Adalheid had been working on her newest project, organizing the alcohol she’d bought in various nations to sample and critique. It had nothing to do with work but she felt the research skills acquired would somehow assist her in the everyday routine at the office. When the doorbell rang she paused and stared at the door. Who could that be at this hour? A quick glance at her watch suggested it wasn’t too late but usually people called. 

The girl stood and dusted off her skirt, slipping over to the door and unlatching it.

“…Arthur. I…” Speechless. He just showed up out of the blue. “Come in.”

Shoving the paper back into his pocket he stepped through the threshold and looked straight at her. Just as beautiful as he remembered. “Adal….I…I’m sorry I showed up out of the blue. I’m sorry for not calling. I…I’m sorry for everything.” He stammered, not sure what to even say, after all it had been months without contact.

Anneliese almost skulked up to the door of the young city, biting her lip as she tried to decide on what in the world to say to the other. She sighed gently, rapping on the door. It was time to discuss the latest happenings, especially concerning her and Franz.

There was a little beep of his cellphone and Adalheid’s name appeared on the screen. Chocolate? Dress nice? What is she talking about? Sometimes he worried about the sanity of his once capital. Due to his injuries, he was not so willing to change his clothes, so he shrugged it off, the Berliner would have to accept him with his jeans, black turtle neck and daily shoes. 

As for the turtleneck, he knew it wasn’t cold enough to be walking around with one, he knew it probably make him sweat quite a lot, but he preferred it than having people staring at the prints of fingers on his neck and wrists.

About the chocolate he would think about it later. And with these convictions he left his house to his meeting with Berlin.

He stood outside the door, a little bewildered at the request that he bring an extra shirt but holding one nonetheless. Lars knocked and hoped her dogs would remember him and not tear him to shreds like he suspected they wanted to. Still, what was with the shirt? And what was the surprise..?

jump-in-the-spree replied to your post: [A small tap came at the door, entry seconds later] Oi! Ludwig! I have some papers for you to sign, you too busy to see me?

.Are you drunk or something You, silly. [Raises a brow, closing the door behind her, taking the papers and setting them on his desk]

Drunk? Of course not! That could put me at risk of attack at any moment– My empire is at stake here, my lady. I take this seriously!

[his face is almost childishly indignant, and he folds his arms]

Now, would you mind to answer at least one of my questions?

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Such a rush of visitors both of the familiar and fresh faced to me variety. Of course, considering who I am, it is only natural for those to flock in hoards to either pay there respects or try killing me again but ah, the company is appreciated either way. Sit down, relax and tell me of anything of interest.

Crow in the park (closed rp)

He was lazing on a park bench, wings stretched out so they rested against it and slightly stuck out over the side because of how large they were. Fortunately the park was pretty much abandoned because it was still cold, and his claws dug into the dirt as he let himself relax for once. A crow called out in the distance, and he listened with a tiny smile on his face. It really was a nice day to him.