jumps into puddle water

peter’s a little bundle of red and blue and wriggles. he runs into the kitchen wearing one rainboot and leaps into steve’s arms, tony following with the missing boot.

tony looks tired, and steve gives him a soft smile over peter’s head. tony returns it with a weary one of his own.

‘have you been giving your daddy the run around?’ steve asks peter, holding him facing outwards so that he can stick out his last socked little foot for tony to put the boot on.

‘no!’ peter protests. 'love my daddy! give lots kisses!’

steve kisses his ear, reaching out to put his other arm around tony’s waist, drawing him in close. 'alright, sweetheart?’ he asks softly. 'you look awfully tired.’

tony sighs out and turns into steve’s hold, letting his forehead drop into the hollow of steve’s shoulder and resting there. 'i am tired,’ he says, muffled by steve’s shirt. 'i am so tiiired. i could sleep for a week. steven, light of my life, did you make coffee? please say you made coffee, darling.’

'have i ever forgotten your coffee?’ steve says, slightly indignant. he gives tony’s backside a gentle pinch. 'it’s behind you on the counter, sweetest.’

tony moans gratefully and grabs it with both hands, taking a huge gulp. peter giggles at him. 'slurp,’ he tells steve. 'daddy slurping.’

'that’s a new word,’ steve says, smiling and swinging peter down into his chair. 'did clint teach you that?’

'nat. nat slurp,’ peter says cryptically, and flops over the counter to grab a pancake. steve sighs and moves his glass of orange juice to a safe distance.

tony’s still blearily upright, nursing his coffee. steve pulls out a chair and gently guides him into it, and then sits down between the two of them. peter’s happily humming through a mouth stuffed full of pancake, lifting up his legs one by one to admire his rainboots.

tony rests his head on steve’s shoulder. 'thanks,’ he mumbles, and steve slips an arm around him, stroking the hair off his forehead and dropping a kiss there.

'i think we should ask nat to b-a-b-y-sit this afternoon,’ steve murmurs. 'pretty sure she wouldn’t mind. you need a break.’

tony breathes out longingly, with a guilty glance at peter. 'but…’ he says, and steve rubs reassuringly at the knots in tony’s back.

'it’s okay,’ he says gently. 'he’ll love it. nat will love to take him. he’ll be fine, sweetheart, and we can take an afternoon off. you can sleep or do some programming, and i’ll give you a massage.’

tony grins at him, reaching up to fiddle aimlessly with the zipper of steve’s jacket. 'hm. i’m listening. what sort of massage?’

'whatever sort you want,’ steve promises, and then lurches swiftly forward to save peter from receiving an unholy baptism of orange juice. peter fusses half-heartedly, foiled in his plot to wreak messy havoc on the breakfast table; steve distracts him by making a face on a new pancake, cutting holes for eyes and a slit for the mouth.

when he looks back at tony, tony’s watching them with the most beautiful soft look on it, despite the tiredness, and he’s smiling. 'i love you so damn much, steve rogers,’ he says, out of the blue, and leans up to lay a swift light kiss on steve’s cheek.

'swear jar,’ steve says, but he can’t stop smiling.


the puddly, rainy landing area sends peter into raptures of ecstacy, running round in mad circles with excited happy little squeaking noises. his little face is pink-nosed under the blue hood of his raincoat, and he gleefully jumps into a deep puddle, sending cold water everywhere.

steve puts his arm around tony, tucking him into his side; tony leans against him and threads their hands together, ducking his face to avoid the cold spray that peter’s kicking up. 'our child is a maniac,’ he says resignedly.

'to be fair,’ steve says, 'so are we. come on, let’s jump some puddles.’ he turns smoothly to face tony, putting his hands on his husband’s waist and smiling down at him. 'hang on tight, sweetheart,’ he says, his voice full of laughter, and tony barely has time to squeak before steve lifts him up and swings him gracefully over the biggest puddle.

peter shrieks excitedly, running around them in circles. 'papa, PAPA!’ he giggles, 'stop! you drop daddy!“

'i not drop daddy, ever,’ steve says surely, looking down into tony’s flushed laughing face and sparkling eyes. 'daddy not drop me, either.’ he leans down and presses his forehead briefly against tony’s, feeling his warm skin; tony closes his eyes and presses back, smiling.

peter comes and cuddles in between them, making happy cooing sounds. and it’s wet and kind of cold and clammy and peter’s putting his soggy little mittens inside their raincoats, and tony’s face is covered in little clinging droplets as he smiles up into steve’s face like soft sunshine; and steve wants to paint him. and everything’s perfect.

(more ficlets under the 'stevetony ficlet’ tag on my blog - including the prequel to this!)

The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Two]

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 3k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Two

September 24, 2006

Waking up the next day was difficult for you. The dirt covered boy hasn’t left your dreams all night. Every time you would close your eyes, you’d have the same dream repeatedly: the boy coming from the forest, the puppy with violet eyes, the transformation… It was an almost non-ending nightmare. When you could finally sleep at peace without those visions, it was already sunrise.

You had finally woken up at 2 p.m. and since you were an early bird, this was the latest you had woken up. Stretching your hands over your head while yawning, you stared at the claw marks on your walls. So deep and so long they were! You didn’t believe that an animal could do that, but you weren’t sure either so you’d quickly forgotten about it. Today, you wanted to do something new and you will do so.

You went toward your curtains and opened them wide open, “Woah!” You exclaimed while squinting your eyes due to the bright sunlight. Today was a beautiful day, and you were going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Your father wasn’t there so he wouldn’t know, right?

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Title: A Golden Girl (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summray: The reader and peter are forced to join in on a highly dangerous mission immediately following the homecoming dance, and their first date? No, they were just best friends. Tony Stark said that line all the time. 

Word Count: 1731

A/N: I love this, very much. I have been working on it ALL WEEK for you guys, trying to make it as good as it can be. And then I had a freakout with all of the D23 news BUT IT’S FINE I AM FINE. Okay…enjoy!

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⟶ do you wanna be a distraction, babe? | (m)

pairing: hoseok x reader
wordcount: 5.1k
a/n: inspired by these two songs! also i have a thing for fwb!hobi help and i need to stop writing pwp n maybe start focusing on the actual stories i have planned

↠  Hoseok is always there to keep you company whenever you feel a little lonely.

Originally posted by parkjiminer

At the tender age of five, just past the time of you giving up your all too precious comfort blanket always clutched in tiny fingers, stubbornly declaring that - now all grown up - you no longer need baby things like blankets and stuffed toys. But, you find your greatest pleasure curled up on the sofa in your favorite pyjamas, round eyes wide and glued to the bright TV screen as kings reign, queens rule, animals advise and princesses sing beautiful songs about their true love, waiting for them.

Naturally, in your innocent mind with endless fantasies to be explored and ideas to be formed and just maybe lived out, what greater thing is there than a duet with your prince as you dance into the sunset, the wedding bells still sounding from afar? What dream is grander than the one of billowing dresses, sparkling heels, flowing hair and a hand to hold?

It’s all too perfect, with happy endings and talking animals and the castle grounds to call your home. And naturally, the love of your life - not that you have any grasp of that concept yet - awaiting you in his spread arms.

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BTS reaction to you dancing in the rain

Requested by anon. I had to tweak the request just a little bit. I hope you dont mind and that its still good! Enjoy :)



You are crazy you know that?” Jin smiled at you and shook his head when you came back inside. He dried your hair using a towel “Crazy but cute” he would say ruffling your hair with the towel. He wouldn’t tell you but he watched you dance in the rain and he committed the image in his memory for when times got difficult. “Go dry up and I will make soup for you” the mom in him would say. “Yes mother” you tease him. He would graciously bow and take that as a complement.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin


Y/N, if you get sick I am not taking care of you” he threatened when he saw you dancing around in the rain. He stopped to watch you for a second and his mind went blank for a second. He couldn’t help but smile. He slapped himself to come to his senses.“Y/n I am serious, if you don’t come in I am locking you out” he threatened. When you ignored him, he did lock you out. “I told you so babe” he said when you tried to open the door. After a few minutes he did open the door because he loved you too much to let you get sick.

Originally posted by bfnochu


Hoseok saw you dancing in the rain happily and decided to join in because it looked fun. “I am not much of a rain person but I couldn’t miss this opportunity” he said. Before you could react he kissed you out of nowhere. When you looked him puzzled he laughed. “You have no idea how pretty you look right now” he said making you blush. You knew he was turning on his charm, so to throw him off you splashed water on him. From then it was a full on water fight, but with rain water.

Originally posted by yourhopeyourangeeel


Namjoon didn’t want you to be dancing in the rain because he didn’t want you to get sick. But you looked way too happy for him to stop you. “Oh my god, I just realized I am dating a crazy person” he teased when you got back. But that did not stop him from telling you how bad it was for you to get wet in the rain. “Babe do you know that you could get pneumonia if you stay out in the rain too long?” You knew how the conversation was going to go, so you snatched the towel from his hand and ran to the bathroom and locked yourself in. He just shook his head at you and continued with what he was doing.

Originally posted by rapmunstar


He watched as you moved in the rain. He stared at you in awe. His heart beat fast and his cheeks were slightly flushed. His breath caught in his throat. “Wow” was the only word that came out as he watched you jump around in the rain. Soon he realized that you could catch a fever, so he called you inside. “Jagi, why are you so cute?” he would ask you. “Why do you love torturing me?” Because you let me” you whispered in his ear. His face flushed even more red and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t just a little bit turned on.

Originally posted by minblush


You were jumping around in the puddles slashing water everywhere. Taehyung joined in. You both laughed as you jumped around splashing water on each other by trying to jump the highest. He saw and stopped because his heart skipped a beat. He took out his phone and captured a photo of you. He stared at his phone while a smile graced his lips.“Tae what are you doing?” you asked. He shook his head and started chasing you around again as if nothing had happened. If only you knew how hard he was trying to make the butterflies go away.

Originally posted by taehanstic-baby


Are you having fun?”he asked you. You might have been a little to happy because you slipped. He laughed as he saw you fall. You looked up at him and glared. He realized he was supposed to help you up. As he helped you up, you pulled him down with you. You both looked at each other and burst into laughter. He didn’t know what overcame him but he kissed you on the cheek. “You are too adorable” he pinched your cheeks. “I cant really believe I am dating a weirdo like you though” he teased again, earning a punch to the arm.

Originally posted by joeguk

Have a lovely day everyone :)



Things older married Tagatha do

- fight over blankets

- bake cookies at 3am while dancing and singing off key in the kitchen

- try to responsible adults who  R U N  A  K I N G D O M  but they still get really excited at their birthdays and spend months planning for the other

- have arguments over whether a bear or a lion would win in a fight and getting really angry with each other and not speaking for a week

- fight over the last slice of cake and the chef is like protecting the cake because he spent so long on that cake and he should have known because these two are so immature why did he let this happen AGAIN

- cover up their hickeys with their royal wear (like formal capes and dresses and suits) but everyone knows anyway

- Tedros won’t let Agatha get about of bed and cuddles with her all morning

- they T R Y to get painted for the royal portrait but they can’t because they can’t keep a straight face and eventually the painter gives up and Agatha is pretty sure it’s the best picture they have of each other

- sneak out of the castle at night and go stargaze until Merlin finds them asleep in the grass together

- during royal meetings they have no idea what’s happening because the other is making funny faces and they CANNOT LAUGH THIS IS TOO SERIOUS

- Tedros goes on long hunting trips and always hug-tackles Agatha when he gets back

- they go on royal trips all the time and every place they go they get like some souvenir or something every time

- Tedros gets to be really tall and holds things over Agatha’s head and watches her get angry and he thinks it’s so cute and she hates it and usually kicks his shins but that won’t stop him

- Tedros uses really cheesy pick up lines and Agatha is like “geez we’re already MARRIED”


- Tedros is kinda vain at times and Agatha is just like “Reaper, sic em”

- Reaper and Tedros rivarly continues so Tedros gets a dog, probs a golden retriever, just to spite Agatha and to his surprise the two love each other, he is very angry

- Tedros still mad that they don’t have nicknames and insists Agatha call him “Teddy” or “Teddy Bear”

- its raining so Agatha drags Tedros out into the courtyard and they jump in puddles and splash each other with water and end up rolling on the cobblestones laughing until Guinevere has to pull them insides because “for goodness sake you will get a cold at this rate”

- Merlin makes them hot chocolate and they laugh in front of the fireplace and give each other whipped cream mustaches

- Agatha likes to curl up in big, comfy chairs and read in the sun until she falls asleep so when Tedros can’t find her he checks all her favorite reading spots and carries her to bed

CAN YOU JUST PICTURE TAGATHA BEING SUPER CUTE AND MARRIED I’m sorry I just have a lot of feelings for these two someone help me please

Inktober - Day 13: Teeming (with rain)

Characters: Hagakure Tooru, Iida Tenya, Uraraka Ochako, Tokoyami Fumikage, Asui Tsuyu, Midoriya Izuku, Ojiro Mashirao
Other tags: Manga spoilers, but only about the living situation

Art by Kumi. Words by Red. Read it on AO3!
Please, do not repost anywhere.

para para, jabu jabu

Fumikage was having trouble concentrating, which was weird. He was usually able to tune out all sounds and focus on whatever task at hand was - in this case, it was the insane amount of English homework Present Mic had asked them to hand in on Monday.

It was Saturday afternoon, and those who wanted to have some semblance of a weekend had decided to join forces in the living room and tackle as much as they could in one sitting.

It had been working fine, until Fumikage’s ears picked up another sound besides the typical pitter-patter of the rain outside. He raised his head and noticed everyone else was focused. Maybe he shouldn’t interrupt them…

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anonymous asked:

Assalamu aleykum sister, Id be so grateful if you could give me some advice. I cant stop sinning and i'm so so scared i will lose my virginity because i can't control my nafs. I don't know what to do. i'm praying my 5 daily prayers and the sunnah-part together and i try to read Quran as often as possible but i keep falling back. May Allah swt reward you. 🌹

Wa Alaikumussalaam

Think of all the things your mother or father didn’t allow you as a small child like running onto the streets, jumping into a puddle of rain water, not accepting candies from strange people… They didn’t tell you all these things because they want to see you crying about it. In contrary, they want to see you smiling by not coming close to anything that might cause possible harm to you. All because they love you dearly.

Now, Allah is much more Loving than that. His Mercy and knowledge extends that over your parents one, He sees what might cause you trouble when commiting certain sins. Even though He did made this work to test you with different kind of temptations, He didn’t let you walk alone aimlessly around it without a guide that tells you what’s a positive and what’s a negative influence to your body, mind and soul.

So do not allow yourself to act ‘smarter’ than you are. The truth is, we people are dumb when desires take over our minds. We only see the temporary gain of it, but not the lasting effects. No matter how small the sin, Allah knows while we do not know. Therefore rely on this thought.

In the end, Allah doesn’t need you to worship Him and follows His orders, even if the whole world did nothing but sin, it wouldn’t decrease His might in the slightest. But out of generosity He gives us light that leads us onto the true path.

If you keep falling into the same sin, it’s not something to be proud of I know, but it’s totally okay and encouraged to get up and try to make up for it, repent, change. Allah is the Forgiving, The Merciful, so do not despair into this Mercy, regardless whether it’s a big sin in Islam.

Regarding your fear of losing your virginity, let me tell you something. Purity of the mind and of the body, specifically private parts, is one of the most important aspects of this religion.

Allah says many times in the Quran, as an example in Surah Al-Mumeenoon or in Al-Maarij that those will enter Jannah and succeed in both lives who amongst other things guards their private parts. So it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Now, one does not come immediately into the taste of this sin from one day to the other, no, it’s the small things at the beginning. It starts with freemixing, revealing clothing, forbidden contact with the opposite gender etc… Thus it’s important to prevent the first steps Shaitan audhibillah whispers to you. He might tell you it’s not a big deal, but let’s be honest. We all at some point learn to what kind of evil this leads.

Keep up your good deeds in order to 'make up’ for your defiences as everybody else of us and slowly unchain yourself from everything you know is not good for you. Seek forgiveness, and occupy yourself with beneficial things. It will be easier for you once you dedicate your time for Allah because it awakes some sort of shame once youre constantly god conscious.

I hope this has given you a small insight into the matter. Forgive me if I’ve unintentionally hurt you or made mistakes. Feel free to correct me.

May Allah protect you sis and guide us all onto the straight path through His Mercy and Forgiveness. Ameen

Sweet Smell of Bread

irstly to thank @titaniasfics thank you for betating the story like a 4 in the morning…Mama I am not worthy to be your friend. To @loveinpanem for hosting 4 glorious days of stories. i have several stashed in my drafts ready to read…i can’t wait!!! Also to @everllarkingnewtina @lovelizziekins @notanislander  @randomnoteforfuturereference @loudman1  & @norbertsmom you all in away have touched this story, your talks about WW2, Medical stuff, the HG characters, plotting, and simple encouragement. Thank you this story is as much as minr as it is yours.

Rated: G

CHPT 1 of Sweet Smell of Bread

Pt 1

Sunday, November 30th 1941-

Katniss sat in her room with the diary she’d found in the attic.

  • They say that love is not boastful, that love is quiet, it is patient and that love does not envy and that true love is everlasting. I know of this love, I know because I have lived it. I’ve chosen love over everything and it’s all that everyone says. I never want to lose this feeling. I never want to live in a world without him.

“Katniss,” Prim said bursting through the room.

Startled Katniss quickly put away the book she was reading underneath her pillow.

“What were you doing?”

“None of your business, little duck,” Katniss said to her sister.

“Never mind,” Primrose said, then tapped her foot on the floor. “You promised to take me to the bakery!”

Katniss didn’t have a second to disagree with her baby sister Primrose dragged her out of the house.

Their mother pointedly asked, “Going to the bakery?”

Katniss blushed. Primrose, however being the pretentious of the two, said, “Mother you know very well we can’t afford a cake, but at least we can stare at them.”

Their mother muttered under her breath, “That’s not all you girls are staring at.”

Katniss heard it but didn’t answer. She could have but didn’t. She didn’t have the best relationship with her mother. For some reason, her mother disliked Katniss trading with the bakers, she also disapproved of Katniss wearing her father’s trousers. But Katniss did what she did because they needed the extra money, and food.

After the mining accident that collapsed the main artery. The company went bankrupt and the bank repossessed everything to pay off the note the company owed. Those who stayed in the Seam lived in shanty homes they made out of scrap materials.

During this time her mother became a vacant shell.

For long a time, her mother wasn’t able to care for them, until an epidemic spread through the Seam and her mother healer services were needed. She basically ignored Katniss but not Prim. Now, when Katniss was nearly eighteen, was when her mother wanted to act like a parent.

“Katniss,” her mother called out, as she stepped out onto the porch.

“Yes mother.”

“What you should be doing is going down to that new factory the bank opened up last year and applying. You’re graduating this year and the sewing factory is looking for sturdy girls like you.”

Katniss smiled and sighed, thinking to herself she was never going to fall in love, not matter what. Her mother wrote that diary she found in the attic and love had turned her into a shrew.

Pt 2

December 7th 1941-

Katniss walked toward the back of the bakery. Sunday was her favorite day, she thought as she quietly opened the gate of Mellark’s bakery back yard. She looked up at the surrounding Appalachian Mountains. This was her home, and the bakery and the-boy-with-the-bread Peeta Mellark was part of that home.

She was bonded to Peeta and the bread and it began at the tender age of five. The memory of her first time meeting Peeta Mellark came to her mind.

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I was trying to make a fan made monster hunter witch is base off of quetzalcoatl a mystical snake monster. sorry theirs no shading i wasn’t in the mood to shad the feathers but hears the idea for this monster. the mask of his face is a protected shield so if you hit it with any weapon the less damage it takes. the only whey to brake it is a hammer witch the mask is is a collectible part to make the armor that i’m thinking to make soon. it’s fluffy tall contains flammable powder release witch it shake it around. if the player gets in the powder then the player have the powder effect. then the monster blast out a fire blast witch trigger the powder to make big bast radius. and if the player gets hit by the fire not only it take the fire damage the player get double the damage from the powder and gives them flame blights. the way to get rid of the powder is by jumping in the water puddle. so what you think the idea? 

My bucket list ideas!

Hi! My name is teenytinymixture and I do videos on youtube for my bucket list ideas! Go check the channel out and if you like it then go subscribe! 


Also this is a list of what I have on my bucket list! Enjoy! and give me some awesome bucket list ideas, challenge and dares!! 

Bucket list ideas


Leave inspirational quotes everywhere (20/04/14)

Leave a note in a library book for fun (22/04/14)

Be able to do a one handed push up (26/04/14)

Do 100 sit - ups challenge in 5 mins (04/05/14)

Do a handstand (04/05/14)

Make a rubber band ball (30/04/14)

Leave a nice note on someones window/door (30/04/14)

Sticky note a car (28/04/14)

Bubble bath with clothes (13/05/14) 

Write: this way to the Ministry of magic in a public toilet (13/05/14)

Put up a “Lost dog” poster with a picture of a cat on it (14/05/14)

Have a tidy room (13/05/14)

Make “open when” letters (10/05/14) 

Post funny jokes on parked cars windscreens (12/05/14)

Bread challenge - 30 seconds without water (20/05/14)

Eat a lemon without pulling a face (18/05/14) 

Milk & coke (18/05/14)

Burn a dandelion (16/05/14)

Tie wishes to a tree (30/05/14)

Drink a glass of coffee ( 16/05/14)

Watch ‘The bucket list’ (15/05/14)

Put a message in a telephone box (21/05/14)

Try and balance as many books on your head as you can - 7 - (20/05/14)

Paint each nail a different colour (20/05/14)

Drink 3 glasses of water first thing in the morning (01/06/14) 

Write notes and put them up around your town (30/05/14) 

Keep a blog about the bucket list (30/05/14)

Send a message in a bottle (14/06/14)

Try yoga (22/06/14)

Write 'you’ve got one unread message’ on a postbox (26/06/14)

Get some chalk. Play hopscotch and draw (14/06/14)

Poker face challenge - you have to pull a straight face while friends try to make you laugh. See how long you last (21/06/14) 

Just draw with chalk (21/06/14)

Go for a walk around your town (29/06/14) 

Do a handstand against a wall (29/06/14)

Not done! 

  1. Crave my name in a tree
  2. Make a video at 1:00am 
  3. Do a 365 day photo challenge 
  4. Steal someones boxers
  5. Mix two milkshakes and drink it 
  6. Do a gummy bear challenge 
  7. Eat a cake without using my hands just my face 
  8. Eat a whole jar of nutella 
  9. Have a nice long chat with the trees 
  10. Eat an onion 
  11. Have someone smash a pie in my face 
  12. Sneak a love letter into the one I love’s pocket 
  13. Destroy a watermelon 
  14. Vlog for one week 
  15. Throw paper planes off a bridge
  16. Have a bbq on the beach 
  17. Wear a fake moustache 
  18. Make 365 day 1 second videos 
  19. Text “I hid the body” to a random number 
  20. Mentos & coke
  21. Jump in puddles 
  22. Paint with bubbles 
  23. Water balloon target practice 
  24. Let go of 1oo balloons all at once 
  25. Make melted art 
  26. Tie messages to balloons and let them go
  27. Eat sushi 
  28. Fill eggs with paint and toss them at a canvas 
  29. Eat a whole roll of hubba bubba at one time 
  30. Make lemonade 
  31. Buy flowers for someone for no reason 
  32. Make a giant sandcastle 
  33. Try a juice cleanse - get a bottle and put water and fruit in it 
  34. Learn how to mediate 
  35. Eat a box of raisins in 30 seconds 
  36. Eat a whole sugar dount without licking my lips 
  37. Down a yogurt 
  38. Drink vodka with a straw 
  39. Make jello worms - put jello in straws 
  40. Laser beam challenge 
  41. Glow in the dark bubbles - cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution 
  42. Eat only fruit for a month 
  43. Prank your friends by freezing mentos in ice cubes and make them time bombs 
  44. Eat a whole watermelon with a spoon 
  45. Try butterbeer - Harry potter 
  46. Go to London 
  47. Make a dream catcher 
  48. Go on holiday with my bestfriend 
  49. Go on holiday with my boyfriend 
  50. Make rainbow roses 
  51. Achieve six pack abs 
  52. Benchpress my own weight 
  53. Climb a spiral staircase 
  54. Do 25 straight pull ups 
  55. Do 10 push ups for 10 days 
  56. Exercise for 3 months 
  57. Take photos in a photo - booth 
  58. Make a daisy chain 
  59. Paint rocks with nice messages on them then leave them for people to find 
  60. Make a collage 
  61. Go to the pub 
  62. Build a snowman 
  63. Wear a boys jumper 
  64. Glow in the dark bowling (using water bottles and glow sticks) 
  65. Sit on a rooftop 
  66. Run through a field of flowers 
  67. Make tie - dye shirts 
  68. Complete an 1000 piece puzzle 
  69. Roll down a hill 
  70. Put a random items in peoples shopping trolley 
  71. Get buried in the sand 
  72. Walk behind a stranger and copy them 
  73. Accomplish three pull - ups 
  74. Complete the 100  pull up challenge
  75. Baby food and baby drink challenge  
  76. Saltine cracker challenge - six saltine crackers in a minute without water
  77. Go 30 days without sugar 
  78. Be a tourist in your own town 
  79. Climb a tree 
  80. Release sky lanterns 
  81. Try different teas 
  82. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back 
  83. Pose with manicans 
  84. Solve a rubix cube
  85. Roast marshmallows 
  86. Spend an entire day watching Disney movies 
  87. Drop a water balloon of a tall building 
  88. Do an infinity sign with a friend 
  89. Make a gummy bear and sprite popsicles 
  90. Build a gingerbread house 
  91. Drink form a coconut 
  92. Do cotton - ball challenge 
  93. Do make - up challenge 
  94. Sit in a trolley and get pushed around in the shop 
  95. Go into a bed store and sleep on the bed 
  96. Flour bombing fight 
  97. Make a blanket fort and sleep in it 
  98. Do a cartwheel in a shop 
  99. Prank someone 
  100. Glue something (pound) to the ground and watch people try and pick it up 
  101. Do a music video
  102. Be blind for a day 
  103. Spend a whole day bare foot 
  104. Put on sunglasses when it’s raining 
  105. Do a twenty - four hour silence 
  106. Do something for a homeless person 
  107. Go camping 
  108. Order room service 
  109. Try 10 new fruits 
  110. Crazy glue something in a weird place 
  111. Fly kites 
  112. Walk around a shop with pink fluffy bunny ears on 
  113. Always try different food 
  114. Try deep friend mars bars 
  115. Do a halloween prank 
  116. Get a flat with my boyfriend 
  117. Go to Disneyland 
  118. Got to Italy ( Dream ) 
  119. Go to a concert 
  120. Own a “nemo fish”
  121. Go to a build a bear factory and build a bear 
  122. Do paintball darting 
  123. Breath in helium 
  124. Have a kitten 
  125. Vist a chocolate factory 
  126. Use a fake name in starbucks 
  127. Dance in a fountain 
  128. Try every flavour of vitamin water 
  129. Make jello shots 
  130. Try macarons 
  131. Try chocolate covered bacon 
  132. Try American food/drinks 
  133. Eat with chopsticks 
  134. Make smoothies 
  135. Try every Ben & Jerrts ice cream flavour 
  136. Go on a road trip 
  137. Have a dog for it’s entire life 
  138. Go mini - golfing 
  139. Have kids 
  140. Write something in we cement 
  141. Play messy twister 
  142. Participate in a charity events 
  143. Get married 
  144. Go bowling 
  145. Go paintballing 
  146. Order pizza 
  147. Swim in a baby pool full of ice 
  148. Crave a pumpkin 
  149. Learn how to bake 
  150. Have a pizza day 
  151. Make a pizza from scratch 
  152. Travel places 
  153. Have a picnic 
  154. Have a paint fight 
  155. Put soap into a fountain creating bubbles 
  156. Stomp grapes 
  157. Camp on the beach 
  158. Put glow sticks in a pool and go swimming 
  159. Learn origami 
  160. Jump into a pool of whipped cream 
  161. Put mud on me then get water over me 
  162. Teepee something 
  163. Invent a new pizza 
  164. Learn how to use a pogo stick 
  165. Make something out of playing cards 
  166. Disney song challenge - give 10 Disney movies and you have to remember the songs from the movies 
  167. Movie quote challenge - Give 25 movies and for each movie you have to give a quote in the accent of the actor who said it 
  168. M&M challenge 
  169. Try mikado, strawberry and cream 
  170. Explore a cave 
  171. Write a love not on the bathroom mirror 
  172. Create an ice - cream flavour 
  173. Bake cupcakes for my friends 
  174. Go to a cheesecake factory 
  175. Bake a kitkat cake 
  176. Own a minion toy 
  177. Make a snow angel 
  178. Plant a tree 
  179. Have a hippy day. No phones or electronics. Sleep outside and eat only organic food 
  180. Finger paint 
  181. Try long-boarding
  182. Have a girls night
  183. Throw a dart at a map and travel to that place wherever it lands 
  184. Ride in a red London bus
  185. Vist pixar studios
  186. Participate in a colour run
  187. Go on a date to the zoo
  188. Explore a castle
  189. Have a silly string fight
  190. Watch the fault in our stars
  191. Go to vidcon
  192. Blow bubbles inside a bubble
  193. Place flowers on peoples doorstep
  194. Make an oatmeal face mask
  195. Write a fan letter
  196. Eat dinner outside
  197. Learn how to shoot the cap off of a water bottle
  198. Make 3 kinds of lemonade (strawberry, lemon and raspberry)
  199. Potato printing
  200. Make chocolate covered strawberries
  201. Read the hinger games books
  202. Have a sandball fight
  203. catch a ladybug
  204. Make flower headbands
  205. Make flubber
  206. Play pin the tail on the donkey
  207. Put grapes in the sun and see if they turn into raisins
  208. Do a cartwheel
  209. Learn how to play piano
  210. Wear as many glow sticks as possible
  211. Make a tire swing
  212. Shower under a water fall
  213. Go to starbucks everyday for a week
  214. Take webcam pictures at the Apple store
  215. Feed the ducks
  216. Play frisbee
  217. Pick strawberries
  218. Hula hoop
  219. Go to the aquarium
  220. Write 5 (nice) letters and put them through peoples letterbox
  221. Scream at the top of your lungs
  222. Make a banner and hang it somewhere public
  223. Put random stickers on cars
  224. Hug a tree
  225. Write memories on a white top
  226. Connect a whole bunch a straws together, then drink a can from across the room 
  227. Hang our shoes on a telephone wires 
  228. Throw confetti onto cars from a bridge 
  229. Get a 'stay positive’ shirt 
  230. Attend a gay pride parade 
  231. Own a charm bracelet 
  232. Buy cinnamon candles 
  233. Try frozen watermelon 
  234. Draw funny faces on all eggs in my fridge
  235. Sandboarding
  236. Make little paper boats and float them somewhere outside
  237. Paint yourself
  238. Drink from a chocolate fountain
  239. Slide down grass in cardboard boxes
  240. Mikado & ice - cream in a jar
  241. Drink colourful cocktails
  242. Vodka soaked watermelon
  243. Buy a pair of white shoes and write on them everyday
  244. Randomly start dancing at random times
  245. Wear two different shoes for the whole day
  246. Catch a fish with our bare hands
  247. Do 200 sit ups
  248. Make pottery
  249. Do some science experiments
  250. Go on an ice - cream date
  251. Lean to knit
  252. Have a pillow fight
  253. Hold a butterfly in my hands
  254. See the big ben in London 
  255. Play catch with eggs
  256. Play real life fruit ninja 
  257. Watch the clouds 
  258. Watch a sunrise or sunset 
  259. Blow bubbles 
  260. Buy converses 
  261. Build a ship in a bottle
  262. Make rainbow fruit kebab
  263. Own a rainbow umbrella
  264. Make soap
  265. Become a nanny 
  266. Go fishing
  267. Try bubble tea
  268. Jump in a foam pit
  269. Get a teddy from an arcade machine
  270. Eat frozen yogurt 
  271. Make a olaf mug
  272. Eat a wonka chocolate bar 
  273. Go to harry potter world 
  274. Collect herbs 
  275. Burn sage 
  276. Dance in the rain 
  277. Learn sign language 
  278. Play tennis with apples 
  279. Start a fire without matches 
  280. Participate in a zombie walk 
  281. Learn how to juggle 
  282. Learn how to roller-skate 
  283. Go on a hike 
  284. Eat cookie dough 
  285. Read every novel written by Stephen king 
  286. Sit in a field of lavender
  287. Own a pair of doc martens 
  288. Be a gamer on Youtube! 
  289. Make a glow jar
  290. Watch baby turtles hatch 
  291. Make homemade jam 
  292. Own a pair of black milk leggings 
  293. Go to M&M world 
  294. Have a lord of the rings movie marathon 
  295. Make homemade yougurt 
  296. Go to a fireworks display 
  297. Be a vegeterian for one week 
  298. Do a mud run 
  299. Put handprints somewhere around your town with paint 
  300. Make a daisy chain crown 
  301. Play with sparklers 
  302. Start a wall collage 
  303. Buy a venus fly trap 
  304. Take old toilet paper rolls and cut out eyes in them then place glow sticks in them then place them in random bushes late at night and freak people out 
  305. Glitter balloons 
  306. Buy a polaroid camera
  307. Get a disney balloon
  308. Make a memory jar
  309. Cuddle by the fire
  310. Jump in a pile of leaves
  311. Go on a breakfast date
  312. Own a gameboy colour 
  313. Build a book fort 
  314. Own a snow globe
  315. Take a selfie with a cactus
  316. Walk bare foot through a forest 
  317. Own a pair of superhero underwear
  318. Eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting 
  319. Make a jar of lucky paper stars 
  320. Buy a new pair of uggs boots for winter 
  321. Try every lush bath bomb
  322. Remember to stop and smell the roses
  323. Go to aquarium
  324. Make a lava lamp 
  325. Make body butter
  326. Own a hunger games bracelet 
  327. Own combat boots
  328. Take a picture half over and half under water
  329. Make homemade candles
  330. Bake nutella cupcakes
  331. Cook everything in the unofficial Harry potter cookbook
  332. Help the environment
  333. Pull an all-nighter
  334. Shake a soldiers hand
  335. Eat at one of chef Gordon Ramsay restaurants
  336. Bake every single thing in a cookbook
  337. Collect Disney stuffed animals
  338. Go to a spa 
  339. Drink a Martini
  340. Vist the beach everyday for a week
  341. Bob for apples
  342. Go indoor rock climbing
  343. Have a glowstick fight
  344. Play in a giant ball pit
  345. Throw a bucket of water at someone
  346. Try eggnog
  347. Go to a forest in fall
  348. Collect train tickets
  349. Donate gifts to children in need
  350. Make someone less fortunate smile on christmas
  351. Go to the circus 
  352. Bottle feed a baby lion
  353. Catch every Pokemon
  354. Complete skyrim
  355. Spend a weekend in a hotel with someone I love
  356. Do a take what you need poster
  357. Hand out smiley faced balloons
  358. Get a henna tattoo
  359. Swim in jello
  360. Go eye bombing 
  361. Spend a whole week with my bestfriend
  362. Eat ice - cream out of a coconut 
  363. Throw a boomerang
  364. Prank call people
  365. Go on a shopping spree with my bestfriend
  366. Try oreo cake
  367. Make and try bacon pancakes
  368. Go fall candle shopping
  369. Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel
  370. Ride the London eye
  371. Shower outside
  372. Dip dye my hair
  373. Go on a date
  374. Go to comic con
  375. Improve my flexibility
  376. Learn how to do a backflip
  377. Make a slip n' slide
  378. Shave my head for someone with cancer
  379. Take a photo at the perfect moment
  380. Kiss under mistletoe
  381. Learn how to pen spin
  382. Sleep in a car
  383. Sleep on a hammock
  384. Use glow paint
  385. Run for race for life
  386. Sleep in a teepee
  387. Vist Westminster Abby
  388. Own a sexy lace dress
  389. Write on a snowy car window
  390. Own a goldfish
  391. Breathe in helium, then walk up behind someone and say "follow the yellow brick road"

Making Fun a Priority II

For Ash’s Writing Challenge Round 2. My prompt was Rainy Afternoon. I’m continuing with Making Fun a Priority, because apparently I can’t do one-shots (if I start a story, I need to make it into an actual story) :P

Summary: After what happened with Negan, in his bedroom on his birthday… Now she was faced with a problem. It had been days since it all happened and she hadn’t seen Negan since. Not once. Had she done something wrong? Was she not good enough?

Warnings: Smut and language.


It had been a week since the incident with Negan in his room. A week since he said he would come to see me in the laundromat, but never came. At first I’d brushed it off, trying not to think about it. I’d been so sure he’d come find me. I’d been apprehensively waiting for him to walk through the doors, with Lucille- his famous barb wire wrapped bat- resting on his shoulder. But he never came.

As the days went by, I was beginning to wonder if it was me. If I was the reason why he hadn’t shown up. Was I not good enough? Was it just a one of fling? Was it just a game to him? Honestly, I wouldn’t blame him if that was the case. He was Negan, after all. He could have anyone he wanted, so why would he want me?

My mood had diminished with each passing day. Before I hadn’t had much of a life outside of work, but now it was even worse. I avoided any chances of bumping into him. I avoided any chances of seeing him and being reminded of the event that meant so much to me, but obviously so little to him.

Work was all I did. Work, eat and sleep. My room had become my haven more than ever before. It was where you’d find me during the hours between jobs.

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anonymous asked:

Smol child Ardyn? Please and thank you?!

You said “Please” and “Thank you”, so yours first. Thank you. <3 
Sorry for taking so long!

(Spoilers ahead…I guess? And a Read More line)

Everyone remember Ardyn wasn’t born the devil; he grew up a kind and caring healer and prince, so I’m sticking to that side of him rather than the one we see in the main FFXV story.

Everyone beware…

The heir prince of Lucis, Ardyn Lucis Caelum. 

Smol child Ardyn:

  • He’s the prettiest prince ever.
  • …so far, of course.
  • A bit chubby, with the roundest, softest cheeks ever.
  • Look at that ridiculous lonely lock of red-violet hair on his bald head, it’s so stupid and adorable.
  • Baby Ardyn in a moogle onesie.
  • Baby Ardyn’s greatly spoiled, he’s the baby prince.
  • Baby Ardyn’s laughing and clapping cause he’s getting so many gifts all the time, omg, he’s got a whole castle room all to himself just for his gifts and toys.
  • Smol child Ardyn is obsessed with moogles.
  • He l o v e s moogles.

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Signs as American laws
  • Aries: It is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. (Nevada)
  • Taurus: It is forbidden to push a moose out of a plane in motion. (Alaska)
  • Gemini: Eating in a place that is on fire is forbidden. (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Cancer: It is illegal to set a mousetrap without a hunting license. (California)
  • Leo: You're not allowed to break more than three dishes a day, or chip the edge off more than four cups and/or saucers. (Florida)
  • Virgo: Everyone must take a bath at least once a year. (Kentucky)
  • Libra: Illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds. (Idaho)
  • Scorpio: A father cannot frighten his daughter's boyfriend with a gun. (Wichita, Kansas)
  • Sagittarius: Rats are forbidden from leaving the ships docked in Tampa Bay. (Florida)
  • Capricorn: It's illegal to mispronounce the name of the state (Arkansas)
  • Aquarius: A dead person cannot be required to serve on a jury. (Oregon)
  • Pisces: It is illegal for anyone to try and stop a child from playfully jumping over puddles of water. (California)
BTS Reaction #12

BTS’ reaction when you’re usually mature, but sees you playing in the rain.


“Aw, she’s so cute.”

*takes out his Polaroid camera and takes a picture of you*

Originally posted by kim-taehyvngs


“"Are you crazy? Why would you ever purposely get yourself wet???”

Originally posted by pdmin


"Oh, she must be having fun! But… I’m not going to get myself wet.” *silently observes you from afar*

Originally posted by the-rap-man


“"YAHHHH, LET ME JOIN YOU JAGIYA!!!” *runs into the rain with you*

Originally posted by taehjoon


*you try to pull him into the rain with you*


*gets pulled into his inevitable doom*

Originally posted by b4ngt4nboys


"Ah how did you know I was going to do that? Wait for me!”

*prances along in the rain with you*

Originally posted by averageoppa


*you jump into puddles and splash water everywhere*

"AH you just made my jeans all wet!!”

“So you might as well join me then!” *continue jumping into puddles*

“HEY!!!” *tries to cover himself*

Originally posted by minpuffs