jumps off a cliff

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you're a disgustting twit for shipping stucky. go jump off a cliff

So just in case this is a thing that’s about to start up in the stucky fandom I’d like to put out to all stucky shippers that may be feeling vulnerable or might be targeted, you’re not doing anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with shipping Stucky. You’re not disgusting. There’s no reason to harm yourself or feel bad about yourself for shipping Stucky.  

No one has the right to make you feel like shit for liking Stucky. Whether you’re shipping just for fun or using it as a means to cope or escapism. People like this cowardly anon are the disgusting* ones. 

And here, have some proof of canon Stucky love

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A sequel to the Deal. A sequel to the Deal? A sequel to the Deal!? A sequel to the Deal!?!?!? A SEQUEL TO THE DEAL!?!?! A. SEQUEL. TO. THE. DEAL. *jumps off of cliff and and yells from the depths of hell* This is great to hear man, love you, have a cookie.

yes ma’am/dude/etc. I’m looking forward to writing it eventually.