this.  It’s more like…


“((Big sigh)) OK I guess. Let’s get this over with.”


If she does well, and actually take authority by the horns, it’ll turn Leo on and he might even consider letting her do it more often. But if she seems nervous, he’ll stop her right in the middle and take his place as Master back again.



Like Leo, he also prefers to be in control. 

He believes that this position belongs to the male and the female is incapable of pulling it off.  So when she asks him if she can dominate him tonight, he laughs. He doesn’t think she can do it and be good at it… definitely not as good as him.  But he will still try it, to prove a point.  If she sucks at it, she won’t hear the end of it from him and she can forget about asking again in the future.  If she pulls it off, especially by using his same mannerisms and style, he will be extremely turned on.  Raph likes it when a woman can go toe-to-toe with him. 



Most of the time, Donnie is the submissive one.  It doesn’t have anything to do with whether he is on top or who is saying what, etc.  Donnie’s mindset is always in wanting to please her sexually.  If she has gotten exactly what she wants, then he is happy.  He can actually be the one who is taking over or doing all of the work, but it’s never really about him–always her.  So he is all to ready for her to totally dominate him. It wouldn’t be too much different from what he is used to, except for maybe she’ll be more aggressive and actually give him orders, or tie him up.  Either way, he’ll love it and will jump at her request.



Mikey and his girl have no labels, neither one of them is the dominant or submissive one.  But if angelcakes asks Mikey if she can dominate him, he won’t mind.  Mikey will literally try anything with her. And whether she’s good at it or not, he’ll still encourage her and will probably try it again.

Look at me, jumping onto this (probably very dead) bandwagon MONTHS late. SHRUGS LOUDLY.

Okay but seriously, I have been considering doing this for a while, but never went through with it until now. I guess it’s because I’m a n00b who is nervous about randomly throwing things at people, be it writing, plotting, graphics… This post is more than just what it says; by liking this that means you have no problem with me throwing anything IC at you, period. I’m always too nervous to approach individually unless someone shows enthusiasm back, so if you’re shy too then liking this should be a less stressful way of knowing you’d like to interact. This is open to mutuals and non-mutuals alike, since I am not completely mutual exclusive, however personals DO NOT LIKE/REBLOG. Thank you! I’ll always reference back to this to see, and I’ll give a link to this so people can access it at any time.

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Questions 18-14 for the Fates Countdown

Since I jumped on the bandwagon late I decided to do these five together instead of making them seperately. I’ll do the rest seperately from here on though!

The questions are from here!

18.      Which version to you intend to get?  If more than one, which do you intend to get/play first?

I’m getting the Special Edition! I got it for Christmas so I’m buying half of my brother’s games and giving him the case for the sake of fairness. This is the order I’m playing in: Birthright -> Conquest -> Revelations. I don’t know why I chose that order, it just felt right.

17.       What’s your favorite female character, based on what you currently know?

That’s a tie between Rinka and Belka! I’m really sad that they’re version exclusives because I love them so much ;o; it’s definitely a mix between their designs and their personalities. I’m marrying both of them.

16.       What’s your favorite male character, based on what you currently know?

I really like Takumi and Joker. Their designs are great and I really like their personalities (they’re both huge assholes but hey. Whatever). I’m only marrying Joker because I don’t feel comfortable marrying ANY of the siblings, even on the Nohr side (and yes, I know the spoilers, even about a certain character that shall not be named)

15.       What’s your favorite new class, based on what you currently know?

I think the Golden Kite Flyer, though I don’t know much about it. The butler/maid class is pretty cool too, I like the shurikens and any class that uses staves and weapons are cool with me. I also think that their hand claw things are cool af

14.       Who’s the cooler parent: Garon or Mikoto?

I would want Mikoto to be my mom in real life, so I’m gonna have to go with her. I don’t care how cool Garon get, he freaks me out and if I had to actually live with him in real life I’d be scared out of my fucking mind